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5 years ago

Also I would like you to sign a petition I created



7 years ago

Bring International Attention to Malnourished Ethiopian Children


The effect of drought and rising food prices in some parts of Ethiopia is headline news, yet few people know the truth of the situation.

Children are the most vulnerable to nutritional deficits and the first to succumb when there is not enough food to go around. The Government of Ethiopia estimates that
75,000 children under the age of five live with severe acute malnutrition. And 25 to 50 percent of children with severe acute malnutrition are likely to die if they don't receive proper treatment.

But there is hope for the children of Ethiopia. UNICEF-supported therapeutic feeding programs have been set up around Ethiopia following the establishment of a national protocol for severe acute malnutrition. This approach has revolutionized the treatment of malnutrition in Ethiopia, leading to a significant drop in mortality rates for malnourished children of all ages.

Bringing international attention to the plight of these children and the benefits of the therapeutic feeding programs can help save lives!
Pledge to get the story out in your community today.

7 years ago

Imagine a world where bruises and broken bones no longer keep mothers from caring for their children... Imagine a world where girls can get an education without being abused on their walk to school... Imagine a world where women can go to work without fearing violence in the workplace... Imagine a world without violence against women. With your help, this world can be a reality. Women's Funding Network has partnered with Women Thrive Worldwide to call on you to support the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) and take a stand for women worldwide. In addition to being an egregious human rights violation, violence against women is a major cause of poverty and a huge barrier to economic opportunity -- it keeps women from getting an education, working, and earning the income they need to lift their families out of poverty. And research shows that giving women in poor countries economic opportunity empowers them to escape abusive situations. The good news is that violence against women is preventable and that there are proven solutions that work. The International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), if passed, would incorporate these solutions into existing U.S. foreign assistance programs. It would support local women's organizations overseas that are working to end violence against women in their countries. By promoting women's economic opportunity, addressing violence against girls in school, and working to change public attitudes, the IVAWA can have a huge impact on reducing poverty -- freeing women in poor countries to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty. Add your voice to the fight to end violence against women everywhere. Call on lawmakers in the U.S. Congress to Pass the IVAWA! Sign the Petition! Visit our new home on the internet at!

7 years ago

Often a petition catches my eye - a great title, a powerful image, or a compelling call to action. But today, a petition has touched my heart and I'd like to share it with you:

Bill and Victoria Strong's daughter, Gwendolyn, is a beautiful, bubbly baby. But in April, when she was just six months old, Gwendolyn was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the leading genetic killer of children under the age of two. Gwendolyn's parents have dedicated themselves to doing everything they can to help their daughter and all children suffering from SMA by urging Congress to pass the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act (H.R. 3334/S. 2042).

After seeing little success from a traditional letter writing drive, Bill and Victoria started their petition just two weeks ago, and it already has over 7,000 signatures. They are working with two national nonprofit groups to present the signatures to Congress, and Victoria reports that they are already seeing results - Senators Obama and Clinton have just signed on as cosponsors! Politicians have taken notice that their constituents are supporting this legislation.

Victoria told me that she "would go the ends of the earth to save Gwendolyn" and as a mother of two I understand completely. I have signed this petition and forwarded it to my family and friends, and now I'm asking you to do the same. Please help spread the word to find a cure for SMA - for Gwendolyn and all of the beautiful babies like her.

Sign the petition to Cure SMA today:

Bill and Victoria have also created a YouTube video to spread the word about their daughter and their petition - watch it here and forward it to your family and friends.

Thank you so much for taking one minute of your time today to make a difference,

Rebecca Young,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
7 years ago

On May 16, 2007, Sean Kennedy, a 20-year old gay man, was attacked on the streets of Greenville, South Carolina. He died of his injuries later that night. Yet, because of the lack of hate crimes legislation, his attacker will be eligible for parole in as little as 10 months.

Sean was a brave young man with a bright, infectious smile. But his life was cut short and justice left unserved. This tragedy must not be repeated. »

As it stands now, 23 states, including South Carolina, do not have hate crime laws that include sexual orientation, but passage of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Action (LLEHCPA) would change that by strengthening existing laws and allowing the Department of Justice to assist local prosecutions, and where appropriate, investigate and prosecute cases.

