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Divination For Beginners
8 years ago

Divination For Beginners: Reading the Past, Present & Future (For
by Scott Cunningham

Book Description
Anyone can practice divination. You don't need to be psychic, or
believe that a higher power controls the cards. Anyone can learn to
predict the future using the methods described in this book. Learn
how to choose the methods that works best for you, and ask the right
questions so you get accurate answers. Discover the secrets of a
wide variety of methods, from Tarot cards and the I Ching to crystal
gazing, palmistry, and even reading signs and omens in the world
around you
The real value of divination is in planning and prevention. If you
like the answers you receive, continue on. If it looks like trouble
ahead, adjust your course of action and see how your new plan
affects the outcome. In this way you can use divination to fine tune
your future and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

About the Author
Scott Cunningham practiced magic actively for over twenty years. He
was the author of more than fifty books covering both fiction and
non-fiction subject matter; sixteen of his titles are published by
Llewellyn Publications. Scott's books reflect a broad range of
interests within the New Age sphere, where he was very highly
regarded. He passed from this life on March 28, 1993, after a long

Sealife Divination
8 years ago

Sea Life Divination Saturday, 6:56 PM

As you look out the moonlight ocean at night from a high point of

land, look for areas on the ocean which might seem a bit brighter

than normal. Tyr to imagine why these concentrations of power are

present.Quite likely the light is due to the presence of one or more

water elements. Gaze softly out at the light and eventually visions

will come to you

A Glossary Of Divination
8 years ago

A Glossary Of Divination
offered by BoxArt

AEROMANCY divination from the air and sky, particularly
concentrating on cloud shapes, comets, and other phenomena not
normally visible in the heavens.
ALCHEMY is the practice of transmutation of base metals into
precious metals (e.g., gold or silver) with the aid of an esoteric
substance called the "philosopher's stone".
ALECTRYOMANCY is divination whereby a bird is allowed to pick corn
grains from a circle of letters. A variation is to recite letters of
the alphabet noting those at which a cock crows.
ALEUROMANCY is divination using "fortune cookies"; answers to
questions are rolled into balls of dough and once baked are chosen
at random.
ALOMANCY is divination by table salt.
ALPHITOMANCY uses special cakes that are digestible by persons with
a clear conscience but are unpleasant to others.
ANTHROPOMANCY is the long-outlawed means of divination by human
APANTOMANCY is divination through chance meetings with animals
(e.g., a black cat), birds, and other creatures. Mexico City is said
to have been founded where Aztec soothsayers saw an eagle flying
from a cactus carrying a live snake.
ARITHMANCY or ARITHMOMANCY is an earlier form of NUMEROLOGY where
divination is made through numbers and the number value of letters.
ASTRAGLOMANCY or ASTRAGYROMANCY is a form of divination by dice
where the faces of the dice bear numbers and letters.
ASTROLOGY is divination using celestial bodies: the sun, moon,
planets, and stars.
AUGURY is the general term for the art of divination and is chiefly
applied to interpretations of signs and omens.
AUSTROMANCY is divination by the study of the winds.
AXIOMANCY is divination through the observation of how an ax or
hatchet quivers or points when driven into post.
BELOMANCY is an ancient form of divination performed by tossing or
balancing arrows.
BIBLIOMANCY involves divination by books.
BOTANOMANCY is divination from burning tree branches and leaves.
BUMPOLOGY strictly a modern term, a popular nickname for PHRENOLOGY
CAPNOMANCY is the study of smoke rising from a fire.
CARTOMANCY is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot.
CATOPTROMANCY is an early form of crystal gazing that utilizes a
mirror turned to the moon to catch moonbeams.
CAUSIMOMANCY is divination from behavior of objects placed in a
CEPHALOMANCY refers to divination with the skull or head of a donkey
or goat.
CERAUNOSCOPY seeks to draw omens from the study of thunder and
CEROSCOPY, CEROMANCY is a form of fortune telling in which melted
was is poured into cold water.
CHIROMANCY is divination from the lines on people's hands.
CHIROGNOMY is the study of the general hand formation.
CLAIRAUDIENCE is "clear hearing" of divinatory information.
Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory
CLAIRVOYANCE is "clear seeing" of divinatory information.
Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory
CLEROMANCY is divination by "casting lots", similar to dice but with
objects such as pebbles or sea shells.
CLIDOMANCY or CLEIDOMANCY is divination using a dangling key. see
COSCINOMANCY is divination using a hanging sieve. see RADIESTHESIA.
CRITOMANCY is the study of barley cakes.
CROMNIOMANCY is divination using onion sprouts.
CRYSTALLOMANCY is divination through crystal gazing.
CYCLOMANCY is the practice of divination from a turning wheel.
DACTYLOMANCY is an early form of RADIESTHESIA using a dangling ring.
DAPHNOMANCY requires one to listen to laurel branches crackling in
an open fire.
DEMONOMANCY is divination with the aid of demons.
DENDROMANCY is divination with either oak or mistletoe.
DOWSING or DIVINING RODS are methods of divination where a forked
stick is used to locate water or precious minerals.
GASTROMANCY is an ancient form of ventriloquism whereby the voice is
lowered to a sepulchral tone and prophetic utterances are delivered
in a trance state.
GELOSCOPY is the divination from the tone of someone's laughter.
GENETHLIALOGY is divination by the influence of the stars at birth.
GEOMANCY is the study of figures on the ground and the influence of
the Earth's "currents".
GRAPHOLOGY is the analysis of character through handwriting.
GYROMANCY is a divination procedure where a person walks in a circle
marked with letters until they become dizzy and stumble at different
points, thus spelling out a prophesy.
HARUSPICATION IS fortune-telling by means of inspecting the entrails
of animals, as practiced by priests in ancient Rome.
HIEROMANCY or HIERSCOPY is divination by observing object of ancient
HIPPOMANCY is a form of divination from the stamping and neighing of
HOROSCOPY is the practice of casting of astrological horoscopes.
HYDROMANCY is divination by water including the color, ebb and flow,
or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.
ICHTHYOMANCY is divination using fish.
LAMPADOMANCY is divination using lights or torches.
LECANOMANCY uses a basin of water for divination.
LIBANOMANCY is the study of incense and its smoke.
LITHOMANCY is divination using precious stones of various colors.
MARGARITOMANCY is the procedure of using bouncing pearls.
METAGNOMY is the divination using "visions" received in a trance

8 years ago
METEOROMANCY is divination from meteors.
METOPOSCOPY is the reading of character using the lines if the
MOLEOSOPHY is the study of moles and indicators of a person's
character and future indications.
MOLYBDOMANCY draws mystic inferences from the hissing of molten
MYOMANCY is the study of the prophetic meaning of behavior of rats
and mice.
NUMEROLOGY is the numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and
the number value of letters.
OCULOMANCY is divination from a person's eye.
OINOMANCY is divination using wine.
OMPHALOMANCY IS counting the number of knots in the umbilical cord
to predict how many more children the mother will have
ONEIROMANCY is the interpretation of dreams and their prophetic
ONOMANCY is the study of the meaning of names.
ONOMANTICS is the application of ONOMANCY applied to personal names,
particularly in the sense of occult interpretation.
ONYCHOMANCY is the study of fingernails.
OOMANTIA and OOSCOPY is the method of divination by eggs.
OPHIOMANCY is divination from serpents.
ORNISCOPY and ORINITHOMANCY is the study of omens associated with
birds, particularly birds in flight. see APANTOMANCY
OVOMANCY is another type of egg divination.
PALMISTRY is the broad field of divination and interpretation of the
lines and structure of the hand.
PEGOMANCY concerns itself with spring water and bubbling fountains
and the omens contained therein.
PHRENOLOGY is the long practiced study of head formations.
PHYLLORHODOMANCY is a means of divination whereby one slaps a rose
petal against the hand and judges the favorability of the omen by
the loudness of the sound.
PHYSIOGNOMY is the study of character analysis through physical
PRECOGNITION in an inner knowledge or sense of future events.
PSYCHOGRAPHY is a form of mysterious writing having a divinatory
PSYCHOMETRY is the faculty of gaining impressions from a physical
object and its history.
PYROMANCY and PYROSCOPY are forms of divination by fire or flame,
often assisted by substances thrown onto the flames.
RADIESTHESIA is the general term for divination using a device such
as a divining rod or pendulum. Other forms include "table tipping"
which was practiced at the White House in the 19th century, the
Ouija board, automatic writing (or superconscious writing), and
RHABDOMANCY is divination using a stick or wand. These methods were
forerunners of the divining rod.
RHAPSODOMANCY is a means of divination using a book of poetry
whereby the book is opened at random and a passage read.
SCIOMANCY is divination using a spirit guide, a method generally
employed by channelers.
SCRYING is a general term for divination using a crystal, mirrors,
bowls of water, ink, or flames to induce visions.
SIDEROMANCY is the burning of straws with a hot iron, the resulting
figures having divinatory properties.
SORTILEGE is the casting of lots and the assessment of omens
SPODOMANCY is divination using cinders or soot.
STICHOMANCY is another form of throwing open a book and selecting a
random passage for the purpose of divination.
STOLISOMANCY draws omens from the way people dress.
SYCOMANCY is performed by writing messages on tree leaves; the
slower they dry, the more favorable the omen. A modern variation is
to write on slips of paper (always including one blank) and rolling
them up. They are then held in a strainer over a boiling pot; the
first to unroll will be answered.
TASSEOGRAPHY is the reading of tea leaves that remain in a tea cup
once the beverage has been drunk.
TEPHRAMANCY is divination by ashes obtained from the burning of tree
TIROMANCY is a type of divination using cheese.
XYLOMANCY is divination from pieces of wood, either from their shape
when collected or their appearance while burning.
Divination in Southern Africa
8 years ago
Divination in Southern Africa
by: Kunderke Kevlin

In 1507 the Portuguese missionary Joano dos Santoes observed the
throwing of four 'bones' for the purpose of divination in
Mozambique. Today, despite repeated attempts by white missionaries
and governments in the colonial era to stamp out the practice, this
same divinatory system is still widely prevalent in the industrial
cities and rural areas of Southern and South Central Africa.

There are two different tyeps of bones, which are used either
separately or in conjuction with each other. There are thus also two
different forms of bone divination.

The first is divination by means of a set of four bones, which are
differentiated into a senior male, or junior male, a senior female
and a junior female. These bones consist either all four of ivory,
bone, horn (of cattle) or wood, or two of the bones may be cut from
the tip of the hoof of an ox or cow and thus by pyramid-shaped. Each
of the bones has a positive, decorated side and a negative,
undecorated side, so that they can form 16 different combinations
when thrown together on the ground. Each combination or 'fall' has a
neam, a 'praise' (the poem that is recited when the fall is
identified) and a standard general interpretation, and the diviner
interprets this meaning in relation tot he problems at hand. Thus,
the system is based on three oppositions--male/female, senior/junior
and postive/negative--and the meanings produced by combinations of
these categories.

The second is divination by means of a large number (up to 60) of
astragali (Knucklebones) of various animals and sometimes also a few
other objects, such as seashells, tortoiseshell and special stones.
In general the aim is to have a male and female bone of each
species, with a few significant exceptions: for instance, among the
Lovedu the antbear is represented by only one bone as it digs in the
gournd where the dead are buried and is thus associated with the
ancestors. Ech bone has a positive and negative side so that the
diviner can 'read' the fall in terms of the position of the bones in
relation to each other and according to which side faces up.

Learning bone divination is in many ways a logical process, rather
than one requiring psychic ability. Definite rulse of interpretation
are taught and it is the bones, not the diviner, who are in direct
contact with the spirit world. The diviner has to learn the rules in
order to understand what the bones are telling him. Although the
application of these rules to particular cases also requires
intuition and creativity, as the rules have to be interpreted
according to the complexity of each case, it is not requisite that
the diviner himself develops psychic abilities.

The bones are believed to have intrinsic power, which is
strengthened, but not determined, by the ritual doctoring they have
received. Some say they reveal the will of God, others that the
ancestors speak through them, yet others that they reveal a more or
less impersonal cosmic power.

The power of the bones lies in the fact that they represent
important categories that they are used in the ordering of the
social and cultural world.

The four principal bones of the divinatory set combine into 16
different falls, each of which has its own name and praise-poem. The
names of the bones and the falls show a striking similarity among
the different tribes, if allowance is made for linguistic variation.

The fall in which all of the four principle (senior male) bones fall
positive is called Mphirifiri or Mufirifiri. It indicates too much
action feverish activity and is associated with fire and 'hotness',
which is considered a dangerously overenergetic state.

The following is a Sotho praise for this fall:

Unrest of a multitude makes the dust rise; they have cut the cord
that goes through the nostrils of the ox. At Phalaborwa, near the
Olifants river, where the blacksmiths live, sounds the hammer, the
morning bird signs, in the east the day shines.

This fall is generally interpreted as a negative one, associated
with strife, illness, death and witchcraft. A patient whose health
is in question, for instance will die; or there will be quarrels
between the people and attempts to bewitch each other.

The fall that is negative for the senior male and female and postive
for the junior male and female is called Thlapadima among the
Kgatla, a Tswana tribe. The praise goes:

I am the cheater of the children, of the children who have no
parents, of the rain; it is a person who cannot cross the river, it
says one who sinks in and jumps out, it says the biter in the river
(water) when there is no rhinoceros or crocodile. what are you
washing frog, why do you wash as if you will be taken by the
rhinoceros or corocodile. The reeds are on the blank of the river,
you are in the water, when the river takes you it will sweep you
away, roots and all, and sweep you into the big rivers; it says we
are just the same, you will be burned outside in the grass, and my
body will be burned but when the first rains fall I shall grow
again. (From the research nots of Professor Isaac Schapera.)

The first part of the paraise has been said to refer to illegitimate
sex, but not comment is supplied for the clearly much more profound
statement about life and death in the latter part. This fall is
8 years ago
 This fall is also
considered a negative one; it might mean that the patient will
recover, but his blood has thickened and he is shivering; or a wife
is deceiving her husband with other men in his absence; or a
pregnant woman keeps miscarrying.

Bone divination originated in a tribal culture that was founded on
close contact with the natural world
The Pendulum
8 years ago
The Pendulum

The Pendulum has been used for thousands of years, from the roman
who forcast the outcome of battles, the scientific research made by
Galileo, to today many grannies out there used to tie a peice of
string to a wedding ring, this was held over the pregnant women to
find out the sex of her unborn child.

It is used to locate water, gold, and other minerals and metals, to
locate lost items or persons. They can be used personally for
testing compatiblity with different foods, drinks and herbal
medicines, it is also used by healers to locate problems within the
body.. For gaining knowledge be it from your sub conscious or your
Guides this is yet unknown.

The best discription to how it works is like radion waves, you are
grounded to the earth and are connected to the air and act as an
attenna much like we receive a radio wave.

Pendulums are made from different crystals, metals or woods tied by
fine chain, string or cord. Different people use various types of
pendulums, however this seems to make no difference.

They should however be treated with respect, if you ask a silly
question, don't expect it to work for you. Once a pendulum has been
set up stay with that one, there are no benificial reasons to have

I have never allowed anyone to use mine, my energy is part of my
pendulum, nor do I clean it even though the silver chain is a bit on
the grubby side.

Setting the pendulum may take a few goes but once established as to
yes/no you are away. Take a few minutes to yourself quietly and ask
for protection and explane that you wish to use the pendulum for
communication, holding the pendulum in your hands through this
stage. Hold the end of the pendulum between your thumb and
forefinger of whatever hand you write with, leaving a approx 6 inch
drop of chain, Resting your elbow on the table helps to stablise
your arm. Ask the pendulum to give you the movement for Yes.

A good way to start using your pendulum for beginners is asking
questions concerning food and drink, The questions should be asked
to give a definate yes and no answer, This can be the hardest part
of using the pendulum, some answers can be, maybe or sometimes, so
at a later date you can ask for the movement for maybe and
sometimes, but it is better to avoid such answers.


Magick Systems and the Tarot
8 years ago
 Magick Systems  and the Tarot
      How many systems of magic can you associate with the Tarot? The
list below is impressive, but not complete.

