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New members... May 22, 2005 5:23 PM

I would like to welcome all new members

I would also like to hear from you all, why you are here, what you want to see change for the animals, or why it is that you love animals so much.

I, myself, believe in animal liberation, I believe that all animals deserve the same love, respect and acceptance that us humans take for granted.

Thank you all for joining, and I look forward to hearing many stories and signing/doing many actions with you all.

You are all beautiful, and I extend this rainbow to you


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Hi May 22, 2005 8:40 PM

thank you Jason for inviting me to join to great group.  Greetings to all.  Yeah, "animal liberation" sums it up for me too.  I just can't stand the way animals are being abused, exploited, tortured and killed all over this planet, that's it. 

It seems like, for a little while now, speaking out for animals automatically brands you as some sort of an extremist or a trouble maker, I don't know why.  But there's a form or campaign going on against animal welfare groups and that worries me, as well as make me want to be all the more vocal. 


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 May 23, 2005 11:18 AM

I think the reason that this campaign against animal activists is going on is because we are making a difference. People who hunt, fish, etc. do not like this, and they will try whatever they can to end it. People that make a profit off of the cruelty of animals also do not like it and will do the same thing. It is sad that more people cannot see that animals - non humans - deserve just as much love and respect as we do. The simple disregard toward animal's rights is also known as speciesism, and just as we had to fight for racism and sexism to end - even though we are still fighting against it, just a lot less - we have to fight for the animals. The only difference is that these beautiful creatures have no voice, they cannot speak out against the cruelty themselves, they need us to do it for them. I want to thank you all who sign petitions, hold demos, send letters, for everything that you all do in the name of animal rights. There is an opposition, and it is scary at times, but that just means we need to work harder to bring the truth to light when so many people are trying to cover us up with lies, forcing people to only focus on the bad seeds in the AR campaign instead of those of us who believe in peaceful protest. We have to stand up for our beliefs, just the same as anyone else stands up for theirs. We cannot let them silence us, we cannot let them intemidate us, for if they win then all of the animals lose. The animals depend on us... and I, for one, am not going to let them down.

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Hi! May 24, 2005 10:55 AM

Thanks for inviting me Jason....I think. I am beginning to worry though because, you see, I still eat me yet I care very deeply about animal welfare. I am also beginning to feel or being made to feel like because I still eat meat that I cannot possibly care or love any animals (as voiced in other groups towards meateaters)---and this really bothers me because the 2 concepts can co-exist.

I loathe factory farming and think it should be abolished. It came to this--factory farming--because the greedy corporate gods decided hey, we can force the little to mid-sized farms and ranches out of business, take their farms/ranches and put as many animals in as few acres as possible, forget about how we treat them--ethics and morals be damned, and make mass profits--the consumer won't care as long as they have meat on their plates at dinnertime. WRONG!!!!! I do believe in small ranches/farms where the livestock is treated humanely and cared for adequately without abuse, neglect or indifference and the animals are not panicked, frightened or stressed before being humanely (as possible) slaughtered. I do not and never have liked the idea of 'lamb', 'veal' or any baby animal being slaughtered for meat.

I am trying very hard to switch from a meat based diet to vegetarianism. For me it is a slow process because I live in and around ranches/farms and have a lot of my life. I do not eat much meat anymore, but I still eat it. I still eat fish and game too. I do not buy meat in supermarkets--any meat I do buy comes from hometown family run meat markets and are range cattle (organic). What shellfish/fish I buy comes not from the supermarket but from independent shrimpers/fisherman and I buy it right off the boat (I only live 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico). I do not buy my fowl or eggs from a supermarket--I buy them from local small farmers (yard raised--same as 'range'). I am trying to wean off but I am doing it in my time. I know to some vegans/animal activists this is neither fast enough nor total enough to suit them. I am, therefore, not worthy to know as a human being and shunned. There has to be a balance. One cannot change thousands of years of meat eating to an all vegetable diet in one day. It will take many years for this to come about, if ever, for the entire world.