Sean's death shows that comprehensive hate crimes legislation is urgently needed. Please support the LLEHCPA. »

Thanks for taking action!

7 years ago
Proposed Bush Regulations Jeopardize Women’s Health

The Bush administration has proposed outrageous regulations that could jeopardize access to basic health care for millions of American women, and possibly compel women’s health clinics to hire individuals unwilling to perform everyday job duties.

As currently drafted, the regulations could:
  • Allow federally funded healthcare professionals and institutions to refuse to provide reproductive health services, including some of the most common forms of birth control.
  • Undermine existing state laws that protect women’s access to birth control.
  • Define abortion to include many of the most common forms of contraception.
“It’s deeply troubling and unfortunate that President Bush should fire this parting shot at women’s access to basic health care in the waning days of his administration,” said Caroline Fredrickson, Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “The proposed Bush regulations put politics above the health care needs of Americans. At a time when more and more Americans are either uninsured or struggling with the soaring costs of health care the federal government should be expanding access to important health services, not interfering in programs that have successfully provided services for years.”
7 years ago
The ACLU filed a landmark lawsuit last week to stop the government from conducting surveillance under a new wiretapping law that gives the Bush administration virtually unchecked power to intercept Americans' international e-mails and telephone calls.

The FISA Amendments Act of 2008, passed by Congress and signed by President Bush, not only legalizes the secret warrantless surveillance program the president approved in late 2001, it gives the government new spying powers, including the power to conduct dragnet surveillance of Americans' international communications. And, by granting telecoms immunity, it has greatly harmed the chances of ever learning the extent of the administration’s lawless actions.

Our lawsuit was filed on behalf of an impressive array of professionals -- journalists, human rights organizations and lawyers-- whose ability to perform their work will be greatly compromised by this new law.

Our clients include The Nation magazine and two of its contributing journalists, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and more.

Because of the nature of their calls and e-mails, our clients believe that their communications are likely to be monitored under the new law. Even the looming possibility of this surveillance disrupts their ability to talk with sources, locate witnesses, conduct scholarship, and engage in advocacy.

The ACLU took out a full-page ad in the New York Times, with over 65,000 signatures, to expressing our outrage at this abandonment of Constitutional principles.

We’ll keep fighting with everything we’ve got until this serious violation of our constitutional rights is defeated once and for all.

>> Stand with the thousands of others who have added their name to the ACLU's ad.
7 years ago

Great news! You may have already heard that 111 nations - that's more than half the world's countries - just adopted draft language for a treaty banning deadly cluster munitions. And there's more good news... the treaty includes assistance for civilians harmed. That's a major feat for which we can all celebrate. With such a positive response to the ban, this is a truly heartening demonstration of compassion for civilians living in war zones.

However, the United States and several other key countries did not send official representatives to the talks and will not be party to the treaty - a big disappointment.

All is not lost, though, because the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S. 594) is still seeking co-sponsors in the Senate. While not an outright ban, the act will go a long way toward limiting the effects of the United States' use and sale of these indiscriminate weapons.
In fact, in the brief time since many of you joined us in contacting your senators about this legislation, a new co-sponsor has signed on: Senator Durbin (D-IL).

That means only five more co-sponsors are needed to help ensure this legislation is passed and the United States does its part to stop cluster munition harm! If you didn't get a chance to call your senators the first time, it's not too late. For more information on how to place a call, including a quick script you can use while on the phone, just go to:

Warm regards,

Marla B
7 years ago

You won't believe this. Senator Coburn (R-OK) has introduced a bill that would allow anyone to carry loaded guns into our national parks. I need you to join me in keeping loaded concealed weapons out of our national parks! Please write your U.S. Senators today and urge them to vote "no" on Senator Coburn's bill on loaded guns in parks.

Let's keep our national parks SAFE for visitors and wildlife.

NPCA isn't opposed to individual gun ownership. But we agree with the National Park Service that our national parks are no place for loaded deadly weapons.