The serendipitous structure of the Tarot allows us to develop various
protocols. Here is a list of magical practices that are associated with
the Tarot. Kabbalah Angelic Magic:
   22 Letters of alphabet  
   Shemhamforash: 72 Spirits  
   10 Sephiroth: Minor Cards  
   4 Elements:  
   4 Worlds Astrology  
   Goetia: 72 Spirits; 36 Day and 36 Night – 36 Minor Cards  
   Lunar Mansions 28 = 4x7  
   7 Olympic Planetary Spirits  
   12 Signs of Zodiac – Archangels, Angels – Major cards  
   93 Governors  
   88 – 22 Major cards in 4 Elements  
   Four Watchtowers  
   Egyptian Gods  
   16 Gods = 4x4  
   30 Aethyrs  
   Heptarchia Mystica  
   7 Spirits  
   21 Letters (plus one letter)  
   16 Symbols  
   4 Directions, 4 elements 3 Worlds  
   7 Chakras  
   Tattwas 4 plus Spirit  
   I Ching 64 Hexagrams = 2x32 Paths  
   8 Spoked Wheel of the Year  
   Santeria See Voodoo  
  This is list is not complete! There is a curious dichotomy. Magicians
do not use Tarot, while Tarot readers are rarely knowledgeable on
magic. Furthermore, current understanding of Tarot is rooted in the
Victorian obsession with classification. Tarot readers isolate cards in a
reading: The Future is here; the Past is there; Work is in another place;
while Love is put elsewhere. The Magician, however works to unite the
aspects of body, mind and soul to work in harmony towards the intent to
create change. The Magician, Shaman, Wiccan, or user of Enochian all
creates a Sacred Space that is defined by the Four Directions. This Sacred
Space can further be defined as relating to the four elements.
  All the magical practices mentioned above can be defined by the use
of the four elements, or the seven planets, which make them accessible
to the Tarot in some form. Further, because the four elements are
intrinsic to the Tarot, we do not need a different deck for each practice.
Ingenuity is needed, but Magicians are resourceful!
  There are dedicated Tarot decks for many of the Magical systems
mentioned above, but they are not strictly necessary. While the current
state of Tarot is rather backward, surprisingly the creator of the Thoth
Deck, Aleister Crowley, understood the limitations of knowing only the
classification of the Tarot cards: "The Holy Qabbalah is a system of
classifying the Beings, By-comings, Thoughts, Monads, Atoms, Waves, Packets
of Energy, Ideas, or whatever one chooses to call them; of memorizing,
discussing and manipulating the Relations between them.
  "The Units of this system are Numbers: generally, one means the
"natural Numbers"… Each Unit is a living idea or person; to each are related
in nature all other ideas in some way."
  For Crowley, all the concepts were relative – it was the relationship
between the cards that counted, and he inherited this idea from
science and physics, particularly relativity theory, and from the Golden Dawn
system of Tarot divination, where the Magician had to visualise
himself at the centre with the Tarot cards projected around him in a
particular order that extended to the constellations. Within all this he also
projected a three dimensional Tree of Life which created one pillar at
the centre, and four pillars at the four directions. Between the Pillars
he also visualised the Enochian Watchtowers. In one masterstroke, the
Magician had united in Space, Enochian Magic, the Tree of Life,
Kabbalah, and Tarot.
Casting Stones
8 years ago
Casting Stones
I have met very few psychics or others who use casting stones, but
there are a few of us who do.  There are
many different methods for using gemstones and crystals as an oracle;
it depends on what feels right for
Casting stones are simply a group of crystals, gemstones or the like
which you "throw" onto a surface and
then read.  You can sometimes buy casting stones as a kit, complete
with a drawstring pouch in which to
store them.  Or you can select your own stones one by one as it feels
right to you.
The best stones to use in casting stones should be relatively small,
but not tiny (very small stones are
frequently lost, and very large stones -- well, imagine tossing down a
dozen large quartz pieces at once, and
you'll get the picture).  They should also be relatively flat, or with
a flat side.
You can choose your stones by virtue of their magical associations,
color, name, or feel.  For instance, Tiger
Eye is usually included in a set of casting stones.  Tiger Eye is a
yellow/orange color, and thus has
associations with warmth, light, heat, the Sun, clarity, daytime, etc.
  It also could be associated with cats,
vision, and the night, depending on the question and what you choose to
associate it with, or what your
subconscious tells you it means.  Amethyst is associated with
spirituality and psychic vision, as are all
purple-colored stones.  There are a number of decent books out there on
the associations of stones, so
getting one of those is a must if you want to do stone casting.
You can cast your stones in various ways.  One excellent reader I went
to  had a lovely handmade cloth onto which he threw the stones and
interpreted them based on what area they fell in, which stones fell next to
which other stones, taking into account colors and associations.  If
I'm recalling correctly, he had a circle design on his cloth, divided
into four areas representing different things.  I believe his reading
methods were based on the four directions and their associations:  East
(air), South (fire), West (water) and North (earth).  Air connects with
the mind (as does the color yellow), Fire connects with action and
energy (as do red colored stones), Water is the intuitive and emotional
(blue and purple colored stones), and Earth is the practical and manifest
(earth tones).
As an astrologer, I invented my own method of casting the stones, not
being satisfied with the directions
included in the kit I purchased.  I use a blank astrological chart form
(the natural chart, with Aries on the
Ascendant), and cast the stones onto the chart form.  Each stone has an
association with a planetary
energy.  My set contains 13 stones, and there are 10 planets/Lights, so
I use the clear quartz to represent
the "heart of the matter", and different stones for the Gemini Mercury
and the Virgo Mercury (since they are
different energies), and two for the Taurus Venus and Libra Venus
(ditto).  If the stones fall close to the
center of the chart, I interpret them in the past; on the edge of the
chart, present; and outside the actual
chart but still on the form, future.  The houses into which they fall
tell me the areas of life involved.  It's
almost like a stone transiting chart for the client.
Although my method involves a fair amount of conscious interpretation,
I have found that the stones are
extremely intuitive, and will open up your intuitive/psychic mind very
Buttons (or Stones)
8 years ago
Buttons (or Stones)
Keep a little pouch with colored buttons in it.  You will need, black,
white, red, brown and a green one.   Concentrate on your questions and
then draw a button.
Black means NO.
White means YES.
Red means that Strong Emotion is driving you.
Brown means that the issue is cloudy, you may not know all the  facts.
Green means that their is allot of potential in the situation.
[Ma'at's note:  You could use colored stones, like obsidian, moonstone,
jasper, brown agate, and malachite for this divination.]
The Casting of Lots
8 years ago
The Casting of Lots
'Lots' made of bone, shell or wood made up most tribal divination
systems. These systems had a finite number of lots; for  instance, four to
twenty-four pieces. Four lots could possibly give you sixteen
combinations, with each combination relating to a specific message. Each specific
pattern may have its own sponsoring divinity, future meaning, present
advice and spiritual plan.
A second throw could also include finite numbers of messages. The more
lots, the more patterns, the more throws, the more extensive the
answers. The current rune system with twenty-four disks, each with its own
design (depending on the system you use), began with this lot system.
Make your own lots
8 years ago
Make your own lots
Choose three items of the same size (three small stones, three small
pieces of wood,
etc.). Paint one side solid or mark with a design. Leave the other side
of the object
blank. The painted side will be a positive answer while the blank side
will be negative.
Hold the objects in your hands and ask your question in a manner which
can be
answered with a 'yes' or 'no' answer. This isn't always as easy as it
sounds, but once you
get used to wording your questions, your answers will be clearer.
Close your eyes and ask the Divine to aid you in this divination. Ask
your question, then
Throw the objects. Follow the key below:
--Three 'yes' objects= Yes
--Three 'no' objects= No
--Two 'yes' objects and one 'no' object= A struggle, but the conclusion
will be "Yes."  Throw again to determine the source of the struggle.
--Two 'no' objects and one 'yes' object= Maybe, but the outcome has not
been determined due to decisions that you, or someone else, will make.
Throw again to learn more details.
You may wish to meditate first and burn a candle while casting the
yes/no lots. Try not to do your divination if you are in a hurry, as you
won't be able to concentrate properly. And keep a record of your answers.

If you would like to expand your lots to include a timing mechanism,
paint a fourth stone with a full moon on one side and a new moon on the
other. You can throw this with the other three lots, or seperately.
Tea Leaves
8 years ago
by eHow
The ancient practice of tea leaf reading or tasseomancy is a method of
divining the future by reading symbols created by remnant tea leaves in
the bottom of a tea cup. In the case of seeing inanimate objects in
the leaves, there are as many interpretations as stars in the sky. Here's
how to do a reading and form your own tea leaf interpretation.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step One
Select a type of loose tea to use for the reading. It's not recommended
to use tea bags for tasseomancy. Instead, use any variety of loose tea
that you prefer and use a tea strainer if necessary. Traditionally,
loose tea leaves were just poured into the cup and allowed to sink to the
bottom to provide the best material for the reading.
Step Two
Pour tea into a light colored or simple white teacup. Be sure that you
have a saucer as well. As you sip the tea, try to clear your mind and
focus on the smell and taste of the tea. Let your thoughts drift and
then if one person, problem, or idea keeps popping up, focus on this as
you finish your tea and then the reading will focus on this area as well.
If nothing particular comes to mind, prepare for a general reading.
Step Three
Drink most of the tea, leaving a little in the bottom of the teacup
with the leaves. Now, swirl the remaining tea in the cup three times and
then flip the cup over onto the saucer to drain the remaining liquid.
Step Four
Flip the cup over and begin the reading. Tea leaf reading is personal
and subjective as it is based on symbolic meaning derived from abstract
forms. This means that your own interpretation of the symbols you see
and the meaning that they have for you are exactly what you're looking
for when you do a reading for yourself.
Step Five
Read the leaves starting on the side of the teacup with the handle. If
the teacup has no handle, begin in a twelve o'clock position and then
work clockwise and downward from there. The rim typically refers to
things in the present, and the middle section of the cup refers to things
in the near future. The bottom portion of the cup refers to the more
distant future. Start with the rim and work your way to the bottom in
descending clockwise spirals as you interpret the leaf formations on each
Step Six
Write down or draw the symbols you see and the location. If any image
or symbol has specific significance to you or reminds you of something
in particular, rely on this interpretation and write it down. If a
symbolic meaning is unclear, look up traditional tasseomancy lexicons and
see if your symbol is listed there.
Step Seven
Interpret inanimate objects by their significance to your life.
Inanimate symbols, such as a chair or a paintbrush are often taken fairly
literally in tasseomancy and refer directly to the divined future of the
reader. For example, a shoe could refer to a journey or foot pain or it
could remind you of your great aunt Ethel. Any of these meanings could
be the correct one for the reading. It all depends on how the symbol
strikes you at the moment.
Step Eight
Use your best judgment and rely on your own intuition. Tasseomancy is
an age old way of settling your thoughts, focusing on the path ahead,
and then looking to abstract tea leaf formations to provide clues to your
future. This means that whatever you see is what you are supposed to
see, and can be interpreted as such. If it feels correct to you, then go
with it. If you get stuck, look for other popular meanings of each
symbol and then decide what fit the best for you.
Mirror Messages
8 years ago
Mirror Messages

Mirrors that are fogged up - such as your bathroom mirror after you
shower - can leave messages 'impressions' from spirit on the other

Many mirrors are actually 'windows' to other realities.

A mirror message manifests all at once - not slowly as if drawn by an

For example - if a face was to appear -the entire face would
materialize at one time.

We all have portals in our homes that open and close.

This does not necessarily link with hauntings or projections.

I have a several mirrors over my bathroom vanity - that when fogged
up - leave messages for me.

The messages are usually clearly visible - and in picture form rather
than numerical or in written symbols.

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

Try this experiment. . .

Go into the bathroom and shut the door and window - so the hot air
will be trapped in the room.

Clean your mirror with a paper / regular towel.

You can use the water from the sink or the shower.

Allow only hot water to run.

Wait until your mirror fogs up before you shut the window.

When it is fully fogged up - shut the water and allow the mirror to
project its images.

They may come through slowly or quickly.

One mirror can create an entire picture.

Observe the mirror from various angles.

You may be surprised at what you see!

It may take several attempts to correctly perceive the images - which
can vary in size.
Terrific Tarot Talismans
8 years ago
Terrific Tarot Talismans
   By:  Melanie Harris

Not only an excellent and accurate tool for divination, Tarot cards are
also a successful means to magically attract positive energies into
your life.  By using specific cards as luck-bringing talismans, you can
increase your well being, develop a greater affinity with the Tarot, and
also give yourself another reason to buy some of the wonderful new
decks that are out on the market.
Simply choose an appropriate card, empower it with your intent, and
carry it with you to act as a magnetic charm, drawing to you exactly what
you seek.  For example, if you wish to acquire more wealth, you might
select the Ace of Pentacles.  This card can signify money, stability,
strength, the earth or protection, so you will need to highlight the
desired aspect of the card by empowering it to best suit your purpose.
  Hold the card in your hands and visualize yourself in a shower of wealth,
freely giving and receiving.  Think of the abundance you already have
in your life and conjure a feeling of gratitude, comfort and generosity.
  When this energy is at its height, send it through your fingertips
and into the card, transforming it into a magical talisman.  Carry the
card with you and you will soon find financial opportunities pouring in
from all directions. 
Likewise, you could choose the Two of Cups or The Lovers card, empower
it with loving energy, and use it as a talisman to attract new romance
or to strengthen a current relationship.  If you fancy more elaborate
magic, you can try using a combination of cards to form your talisman.
  A job interview, for instance, could best be affected with multiple
Tarots put into action at different times.  When your going for an
interview, the King of Wands concealed on your person will increase your
eloquence and give you an air of responsibility, while the High Priestess
card will leave your potential employer with a clear impression that you
are the ideal candidate.  After the interview, you could replace these
talismans with the Five of Wands covered up with the card that best
signifies yourself, symbolically showing that you will triumph over your
Let your own creativity be your guide.  Especially with the more
contemporary Tarot decks, your personal feelings about each card should be
the primary point of reference in selecting the talisman.  Just look
through your cards and choose the one you believe is most in tune with your
magical goal.  An important exception, however, is to never carry with
you a �negative� card such as the Ten of Swords or The Tower, as
doing so will attract trouble.  Keep in mind that talismans are for
positive magic, and don�t be tempted into ill intentions.  Trust your
intuition, and you will find choosing the right cards to be quite a fast
and simple process. 
Tarot talismans are most powerful when used as temporary charms, and
they should be returned to your deck within a few weeks.  Once the
talisman has done its work, remove the stale magic from the card by shaking
it, blowing on it or wiping it with a dry cloth.  Shuffle it back into
your deck and the card will return to its natural state, ready for the
next magical opportunity that comes your way.
Easy and very effective, using Tarot cards as talismans is likely to
become a frequently employed bit of magic, and as such, it is necessary
and beneficial to own more than one set of cards.  You don�t want to
find yourself in urgent need of a Tarot reading when The Star card is
stuck in your pocket busily making your dreams come true.  It�s wise to
reserve one Tarot deck solely for divination, and to acquire any other
sets that appeal to you to use as talismans and for other magical
work.  With more than one deck, you will always be prepared for traditional
fortune telling while being free to use the cards to their full
magical capacity.
The Tarot is truly a treasure of the worldwide magical community, and
by using the cards in creative ways, we are maximizing the potential of
our traditions as well as our spirits.  Making the most out of the
tools we can obtain is a basic and essential element of magic, and by
simply adding Tarot talismans to your bag of tricks, you will expand your
skills, increase your understanding and charm your way to love, wealth,
happiness and a better life.

Working With The Pendulum
8 years ago
Working With The Pendulum

         The Pendulum
        A simple tool used for communicating and gaining guidance from
the spiritual world. This is one of the easiest methods of divination
and is ten times more secure and accurate than a Ouija board. When used
for divination the pendulum acts as an antenna that amplifies signals
or energy vibrations emanating from a spiritual guide or the Divine
energies you've called upon. These vibrations focus their attention on the
pendulum and cause it to move in specific directions, giving you
answers and guidance to the questions you put to the tool.
        A pendulum is simply a string or chain, weighted by a pointed
crystal or some other form of heavy object. In my personal experience,
I've had better results from natural materials, such as crystals, and
varying forms of metal, brass, silver and so on. The pendulum to the
right is simply a clear quartz crystal, decorated with two shades of
amethyst, hanging on a gold chain, with a pentagram for easier handling when
in use. (Just imagine the chain being a little longer. ;-} ).   
         The Pendulum Board
        A pendulum board is not necessary to perform tasks of
divination, but it does come in handy. You can make your own or purchase a
pendulum kit when you're looking for the right tool for you. If you want to
make your own, you simply need a circle with these six directions. This
is the most common layout of a pendulum board. As you progress you
might decide to make a more elaborate board that includes an alphabet and
          1.. Yes ~ an up and down direction.
          2.. No ~ a side to side direction.
          3.. Maybe ~ a diagonal direction, from the lower left to
upper right corners of the circle.
          4.. Don't Want To Answer ~ a diagonal direction , from the
lower right to the upper left corners of the circle.
          5.. Probably Yes ~ a clockwise circle.
          6.. Probably Not ~ a counter-clockwise circle.
         Making Your Own Board
        Most pendulums you can purchase come with their own pendulum
board. But not all do. If you chose to use a board, you can use a variety
of things to make your own board.
        You can draw a simple circle on a piece of paper and place the
labels in the locations you feel most comfortable with. You can use a
photo. You can alter a photo or picture with a graphics package and
print it from your computer on photographic paper. You can even use "The
Wheel" or "The Fortune" card from your favorite tarot deck.
        The key is finding an image that inspires you, that has a
circle in the center and you can easily identify the answer layout to.
        This image is a good example of how a picture can be used to
create a board. It's a picture that was sent to me as a gift. Using a
graphics package, I simply added the labels to make the board. In reality,
you don't have to add the words if you don't want to. It can make it
easier for the client to watch the pendulum as it swings and answers
their questions. And it can also provide the new reader with a reminder of
how they programmed the pendulum to operate. 
         Using The Pendulum
        Once you have picked out an attractive pendulum that you feel
drawn to, you don't just sit down in your car outside the store and
start "playing" with it. This is a divination tool which should be treated
with respect and reverence, just as you would a deck of Tarot cards.
There is a proper place, time and way to use this tool for the best
        Once you've gotten home, prepare your ritual space just as you
would for any spiritual work. Open your session with a brief prayer for
protection, guidance and calling in your spirit guide or guidance.
Explain what you're doing, what you want to accomplish and what
information you're seeking.
        Next you'll need to, well let's say you're making an agreement
with your pendulum for which movements mean what. Some call this
programming the pendulum. I prefer making an agreement because the agreement
is really between you and the forces that will provide movement to the
tool. It's just a slight sensitivity I have, you might feel otherwise.
I just feel like I'm telling a spiritual entity that I'm going to
program their will. You program a computer, not a spiritual entity.
        Ok, so you've set your space, your protection, called your
guides and defined the agreed upon movements of the pendulum. Now you're
ready to ask your questions. You want to phrase them so that the
responses can be given in yes or no answers.
        1.. Yes and No answers are self explanatory.
        2.. Maybe's imply the energy patterns are not yet set and some
decisions still need to be made before the outcome can be determined.
        3.. If you receive a Don't Want to Answer, (DWA) then the
answer to the question could alter a spiritual or karmic lesson you have to
learn, or it's none of your business. DWAs are most often received when
you're asking questions about other people, in other words, you're
being nosy.
        4.. Probably Yes means as things stand right now, "it" what
ever you asked will probably happen, or is probably yes.
        5.. Probably No means just the opposite.
        Once you've completed your reading, place the pendulum in a
protective pouch. Say a prayer of thanks and close the energies you've
pulled in for this ceremony. Then snuff out the candle and cl
Mirror Divination
8 years ago
Mirror Divination

Go into the bathroom and shut the door and window - so the hot air
will be trapped in the room.

