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4 years ago

You’ve worked hard throughout your life. And you’ve contributed your fair share to Medicare so you – and your parents and children – don’t have to beg, borrow or steal during retirement to get decent health care.

But now, some members of Congress want to break that deal. They want to privatize Medicare and turn your healthcare in retirement over to the insurance companies

If you think it’s a bad idea, tell Congress now! A budget to privatize Medicare has already passed the House, and may be voted on soon in the Senate!

Cutting our deficit is important to our nation’s future, and as part of that we need to get healthcare costs under control. But handing Medicare over to the private insurance companies won’t accomplish that. In fact, independent budget analysts expect it to actually increase seniors’ health costs.

How would privatization work? In a little more than 10 years, the average new retiree would be given an $8,000 voucher to buy a policy from insurance companies. But that falls $12,500 a year short of what budget analysts expect medical care and coverage to cost, in part because insurance companies will be adding in their markup that Medicare doesn’t. And you would get stuck paying for it.

This plan also repeals new health care law and protections that are just being implemented (for our guide to changes in Medicare see yellow box in this email).

Tell your members of Congress what you think of this plan – and to vote NO!

This budget plan isn’t just about reducing deficits. It’s about our national priorities, and how we treat seniors and future generations. Send a personal message to your elected officials now so they know what you think – then forward this email to friends and family so they can do the same! 

DeAnn Friedholm
A project of Consumers Union
506 W. 14th Street
Austin, TX 78701

4 years ago

What do you get out of the health care law?
We know you’re wondering. That’s why we broke it down for you – from changes in health insurance through your job, to changes in Medicare. Check out our concise guide here, and then help us spread the word by volunteering to give copies to others.

Fuel economy matters more than ever!
Turmoil in oil-producing nations has pushed gas prices near record highs. Yet House leaders are backing a bill that would end the EPA's vital role in setting fuel-economy standards that have helped bring us better gas-saving vehicles. Don't let Congress turn back the clock. 

Is that safe to buy?
You can now report a safety problem with a toy, barbeque, tool or other product at the new site, and see others' complaints in April. But manufacturers are still lobbying to kill this resource; learn more about the fight here. 

Debt collectors are top complaint
Abusive debt collectors are the top consumer complaint at the FTC, and current law fails to stop their abusive tactics. If you've been harassed by a debt collectortell us so we can push for changes. 

4 years ago

We're leading the charge to stop unwanted online tracking of your internet activity. Right now, tracking systems like "zombie cookies" that you can't delete from your computer are perfectly legal. Ridiculous. So, in just one week, you sent more than a quarter million messages to Congress asking for strong, enforceable privacy rules.

We had such a huge response, that we raised the goal to 400,000 messages! Take action right now, or take a moment to forward this email newsletter to five other people so they can send a quick message too! You and your friends can click here to send a message!

6 years ago
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The Bayer corporation is trying to conceal details of a deadly chemical plant accident at their factory in Institute, West Virginia. The accident killed two employees and forced a state of emergency where thousands of residents were advised to take shelter in their homes1.

Now Congress is considering a law -- once co-sponsored by Barack Obama -- that would require companies like Bayer to use safer procedures and tell the community about the risk their facility poses. But Bayer and their allies are trying to use the threat of terrorism to hide the truth from the public and oppose tighter rules.

Tell Congress not to listen to the chemical industry -- pass tough chemical security legislation.

Believe it or not, the accident could have been a lot worse. Bayer's facility stores tons of a deadly chemical called methyl isocyanate. In 1984 a similar accident killed thousands of people in Bhopal, India when 42 tons of this chemical was released. Bayer's facility in West Virginia had more than 200 tons stored in tanks less than 100 feet from where the explosion happened2.

But there's no need for these kind of life-threatening accidents. Hundreds of chemical facilities have switched to safer and more secure chemicals or processes that eliminate risk to the community. But Bayer's plant isn't one of them, and now the company wants to hide information about what happened by claiming that if the public knows the truth, they will be more vulnerable to a terrorist attack3.

Letting Bayer get away with covering up a near-catastrophic chemical accident isn't just wrong, it's a dangerous precedent. Bayer isn't the only plant in the country storing dangerous chemicals. Refineries, pesticide plants, and even water treatment plants are potential risks in every major city and town. And that's why we need chemical security legislation that puts all high-risk facilities on an even playing field, requires them to use safer procedures, and protects the public's right to know about hazards in their back yard.

Tell Congress to follow President Obama's lead and adopt tough chemical security regulations.

- Matt

Matt Holland
TrueMajority/ USAction