Senator Coburn brokered a deal with the Senate to allow him to introduce five amendments to a package of public lands bills, after he had been blocking those bills for nearly a year. However, despite attempts to keep this senseless amendment from seeing the light of day, Coburn introduced his amendment as a free-standing bill. Senator Coburn clearly has an agenda-- and it's not the safety of park visitors he's thinking about. Like the original amendment, this bill would prohibit Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne from enforcing current weapons restrictions.

Under current regulations, it is perfectly legal to transport firearms through national parks, as long as they are unloaded and safely stored. Asking Secretary Kempthorne to stop enforcing this reasonable rule (which dates back to the Reagan Administration) and start allowing people to carry loaded weapons in our parks would put park visitors, endangered wildlife, and iconic national treasures in jeopardy.

It is urgent that you join me in writing your U.S. Senators and telling them to vote "no" on the Coburn "loaded guns in parks" bill, S. 2619.

Let them know that passing the Coburn bill would:

  • Create new safety hazards for families and children visiting our parks
  • Make it more difficult for underfunded and understaffed park rangers to protect our parks
  • Create confusion over gun laws in parks that straddle multiple states
  • Allow loaded guns in crowded public park areas like the St. Louis Arch and the Jefferson Memorial
  • Increase opportunities for illegal hunting and vandalism

Park rangers are struggling to stay ahead of poachers and vandals. With poaching already threatening a number of species in our national parks throughout the country, allowing loaded guns in our parks could make the situation ten times worse!

I know this is hard to believe, but it's true-- and it's happening right now. Please take action today to oppose S. 2619, the Coburn "loaded guns in parks" bill. Tell your Senators you support the reasonable restrictions already on the books that allow unloaded, stored guns in our parks. It's a rule that respects the rights of gun owners --and protects the safety of families and wildlife.


Thomas C. Kiernan

P.S. The Senate could take this bill up any day, so please don't wait. Write your Senators now and urge them to vote "no" on the Coburn bill. Tell them our national parks are a place for loaded cameras--not loaded guns. Thank you.

7 years ago

Add Your Name to End Violence Against Women!


Send a Valentine of Friendship to Women in Iraq

7 years ago

"Change of laws re Child Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet" petition!

7 years ago
Would love to Sandra sadly not open to non USA citizins, but will cross post in another group

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URGENT: Help Middle Class & Poor Families!!
7 years ago
Hi, Congress is making a decision as early as this week about a short-term economic stimulus plan. But Bush is pushing a plan that gives even more tax breaks to the wealthy--and leaves middle-class and poor families out in the cold.

I signed a petition urging Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan that gets money into the hands of those who need it most, and that includes public investments to move us toward a 21st century, clean energy economy. Can you join me at the link below?



8 years ago
 As Charlotte-Mecklenburg's population grows each year and our relative supply of affordable housing decreases, we continue to see the numbers of homeless families and individuals swell in our community. Over 5,000 people are homeless in Mecklenburg County on any given night and tens of thousands annually

  That total includes people who are living on the streets, staying in shelters and with friends and family, or living in transitional or permanent supportive housing. Nearly half are families; more than a third are children. "Street homelessness" is the image commonly presented to portray homelessness, yet less than 10 percent of the 5,000 homeless people in our region regularly live on the streets. Almost half of all homeless adults are employed.

  Why not invest this kind of money into day shelters for the homeless.  You could provide lifeskills classes to these people.  You could provide GED classes, and work training.  this would help them transition from a life of nothing into a life of something more.  Finally people would be able to get back on their feet and contribute back to society.  Do you really believe that people who are homeless chose to be this way?  It happens because life happens, not because this is the way they choose to live.  Please think about the future of Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  Think about the future of our youth.  Over 2,000 children in our area are homeless.

  A primary cause of homelessness in the Charlotte - Mecklenburg area is the shortage in the supply of affordable homes. A worker earning minimum wage no longer has sufficient income to afford a safe and decent apartment. And with regional fair market rents averaging more than $650 a month for a two-bedroom apartment, many working families are struggling to find homes within financial reach.  With your help, we can ask the Mayor to help.