Clean your mirror with a paper / regular towel.

You can use the water from the sink or the shower.

Allow only hot water to run.

Wait until your mirror fogs up before you shut the window.

When it is fully fogged up - shut the water and allow the mirror to
project its images.

They may come through slowly or quickly.

One mirror can create an entire picture.

Observe the mirror from various angles.

You may be surprised at what you see!

Prayer Before Tarot Reading
8 years ago
Tarot Prayer 
Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone -
Guide my hand by yours alone.
Let this  reading be True and sound,
The future revealed; the hidden found. 
Rover, Guardian, Hunter, Guide -
With me always, by my side.
I pray for  Guidance and for Sight.
Protect me with your golden Light. 
The Cards are shuffled.
The Cards are dealt.
The Door is opened,
The  Power felt. 
Let me see with open eyes,
Speak the Truth; tell no lies.
And when the  future is revealed,
Until nothing more is concealed,
Remember that the  future is not set in stone...
Guide me, Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone. 
Maiden, Warrior, Mother and  Crone.
Reading Playing Cards
8 years ago
Reading Playing Cards

To committed Tarotists, the idea of actually reading with playing cards
may seem unthinkable. After all, they completely lack any esoteric or
occult references, not to mention the 22 Major Arcana which contain the
main themes of our passages through life. They also lack the evocative
images on the Minor Arcana of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and its
descendants. So what's left? 40 numbered pip cards and 12 court cards - and
that's it. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of potential there for an
interesting reading.

However, playing cards have been used for centuries for fortune
telling. Now, some people may recoil at the very phrase, "fortune telling." If
we mean by it a simplistic reading which tells you that you'll get an
inheritance soon and a fair-haired man will carry you away, or that
someone close to you will die, then I agree that's something to be
avoided. Especially to be avoided are storefront fortune-tellers who will tell
you that your money is cursed and they will cleanse it for you. These
extreme examples aside, I don't believe that there is as much of a
difference between fortune telling and divination as some would like to
believe. After all, I think it would be difficult for a good
fortune-teller, even if they were very event-oriented in their approach, to give a
reading that did not contain some psychological, spiritual, and
empowering content in it. And anyone who does a Tarot reading that includes a
card position for "Future" or "Final Outcome" is still practicing
fortune telling, that is, predicting a future event. We may tell ourselves
that we aren't really predicting, merely uncovering a trend or something
the querent should keep in mind, but these are semantic differences. A
reading that discusses the future is a reading which discusses the
future, whether we call it fortune telling or divination.

I think we shouldn't be so eager to categorize these things and then
label certain categories as unacceptable. Many of us search for the
"right" approach to Tarot--I know this from personal experience, having
spent years doing exactly that--and you will often find people who will
tell you that one approach is right while others aren't. I believe
divination is all about using your intuition to allow your subconscious to
communicate with you; and if that's the case, then no amount of
right-brain categorizing and labeling will facilitate that communication.

There seem to be two competing views these days regarding Tarot
reading. One view (the most prevalent, I believe) is that the best way to read
is to use whatever insights arise from viewing the pictures on the
cards, whether or not they agree with the cards' traditional meanings. Two
authors in this category are Mary Greer  (Tarot for Your Self) and
Robin Wood (The Robin Wood Tarot Book). Robin Wood is an interesting
example. She took great care to fill her deck with specific symbols that had
very specific meanings for her; yet she says that in a reading, the
symbols will mean whatever they suggest to you for that querent, in that

8 years ago
The other view is that specific meanings should be assigned to each
card based on its number and suit. In this approach, the picture matters
very little. In fact, it works best with decks bearing non-illustrated
Minors. Two proponents of this view are Gail Fairfield (Choice-Centered
Tarot and Choice-Centered Relating and the Tarot), and John Gilbert,
who is publishing an entire Tarot course in the American Tarot
Association Newsletter.  John Gilbert actually goes so far as to say that if you
use the free-association technique based on the cards' images, your
readings will be imaginative, but not accurate.

Personally, I believe that whether you use your intuition at the front
end (i.e., in deciding what a symbol means at that particular moment in
that particular reading) or at the back end (i.e., applying a
strictly-interpreted meaning to a querent's situation), either way, you're
using your intuition, and I don't think there's anything intrinsically
better in one approach or the other.

There is a third alternative - reading non-illustrated decks with
pre-defined meanings that rely on traditional associations, but not on a
number-suit system. This is the way all Tarot cards and playing cards were
read before Waite and Smith created the Rider deck in 1909. This
approach is somewhat similar to the ones I've attributed to Fairfield and
Gilbert. But I find it much easier to do a reading when each card has a
specific personality, rather than simply being a combination of the
card's suit and number. If one wants to read the Minor Arcana of a
non-illustrated deck, like the Tarot de Marseilles, you might use the
Waite-Smith-inspired meanings that you are used to, keeping in mind the suit
correlations (Wands = Clubs, Cups = Hearts, Swords = Spades,
Coins/Pentacles/Disks = Diamonds), or you could use playing-card meanings. Using the
playing card meanings for a non-illustrated Tarot deck is an
interesting way to feel connected to centuries of tradition.

It's also an interesting experience to simply pick up a pack of playing
cards and read with it. It's fun to take something which most people
have lying around the house and create meaning with it. It's also
refreshing, for those of us who have hopped around many different decks with
many different themes, to work with something that is comfortingly
devoid of views (and biases) of a particular deck author or artist. Also,
since there are no Majors, one is forced to focus more attention on the
pip cards and give them added weight, which might give one more
perspective when one goes back to reading with an illustrated Tarot deck.

8 years ago
One difficulty that a Tarotist will have with traditional playing card
meanings is that the definitions given to the suits are rather
different than is usual in Tarot. In playing cards, the suit of Clubs (Wands)
stands for work, and contains many associations we normally attribute to
Pentacles. Diamonds (Pentacles) refers to communications and energy.
Hearts (Cups) is love and relationships, and Spades (Swords) refers to
difficulties, an interpretation which some may find familiar from some
older Tarot sources. Another difficulty is that, while there is no firm
agreement as to interpretation among authors using Waite-inspired
images, there is even less agreement among playing card authors, because
there isn't a set of images to provide at least minimal standardization.
But the meanings of the suits are usually the same between playing card
authors, and some cards' meanings are consistent. For instance, the Ace
of Spades usually signifies death among the different sources.
I was able to find three more or less recent books on reading with
playing cards. Actually, only one is merely a book; the other two are
deck-book sets.

It's All in the Cards
The stand-alone book is It's All in the Cards, by Chita St. Lawrence.
This book is the most extreme in terms of an event-oriented approach.
The method described in the book was handed down through five generations
of Russian gypsy fortune-tellers. The cards have extremely simple (and
easy to memorize!) meanings, such as "business trip," "happiness,"
"rift/breakup," which, according to the method, are strung together in a
series of cards to form what is essentially a sentence. An example from
the book: "You will argue (8 of Spades, argument) with a friend (Jack
of Clubs, friend) about money (10 of Clubs, money). The argument will be
fierce. You will not only lose (5 of Spades, loss) that friendship (5
of Diamonds, friendship) but you will end up crying in despair (7 of
Spades, tears)."

8 years ago
As you can see, such an approach will certainly give you a definitive
prediction, but I'm not convinced that there is enough variation in the
meanings to allow the reader to use their intuition to tailor the
meanings to a specific querent and situation. Further, the author specifies
that one is not to ask a question of the cards. The querent comes in,
sits down, the reader lays out the cards and gives the interpretation,
and if the reading answers the querent's unspoken question, great; if
not, too bad. On the other hand, this system has worked for five
generations, so perhaps there's something I'm not seeing.

Another difficulty I had with this approach is that there are very
negative cards. The Ace of Spades is death; the 9 of Spades is health
problems or a funeral. The Queen of Hearts is a female sweetheart. If the
Queen of Hearts appears followed by the Ace of Spades and then the 9 of
Spades, it means your sweetheart will die and have a funeral. There
isn't much wiggle room to avoid this kind of ridiculous interpretation. The
book's author also seems to have trouble with this; she relates how
she is reluctant to inform a mother that her son will be killed in an
accident. It turns out that her son is involved in an accident, but it is
his friend who is killed instead, so that the cards were still
supposedly correct. Nevertheless, St. Lawrence obviously realizes that this
sort of interpretation is problematical. She's stuck between a rock and a
hard place, however, because she has already stated her intention to
present the system as faithfully and authentically as she can.

It's a slim book at 103 pages, but it's a fast, pleasant read. The
author has made a sincere effort to teach her readers the system, and she
includes several exercises and sample readings. I think this book would
be the most difficult for one familiar with modern Tarot literature to
get into. But it's of great interest if you'd like to explore the
traditional event-predicting side of reading cards. The book's greatest
interest is in its anecdotes relating the stories of the Russian gypsy,
Masha, who created the system, and the family members who she handed it
down to.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
8 years ago
Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
Next we have a deck-book set, Sophia's Fortune Telling Kit. It's a deck
of playing cards newly designed under Sophia's direction, and it comes
packaged with Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by Sophia. The book
is also available separately. I only have the book, but the cards, by
Beth Wright, are pictured on the cover. They have cheerful and bright
colors, and the court cards are drawn to match the physical
characteristics given in the book.

Like the system given in It's All in the Cards, Sophia's system has
been handed down through generations of fortune-tellers. Her meanings are
more detailed and have more psychological depth than St. Lawrence's. I
would place them at a mid-way point between St. Lawrence's
interpretations and modern Tarot interpretations. Unfortunately, Sophia is not a
very good writer, and I had trouble figuring out exactly what certain
cards were supposed to mean. For some of the cards she devotes most of the
card's meaning to what its use would be in spell work, which she also
delves into in the book. I was also quite chagrined to find that cards
would mean one thing in the sample readings, but when I checked back to
the meanings chapter, it lists the cards' meanings as something
altogether different.

I was also a little put out when I discovered that, after setting forth
her meanings for all the cards, she then presents her favorite spread,
the "Wheel of Life Spread," which is basically a 12-card astrological
spread, and then informs us that for this spread we cannot use the
meanings she has already laid out; instead we must use an altogether
different set of meanings. Then she proceeds to give the meanings, and
imagine my dismay when I saw that each card has a separate meaning for each
of the 12 houses of the spread. That's 624 meanings to memorize, folks!
Combined with the generalized meanings, it's actually 676. I like
memorizing things, but that's about 600 meanings too many. Also, although
she states we are not to use the generalized meanings, I find in her
sample reading that she does indeed use the generalized readings, adding
the detailed meanings for extra detail.
8 years ago
However, Sophia does give several other interesting spreads for which
we are allowed to use the more generalized meanings. I notice that in
the sample readings, the querents enthusiastically agree with everything
that Sophia says. Now, to be fair, just about every Tarot author who
includes a sample reading does this same thing. Wouldn't it be nice if an
author included a sample reading where the querent says, "No, that
doesn't sound like me at all," and then show how the author handles such a

If you're interested in reading with playing cards and want to explore
a few different sources, this should certainly be one of them, although
it may or may not be the system you end up using.

The book has recently been republished by Barnes & Noble in a less
expensive edition.
The Fortune Teller's Deck
8 years ago
The Fortune Teller's Deck
The last is another deck-book set, this one by Tarot author Jane Lyle
(Renaissance Tarot, Lovers' Tarot). The cards in this set are truly
gorgeous. The artist, Neil Breeden, has painted them on wood, and they have
an aged, distressed quality that is very appealing. Unlike Sophia's
cards, the pip cards are quite traditional, except that the pip symbols
are obviously hand-made, with small but noticeable variations which are
quite charming. The court cards are beautifully detailed, and, like
Sophia's, follow the author's system of physical characteristics. But the
real standouts are the aces, where the large pip symbols have been
elevated from the surface of the card, and a wooden frame is placed around
the edges.

The other special thing about this deck is that, unlike regular playing
cards, it has been designed to be read with reversals. You can tell
whether or not a card is reversed by looking at the pip symbol in the
card's index (the numeral at the corners and the symbol below it).
Upright, the symbol is filled in; reversed, it's an outline. This does present
a small problem; if you want to use Lyle's reversed meanings, you will
have to either use this deck or, if you want to use regular playing
cards, you must mark it to show the reversals. Beautiful as this deck is,
it seems to me part of the charm of reading with playing cards is the
very fact  that you don't have to buy an expensive Tarot deck; you can
just go to a drugstore and buy one for a few dollars, or else pick one
up that you happen to have laying around the house.

8 years ago
Of the books reviewed here, Lyle's book is the easiest to take from the
standpoint of a modern Tarot reader. She's also by far the best
writer. With grace and humor she gives a short history of the cards, as well
as a history of divination with cards, and supplies full,
psychologically-oriented meanings for each card, including more event-oriented
meanings for many of them. The book is also quite attractively produced,
with shiny, magazine-like pages, and printed in full color. She includes
ten different spreads and five sample readings.

Lyle says she derived her meanings from older card-reading texts in her
possession, presumably the same ones listed in her bibliography, dated
from 1958, 1935, and 1890. She has made an attempt to combine these
meanings, as well as influences from standard Tarot meanings, into a
unified whole. Sometimes this is successful and sometimes it isn't. Some
meanings will be familiar to Tarot readers; for example, the 2 of Clubs,
"juggling resources, money worries," sounds like the Rider-Waite-Smith
2 of Pentacles. This makes it easier for those accustomed to the Tarot
to assimilate these meanings. But sometimes her meanings devolve into a
list of seemingly unrelated concepts, like the Ace of Diamonds:
"Financial and material increase, documents, important communications,
contracts, good news, new acquisitions, gifts, productive phase,
self-confidence, opportunity knocks, long term relationship." To be fair, I've
picked the worst example; most of the cards don't have this many meanings.

The meanings are given in a narrative paragraph, so if you want to
memorize keywords, you'll have to create them from the text. I went through
the paragraphs with a yellow highlighter and highlighted what I felt
were the important words, and then typed them up into a document.

This system is the one I would recommend if you want something similar
to modern Tarot literature. Be prepared when you open the box, though -
the cards are similar in size to standard playing cards, which is
quite small compared to most Tarot decks.
8 years ago
A final thought: My exploration of playing cards has certainly been
enjoyable, but I was motivated to learn about different approaches to
playing cards because I thought their meanings might provide an
interpretational foundation that would be better than the meanings usually given
to Waite-Smith-inspired decks, which have always struck me as a little
arbitrary. I must honestly say that I have not found the meanings in
these three books to be superior to Waite-Smith type meanings. To me, they
seem just as arbitrary. And when all is said and done, I do believe
that memorized meanings combined with free-associating on the images of
illustrated decks is the best way to gain insight from the cards. And if
one is interested in reading with playing cards, one could just as
easily read them with the traditional Waite-Smith-inspired meanings that
one uses for Tarot. But I still think it's worthwhile to explore
different approaches to card reading; it can only deepen one's appreciation of
and feeling for the Tarot.
8 years ago
It's All in the Cards by Chita St. Lawrence
Publishing: Perigee Books
ISBN#: 0-399-52494-0
Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by Sophia

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books
ISBN#:  0760723567
Sophia's Fortune Telling Kit (includes cards and the same book) by
Sophia and Beth Wright

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
ISBN#: 1567186807
The Fortune Teller's Deck by Jane Lyle and Neil Breeden
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN#: 0-312-13668-4

Lee A. Bursten has been studying Tarot off and on for about 20 years.
He enjoys reading about Tarot and searching for the "Perfect Deck,"
which is always just around the corner but out of reach. He is very
grateful to Michele and Diane for posting his reviews, and especially to his
significant other, Larry Katz, for his superhuman patience.

Article © 2001 Lee Bursten
Cleansing a Tarot Deck
8 years ago

Cleansing a Tarot Deck

Here are some ways to purify a Tarot

Repeated, rhythmical shuffling of the cards. This is the most
basic form of purification, an essential part of any reading, which
does not make it any less evocative of focused consciousness- one of
  the results of purification. Purification means cleansing. Shuffling
not only puts in new energies but takes out old ones. Its good to
shuffle at the end of a reading as well as at the beginning.

Smoking the cards with cedar, sage, pinon or sweet grass. ( I also
use incense) It is especially efficacious to burn such dried herbs
in an abalone or similar shell for it represents the element of
water; the plant represents the element earth; the smoke the element
air; and the fire is its own element. This bringing together of the
four elements is an important part of ritual.

Filling the deck with Light To do this first close your eyes. At
a position about eighteen inches above your deck, picture a tiny
seed of pure radiant white light or the color of your choice.
Imagine the seed of light growing into a crown which then pours a
stream of light into your cards. Know that this stream of light is
purifying your deck for your use. Use this technique in conjunction
with the others.

Rubbing with a silk or cotton cloth- perhaps the one they are
wrapped in.

Cleansing with sea-salt and water (for plastic-coated cards)
Wipe each card with a sponge lightly dampened with sea-salt and
fresh water.

Burying in earth. An especially strong unpleasant energy may
require burying the deck in earth for seven days or for the period
from full moon to the first sliver of the new moon. Visualize Mother
Earth absorbing all negative energies. Rarely is it necessary to burn
a Tarot deck, though I have known people to do so.

Ordering the deck after using it is an excellent way to know the
cards in their archetypal order; it purifies them. A Tarot deck in
archetypal order is symbolic of the path to self-knowledge. You
can place a card on which you have been working on top of the deck
so it will be the first thing you see when returning to your deck.
The order I use is: major arcana, then each suit in order wands,
cups, swords and pentacles.