I loathe fur farms and the fur trade en masse. It's heinious, dispicable, cruel beyond words and completely unnecessary. I do not wear fur and never have. The only beings in my home to wear fur are their owners--my six dogs.  There are alternatives called 'faux fur'!!!! Nowadays it looks very real--and those that want to wear fur for whatever their reasons (mostly vanity and prestige) there is faux fur, an animal does not have to die for the sake of vanity anymore! That's how I feel about that.

I loathe those who hunt for sport--if you can call it that. But I cannot bring myself to loathe those who hunt to put meat on their table and use everything from the animal they take and they do not kill for sport--I'm sorry--I just cannot. I am from a multi-ethnic background and part of that background involves hunter-gatherers.

I guess what I am trying to say so long-windedly is I love animals.  I sign petitions, write letters and make calls as I can. I can tolerate those who still eat meat and not pass judgement on them for it. I do not pass judgement on those who have never eaten meat in their entire lifetimes. Tolerance is a good thing to have. Fight like hell for the things that can be changed (like seal hunts and whale hunts or mass producing for the sake of profit) but have compassion and tolerance for those who cannot or will not change their diet.

One wins over more people to a cause by having patience, compassion, tolerance and understanding than by being judgemental, harsh of words, abrasive or completely intolerant. All that serves to do is send those who would be or are changing or might change into the abyss of the 'other' camps--at a run!

Having said all this, will I be welcome here Jason, or would you rather I leave? Please let me know so that I can spare myself the inevitable quips, barbs and outright hate-speak of the few.

Can you tell I am on the edge of that abyss?


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 May 24, 2005 1:19 PM

Hello and welcome to the group, Terrie. I am a little frustrated right now, lol, I just typed up a loooooong reply to your concern and the computer shut down on me. I am not going to get all into it again, but I want to assure you that this is not just an animal activist group. This is an animal group in general, whatever you want to talk about here that has to do with animals is welcome, be it Totem animals, animal companions, animal lessons, or just stories that you remember of one of your animal friends. I post actions because I am an activist. But I also know that not everyone is, and I want this to be an animal lover group, not a vegan/vegetarian/activist only group. I believe in peace and harmony, love and joy, and acceptance. I believe in unconditional love, and that means even if someone does eat meat. There is good in everyone, and from what you said, I see a lot of good in you. Please do not worry about being pushed over the edge, for I have seen in one group in particular from one particular person just aggressivness and I choose to not have that here, and I will not support that kind of action. Please be advised though, that I do allow everyone to state what is on their mind, to educate people, to discuss things, but when at the fist sign of attack directed toward someone I will close the thread or intervene, depending on what i think the best course of action is. We can all co-exist, the same way that animals do. Please don't let that be a worry to you, and please be aware that I believe in education, not force. And also, please be aware that I am going to educate you

So again, welcome to the group, I hope to hear more from you soon. You are welcome here, and I welcome you with open arms. Thank you for joining and voicing your concerns.

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Thanks Jason! May 24, 2005 1:25 PM


I'm here because I love animals and, like you, want to see them be treated fairly. I'm fighting for animal rights and I wish to see more in the early future. And why do I love animals so much? It's just imposssible not to!

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 May 24, 2005 1:30 PM

Welcome, Eva, and thank you for joining. Please feel free to post whatever you like here, and I want to let you and everyone else know that the "actions" thread is not jut for me, I know that I am the only pic you see in there right now, but it is for everyone to post whatever action they see needed to be put into the light. Please feel free to post wherever... my group is your group... welcome home.  [ send green star]
 May 24, 2005 2:45 PM

thx for the invitation! i'm here cos in my part of the world, though ppl do generally respect all animals, the situation is very bad for animals basically cos so many ppl r living well below the poverty line..

i was driving my mom's poodle to the vet once, he had a runny nose and was sneezing often.. to avoid the frequent 'showers' of secretions i kept wiping his nose, with tissue paper, whenever i was waiting at traffic lights.. at one point a bus driver waved a filthy greasy orange cloth, the kind used to wipe ur windscreen, and shouted out to me " hey cute dog.. this is what i use when i have a cold!"