8 years ago
Children in Darfur Need a Future - Join Lucy Liu in the Virtual March


Stand Strong for Children's Health Coverage


Don't Lick Elmo!


Hold the Antibiotics!


Sign the petition Stop Child Executions
8 years ago

The petition is here

Thank you

Love and Peace

VERY URGENT: Behnam Zare facing execution anytime
8 years ago

Posted by

Stop Child Executions Campaign


Behnam Zare is no loger allowed to have visitors as his 15 day stay of execution is ending. Beham can be executed anytime .

This is the last chance to contact world politicians and organizations to demand Iran's government to stop Behnam's execution before its too late.

For more information read :

all signed!
8 years ago

Thanks, Ross & Everyone!  

8 years ago
A new report by the ACLU, Broken Promises: Two Years After Katrina, exposes numerous civil rights violations that have occurred in Louisiana and Mississippi since the storm, including reports of heightened racially motivated police activity, housing discrimination, and prisoner abuse.

"Politicians made promises, but they failed to fix the problems that Katrina's fury made painfully clear,” said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. “The government must be held accountable for its mistakes rather than allowed to perpetuate the systemic racism and discrimination that only added strength to the storm."

The report highlights the ongoing abuses since the storm, including:
  • Violence and neglect run rampant behind the walls of the jails. Some conditions in the Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) have even worsened since last year. The House of Detention, the largest of four jail buildings reopened since the storm, is severely overcrowded and conditions are squalid. Prisoners are forced to sleep on the floor without mattresses for weeks at a time in areas where up to 18 prisoners are held in cells designed for 10 people. There is no air-conditioning in most of the overcrowded facility despite excessive heat. These inhumane and dangerous conditions are exacerbated by severe understaffing at the jail.
  • Medical and mental health services at the jails are grossly inadequate. There reportedly have been several recent outbreaks of "staph" infections, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease caused by filth and unsanitary conditions, and efforts to provide treatment are deficient.
  • Prisoners who are identified as needing mental health care after being taken into custody have been sent to a unit where they are strapped down to a bed in five-point restraints. The ACLU has received reports of prisoners being left there, largely unsupervised, for days at a time without any breaks, even to use the restroom.
In light of the findings in the report, Congress should pass legislation to address post-Katrina injustices, including racial profiling, voter disenfranchisement, and the dearth of health care facilities and low-income housing. The Department of Justice should investigate severe problems at OPP, the New Orleans jail system where prisoners were abandoned during the storm.

The report and video testimonials are available online.
8 years ago

Improve Support for Hard-Hit Families


ALL Children and Pregnant Women Deserve Health Coverage!

8 years ago

Ban Cluster Bombs: The Weapon That Keeps Killing


Stop Human Rights Abuse of Immigrants in Greece


Tell Congress: Support Reproductive Health at Home and Worldwide!


Reauthorize the Breast Cancer Research Stamp
8 years ago
Finally, things are moving forward. The pressure is mounting, and Congress is starting to hear our demands: hold the Bush administration accountable for running roughshod over the rule of law, and restore our Constitution.

We must not stop now, and you can help us to get the job done. Please join the ACLU today to restore our Constitution and get our America back.

We're getting to crunch time and the question is: Will Congress take decisive action or just work around the edges of these critical issues?

We must not let Congress’ fears or timidity stand in the way of reclaiming our basic liberties. It’s up to us to insist that our representatives say "enough" to an administration that has shown reckless regard for our rights and our Constitution.

With your help, we will get our message across. And we will be crystal clear about what we value:

We believe the weakening of habeas corpus is an affront to the Constitution, so we're going to restore it.

We believe Guantanamo Bay is an insult to the most fundamental human rights principles, so we’re going to close it.

We think FBI abuse of National Security Letters, circumventing the courts to obtain people’s private information, is a danger to our democracy and the rule of law, so we’re going to stop it.

We believe that giving any President the ability to define torture in any way he or she sees fit is an affront to our deepest-held values, so we’re going to end it.