You can take advantage of the energy flow of the earth by facing
east or north. I find I always face north even if it is
unconsciously, and this has always worked very well for me

8 years ago
There are a number of ways of fermorming fire readings.
1. A small Bon- fire outside is very effective.
2. A fire in a fireplace indoors can also be used.
3. A candle flame can also be used but is not as effective for the
you do use candles use a ring of them no greater than 12 inches in
The circle will provide a sacred space in which the flames, smoke &
heat  can
manifest images & other psychic phenomena for your perception.
Fire readings are more effective at night, midnight is best.
Take time prior to the lighting of the fire to meditate & think about
essence of fire, its symbolism & all the Beings associated with it.
Now visualize your purpose for the reading, then, taking a piece of
write your need on a piece of wood & set it aside. Make sure you
the fire responding to you & giving forth the information you seek.
Do your breathing exercises, then light your fire.
Do relaxation exercises allowing the heat & light to play over you.
Feel  the
fires energy, know that as the flames rise, the activity & presence of
fire Beings grow stronger. Try & see the flames as actual Beings, state
need loudly & clearly , repeat 3 times in all & pause, feel yourself 
entranced & dazed by looking into the fire. At this point place your
of wood on the fire & pay attention to the smoke & flames, allow
  yourself to
become lost in the fire itself, just relax & watch carefully, using
of soft focus that we use when staring off into nothingness, [
daydreaming  ]
simply observe & note what you see.
Notice if the flames go to the left or right, Is the smoke darker or 
Is your mind wondering? Don't worry about this, it is often psychically

related. Those scenes you wonder to often reflect what is going to
happen  or
has a likelihood of happening, these can be literal or symbolic.
Pay attention to everything you see or imagine you see within the fire,
all has significance.
Bless your cakes & ale.
Make a toast to the fire elementals when you are finished, pouring a
on the fire, eat some cakes & crumble some into the fire, then flick
cinnamon onto the flames thanking the elements for their help & leave
burn out. Write down y our fire reading at this point, often other
information will come at this time
Tarot Cards And The Kabbalah
7 years ago
Tarot Cards And The Kabbalah
By: Fred Gimino

The origins of the Tarot deck and its associated interpretive meanings
may never be known with empirical certainty. However, one school of
thought subscribed to by Kabbalistic occultists is that the Tarot deck
stems from Jewish mysticicsm.

Some occultists even go as far as to say it was an abstract code
developed by Kabbalah masters to embody their thoughts and ideas, in an
allegorical format. But before we delve into the nuances of the relationship
between tarot cards and Jewish mysticism we must first answer a
fundamental question. What exactly is the Kabballah?

Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah have roots that date back to the
third to sixth century A.D. during this period a book called the "Book of
Creation" was written, in anonymity, and contained meditations based on
the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This book is believed to
be the foundation of modern day Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah.
However, it would be many centuries before this seedling of ideas would
grow into the tree of life we know today as the Kabbalah.

In fact it would not be until the twelfth and thirteenth centuries A.D.
that the ideas and concepts, in this book, would be expanded and built
upon significantly.

During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries A.D. the writing and
publication of the Zohar or book of splendor contributed greatly to the ideas
and concepts of the modern Kabbalah. One of the major underlying
principles of the Kabbalah was that the universe consisted of four worlds.
These four worlds were created in order the highest world belonging to
God and the lowest world belonging to man.

In addition these four worlds consisted of emanations called sephiroth.
The four worlds were each separated into identical sets of ten
sephiroth. The only difference being the energy associated with them. This
energy is defined by the world that the sephiroth resides in.

Visual aids were constructed from the sephiroth. The focus of
meditation was now on these geometric structures the most popular being the tree
of life. It consisted of ten sephiroth connected by twenty-two
pathways corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

With this in mind a correlation between the tarot deck and the tree of
life may be formed. The first correlation is between the four worlds of
the Kabbalah and the four suits of the tarot deck. The next
correlation that may be formed is between the ten sephiroth and the minor Arcana
numbered ace through ten. The final relationship that may be formed is
between the twenty-two cards of the major arcane, twenty-two pathways,
at twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The major debate among occultist is the placement of the cards on the
twenty-two pathways. A common practice would be to start with the first
card of the Major Arcana and proceed arithmetically to the world card
number twenty-two. However, there is a wrench in the works. The fool
card's number zero of the major arcana defies placement on the pathways as
it would skew the other twenty-two cards to non-corresponding
numerical pathways.

So, there in lies the rump. The placement of the fool card on the
pathways has been the subject of much debate. Almost as if the fool cards
true nature has disrupted the correlation of the tarot cards and the
pathways. However, Court de Gebelin wrote an essay in the late 1700's
defining a correlation between the cards and the Hebrew alphabet. In
addition another author published in "The Primitive World" Comte de Mellet
proposed the linking structure between the tarot cards and the twenty-two
pathways marked by the Hebrew alphabet.

Whether you subscribe to the Kabbalistic school of thought regarding
the tarot cards or not it is very interesting to note the many
similarities between the Jewish mysticism and the tarot deck. It is hard to deny
that such a correlation exists but never the less one must keep an open
mind without irrefutable historical evidence.

Although, we may never know the exact origins, nature, or purpose of
these mystical cards one thing is certain we will continue to enjoy these
aesthetically pleasing mystical cards for ages to come.
Rune Sorcery. How it Works.
7 years ago
Rune Sorcery. How it Works.
by Ragnar Storyteller
Rune sorcery is the science of magic using the human mind. Divine rune
sorcery rests upon the gods/goddesses of the North. Rune sorcery
formalizes rune spells.

All rune sorcery is based upon the knowledge of the runes. Each rune is
an energy and a key to the universal creative energies.

The powers of creation exist in the runes. Each rune key is a different
creative energy.

Quantum Physics tells us that the runes, rune magic, rune sorcery, rune
yoga, rune meditation, rune divination all exist in the infinite ocean
of thinking energy called the quantum ocean.

Rune sorcery is a system evolved from the ancients, the Norse deities
of the Ancient North. It combines several earlier rune systems. Rune
sorcery is based upon the "younger futhork of 18 runes."

The Ancient Nordic rune masters created the system of rune sorcery. It
now exists in the quantum ocean and is available to all who wish to
learn it.

The old German and Nordic rune masters, as well as the gods/goddesses
of the North are more than willing to share this rune sorcery with you.

The historical value of the runes is important, but, the practical
value of bringing the rune energies into your everyday life is even more

Action is the key word. Rune action. Rune sorcery brings you rune
power. Rune power opens the doors to the creative energies of the universe.
Runes can change your health, wealth, love for the better.

Rune sorcery is very akin to rune magic. Both empower you. The younger
futhork of 18 runes is the most powerful of rune systems.

Practice your own rune evolution by combining the wisdom of the runes
with the 21st century laws of quantum physics and you are guaranteed

Rune sorcery is a step-by-step approach that will build you a solid
rune foundation. Rune sorcery will implant the old Norse roots of the
Yggdrasil Tree into your very being.

Build a secret and sacred home within your inner self for the runes and
watch them attract health, wealth, happiness and protection for you.

Learn about the power of rune sorcery magick. Use them everyday and
watch your power grow.

Enter the runic stream of energy and reveal to yourself the ancient
secrets and occult wisdom of your Nordic/Germanic ancestors.

Two important works for all rune students: "The Prose Eddas" by Snori
Sturluson; and "The Poetic Eddas" by an unknown Scandinavian. Must reads
for all students. Good place to start.

The prologue of "The Prose Edda" gives an account of creation. It also
gives a genealogy of Nordic Deities. Learn this along with your rune

Odin, is the All-Father of the Norse Gods and the runes. He is a
god-poet. Rune socery contains many of his magical rune ideas. In the 'Poetic
Edda,' the 'Havamal' or 'The Sayings of Odin the High One' give us
tremendous insights into the rune mysteries.

Odin gives us the 'Magical Rune Poems,' and 'Rune Songs'.

The older rune futhork (24 runes) is best used as a runic alphabet, for
divination and for runic meanings.

The younger futhork of 18 runes (Guido Von List) should be reserved for
rune sorcery and rune magic. Continued use of the younger futhork (18
runes) will eventually lead to actual communications with the Nordic
Cleansing a Tarot Deck
7 years ago
Cleansing a Tarot Deck
                              Here are some ways to purify a Tarot deck.

Repeated, rhythmical shuffling of the cards. This is the most
basic form of purification, an essential part of any reading, which
does not make it any less evocative of focused consciousness- one of  the results of purification. Purification means cleansing. Shuffling
not only puts in new energies but takes out old ones. Its good to
shuffle at the end of a reading as well as at the beginning.
Smoking the cards with cedar, sage, pinon or sweet grass. ( I also
use incense) It is especially efficacious to burn such dried herbs
in an abalone or similar shell for it represents the element of
water; the plant represents the element earth; the smoke the element
air; and the fire is its own element. This bringing together of the
four elements is an important part of ritual. 

Filling the deck with Light To do this first close your eyes. At
a position about eighteen inches above your deck, picture a tiny
seed of pure radiant white light or the color of your choice.
Imagine the seed of light growing into a crown which then pours a
stream of light into your cards. Know that this stream of light is
purifying your deck for your use. Use this technique in conjunction
with the others.
Rubbing with a silk or cotton cloth- perhaps the one they are
wrapped in.
Cleansing with sea-salt and water (for plastic-coated cards) 
Wipe each card with a sponge lightly dampened with sea-salt and
fresh water. 
Burying in earth. An especially strong unpleasant energy may
require burying the deck in earth for seven days or for the period
from full moon to the first sliver of the new moon. Visualize Mother
Earth absorbing all negative energies. Rarely is it necessary to burn
a Tarot deck, though I have known people to do so.
Ordering the deck after using it is an excellent way to know the
cards in their archetypal order; it purifies them. A Tarot deck in
archetypal order is symbolic of the path to self-knowledge. You
can place a card on which you have been working on top of the deck
so it will be the first thing you see when returning to your deck.
The order I use is: major arcana, then each suit in order wands,
cups, swords and pentacles.

You can take advantage of the energy flow of the earth by facing
east or north. I find I always face north even if it is
unconsciously, and this has always worked very well for me
7 years ago
Crystallomancy, or crystal gazing, is a type of divination of "future
seeing" by gazing into a crystal. In mainstream belief however the
"Crystal Ball" is the tool of choice. Unfortunately the tarnished
image of an old Gypsy peering into a crystal ball has taken over where
fact meets fiction.  Like most methodologies the crystal is a tool
used to complete a predefined task, in this case seeing into the
future.  Crystals however have more than an esoteric quality and have
been used for years in clocks to keep accurate time, the reason that
they are relied on (still to this day) is there amazing power of
vibration, essentially that is what a crystal does - it vibrates.
Some people have the ability to sense and then read from these
vibrations.  If you would like to find your own special crystal and
are selecting from a shop, choose a few you feel drawn to (good
clarity, smooth, nice colour), and work through each of them holding
one at a time in your left hand (this stems from the belief that the
left hand (the same hand you wear a wedding ring on) is spiritually
connected to your heart) and close your eyes and see what you feel?...
can you feel tingling, does it make your hand feel; hot, cold, warm -
be open to how your sign will find you anything at all - check all
your senses: do you see any imagery, can you hear an unusual sound,
smell?  touch - is the heat changing in your hand? do you get a taste
in your mouth?  This is also a great place to find "your calling" if
you have an interest in the psychic world - how you get your signals
is where you should focus on.

It is believed that different types of crystals also provide unique
healing powers:

    * Quartz CrystalAgate: Return to nature, Mother Earth guides and
protects, enhancing softness and femininity, also a good grounding gem.
    * Amethyst: Spiritual stone, used to assist in meditation with
magical healing powers. Used to develop spirituality, and very useful
for preventing the wearer of becoming intoxicated.
    * Bloodstone: Relieves depression and is a good source of a
strength ""hit"", preserves health and revitalises the body.
    * Jasper: This stone enhances earthy love and family feelings.
    * Moss agate: Relieves anxiety and brings peace of mind.
    * Quartz/Rock crystal: Concentration and true spiritual awakenings
are possible with this stone. Healing, protection, peace, happiness,
chastity, halting gossip and spirituality are all enriched by the
quartz crystal.
    * Rose Quartz: Healing stone either physical or emotional or
Basic Rune Meditations
7 years ago
Basic Rune Meditations

Besides divination, runes can act as a medium for
tapping into inner knowledge through meditation,
dream work, and visualization. The following basic
rune meditations will help you better understand the
powerful energies of these ancient symbols.

One Rune A Day

Select one rune each day, for 24 days. Just after
waking up, mix your runes, and without looking-but
with intention-pull the one that you feel most drawn
to. Draw the rune symbol on a few slips of paper and
place one next to your bed, one on the dashboard of
your car, one on a wndow, an one on the wall so that
you will see the symbol continually throughout the
day. Do this each morning for 24 days. You will begin
to feel the rune resonate inside you. Sometimes the
rune even seems to correspond to a part of your body.
You may find that you see the rune symbol wherever
you look-in road signs, the shapes of trees, the way
pencils fall together on a desk, and so forth.
Each day, for 24 days, record the rune you pulled on
a sheet of paper. After the 24 days, go back and look
at the sheet and notice how many times certain runes
were pulled during the 24-period, and which runes were
not pulled. The runes that appear most often reflect
the influences that are currently the strongest in your
daily life. The runes not pulled reflect energies that
are not yet directly influencing your life.

Rune interpitations
7 years ago
Here are the twenty-four runes of the Common Germanic Futhark. Each
is  presented along with its name, the sound or letter it refers to,
depiction,  runic position, original meaning, key words associated with
that particular rune,  tree, herb, stones, color, runic half month,
runic hour,  other names,  description, the God/Goddess, power animals,
element, number value, astrology,  tarot card, mythology surrounding
magical qualities, galdr song,  divination usage, casting, and magik of
each rune.   Interpretations can be either literal or figurative. For
example,    the Rune of Travel, can refer either to physical journeys
to spiritual  movement and growth.   As an afterthought I decided to
mention how I have handled the "blank" rune. My first set of runes had
one but it didn't have much information on the entire  aspect just that
Ralph Blum decided to include it in the set. Sirona Knight didn't seem
to include any mention of it. In my personal set I include a "blank"
rune but in the aspect that when I draw it the rune simply means the
divine forces do not mean for me to know that answer at the
other words it is "unknown," making it the rune called Unknowable.

  [Fehu]  <>   [Uruz]
<>   [Thurisaz]
<>   [Ansuz]
<>   Fehu
<>  Uruz
<>  Thurisaz
<>  Ansuz
<>    [Raidho]
<>   [Kenaz]
<>   [Gebo]
<>   [Wunjo]
<>   Raidho
<>  Kenaz
<>  Gebo
<>  Wunjo
<>    [Hagalaz]
<>   [Naudhiz]
<>   [Isa]
<>   [Jera]
<>   Hagalaz
<>  Naudhiz
<>  Isa
<>  Jera
<>    [Eihwaz]
<>   [Perdhro]
<>   [Algiz]
Rune Layouts
7 years ago
Rune Layouts

You can use a number of runic layouts derived from
the Northern Tradition as well as from Tarot
spreads. Some are simple, others more complex.
The ones you find links to here will range from
a single rune to a 24-rune layout. You can also
use any one layout without following any particular
sequence or order. To begin with, try one basic
reading. As you progress, you can add other
questions, preferably with a maximum of three
simple readings or one more complex reading during
each sitting.
The following links will be samplings of rune
layouts that include traditional, contemporary,
and innovative ones. You will find a layout diagram,
description, and step-by-step instructions will be
provided for each one.

Before Every Rune Reading

1)Get yourself into a meditative frame of mind.
2)Think of a specific question, something that
is important to you at this time. Take a moment
to form the question in your mind. Stay completely
focused on the question and do not change your
focus or the question at any time during the reading.
3)Journal the question.
40As you focus on the question, carefully mix
your rune stones in their bag or holder or mix your
cards. Continue thinking about the question and mixing
the runes until you sense intuitively that the time
is right.
5)Pause for a moment, focusing on your question,
and take a deep breath.

Runes As Spiritual Symbols
7 years ago
Runes As Spiritual Symbols

Neurophysiologists have found that shamanic
visions such as Odin's have a scientific basis.
Evidence points to the fact that runes relate
directly to human neural circuitry through what
are called phosphenes. Like patterns of radient
energy, phosphenes are geometrical images that
stem from the brain's visual cortex and neural
system. Phosphenes resembling alphabetic letters
and runic symbols often appear during altered
states of awareness, including meditation and magic.
You can see these patterns of energy when you shut
your eyes. This amazing discovery implies that runic
shapes are embedded in our biochemistry and DNA coding.
Because of our shared biochemical connection to
the runes, everyone can tap into and access his/her
energies, regardless of culture, belief, or spiritual
path. Runes can be used by all who value them as a
tool for self-discovery and a channel to the divine.
Reaching far beyond their fortune-telling origins,
runes are being employed by many people as tools for
getting in touch with the divine and, in turn, with
themselves. The resurgence of interest in runes is
not a fad, but a widespread trend. More people are
using runes as a form of do-it-yourself therapy for
unlocking the secrets of the self, in an effort to
find meaning and direction in daily life. No longer
considered merely mystical, runes tell us more about
our everyday experiences, including what led up to
these experiences, what the possible results will be
in the long run, and what energies can be applied to
reinforce or transform the course of events.
In addition to using runes for spiritual empowerment
through casting and reading, you can also employ runes
in meditation, dreamwork, and visualization. Here you
can explore rune divination, you will find several easy
methods for reading runes, suggestive ways to use runes
in dreamwork and meditation, and learn to do ceremonial
rune casting, complete with instructions on how to make
a rune reading cloth.

