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Viet Nam - VIET NAM! - legalizes Gay Weddings
5 years ago

Vietnam Legalizes Gay Weddings
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BMutiny  -

Vietnam has legalized gay weddings. The south-eastern Asian country has officially allowed same-sex couples to organize weddings and have the right to live together. After a mass rally! A few restrictions, not QUITE the same as hetero marriage, but CLOSE!
Mass Rally for Gay Rights Shifts Govt Attitudes!!!!!
5 years ago

This seems, from the information given, to be legalization somewhere BETWEEN Legal Marriage and Domestic Partnerships. The former Ban and Fine {of about 24 U.S. dollars} for Gays living together, has been REMOVED! YAY!!!!! There are still some restrictions, so it is not quite 100% Equality. Gay weddings will be RECOGNIZED as marriages!
This is a News Video. The Video shows and tells of a LARGE PUBLIC GATHERING in Hanoi, in support of Gay Marriage - in spite of the {you know, they're COMMIES!} Vietnamese govt ban on Public Gatherings!
WOW! This Is What Democracy Looks Like!!! Brave People, Gays and their Allies!
Kindof IRONIC, isn't it, that in the country of our former COMMUNIST "ENEMY",
Gay People ENJOY SOME MORE RIGHTS THAN IN SOME U. S. STATES........!!!!!!!!!...........!!!!!!!!!!!
[And, denied the basic Democratic Right to gather in Public - Gay People just WENT RIGHT AHEAD AND TOOK THAT RIGHT, EXERCISED THAT RIGHT - A.N.Y.W.A.Y......!!!!!!!!!!!!.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Gay People - gotta love 'em! All over the world...

5 years ago

Okay, here's the skinny now from the GAY PRESS, supplementing the too-brief Video:
Vietnam Legalizes Same-Sex Weddings, Not Marriage
by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
Vietnam's government is now allowing same-sex couples to hold wedding ceremonies, giving them the right to live together. Gay marriage, however, remains illegal, Gay Star News reports.
Even though marriage equality is not recognized, gay rights activists from the southeastern Asian country say the government is on the right track.
The move comes after two fines were issued to two same-sex couples who held a wedding in the southern provinces of Kien Giang and Ca Mau. The couples were charged with holding a ceremony "contrary to the habits and customs of Vietnam" and violating the Law on Marriage & Family of Vietnam, a measure that outlaws same-sex marriage. After the law was challenged, however, the government backed down, allowing same-sex weddings.
Vietnam's government was scheduled to hear a bill that would make gay marriage legal, but the vote was delayed even though government ministers say they back the measure, according to Gay Star News.
Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong says a gradual transition towards marriage equality is the correct approach in Vietnam.
"We are going the right way in the fight for same-sex marriage," gay rights activist Le Quang Bihn told Gay Star news. "This might be the first step, but it will still change people's lives for the better."
And a COMMENT on that article, says that TAIWAN is on the road towards Gay Marriage, also!!!

We may be hearing some GOOD NEWS, from East Asia, in the coming year!

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