We believe that no President should be above the law and that the checks and balances built into our government must be honored, so we’re going to demand it.

We’re headed in the right direction. Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee issued subpoenas to the White House, Vice President Cheney and the Department of Justice for documents relating to NSA spying. And last week, we heard about discussions within the administration of closing the prison at Guantanamo.

But we’re in no mood to accept half-measures and empty promises. We have to insist that Congress goes all the way from exposing abuses of power to ending them. And what happens in these next few weeks will be absolutely critical. Join the ACLU today to restore our Constitution and get our America back.

Freedom can’t wait any longer. Let’s demand that Congress act decisively and immediately to close Gitmo, restore habeas corpus, end torture and stop illegal spying. Please make a contribution today to get the job done.

Thank you for standing with us and for your support.


help ! buffalo sched. 4 slaughter
8 years ago
> Subject: URGENT! Montana Lied, Intends to Slaughter!
> Dear Buffalo Friends,
> WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO. Your calls are needed now.
> Approximately 50 wild buffalo are in the trap near West Yellowstone's
> airport right now. After all their quotes in papers worldwide
> promising not to slaughter any buffalo left in Montana, the agencies
> have back-tracked on their word to the American people and others
> throughout the world.
> A Montana Department of LIEStock press release stated they will
> capture and slaughter any bull bison that are in the small group of
> approximately 50 still in Montana. They claim the bison trap cannot
> handle bulls, which is another lie because, as you know, they've
> captured and sent to slaughter hundreds of bull bison over the years.
> Intent to slaughter bull bison was confirmed by officials with
> Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.
> Bull bison pose no risk of brucellosis transmission. With calving
> season over, none of the buffalo pose any risk of brucellosis
> transmission to cattle. There are no cattle on the public lands that
> wild bison are migrating to. There has never been a confirmed case
> of wild bison transmitting brucellosis to cattle.
> Agencies might also send yearling buffalo to the Corwin Springs
> quarantine facility, where they will be raised like livestock and
> used in scientific experiments. Half of all the yearlings sent to
> Corwin Springs will be slaughtered.
> Apparently, the agencies will still transport the buffalo mothers
> and calves they capture in West Yellowstone to the Park's Stephens
> Creek bison trap near Gardiner. Transport is going to be a living
> hell for these moms and calves who will be separated for the over
> 150-mile long journey. They will hold the bison captive for a few
> days before releasing them.
> BFC patrols are in the field documenting everything and doing a lot
> of community outreach near the capture facility.
> PLEASE TAKE ACTION and attempt to save the lives of these bulls and
> yearlings. We've done it once, let's do it again. Please spread the
> word to save this herd!
> * MONTANA GOVERNOR BRIAN SCHWEITZER: Ask him why he lied. Demand
> that Schweitzer keep his promise to not slaughter any buffalo! Tell
> him the solution is in year-round habitat for wild buffalo in Montana.
> (406) 444-3111 (phone) * (406) 444-5529 (fax) * (email)
> * MONTANA ACTING STATE VET JEANNE RANKIN: Urge her to withdraw her
> decision to slaughter Yellowstone bison bulls who pose NO RISK of
> transmitting brucellosis. Remind her the whole world is watching!
> (406) 444-1895 (phone) * (800) 523-3162 (phone) * (406) 444-1929
> (fax) * (email)
> why she is part of the lie? Do not allow Montana to slaughter bulls
> or put yearlings in quarantine! These are AMERICA'S last wild
> buffalo, not Montana's. Tell her you know the Stephens Creek trap
> could hold bulls, so there's no reason that Montana should slaughter
> them!
> (307) 344-2002 (phone)* (307) 344-2005 (fax) *
> OR (email)
> Thank you for keeping the pressure on these officials! These wild
> buffalo are the country's last. They have never transmitted the
> cattle-disease brucellosis back to the cows they got it from. They
> are native to all of Montana and have a right to roam, especially on
> our public lands.
> **********************
> **********************
> --
> Media & Outreach
> Buffalo Field Campaign
> P.O. Box 957
> West Yellowstone, MT 59758
> 406-646-0070
> BFC is the only group working in the field every day
> to defend the last wild herd of buffalo in America.
> Stay informed! Get our weekly email Updates from the Field:
> Send your email address to
> BOYCOTT BEEF! It's what's killing wild buffalo.
> Speak Out! Contact politicians and involved agencies today:
> Write a Letter to the Editor of key newspapers:
> Help the buffalo by recycling your used cell phones & printer cartridges:
> It's free and easy.
8 years ago