Ceremonial Runecasting
7 years ago
Ceremonial Runecasting

Ceremonial runecasting differs greatly from readings using layouts.
It is more complex, subtle, and requires your undivided attention.
By tradition, only wooden, amber, or stone runes are used for
One ancient ceremonial runecasting technique is called "Raed Waen,"
which translates as "riding the wagon," where you visualize yourself
as a rider in the divine wagon of the gods from which all things can
be seen and known. The riding of the wagon is the actual ceremony
while throwing of the runes is called the "shoat."
When working indoors, you need to throw the runes along the main
of the room, which is called the "rig," or "right line." The rig is
energetic line that crosses the room. Its direction may vary,
on the rune. To find the rig, when you're doing the ritual the first
to do is find the four corners. Then determine the rig by drawing a
line between the north and south points and east and west points.
The longest
line is the rig, which, in a room, is usually the line between the
east and
west corners. The reason for this is that the rig parallels the path
of the
sun, moving from east to west. When working outdoors-the optimal
setting for
any rune ceremony-orient the rig so that it faces toward the sun at
the time
the divination takes place. This direction will of course change
upon the time of day.
The poem entitled "Rigsthula," from the Edda, is the story of how
Rig (another face of the god Heimdall) visited families belonging to
three classes. Rig stayed with each of the families for three days,
with all three wives, and is this way became the father to all
classes of
people. Rigs were also strips of land belonging to a village that in
traditional Scottish folk law were allocated using runic lots called
"Runrigs," a form of lottery. Because the runes came from Odin, the
allocation of land by runrigs was considered the sacred will of the
Nine-Rune Ceremonial Casting Method
7 years ago
Nine-Rune Ceremonial Casting Method

A magical number around the world, nine is also
the number of the worlds in Norse Mythology. This
nine-rune ceremonial casting method gives an overall
view of your spiritual path, or the path of the person
you are doing the reading for, presenting possible out-
comes and influencing factors. With this casting also,
it's a good idea to take a picture or draw a rough
sketch of it, if you can, after the runecasting, so
you can study it further.
Begin by turning your mind toward the spiritual
path you are on, and where you would like to find
yourself, spiritually, within the next few years.
While thinking about your spiritual path, mix the
runes and then pull nine from the pouch. Pass these
nine runes from hand to hand, at least three times,
pondering your spiritual path. Place the runes between
both of your hands and take a few moments to focus
on your spiritual path. Next, gently toss the nine
runes onto the casting cloth, along the rig, in a
single row.
Take a minute to study the runes, pull off any that
land facedown or off the cloth. Then proceed to read
the runes that remain. These key runes correspond
directly to your spiritual path and the circumstances
that led you to it. Those that lie toward the center
are the most immediately relevant, while those lying
around the edges of the cloth have a less direct
bearing on your spirituality. When runes touch or are
grouped close together, they can represent complimentary
energies. Runes that fall on opposite sides of the cloth
may represent opposing influences.
It is your choice as how to interpret the runes and
determine what the various positions and patterns in
a runecasting mean, but once you have come up with a
few general rules that work for you, stick with them.
The best thing you can do is to look at the patterns
and relationships that appear in the runecasting and
see what interpretations make sense to you.

Ceremonial Casting With Rune-Tines
7 years ago
Ceremonial Casting With Rune-Tines

Rune-tines are similar-sized twigs or popsicle sticks
inscribed with runes. You can make your own by
collecting 24 twigs of similar length and size,
or 24 popsicle sticks, and then painting the
runes on one side of them with red paint or,
in a pinch, you can use a red felt pen.
To do a runecasting with tines, hold all 24 in
both your hands and toss them onto the ground,
along the rig, if possible. Only read the runes
that are faceup, pulling the tines that land
facedown off the area or cloth. The positions of
the remaining tines denote their relation to one
another. For instance, two or more touching or
parallel rune-tines may compliment and reinforce
one other. Two or more crossing tines can indicate
opposing forces and obstacles. The tines that land
closer to you are more influential right now, while
those farthest from you reflect influences in the
distant future. Consider all the groups of runes and
how they relate to one another, as well as whether
they point to other runes and the general direction
they lie in. Use your intuition to select the three
rune-tines that seem to be the key to the casting. By
interpreting the three primary tines, you will most
likely get a clear answer to your question.
Ceremonial Runecasting With Sticks
7 years ago
Ceremonial Runecasting With Sticks

The advantage of stick casting over all other rune
divination methods is that the runes only come into being
after you cast the sticks and they fall across one another.
In this way, the runes created by a stickcast reflect the
exact moment that the casting is done, when the sticks hit
the ground. The other interesting thing to note about stick
casting is that the same runes may appear more than once in
a single reading. This is called doubling, and it is something
that never occurs when you use rune stones or cards. Runes that
are doubled point to extremely strong energies.
It is customary to use birch sticks for runecasting, but other
woods also work well, such as oak, madrona, fir, and pine. Take
nine sticks of similar lengths and sizes, and pass them back and
forth between your hands while you think of a specific question.
(Some people also like to roll the sticks between their hands, but
that's entirely up tp you.) Feel as though you are putting the
question into the sticks. Next, toss the sticks, in one motion,
onto the ground or your rune cloth, along the rig. The patterns of
the sticks, after they fall across one another, reveal particular
runes. The stick form shapes that resemble rune shapes. Some of
these rune shapes are upright, some reversed, some backwards, and
others appear doubled. The rune shapes that lie at the center of
the casting, plus the doubled runes (those that appear more than
are the ones to focus upon.
Stick casting can also be done when walking in the woods. As your
walking in the woods, pick up nine sticks off the ground. Size them
into similar shapes and then clear off a nine-inch (22.5 cm) round
circle on the ground with the side of your shoe. While holding the
sticks, think of a question, and then toss them onto the ground.
Generally, its best to keep stick casting simple when just
so I suggest selecting one, two, or three rune shapes to focus on.
As you progress, stick casting can also become the most profound and
advanced form of runecasting that you practice.

DIY Make Your Own Runes
7 years ago
DIY Make Your Own Runes
Guest Author - Kim DeLeary

It is beneficial to make your own runes for divination purposes.
Making your own rune set is a part of the rune magic. Making your own
runes can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

There are several benefits from making your own rune set. When you
make your own runes and are handling them during the process you are
imbuing them with your vibrations or energy. By making your own runes,
your connection with the runes can enable more accurate and clearer

There are enough ways to make runes simply and inexpensively that you
should be able to soon have your own handcrafted runes ready to use.
Some of the different ways for easily creating your own runes include
using card stock and a pen, forming and baking the runes from salt
dough or craft dough and using cut pieces of wood. Remember to also
make a simple drawstring bag for your runes.

Make your own rune cards from lined index cards. Draw the runes on the
front of the card and use the lined side for writing the meaning.
Write the meaning of the rune first so you can contemplate its meaning
as you draw the rune on the blank side. When you are ready to use your
runes, shuffle and draw. Draw cards for Urd - past, Servandi - present
and Skuld - Future. Interpret your cards.

Use sculpting clay that you can form, mark and bake according to
manufacturer's instructions. Get red clay to symbolize life. There are
several types of baking clay that you can use, for example, salt
dough. You can form circular, triangular or rectangular shapes for
your runes. Remember the shape of the runes when deciding on the size
of your rune blanks.

You will need to comfortably be able to impress or incise your rune
forms without running out of space or cramping the rune from not
enough space. Try out a few first and then form little balls of that
size so your runes will be equal in size. Practice making the rune
marks on your blanks until you know the correct pressure to use that
will let you mark the soft rune without squishing it out of shape.
Form the balls into your preferred shape, mark and bake.

If you decide that drawing your rune symbols on your baked form is
easier than carving or pressing the symbol on your clay, use paint,
markers and specialty pens for the job. Make sure it is smooth where
you plan on drawing the symbol. If you choose to use natural clay that
must be fired, you will need to locate a kiln that you can rent space
in for a small fee. There are two main firings of the clay, before and
after the glaze is applied.

Cut wood circles from a single fruit tree branch. Carve the rune
symbols into the runes. Cure for one year for complete drying and one
day to direct your preferred magical energies into the runes. Runes
were stained red, sometimes with a drop of blood in the staining
agent. While staining a wooden rune with the symbol cut into it, avoid
getting stain into the symbol so that the symbol will stand out from
the stained portion.

Different mediums have different magical correspondences. You can also
choose a medium because it is right for you at that time. You can also
use found items like pebbles, stones, beads, glass stones, penny
tiles, little wooden discs used in wood crafts and cut wood trim from
the lumberyard. Liquid pens will sometimes mark on these things well;
gold and silver lettering look nice for dark items. If you use glass,
make sure your paint sticks to its surface. Paint markers and gel pens
write legibly on a variety of surfaces. Here is a link to the Norse
runes and their meanings. There are only twenty four in this set so it
is easy to work with when making your own runes.

You can be creative when making your rune set. By making your own, you
can be sure your connection to the runes will be closer than the runes
you buy from someone else or that have been mass produced. It is easy
to have fun creating your own runes for divination.

Cloud Scrying
7 years ago
Cloud  Scrying
Most of us watch clouds form images at one time or another. It is  as
if we are guided to look up and watch the patterns unfold at a  given
time. Fluffy cumulous clouds bring messages, which sometimes seem  to
tell an unfolding story. While flying on an airplane, it is fun  to
watch the clouds from above as if celestial art. You may  receive
telepathic messages while watching cloud images, coming from a  spirit

Throughout history symbols of political or religious  importance have
been seen in the clouds. In A.D. 312 when Emperor  Constantine was
marching against the army of Maxentius at Rome, both he and  his
entire army saw a shining cross of light amid the clouds. It was  said
the cross contained the Greek words "By This Conquer". Later  that
night Christ appeared to Constantine in his dreams bearing a cross  in
his hand ordering Constantine to have a military standard made in  the
same image. Under this standard his outnumbered army was  victorious.
Down through history entire military battles have been  witnessed in
the clouds.
Consult the RUNES
7 years ago
Consult the RUNES 

Found this and found it to be very interesting.

When I did it, the results corresponded between the 1 and the 3.



If you right click on the link it will give you the option to open in a new window or tab.

Hope is is okay to post this here.

A Spell to Divine Your Future from a Cup of Tea
7 years ago

A Spell to Divine Your Future from a Cup of Tea

First choose some herbs that correspond to your question. For
example, if your question is about love, use lemon, rose hips,
orange, and/or nutmeg steeped in hot water. Let the ground herbs
remain loose in your cup. Concentrate on your question while
drinking, until the cup is nearly empty except for the leaves and a
minute bit of water.

Next place your strong hand over the top of the cup. Swirl the
remaining liquid three times clockwise. Turn the cup onto a saucer
and lightly tap on the bottom five times. With each tap, repeat an
incantation like "One for vision, two for insight, three for wisdom,
four for discernment, come five the spell is free, magic, magic -
work for me!"

Now turn the cup back over. See if any patterns emerge in the
remaining herbs stuck to the cup. Interpret the patterns according
to your question. If you were asking how soon you would find a life
mate, for example, and a heart shape appears near the rim of your
cup(close to you), this portends someone appearing soon. Images
farther away, near the bottom of the cup, indicate longer waiting

You may want to place a few paper towels beneath your saucer before
performing this procedure to gather up any dribbles.

General Uses:
Oracles, prophesy, prediction, forecasts.

The Runes
7 years ago

The Runes

The runes are a form of divination descending from ancient Nordic
alphabets. If you are
not familiar with divinatory tools, please vist my divination

The runes can be consulted for answering "yes and no" questions and for
predicting the likely outcome of near future events as things stand.

There are four key principles to understanding the runes. The first is
simply knowing
what each rune means. This is outlined in the table below.

    M E A N I N G
    Cosmic power of fate; karma; the void
    Material gain; fulfillment
    Good health and stong, natural powers of resistance; masculinity; strong emotions;true will; changes
    Protection; luck
    Spoken word; taking of advice; aquisition of wisdom; examination
    Travel or movement
    Strength; energy; power; opening up; creativity

    Gift; partnership
    Joy; success
    Limitations; delay; all forces out of your control

    Patience; passing through a difficult learning situation; think
twice; failure; needs

    Cesation of activities; cooling trend in a relationship

    Reaping of rewards for efforts expended; justice; legalities

    Things hidden; secrets; occult abilities; unexpected gains and

    Fortunate new influence; instincts; friendship; protection

    Victory; great power; gret health and vitality

    Success in any competition; extreme motivation; increase in money or power;masculinity; quick recorvery from illness
    Birth; family; true home
    Physical movement; physical shifts; new dwelling places; gradual development; steady progress

    Independence; humankind

    Intuitive knoweledge; femininity; good memory; success in learning

    Successful conclusion; relief

    increase and growth

    Possessions; ideals; visions; inherited traits

7 years ago

The next important principle is understaning reversals. When a rune is
drawn reversed
(i.e upside-down) then it means the opposite of what it would normally
mean. For example,
drawing Wunjo reversed would indicate sadness, instead of joy. Just as
drawing Mannaz
reversed would mean dependence as opposed to independence.

Certain runes, however, cannot be reversed. Runes such as Gifu, Isa,
Ing, ect., simply
mean the same thing no matter how tey are drawn.

The third step to mastering the runes is actually knowing how to do the
runcast itself.
This is done by dumping the runes from thier pouch onto a rune cloth.
Now light a white
candle and while staring into the flames, and say a brief prayer to
Odin and Freya (Norse
God and Goddess of the runes). My prayer usually goes something like

  "Great lord Odin and Lady Freya, I am about to embark on the sacred
journey of
  the runes. Guide my hands, oh mighty ones, and help them make the
right choices."

Now make sure all the runes are turned over so that none of them can be
seen. Close your
eyes and carefully swirl them all around on the rune cloth, so as to
mix them up without
turning them over. Once they have been sufficiently mixed, you may
either keep your eyes
closed, or re-open them and stare into the candle flame. Concentrait on
your question. Now
with your receptive (left) hand, slowly move over the runes, feeling
their energy.
Continue moving your hand (some people find it eaisier to use only
there index and middle
fingers) about an inch or so above the runes, untill you find one
whoose energy feels
different. Pick this rune up (without turning it over) and place it
aside some where on
the rune cloth. repete this process untill you have the number of runes
you need for your
spread (see below). Then turn them over and interperet their meaning.

The final step toward mastery of the runes is simply practice. As with
anything else,
the more you practice with the runes, the better you will become at
them. Some people like
to do a runecast when they get up every morning, just to see how the
day will be. This
gives them a daily practice, and therefore, they become more and more
proficient with them
every day. I highly recomend this method of daily runecasts for anyone
new to the runes.
You will quickly find that you will start to simply know what the runes
mean without
having to look them up first. When this happens, it's a great feeling.

Rune Spreads
7 years ago


Although there are probably thousands of different speads for runecasts
available. I am
only going to outline the two most basic and comon ones here. These are
the one rune and
the three rune spreads.

The one rune cast is the perfect type of spread to do for your daily
cast. Simply draw
one rune, place it aside on the cloth (note, be very careful when
the runes, because if a rune is accidentally placed upside-down, then
it comes out
reversed, and obviously the runecast is incorrect). Now flip the rune
over from left to
right (never from top to bottom) and interpret it. This should give a
generaly outlook of
how the next 24 hors or so should be.

The three rune cast is ideal for answering "yes and no" questions, or
giving a general idea as to the state of things over the two weeks or

To cast this type of spread, simply draw three runes, and place them
side by side. If
you are using this spread to answer a "yes or no" question. Turn over
all three
runes at the same time. If you draw three positive runes, he answer is
yes. If you draw
three negitive or delay runes, the answer is no. If you draw two
positive runes and one
negitive or delay rune, the answer is still yes, but one should
interperet the negitive
rune to see what knid of difficulities may arise in arriving at a
positive conclusion. If
you draw to negitive or delay runes, the answer is no, but read the
positive rune for
ideas as to how to change the situation to make the answer yes.

The other way to use the three rune spread is to use it to answer a
question about
events which may come to pass in the next two weeks or so. Do this by
drawing the three
runes, then turning them over and interperet them one at a time. The
rune on the far left
is the subject rune. This tells you what the problem at hand is. The
middle rune tells you
what course of actions you should take, and the final rune tells you
what the outcome will
be if you follow this course of actions.

7 years ago

The Pendulum is a divinatory tool. If you are new to divination, please
read my divination disclaimer.
The pendulum is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective methods
of divination existing today. Anyone can do it (I've been working with
pendulums since I was 10!), and it only takes a minute or two to make a
pendulum and learn to use it.
The first thing to learn when traing to use the penulum, is how to
answer yes or no questions. Here's how you do it:
* Take a piece of paper, cardboard, or some other surface which can be
written on.
* In the center of it, draw a large '+'.
* At the top and bottom points of the '+', write "YES".
* At the left and right points ot the '+', write "NO".
* Now take a piece of string and tie it to a washer.
* You now have a pendulum.
* Now hold the pendulum about 1/2" to 1" above the "YES" "NO" board at
the point wher the two lines intersect.
* Concentrate on the word yes, or a question to which you know the
answer is yes.
* The pendulum should begin to move up and down.
* If the pendulum does not move, or moves very slowly, just
concentrate a little harder, and wait. Sometimes it takes a minute or two for
momentum to set in.
* Now think "STOP"
* The pendulum should slowly come to a rest back in the center of the
* Repete this process with a "NO" response.
* Once you are sure that you have controll of the pendulum,
concentrate on your question, and watch the response.
Thats all there is to it! You have just learned to use the pendulum.
How it works:
The basis of the pendulum is that you usually know the answer to the
question you are asking. The only problem is that the answer is stored in
your subconcious or psychic mind, and your subconcious won't let your
concious mind have the information. The pendulum, then, is a vehicle
for moving information from your subconcious mind to you concious.
Sometimes, however, your subconcious does not know the answer to the
question you are asking. In these cases, the pendulum will either simply
sit in the center of the board, spinning, or move around in a circle.