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 May 24, 2005 7:06 PM

Thank you Amin, I am very glad that you joined. It is sad, a lot of people are mean to animals, and yes, even here, it is mainly the ones that are below the poverty line. (at least in Texas, anyway). I am not sure why, though. Maybe they are angry so they take it out on innocent, voiceless animals who cannot defend themselves the way that we can. Maybe they feel as though nothing deserves any more than they have. But many people do not realize that when you have love it doesn't matter how broke you are, because love is priceless. I, too, have little money and little food, but I love and respect everything, and I know that I have all I need when I look into my puppie's eyes and she gives me kisses on my chin. We have grown greedy and blind to the vision of money, and if we do not have it we are made to feel like less of a person. I say love everyone as if they were your brother or sister... because, in fact, we are... we are all connected, humans and animals alike.

I am happy that you joined and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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Thank you Jason~ May 25, 2005 5:56 AM

Thank you Jason for accepting me and asuaging my fears. Yes, I know you will 'educate' me. I have been 'being educated' for a while now. LOL.  I have absolutely no problem at all with information, I have no problem with people voicing their opinions, that is everyone's right.

So, thanks again.


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anonymous  May 25, 2005 6:01 AM

Hello all! I am here because I believe in animal rights & welfare and will do everything I can to help stop any form of cruelty towards them.It upsets me greatly to see animals abused when they are so trusting and loving  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
 May 25, 2005 12:21 PM

Terrie, I am glad that you feel welcome here now. As I said, I was going to educate you, lol, I meant it as a half joke, but at the same time, as truth. I started an education thread here, you can check it out and discuss it if you want. I am not going to force these issues on you, or anyone else. Some vegans/vegetarians may feel that is wrong, but I know how hard it can be. Yes, we need to get more vegans for the welfare of the animals, I know this, but, like you said, Terrie, if people push too hard they are going to push people away. I just want you to know what is going on, so I started the thread.

Hazel, welcome to the group, I am glad to have you here. I agree with you, it is so sad that a person will beat a dog but the dog will still accept that person. Talk about unconditional love. But dogs, cats, animals in general do not deserve this treatment. I would not beat my child. I would not do that to her, why would i do it to a dog? I do have a nice little story about my biggest puppie, Sandy. My daughter's name is Samantha, just so that the story flows.

Samantha and I were playing, she is 2 and a half, and we were wrestling on the living room floor. Sandy, who is half lab and half german shepherd, came in and started growling at me. Samantha ran into the kitchen to hide from me, part of us playing, and I hid behind her toybox (it is huge, and full, lol). She came running out of the kitchen and I jumped out from behind the toybox to scare her, but Sandy jumped in between us and started barking at me, protecting Samantha, lol. Any dog that is that loyal and protective of my little girl is ok with me. And that is the thing... all animals, if treated with love, respect and kindness are like this, they form a bond with you, they love you back. They are capable of feeling this emotion just the same as we are. It is just sad that so many people look at them as a lesser species.

Anyhow, welcome, Hazel, I am glad to have you here and look forward to hearing more from you as the days go on.

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 June 07, 2005 7:50 PM

everybody!!  my name is jennifer, and i live in arlington, tx.  i joined a while back, but have been out of town and finishing up work for the summer(i'm a teacher).  animal rights is something new to me...about a year or so.  i believe that non-humans deserve the same basic rights as humans.  i must say i feel a little out of place in cow town(near ft. worth). 

jason, thanks for the invite...sorry it has taken me so long to introduce myself!!!     

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 June 07, 2005 8:09 PM

Wonderful to see you Jennifer!  I'm glad you finally decided to introduce yourself.    That's great that you have decided to try to stand up for our voiceless brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom.  



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 June 14, 2005 11:55 AM

Hello Jennifer, and thank you so much for introducing yourself. I must say that I am sorry that I have not been able to respond you in a quick manner either, and things are going to get worse... which I will post on here soon, I have to get back to work at the moment though... more to do and little time, lol.

Peace and Love be with you all though

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 June 21, 2005 8:55 AM


Greetings & salutations!  I am all about animal liberation as well.  I live in the country where there are deer and bunnies that roam free...along w/ my two kitties, a dog...neighbors chixs and horses.....there is even a donkey in the neighborhood.  Equality and love for all types of animals...could there be anything more?

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Central Texan! April 16, 2006 11:12 AM

Glad to be part of such a great group. I live close to Ft. Hood in Kempner. I am new being an animal activist but have been an advocate for the animals my whole life.


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