Pendulum Tips:
7 years ago


* Be creative with your pendulum. I've seen pendulums made of
everything from quartz crystals and sterling silver chains to washers and
string to paper clips and a strand of hair. All work equally well.
* Practice with the pendulum regularly. Since this is not really
magick, you can be as frivilous as you like with it. I've been using the
pendulum for about eight years, and I can now make it shoot from a dead
stop to moving in six inch passes in about five seconds. Pactice makes
* Don't bother wasting $29.99 on a professional pendulum kit. If you
look around a little, you can find quartz crystals with a jump link for
necklace mounting. This should cost about $3.
Advanced pendulum uses:
Once you have mastered basic penulum uses, you should know that there
are a few other things you can use the pendulum for.
One good use is finding lost items. Hold the pendulum over a map of the
area where you think you may have lost what you are searching for. Now
slowly move the pendulum over the map untill it spins or moves in
small circles. This should be the area where the item is.
Many people use the pendulum like a dowsing rod. Walk with the pendulum
through an area and when it spins, there is water underfoot. This can
also be done with a map.
I'm sure there are many other applications out there for which the
pendulum could be usefull. Use your judgement, be creative, and the
pendulum can be one the single most important divinatory tool you own.

7 years ago

There  is a very old form of divination that has not surfaced before
which  is the Fidlanna or Faery Lots: wooden staves carved with
magickal  signs.
This system is a very rudimentary system of divination; one which 
traditionally is handmade and performed to answer basic questions. It
is  not a system of
divination for spiritual growth and development, but  day-to-day
To  make a set of Fidlanna lots you will need four pieces of wood no
than an inch and about three-quarters the length of the palm of your
  hand. Use
pieces that are either flat on both sides or which you can  easily
the sides to make them flat. 
Each  lot will have two sides: an "Up" side, and a "Down" side. 
Take  each lot and draw, paint, carve, or mark -- in whatever manner
choose  -- the following symbol to designate the "Up" side of each lot:
On  the other side, which is now designated as the "Down" side, mark
other  symbol, which is: . 
Therefore,  you will have four pieces of wood, each with an "Up" side,
with two  dots, and each with a "Down" side, marked with a single dot
20). To make the lots easier to read you may want to put a  white-wash
the "Up" sides. When constructed "mark" the lots with  Scrying Oil by
drawing a
Celtic cross on each.
To  cast the Fidlanna, spread a silk-scarf (any color, no pattern) on
ground or table before you, light a white candle, burn Scrying
  Incense, and
perform the Grounding and Centering Format.
Next,  concentrate on the area of inquiry, formulating a clear
question. When
this is complete, gather the lots in both hands and recite the
Angus  mac Og, hear my call
from  a thought to a thought
from  a word to a word,
answer  me now!
Ask  the question out loud and cast the Fidlanna onto the scarf. Once
have fallen, line them up in the order they have fallen  (Figure 21) to
which rune has been created, and which is the  answer to the inquiry.
Table V below for the lot  interpretations.)
When  asking a straight "Yes" or "No" question, use only one lot -- it
doesn't  matter which one. Hold the lot in your hand while you ask the
then throw the lot and see whether the "Up" side faces you, or whether
"Down" side faces you. The "Up" side is Yes, and the "Down" side is No.
If  the
rune should fall on its side, re-cast. 

The Holy Wells and Water Scrying
7 years ago

The Holy  Wells and Water Scrying
The strongest belief in  Ireland is a belief in the curative  power of
Holy Wells that are scattered about the country. Fountains of  health
healing, which at one time were either blessed by one of the  Irish
goddesses or by
which some goddess had dwelt in the far-off ancient  times, or by
which, in
the more current history, some saint had either  blessed or had dwelt.
The Holy
Wells have become the focus of devout  pilgrimages. On such a
pilgrimage, the
pilgrim goes round the Well a  certain number of times, either three or
creeping on hands and  knees, but always from east to west, following
motion of the moon,  while reciting a prayer to Dana. At the close of
each round
the pilgrim  builds-up a small cairn for Dana to reckon the stones as a

reminder  of their prayer. The pilgrim then descends the steps to the
Well, and 
kneeling down, bathes their forehead and hands in the water in the act
purification, health and healing. At some Wells there are often rude
stone  monuments
of the ancient times and the eyes of the pilgrim must remain  fixed on
while praying. Whenever a White-thorn or an Ash tree shadows  the
place, the Well
is held to be peculiarly sacred, and on leaving,  having first drunk of
water, the pilgrim ties a votive offering to the  branches. The votive
is generally a colored handkerchief, a  bright red strip cut from a
or a ribbon tied around a lock of the  pilgrims' own hair. These
offerings are
never removed. They remain for  years fluttering in the wind and the
just as travelers have  described the votive offerings on the sacred
trees that
shadow the Holy  Wells of other countries. They are signs and tokens of

gratitude to the  'Patron of the Well'. Some of the most Holy Wells to
be found in
Ireland  are: Tober Gobnath, now St. John's Well in County Cork. Most
of the 
stones found at this well are pure quartz. Tober Fionn Ma-Coul, the
  Well of
Fionn, in County Cork, where the grave of the great Fionn was  laid.
Seenan, St. Seenan's Well, on the shore of Scattery  Island, which is a
secret place
with miraculous curative powers. Tober  Kil-n-Greina, the Well of the
Fountain of the Sun, in County Cork,  where an ancient stone circle was
found with
writing on the stones and  strange carvings. The ancient tradition of
the Well
was that it was the  temple of Ban-na-Naomha, a prophetess, and the
found at this  Well were pure white, about the size of a pigeon's egg.
Tober Mire,
the Well of the Field, is located in County Cork, where many pagan 
monuments are in the vicinity; and, perhaps the most important, is
  Tober Dana, now
Tober Breda or the Holy Well of St. Bridget,  where a stone oratory is
found of
fabulous antiquity, with a doorway  fashioned after the Egyptian model,

sloping towards the top. An ancient  white-thorn covered with votive
amongst which one may see many  long locks of hair is also found here.
Tober Breda
is now  considered of the highest sanctity, being under the special
of  St. Briget. Because water is the symbol of the gateway into the
Land of 
Faery, the divination of water scrying is used in Faery Seership. Water
scrying and mirror scrying is very similar, both require a black
surface  upon
which one focus, allowing their eyes to move into soft-sight. The  best
time to
water scry is during the full moon and outdoors. It is best  to have a
bowl without design or other colors inside the bowl. When  water is
placed in the
bowl, the surface will naturally be black. At the  very bottom of the
bowl a
crystal is placed, or a silver coin can be used.  
After the scrying bowl is prepared, position yourself where  the
catches on the surface of the water. Use both the Scrying  Incense and
Oil to enhance your abilities. Perform the Grounding  and Centering
achieving soft-sight, remembering to naturally blink  as needed. When
has been obtained, chant:
By moon magic, by Faery spell, By the mysteries of the  ancient dell,
desires, mystery might Borne on the moonbeam's  silvery light, come now
to my
Sacred Well.
Once the moonlight begins to reflect off the crystal or  silver coin in
bottom of the bowl, images will begin to surface  through your creative

imagination. Open to the images being filtered  through the water, for
more often
then not this type of divination will  take on the characteristic of a

7 years ago


an oblong bead
a pendant
approx. 9" chain (a broken necklace will work great)
needlenose pliers
one pin head wire (found in bead stores)
two small beads

Thread the beads onto the pin head wire in this order: small bead,
oblong bead, small bead. With the clippers, clip off remaining wire,
leaving approx. 3/4" remaining. Using the needlenose pliers, bend the
wire holding the beads into a ring and clamp. Open a link on one end
of your chain, and thread through the loop you just made. Clamp shut
using the pliers. Open the link on the opposite end of your
chain,loop through the pendant. Clamp shut.

To use the Pendulum, hold the pendant in your hand loosely,elbow on
the table, letting the pendulum swing free. Still the movements of
the pendulum with your other hand. Ask the pendulum to show
you "yes" - the pendulum should start to move in a pattern, usually
in a circle or back or forth. If you can't really tell, ask the
pendulum to be more precise. Once a pattern is established, this is
the Pendulum's "yes." Now, ask the pendulum to show you "no." Keep
your pendulum in a safe place, and it will treat you well!

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Beth / Birch
Birch is one of the first trees to grow on  bare soil and thus it births the
entire forest. Children's cradles were  made of Birch. The tree bark is white,
the inner bark provides a pain  reliever and the leaves are used to treat
arthritis. Criminals were at  one time birched to drive out evil influences on
them, to renew them for  the new year. Axe handles were also made from Birch.
The Amanita  Muscaria grows well under the Birch. Birch indicates new
Physical: You must rid yourself of negativity,  unhelpful influences and bad
thoughts for a new, fresh  start.
Mental: Concentrate on your desire, the image of  the result wanted must be
held firmly in  mind.
Spiritual: For a new beginning focus on the white  of the birch, it stands
out clearly from distractions and obstructions. 

Luis / Rowan
The Rowan tree is long known for aid and  protection against enchantment.
Sticks of the Rowan were used to carve  Runes on. It was also used in the art of
metal divining. Rowan spays and  crosses were placed over cattle in pens and
over homes for protection.  Its lovely red berries feed the birds in winter.
The berries have a tiny  pentagram on them. The pentagram is the ancient symbol
of protection.  The Rowan tree indicates protection and control of the senses
from  enchantment and beguiling. 
Physical: You will keep your senses about you to  distinguish good from bad,
and harm from help.
Mental:  You will not be swayed, tricked or beguiled. Keep your wits about 
Spiritual: Your strength will turn away anything  that threatens your purpose
and your serenity. Be not afraid. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Nion / Ash
The Ash tree has the toughest, most elastic  wood. It is used in weaver's
beams. Women would weave cloth and  intermingling threads together in a tight
pattern as the microcosm and  the macrocosm are united. The Ash tree indicates
the linking of the  inner and outer worlds. 
Physical: Your actions echo in the cosmos as a stone  thrown in a pond casts
ripples. Know you and the world are  interconnected. Be aware of the effect of
your  actions.
Mental: Your problems or questions are not  yours alone; others have the same
ponderings. Look at the question in  the wider context and ask opinions.
Spiritual:  Endeavour to become aware that all things are connected. Balance
your  need with the Earth's. 

Fearn / Alder
This tree is a water lover. The oily water  resistant wood has been used
extensively for underwater foundations and  pilings in Venice and elsewhere. It is
used in dairy vessels and the  branches in making whistles. It is associated
with Bran, as He used His  body as a bridge to span dangerous waters. It is
used in the  construction of bridges. Bran's Head was oracular. Alder indicates 
protection and oracular powers. 
Physical: Be aware of uniqueness in self and others.  Keep your eyes open to
see the unusual and acknowledge what is seen in  another if at all possible.
Mental: You will utilize  something you previously overlooked. Oracular
skills are not easy to  acknowledge. the mind is unwilling at times to deal with
the intuitive  part.
Spiritual: You offer spiritual aid and protection  in a dispute. Let your
intuition guide you. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Saille / Willow
The willow is another water loving tree.  Willow bark contains Salicin which
is used in the treatment of rheumatic  fever and various damp diseases. Her
catkins, which appear in early  spring before her leaves, attract bees to start
the cycle of  pollination. She indicates cycles, rhythms and the ebb and flux.

Physical: A comfortable relationship to the material  world is full of
lessons and cycles of changing values. Change is  necessary for growth, and values
are no exception to the  rule.
Mental: To gain understanding of a particular  concept, a steady accumulation
of facts is the foundation that brings  understanding. All cannot be learned
in one lesson. Repetition is the  key.
Spiritual: This is a period of taking it easy  rather than full speed ahead.
Learn to play with the cyclical nature of  things. 

Huath / Hawthorn
The wood from the Hawthorn provides the  hottest fire known. Its leaves and
blossoms are used to create a tea to  aid with anxiety, appetite loss and poor
circulation. This small tree  can create dense thickets and have thorns that
are an excellent defence.  The Hawthorn signifies cleansing, protection and
Physical: You need to work upon the physical condition  of yourself. To
better yourself you need to alter diet, smoking or  eating properly. Healthy body
can be attained by diet and exercise. A  healthy body means a healthy mind.
Mental: You must  open your mind to the self-imposed thickets of ignorance
and false  facts. Free your thoughts and cleanse your  mind.
Spiritual: However hot the problem, the forge  heat of overcoming it, in your
spirit creates new and unexpected  strengths. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Duir / Oak
The grand Oak, King of the Forest, grows  slowly. Its dome shape and clean,
straight trunk make it known on the  horizon. Its wood is hard and tough and it
burns slowly. Acorns when  processed feed humans. Druids taught lessons under
the Oak. Duir means  doorway. This tree indicates protection - a doorway to
mysteries and  strengths. 
Physical: A hands-on approach will nurture the skills  you wish to have. Step
through the door, one learns by  doing.
Mental: You have accumulated acorns of wisdom,  the time for dropping and
sharing your wisdom is  here.
Spiritual: You as a teacher or student must be  tough and resilient despite
life's unpredictability as an Oak is to the  bolt of lightening. Strong and

Tinne / Holly
The Holly is an evergreen bush with bright  red berries. It is one of the
three timbers used in the construction of  chariot wheel shafts. It was used in
spear shafts also. The qualities of  a spear shaft are balance and directness,
as the spear must be hefted to  be thrown the holly indicates directed balance
and vigour to fight if  the cause is just. 
Physical: Challenges will be overcome with unity and  concerted effort.
Ensure the cause is just.
Mental: As  warriors train and retrain until what they do with spears is 
instinctive, so you too must train and learn  daily.
Spiritual: Cultivate dynamic and instinctive  intuition to respond to fast
moving situations and accept the reality of  here and now. Ensure the ability of
slipping in and out of a great  variety of behaviour styles, to be able to
respond to the environment at  hand.

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Coll / Hazel
The Sacred Salmon is associated with the  Hazel tree in legend. The Salmon
swimming under the overhanging Hazel  trees ate the 9 nuts of poetic wisdom. The
number of spot on the  Salmon's side denoted the number of nuts eaten. The
Hazel tree provided  shade, protection and baskets. Hazel twigs were used for
divining  because of their pliancy and affinity with water. Hazel indicates 
intuition to lead to the source, poetry, divination and meditation. 
Physical: Your skill in poetry, divination and  meditation allows you to
inspire others to increase their capacity in  these arts. Example is the best
Mental: Allow  the promptings of your intuition to bring ideas to the
surface. Become a  catalyst with those ideas.
Spiritual: Follow your  intuition to the source, you will be rewarded with
wisdom and your soul  will ring with poetry. 

Quert / Apple
The Apple is the earliest cultivated tree.  It is associated with choice. At
Somerset, an auction was held for  single acre plots on two pieces of common
land. Plots were marked and  matching marks made on the fruit. The apples were
then placed in a bag  and commoners were allocated land by the distribution of
the fruit. All  the acres of land were similar, as many times today choices
must be made  between similar and equally attractive things. Regardless, the
choice  must be made. Apple indicates choice. 
Physical: Choice, while not easy, is necessary. Stop  procrastinating, you
will end up with nothing or an unsatisfying taste  from each choice.
Mental: Many paths of learning are  open to you - choose one! Better master
of one than expert of  none.
Spiritual: In your journey choose one of the  Eight Paths to complete the
others will follow.

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Muin / Vine
The Vine has been known and grown in the  British Isles for a long time. Its
distinctive fruit and foliage appear  on Bronze Age artifacts. The grapes of
the Vine are the supply of wine.  The effects of wine are well known. Wine
loosens inhibitions and allows  one to speak more truthfully than normal. The Vine
indicates the release  of prophetic powers. 
Physical: Unwind, if you then sense at a deep level  that you must act in a
certain way at this moment in order to deal with  an issue; let intuition be
your guide and do it.
Mental:  Allow your senses to open to speed inner development as you  learn
to place trust in them when they are acting strongly, instead of  using reason
Spiritual: Open your inner  self so it may harvest and gather all signs and
omens that it is capable  of understanding. Allow yourself this boon. 

Gort / Ivy
Ivy is capable of growing and spreading in any  land climate conditions. It
is strong and difficult to destroy. Growing  in a helix pattern it represents
the spiral of the self and the search  for the self. Ivy symbolizes the soul's
wandering inward and outward  seeking nourishment and experience from both the
inside and out to  achieve enlightenment. Ivy indicates the search for
Physical: Link with others turn out this is not the  time to be alone.
Mental: Recognize group unconscious  has an influence on you, absorb, go
inward to learn more about the  self.
Spiritual: Enter group mind with joy, assist  others in their spiritual
journey as they assist in yours. We all are  intertwined as the Ivy; their success
is yours and vice versa. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Ngetal / Reed
Reed grows in clumps at the river's edge.  Reed resembles an arrow by its
thinness. It was at one time used to make  arrows. It is symbolic of music,
bagpipes and flutes. In the winter the  villagers rethatched their roofs with reed
for security in the cold  ahead. Weavers used reed to separate threads and to
beat the fibres  before spinning. Reed indicates direct action, and finding
direction and  meanings to the purpose of your journey. 
Physical: You are able to find order where others find  and create only
chaos. Put this valuable skill to work. Take  charge.
Mental: Your results are as sure as the  intentions with which you began.
Keep your target in sight. Do not be  distracted.
Spiritual: Your journey has begun, surprise  encounters and upsets are only
to be expected. The skills you overcome  these troubles with are as valuable as
the trip itself. 

Straiff / Blackthorn
Blackthorn is a winter tree. The  sloe, its fruits ripen and sweeten only
after the nip of the frost.  White flowers are seen even before the leaves in the
spring. It is black  barked with vicious thorns and grows in dense thickets.
The wood is used  in the cudgel shillelagh and Blasting Stick. Its thorns are
used to  pierce waxen images. Blackthorn indicates strong action of fate or 
outside influences that must be obeyed. 
Physical: Unexpected change, plans altered or ruined.  No choice however
unpleasant. Events take over forcing you down the  unavoidable path. Take courage,
issues must be faced, decisions are  unavoidable.
Mental: Your negative view, clinging to  old ways and facing challenges with
anger and stubborness will only make  it worse and hurt you more. Accept the
changes and move  on.
Spiritual: Realize you and your life have changed  radically, enter reborn. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Ruis / Elder
Elder regrows damaged branches with ease and  can root rapidly from any part.
A tea for purifying the blood can be  made from the flowers and wine from the
fruit. Sticks of Elder were used  as magical horses by Witches. Elder
indicates the end in the beginning  and the beginning in the end. Life in Death and
Death in Life. 
Physical: Though one aspect of your life is over,  another begins anew.
Mental: Changes from the old will  bring creativity, to usher in new ideas
and  thoughts.
Spiritual: Links are continually formed as  new phases of life and experience
repeat in different forms that lead to  renewal. 

Ailm / Silver Fir
Fir is a very tall slender tree that  grows in mountainous regions on the
upper slopes. Fir cones respond to  rain by closing and the sun by opening. Fir
can see over great distance  to the far horizon beyond and below. Fir indicates
high views and long  sights with clear vision of what is beyond and yet to
Physical: In this issue you can see what is beyond and  what is coming. You
have the perception to see and to understand from  the point where you stand.
Take long view point and foresee the future. 
Mental: Receive from the past and present strength and  healing from which to
draw insight and knowledge for your  future.
Spiritual: Be aware of your progress on your  spiritual voyage. 

Ohn / Furze
Furze is a yellow flowering shrub that grows  on the moorland and common
land. It blooms throughout the year. The  flowers are plentiful in pollen and
nectar and give off a strong sweet  aroma of honey. The flowers are frequented by
the first bees of the  year. The bruised shoots provide food for the horses.
In the spring  Furze is set on fire to burn away the old growth to make room
for the  new. Furze indicates a gathering together, a skill at collecting 
elements needed for a goal. 
Physical: Your search is over. What you seek shall be  found. Continue on
towards your goal.
Mental: Share the  knowledge you have gathered, as the bee shares pollen and
nectar  gathered from the Furze.
Spiritual: There is an  abundance of blessings in your spiritual voyage, do
not stockpile and  hoard. Share with others, you will be rewarded. 

Divining with Ogham
7 years ago

Ura / Heather
Heather grows on top of peat moss, which  provides fuel after it is cut and
dried. Heather blossoms are used in  the brewing of tea. The blossoms also
attract bees and are valuable as a  source of honey unsurpassed in flavour and
delicacy. The bee travels  from the heather back to the hive in relation to the
position and angle  of the sun. It is regarded as a messenger from and to the
Spirit world  by the Celts. Heather indicates closer contact with the Spirit
world and  healing. 
Physical: Listen to your body's message. The time for  healing is now.
Mental: Do not permit yourself further  stress. Go inward for healing and
respite. This issue can  wait.
Spiritual: Integrate inner with self to heal and  be whole, to build the
foundation for what will follow. 

Eadha / White Poplar
The White Poplar flourishes beside  rivers, in marshes and in other watery
areas. The pith is star shaped.  The upper leaves are green, the underside is
silver. The wood was used  in the making of shields. Leaves move with every puff
of wind. It is  commonly referred to as the talking, whispering and quivering
tree. The  Poplar's ability to resist and to shield, its association with
speech,  language and the Winds indicates an ability to endure and conquer. 
Physical: Whatever challenge you now face, you will  endure and conquer with
determination. You can bend and not  break.
Mental: Shield your thoughts from the fears and  doubts about the odds you
must overcome. A positive attitude will  prevail.
Spiritual: Do not give in to worldly  pressures, great assistance is yours on
your journey to rebirth. 

Idho / Yew
The Yew is an evergreen tree with the leaves  attached spirally to the twigs.
As the outer tree decays a new tree  grows within. The branches grow down to
form new stems. Yew timber is  dark and very strong. Yew berries were used to
poison weapons. Wine  barrels were constructed of Yew to symbolize the death
of the Vine. Yew  was also used in the manufacture of bows. Yew indicates
Physical: Something held for many years must be passed  on, let go. It serves
you no longer.
Mental: The  knowledge that nothing lasts forever will bring ease at this 
Spiritual: Changes are coming to you, you have a  tendency to try and hang
on, let go and experience the change as an ally  not an enemy.   

7 years ago


A form of divination using a loaf of barley that was practiced in the 
earliest of times. Chiefly it was employed to prove the innocence or guilt of 
persons. One of its principle uses was in times when several persons were 
suspected of a crime. All of the suspects were given the barley bread to eat, as  it
was assumed that those innocent could eat it perfectly, while the guilty 
person would get indigestion.
This practice gave rise to a popular oath: "If I am deceiving you, may  this
piece of bread choke me." Eventually the practice became so prominent that  it
was not just reserve for people suspected of crimes. It was used to test the 
faithfulness of a mistress, a husband, or a wife.
There were procedures in both making the bread and administering it. A 
quantity of pure barley was kneaded with milk, a little salt and without leaven. 
This was rolled up in greased paper and baked among cinders. When baked it was 
taken out and rubbed with verbena leaves. Then, pieces of it was given to the
suspects. Those that were guilty, it was assumed, would be unable to eat 
In ancients another form of alphitomancy was  practiced. In a sacred wood of
Lavinium, near Rome, priests kept a serpent, or  some say, a dragon. On
certain days of the year young women would enter the  woods carrying cakes made of
barley and honey. It was said that the devil led  the women into the woods.
Supposedly the serpent ate the cakes of the innocent  women, but refused the
cakes of the others.

Talismans of Tarot Card
7 years ago

Talismans of Tarot Card
By Umar Ahmed

Knowing about talisman

Before describing the phenomenon of tarot card talisman, it is important for us to know about the term “Talisman” which is known as a lucky charm, mascot and amulet. So, talisman is the symbol of fate/luck.

Learning talisman of tarot readings

A tarot reading is such a unique process which goes on through the kinds of intercessions such as paranormal activity, divination, mysticism, clairvoyant, and psychic, etc. For this accomplishment, tarot card is the clear way for you now to learn the art of tarot readings for the expression and casting of talisman. In this process, the psychic reader would involved in the divinatory healing beyond the natural and supernatural world along with certain kinds of sufferings and tolerances by facing the attacks and assails of the evil spirits during the dynamics of space/time. After passing through this divinatory procession, the tarot psychic immerses himself/herself in mysteries that define the art and learning of tarot psychic readings. That is why, it is said that tarot psychics are those people who do have the knowledge as well as the information of all kinds of hidden truths existing not only in the world but also above than the universal window.

Learning pleasure tarot card reading

Learning the tarot card talisman is a deep paranormal job. For example, if you go through the pleasure tarot reading art you would be able to find out the actual path of tarot reading which will be making you able in learning the images, symbols and messages of each and every tarot card. It is believed that pleasure tarot reading and its learning is the exercise compiling with both physical/psychological organs. The pleasure tarot reading contains some of the cards mentioned as under.

High Priestess tarot talisman

This is one of the tarot cards defines the self-discovery while moving on a particular kind of journey. This is the most gorgeous tarot art contains the process of beauty, fulfillment, execution, enlightenment, mysticism and intuition. High Priestess is known as the blistering feminine tarot card.

Hierophant tarot card talisman

• This is the most unique tarot cards which guides the people in the lives and paths as it is contained with knowledge, information and enlightenment. This tarot card is the ancient form of counseling as it helps out both male/female in developing a psyche of self-love and self-confidence.

• The stability of these feminine and masculine tarot cards provides a sense of yin/yan in a way of mystical healing and wholeness. These tarot cards are exceptionally vital for the tarot readers.

Talisman of Sun tarot card

Meanwhile, the Sun Card sparkles just like a symbol of hope as it is warmth. This tarot card exposes certain kind of energies that enjoys and entertains the spiritual healers.

Concluding remarks

In brief, we can say that those all above mentioned tarot cards are the original signs for allurement, interaction, love, affection, contentment, telepathic fun, entertainment and a unique spiritual healing. This is what, I wanted to discuss with you for today now. So, go on learning and enjoying the art of tarot reading along with its various kinds of talismans.

Reading and Ceremony for Charging a Tarot Deck By: Joy Vernon
7 years ago

Reading and Ceremony for Charging a Tarot Deck By:  Joy Vernon

Clearing and Charging Decks
To clear a deck or any other magical tool is to remove or neutralize the energy that exists in it. To charge a magical tool is to imbue it or fill it with your own energy and with a special purpose or intention. Although you can successfully read with a deck that has not been cleared or charged, if you take the time to do these things you will find that the tool has become much more personalized and powerful since it is sharing your energy. It’s like the difference between a toy you had when you were a kid that just sat on a shelf ignored and one you dragged with you everywhere you went. You want your cards to have the energy of your favorite toy (but maybe not the greasy kid finger residue).
The first step in the charging process is to clear or neutralize the existing energy in the deck. If the deck was purchased used, this is a step you will want to pay special attention to. A new deck out of the box will be fairly neutral in energy, although there might be some static build-up due to the manufacturing process and the plastic packaging materials. A used deck will probably have accumulated some energy that may need to be discharged. Even if you feel that the energy in it is positive, you might choose to zero it out before you impart your own energy to the deck. On the other hand, there may be times when you prefer specifically not to clear a deck. For instance, if the deck has been blessed or was used by a mentor, you might not want to remove that energy but only to add yours to what is already there. Ways to clear a deck include directing energy through it, using salt or saltwater, smudging it with incense that has purification as a
property, placing it in sunlight or moonlight, placing it in a wooden box or burying it in the earth.
Another time you might want to clear a deck, even if you’ve previously cleared and charged it, is if there has been some disruption to its energy. The only time the energy of my cards was disturbed was a time that I used them when I had been drinking. Bad move. This happened shortly after I learned to read the cards, and I can only say that I was young and stupid. I did a reading for a friend who had also been drinking, then left the cards where we had used them in a corner of the room. A few days later I walked over to that corner and immediately felt hung over. I had felt fine a moment before and it had been several days since the drinking episode. I walked away, then walked back and felt it again. I realized it was my cards. I took the deck outside and put them on a rock in the sun, fanned out so that at least an edge of every card showed, then left them for a few hours. The cards felt much better after that and I learned my lesson not to drink and
There are many reasons to charge your deck. It provides an opportunity to formally set an intention for the deck. The intention is the specific purpose or goal for that deck. You might set goals around your personal development, such as developing your intuition or doing daily tarot meditations. Maybe the purpose for a deck will be to give the best advice with the most compassion when reading for yourself and others. Perhaps your goals are about learning, such as applying yourself to studying the mythology the deck is based on or researching how astrology is used in the cards. Charging a deck also makes it more personal. By performing the charging ritual, you are establishing a link with your cards. You have made a commitment to the deck and in return it will speak more clearly to you. You might find that it gets to the point faster. You will also find that you reach for it more readily when you need advice, like a good friend whom you can always call
for help. More than just aligning it with your goals and establishing a rapport with it, charging a deck can raise its energy to a more spiritual vibration. By deliberately dedicating the deck to a higher power, you will find that you are able to understand the cards on a more profound level. It is here that the cards can guide you in your highest purpose.
One way to charge something is to direct energy into it, such as holding it in your hands or holding your hands over it. Some people will always carry a new deck with them or sleep with it under their pillows to establish a rapport. To increase the amount of energy or focus a certain wavelength of energy into the deck, you can utilize Reiki or other spiritual and personal symbols in the charging process or direct energy through a crystal or stone with the properties you wish to impart. To increase the concentration of chi, place the deck in or under a pyramid or on an orgone generating grid.Placing a deck in the sunlight or moonlight will fill the deck with those energies as well as clear away other energies. Also, you can smudge the deck with incense associated with a particular purpose or deity, such as using incense associated with Mercury, who rules divination.
Why Ritual?
Why do your clearing and charging in a ritual format? Ritual takes your conscious intention and conveys it to the subconscious. The ritual designed below also allows for your subconscious to communicate back to you what intention it has for the deck. By making this connection on the subconscious level with the deck, you have strengthened your ability to communicate with the deck. The symbol you choose for the subconscious intention will become an important word in your deck’s vocabulary. When this symbol comes up in readings, it is like a secret password that opens doors to new levels of meaning. For instance, during the ritual I performed to charge my Druidcraft deck, I selected as my subconscious symbol the three-masted ship. I took the symbol from the three of Wands card, which interestingly in this deck shows three planted saplings (rooted in

7 years ago

space) on the left, while a man looks down a road beside them; the card seems to speak of being unsure how
to progress, whether to stay where you have put down roots or follow your wanderlust to new adventures. I chose the ship, a common symbol for the three of Wands, as my unconscious intention, showing how the rooted nature of the wood can become, when in the form of the ship, a way to satisfy that wanderlust.
A subsequent reading regarding a possible new job turned up the two of Pentacles, showing a woman in the foreground juggling the two disks with an apathetic look on her face. In the background was a shipwreck. My attention was repeatedly drawn to the destruction. At first I feared it symbolized that taking the job would wreck my dreams of becoming successful in my chosen vocation: I had been working in performing arts production and arts administration for many years, a career path I was passionate about but which had steadily refused to provide an adequate income. But as I was continuously drawn into the stormy seas in the card, I found that I was not feeling fear, but a brave sense of adventure. I saw the shipwreck as containing buried treasure, and this woman, who only had two cents to rub together, was oblivious to this amazing wealth just under the surface. I realized that taking the job, mundane as it appeared to me, would provide the necessary
rootedness in the material world — like the three planted wands — for me to embark on the adventure of discovery that would satisfy the wanderlust in my heart: following my lifelong passion of writing, which I did not have time to pursue when I was engaged in the artistically demanding — and draining — career path. This is not the kind of insight you can gain from reading books or applying memorized meanings to the cards. This is the kind of insight that arises from immersion in the language of the cards — an immersion that, when undertaken intentionally through the medium of ritual, reveals a powerful and eloquent communication tool.
Part I: The Reading
Use this spread and the corresponding ceremony to set your intention for a deck, to purify the deck and to charge it.
1. Write a sentence that describes your conscious intention for the deck.
2. Prepare as you normally would and perform a reading with the spread shown below.You don’t have to ask a question, but you will want to concentrate on the intention you wrote above.
3. For each card, write a short sentence that begins with the word “I.” Record those sentences here:
Card 1, East:
Card 2, South:
Card 3, West:
Card 4, North:
Card 5, Spirit:
4. Pick a simple symbol based on the fifth card, Spirit. It can be an image from the card or from the sentence you wrote. If you drew a Major Arcana card here, you might wish to consider using the meaning of the Hebrew letter associated with the card. Make sure your symbol is relevant to you. Draw the symbol on an index card. This is your unconscious intention for the deck.
Part II: The Ceremony
Copy your sentences onto the appropriate lines below. It’s okay to modify them slightly to fit the sentence structure.
Read through this whole script and make any changes or additions to the words to best suit your beliefs and intentions.
Set up your altar, light the charcoal in the east and the candle in the south. A chalice of water should be in the west and a dish of salt in the north. You will sit or stand on the west side of the altar facing east. Place the cards from your reading at the corresponding directions on the altar.
Put a pinch of salt into the water and stir it up. Then take your deck and, while holding it, fan it out so that at least an edge of every card is showing. Lightly flick saltwater from your fingertips onto the cards (or hold the deck over the chalice if you are afraid of water damage to your deck; I lightly sprinkle my decks with saltwater and am unable to see any deleterious effect). Say:
“I purify this deck by water and earth.”
Place some incense on the charcoal. Carefully hold the fanned out cards in the incense smoke. Say:
“I purify this deck by air and fire.”
Reassemble the cards into a deck and hold it face up in your left hand.
Pick up the Air card from the east side of the altar, touch it to the chalice, and then hold it in the incense smoke. Say:
“If I choose, (Air phrase).”
Now place the card on top of the deck in your left hand. Repeat this process for each of the five cards.
“When I succeed, (Fire phrase).”
“In my dreams, (Water phrase).”
“I am rich because (Earth phrase).”
“My soul reveals that (Spirit phrase).”
Now all the cards are in the deck in your left hand. Place the deck in the center of the altar. Place the index card on top of the deck and say:
“I charge this deck with the symbol of my soul’s intent: (The name of the symbol).”
Direct energy through your wand into the deck (or hold your hands over the deck) and say the following:
“With this ceremony I dedicate these cards to the highest good for all. They counsel us in our decisions; they inspire us toward our ambitions; they awaken us to our dreams; they ground us in our abundance. They speak the symbol of our soul and we understand. (State your conscious intention.) By (The name of your spiritual source), this deck is charged with my intention. So mote it be. Blessed Be.”
This completes the ritual.

Crystal Ball Gazing
7 years ago

Crystal Ball Gazing

This technique is best if done with a Crystal Ball 2-5 inches in
Diameter and works best on nights of the full moon.

Light one or two candles in a darkened, quiet room. You can hold the
Crystal or place it on a stand, but it should have a blue or black
Velvet cloth underneath it. Make sure that there are no reflections
From anything showing in the ball. You can also burn incense if you
Wish. Patchouli works great for me.

Before beginning, center yourself. Gaze into the ball, but do not
Stare. Try not to blink that much. While you are gazing, breathe in
And out slowly and deeply. Just relax and gaze. You will feel a sense
Of limitless time. Enjoy the peacefulness and simply gaze. Do this for
At least 15 minutes, and increase your time by 5 minutes with each
Succeeding session.

Usually around the second or third session, you will notice a small
Cloudy glow in the center of the crystal. This is your focusing area
Where your visions will appear. You may get a vision on your first
Try, while others have to attempt it several times before seeing
Something. Go at your own pace.

Just a small warning: Always remember the saying "Be Careful What You
Wish For" while gazing. Think about what you wish to see before gazing.

On my third session ( when I got my first vision ) I asked to see a
Vision of my previous life. I saw myself burning to death in a house
Fire. That was something that I didn't really enjoy remembering. Now I
Find that it is best to just gaze and receive whatever comes to me.
Perhaps you can have more peaceful visions by doing that too.

There are also different forms that visions come in. You can get
Actual visions of places and people, or you can get symbolic pictures.
Another form that visions come in are color clouds. Although no one
Has been successful in identifying what each color cloud means, the
Following has been pretty acc urate for a lot of seers.

* Blue clouds symbolize success of career or business

* Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow, and renewed
Romance to come

* Gray/Dark gray symbolize ill fortune

* Black clouds symbolize some seriously bad stuff coming one's way

* Green clouds symbolize health, happiness of the heart

* Orange clouds symbolize hidden aggression and anger, troubled

* Red clouds symbolize danger to come. This person must watch

* Silver clouds symbolize troublesome times ahead followed by goodness

* White clouds symbolize very good fortune to come

* Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles

The Numerology of Tarot
7 years ago

The Numerology of Tarot
Every card in a Tarot deck has an numerological association. These numbers are based on the principles of numerology and represent a material and spiritual evolutionary process that begins with the number 1 and ends with the number 9.
The key for when you hit the double digits is to break them down to a single digit by adding them together. For example: The Wheel of Year is labeled 10. To find its associations you would add 1+0=1. Its association is 1.
Here is a breakdown of the associations as found in "Tarot Made Easy" by Nancy Garen.
Esoteric meanings are the hidden or underlying message; the mundane is the everyday occurrences and the third section is what it means when you draw multiple cards of the same number.
Esoteric: This number represents inspiration or aspiration. It deals with that which is about to take form.
Mundaneositive qualities: creation, ideas, beginnings, will, invention, originality, drive, incentive, determination, independence
Negative: Willfulness, selfishness, undue force
In a Reading: Many Ones would indicate that a situation is about to begin or is in the beginning stages, and some or all of the positive or negative aspects mentioned above will be involved.
Esoteric: 2 is to assimilate and envision. Its success is not gained by force, but by patients
Mundane: Positive: Waiting, sharing, balance, receptivity, diplomacy, gentle persuasion, application, agreement, insight.
Negative: Duality, intolerance, impatience, imbalance
In a Reading: Many 2s indicate a waiting period where there will be partial success but more to be revealed later. The also indicate a reconciliation, reunion and/or an element of surprise.
Esoteric: 3s represent expression. It is the cementing factor of 1 and 2 and goes through to 4 to bring about that which is desired and envisioned.
Mundane: Positive: Communication, feeling, enjoying, sharing, self-expression, having fun, playing, love, friendship, popularity.
Negative: Withholding communication, scattered energies, overreacting, over indulging, criticism.
In a Reading: Multiple 3s in a reading indicate group activities or situations involving more than one person. They can also indicate delay but with the promise of future success.
Esoteric: 4 is manifestation. It is the result of a well-built foundation and proper application. It is what comes as a result of desire, imagination and emoting.
Mundane: Positive: practical application, formation, foundation, concentration, organization, working, building, planning
Negative: plodding, exacting or dull work, too much attention on the material, limitation, blocks and opposition.
In a Reading: Many 4s indicate fruition or the manifestation of an idea along with a foundation where things can grow.
Esoteric: 5 is about change, expansion and recreation. It also represents the desire to know, which demands that one must look to both the material and spiritual realm in order to extract the truth.
Mundane: Positive: Curiosity, spirituality, new thinking, new opportunities, magnetism, attraction, good fortune, travel or adventure.
Negative: defeatism, dogmatism, fear of change, misfortune, failure
In a Reading: Many 5s indicate change, challenge and fluctuation. They also indicate material prosperity but spiritual poverty if not properly balanced.
Esoteric: 6 is adjustment. It brings harmony between the higher and lower numbers
Mundane: Positive: Harmony, balance, compassion, service, responsibility, social consciousness, domesticity, love, care, comfort, concern
Negative: disharmony, discord, lack of concern or responsibility toward others, too fixed in opinion or beliefs, anxiety, interference.
In a Reading: Many 6s indicate adjustments in thoughts, attitudes or conditions. They also represent the ability to transcend difficulties.
Esoteric: 7s is faith - faith in the things that can't b seen, but nevertheless exists. 7 must know the ultimate truths, it is through experience that understanding develops and faith in the unknown is attained.
Mundane: Positive: Faith, observation, investigation, meditation, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, perfection
Negative: Fear, faithlessness, pessimism, skepticism, doubt, ignorance,e escapism
In a Reading: Many 7s indicate a period of introspection or solitude. They also indicate unlooked for advantages or gain.
Esoteric: 8 is power - power that springs from within and enables one to accomplish that which one sets out to do.
Mundane: Positive: capability, spiritual fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment, attainment
Negative: abuse of power, over emotionalism, strain, oppression and lack
In a Reading: Many 8s indicate a positive change of mind or status because the power of 8 is rarely diluted, even with all the negativity mentioned above.
Esoteric: 9 is completion. But it also contains the seeds of a new beginning about to take root.
Mundane: Positive:Fulfillment, selflessness, impersonal love, magnetism, idealism, giver of wisdom or inspiration
Negative: Personal loss, emotional extremes, having to let go of that which is cherished.
In a Reading: Many 9s in a reading mean that situations or events are nearing completion or have just been completed and another plateau awaits.
Numerology and the Pip Cards
Each card is numbered Ace (1) through 10. These numbers hold an association of their own.

7 years ago

1. New beginnings, opportunity, potential
2. Balance, duality, a crossroad or choice, partnership
3. Initial achievement of goals, growth, creativity, abundance
4. Structure, foundation, stability, stagnation
5. Instability, conflict, loss, opportunity for change, new cycle
6. Communication, problem-solving, cooperation, balance, relaxation
7. reflection, assessment, motives, spirituality, wisdom, perfect order
8. Movement, action, change, power, rebirth, regeneration, reevaluate
9. Fruition, attainment, bringing things to a conclusion
10. Completion, end of a cycle, renewal

How to read a Crystal Ball
7 years ago

How to read a Crystal Ball

1... Darken the room around you. Put the crystal ball on a dark
surface that  will not reflect any light that will distract you. Have a
candle or  other form of light shining into and illuminating the ball. The light
source can be reflecting up inside the crystal ball stand or behind the crystal.
It can also be shining from behind you into the crystal ball.

2... Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Keeping your spine
straight enables you to channel all the energy that comes through your body
when you do your readings. Ground yourself and calm your mind.

3... Clear the crystal before using it, use the Smudge method. Then
charge it using this method:

Hold the crystal ball and rub it with both hands. Then set it back on
it's stand while still maintain your focus. Next point a single-terminated
quartz crystal or a crystal wand towards the ball at a distance where you
most comfortably feel the two connect. When you feel or sense the subtle
connection between the crystal and the ball, begin to circle the
single-terminated crystal in a clockwise direction. Maintain the
connection between the crystal and the ball. Soon you will feel the crystal
ball pulsate. When you feel it pulsating strongly you can lay your
single-terminated crystal or crystal wand down and begin the next

4... Diffuse your vision.

5. find a spot in the ball the interests you. Bring all your
attention to that spot. Now look at it in more detail. Allow your
intellectual mind to relax. Leave yourself open to any impressions. Do not have any
preconceptions. Have no judgments. Remain relaxed, open and focused.

6... Now look at that area in still more detail. As you look at this
area even more closely you may find yourself tensing. If so, take a deep
breath and relax as you let it out. Continue to do this until you release
the tension.

7... Continue to gaze into the particular area, seeing more and more
detail. As you look at this minute detail the crystal ball seems to become
larger. The more you lose your sense of yourself and are only conscious of
the detail in the crystal space, the larger the ball seems to become. As you are
looking, feel yourself opening as if you have no edges or boundaries. Allow
yourself to lose your awareness of yourself and just be aware of the crystal

8... Your eyes may or may not close at this point. If they feel like
closing, let them close and continue to feel as if the crystal is around you.
If your eyes remain open, still feel as if your inside the crystal. Whether
your eyes are open or closed a point is reached where there is no difference
between you and the crystal. There is only crystal and just what you are
seeing. You are now in an altered state of consciousness or trance state.

9... You may at this point find yourself feeling compelled to do
something. This may be to breathe in certain ways, move energy in a
particular pattern in your body, or to work with the crystal in a different manner.
Trust yourself and let this compulsion guide you. Your body may almost
involuntarily assume different positions. Let it. You may find  yourself making sounds.
Feel free to allow this to happen. At the same time there is no necessity to
force it to happen. Successful crystal ball reading does not depend on any of
these occurrences.

10... Now either ask specific questions in your mind or use your will
to guide you to a specific locations that you mentally view. If you
have not a specific question, mentally refer to your more general purpose in
crystal reading at the time. Then let impressions come and go. Do not hang
onto them but communicate them to another or out loud into a tape recorder. Let
the impressions flow through you. Continue to communicate what you see until
you have a feeling of being finished.

11... When you are through, remain with the crystal for a few minutes.
Release any tension. You will feel a sensation of floating inside the
crystal ball. Varied impressions may come and go. Just watch them pass. In
this space are all possibilities, all assistance, all knowledge, and all wisdom.

12... Now, after enjoying this space for a while, slowly begin to
back out of the ball. Start to feel edges around yourself while you continue
to gaze. Have a feeling of backing up as you become more aware of the edges
around the ball. If you followed a certain route into the ball, retrace it.
Continue until you see the ball in front of you. Become aware of the surface on
which you sit. Be aware of your breathing. If your eyes are open, let go of  the
diffused vision and bring it back to normal. If your eyes are closed, slowly
open them. Now stretch and shake yourself a little until you feel completely
in your everyday consciousness.

13... Ground yourself. Next, clear your crystal ball, the other
single-terminated crystal or crystal wand, yourself, and the room you
are in.

14... If you like, cover your ball with cloth or put it in a pouch.
Store it in a special place.

Shell Scrying
7 years ago

Shell Scrying

Sea Shell Scrying  is a form of clairaudience. This modern method of scrying
and is becoming much more popular. Most  people are familiar with the sounds
they hear when a shell is placed over their  ear. It used to be thought it was
the sound of the ocean. It has been proven  that what you hear is the sound of
blood flowing through the vessels in your  ear.

Now that we know why we hear sounds from shells, we can look deeper  into
what we are hearing. If you listen to the sounds long enough you may be  able to
pick up phantom noises, animal sounds, or even voices. You could hear  words
or fragments of conversation.

The talk may at first be just  meaningless babble, but through practice and
concentration, you will come to  understand the voices. Some peoplet hink this
can be one way the dead choose to  communicate to the living.Some people hear
an alternate dimension. Some people  hear guidance from the spirit of nature.
While others gain a connection with  their higher self.

The Spiritual Uses Of Runes
7 years ago

The  Spiritual Uses Of Runes

Runes As Spiritual  Symbols
Neurophysiologists have found that shamanic  visions such as Odin's have a
scientific basis.
Evidence points to the fact that runes relate
directly to human neural circuitry through what
are called phosphenes. Like patterns of radient
energy, phosphenes are geometrical images that
stem from the brain's visual cortex and neural
system. Phosphenes resembling alphabetic letters
and runic symbols often appear during altered
states of awareness, including meditation and magic.
You can see these patterns of energy when you shut
your eyes. This amazing discovery implies that runic
shapes are embedded in our biochemistry and DNA coding.
  Because of our shared biochemical connection to
the runes, everyone can tap into and access his/her
energies, regardless of culture, belief, or spiritual
path. Runes can be used by all who value them as a
tool for self-discovery and a channel to the divine.
  Reaching far beyond their fortune-telling origins,
runes are being employed by many people as tools for
getting in touch with the divine and, in turn, with
themselves. The resurgence of interest in runes is
not a fad, but a widespread trend. More people are
using runes as a form of do-it-yourself therapy for
unlocking the secrets of the self, in an effort to
find meaning and direction in daily life. No longer
considered merely mystical, runes tell us more about
our everyday experiences, including what led up to
these experiences, what the possible results will be
in the long run, and what energies can be applied to
reinforce or transform the course of events.
  In addition to using runes for spiritual empowerment
through casting and reading, you can also employ runes
in meditation, dreamwork, and visualization. Here you
can explore rune divination, you will find several easy
methods for reading runes, suggestive ways to use runes
in dreamwork and meditation, and learn to do ceremonial
rune casting, complete with instructions on how to make
a rune reading cloth

MOUNTAIN RUNES - Symbols and Meanings
7 years ago

MOUNTAIN RUNES - Symbols and Meanings
By: Picidae Yaekwata (1998, found tonight in old file, 2008)


|> Send, Give, Influence, Cause Change

|< Receive, Take-in, Change

|v Collect, Ponder, Store-up

|^ Cover, Protect, Cherish

|= Vision, Insight, Understanding

|o Centered, At Peace, Contentment

|x Not Centered, Lack of Peace, Lack of Contentment

|: Balance Focus, Mind and Heart Equality

|" Double minded, Confused, Tossed Back and Forth

|' Singleness of mind, Stubborn, Refusal to Consider

|w Flexible, Absorbing, Tolerant

|z Asleep, Stagnant, Unreceptive


|+ Medical, Health

|I Blockage, Hindrance

| Stand Still, Uncertainty, Alone

|_ Smooth Path, Easy Movement

|/ Upward Path, Hard Movement, Energy Expense

| Downward Path, Propelling Movement, Energy Conservation

|, Rocky Path, Stumbling, Injury

|| Equal, Mutually Beneficial

|[ Draining, Weakening

|] Receiving, Strengthening

|- Conflicting, Damaging

|Y Receive Direction, Weigh Input and Apply to Path

7 years ago


Select wood from a fruit bearing tree, of a  branch that has fallen naturally
(not cut down) the host tree must still be  alive (I used plum tree wood from
my backyard after a large snowstorm, lucky  me). Pick a branch of the
diameter that you want your runes to be (usually  between 0.5" and 1"). Gather
several pieces, as some will crack during the  drying process or be damaged by bugs.

Let the wood dry for AT LEAST 6  months. 9 months or a year is better. You
MUST let the wood dry OUTSIDE, covered  by a loose tarp or something to keep
rain off of it. You may also want to use a  pesticide AROUND, not on the wood to
prevent bug damage. Once dry, ensure your  runewood has not cracked or been
damaged by bugs.

Strip the bark off by  hand, using a knife. Also smooth the branch by cutting
off bumps and the like.  You may sand it smooth or not, depending on personal
preference (I don't like  perfectly smooth runes)

Saw the branch into 24-25 (depending on weather  you use the blank rune)
1/16"-1/8" flat disks using a HAND SAW (the more effort  you put into making the
runes, the better they work)

Carve the runic  symbols into each disk, so you have a complete rune set.
Burn or mark with a  permanent marker or paint (doesn't matter which) the
carvings so they can be  seen better.

Seal the runes with the natural oil of your choice, as long  as it is
natural. You may also use a NATURAL wood stain is you wish, it will not  affect
anything but the appearance if you do.

Cleanse, concencrate and  empower the runes for your purpose, depending on
your own custom of how you do  it. Your rune set is now completed.

Select an appropriate sized  drawstring bag made of leather, silk,
embroidered soft-linen, etc. This is a  matter of personal taste but get a nice one
because you will use these runes for  the rest of your life, as they grow stronger
with age and use. You may wish to  select a bag with magical symbols (sigils)
if you wish (I did) you are now  completed.

7 years ago


Sit outside
Close your eyes
Breathe deeply
Relax. Shut down your questing mind
Open your eyes
Attune with a star.

Now, expand your awareness of the whole star field above. Let your
gaze travel naturally from one part of the sky to another. Recognize
familiar constellations, but move on, to a part of the sky that is
unfamiliar to you.

Gently think your question.

Gaze into the stars as a mystic does into a crystal sphere. A pattern
is hidden there- lies the answer to your question. One constellation
may seem to shine more brightly than the other, or may pull your eyes
toward it.

Once you've found it, look at it. Do its stars seem to form a
recognizable outline? A fish, a bowl, a square? If so, think about
what this shape means to you. Discover the answer that your physic
mind is trying to reveal to you-through the stars.

Fidlanna / Faery Lots / Omen Sticks
7 years ago

Fidlanna / Faery Lots / Omen Sticks

To make--

4 pieces of wood- no wider than an inch and 3/4 the length of the  palm of
your hand.
Use flat pieces
each lot has an up and down side
Take each lot - mark 2 rectangles side by side for up and 1  rectangle for
So each lot is marked with an up and down side.

To cast the Fidlanna -
Spread a silk scarf on the ground
Light a white candle
Burn any incense you feel aids your scrying
Ground and centre
Concentrate on the area of enquiry - get a clear question  together
When done, gather the lots in both hands and say-
Angus mac Og, hear my call
from thought to thought
word to word
Ask the question out loud and cast the Fidlanna  onto the  scarf.
Once they have fallen, line them up in the order they have  fallen.(Up and
Down do not matter in this cast. A second single yes/no is given  after the

Line-Up      Lot                      Meaning
= =              All  Up                  Life  Path is open; absolute yes.
= =
= =
= =

=          Inverted                  Things  appear to stay the same;
=    =          Cauldron              the end result will be  temporarily
=    =                                        negative.
=    =

=          Division                    What  seemed positive is going
=                                          negative
=    =
=    =

=          The  Scorpion            A  dangerous situation- use caution
=    =

=          All  Down                The  path is closed; absolute no

=      =          Dragon´s  Tail      You may get a no now, but it  may
=                                          change

=      =          Split                  What  seemed negative is going
=      =                                    positive-  but still a division.

=      =          Upright              Open  and receive; better is going
=      =          Cauldron            great;  containment of spirit or energy
=      =

=    =            Hour  Glass        Life is a constant change;  time is of
=                                        the  essence
=    =

=              Dragon´s      All things are possible; see what  is
=      =          Eye                  before  you; pay attention
=    =

=    =          Double Cut        Yes- but  changeable; be careful of
=                                        being hurt twice
=    =

=      =          Power                  Transcending  all obstacles; soul
=                                        learning;  empowerment
=    =
=      =

=              Passage              The  start is positive but ends negative;
=                                          death  of an idea or relationship
=    =

=              Protection            Great  hope; Faery allies join you;
=    =