Make Childbirth Safe for ALL Women! Support the Safe Motherhood Platform

Motherhood and pregnancy should be a time of great joy and new beginnings, but in the poorest parts of the world, motherhood can be deadly.

One woman dies about every minute from pregnancy related complications. This leaves more than 1 million children motherless and vulnerable. [1]

These statistics are especially devastating because almost all maternal deaths today are preventable and most complications can be avoided or treated effectively with modern care.

Motherhood can and should be made safe! Join us in supporting the Safe Motherhood Platform: a trio of legislative initiatives that can save countless lives and help millions of women build a better future for themselves and their families.

Tell your Senator to support CARE's Safe Motherhood Platform today.

8 years ago

Support the Global Child Survival Act

This Mother's Day, millions of families will celebrate life's most fundamental bond between mother and child. And yet for too many families in poor countries, the joy of parenthood is cut short by anguish. This May, nearly a million parents worldwide will lose a young child. 

Every 3 seconds a child dies from a preventable or treatable cause. That is 28,000 every day. Our goal for this petition is 28,000 signatures, symbolic of this statistic. Ten million children under five die from preventable and treatable diseases every year. They're not dying from mysterious, incurable diseases, but from diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition and other causes that would be unthinkable in our own country. 

The significant commitment of the United States to children's health in the developing world contributed to a 50 percent reduction in child mortality between 1960 and 1990. And yet we've allowed funding for global maternal and child health programs to decline by 20 percent in the last 10 years. 

Members of Congress have stepped up and introduced the Global Child Survival Act. This legislation would recommit the United States to improving children's health by expanding funding for proven solutions like immunizations and antibiotics.

Please tell your representatives in Congress to support the Global Child Survival Act.

8 years ago
Stand Up For Displaced Iraqi Civilians!
The displacement of Iraqis is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world. The UN estimates that 2 million Iraqis have fled the violence in their country, and another million have left their homes seeking refuge in other parts of Iraq. Over one hundred thousand more flee every month. Yet, incredibly, President Bush has yet to acknowledge the magnitude of the crisis.

Neighboring countries are being overwhelmed by the massive influx of refugees. Refugees International reports that the violence in Iraq has reached a deadly tipping point - most Iraqis feel that their lives are in danger. The chaotic displacement of so many people feeds the cycle of conflict and violence that shows no sign of abating.

The U.S. must take act now to ease this problem, including:
  • increasing funding for the UN Refugee Agency;
  • supporting neighboring countries that are absorbing the majority of the refugees; and
  • taking responsibility for resettling the most vulnerable, including those who are targeted for death because of past association with Americans.

Sign the petition below to tell President Bush that he must not ignore the plight facing displaced Iraqis any longer.

8 years ago

Pledge to Live a One Planet Life!

Each of us can make a difference. By learning more about our individual impact, we can significantly reduce the amount of pollution and waste we produce as a whole. It can start with something as simple as buying fewer pieces of clothing or driving one less day per week.

Please watch the video, and show your commitment to decreasing your impact on our One Planet by signing this pledge and learning more from the resources provided by Care2.

Pledge to live a One Planet Life, learn more and teach others
about how it can be done!

8 years ago
Don't Let Bush Veto the Plan to Bring Our Troops Home
Democrats have passed critical legislation to support our troops, take care of our veterans, and end the war in Iraq. President Bush has threatened to veto the plan. We've seen the terrible consequences of President Bush's failed policy in Iraq. It has made us less, not more, secure.

The American people are demanding a New Direction in Iraq. It's time to support the Democrats' plan to treat our troops with the dignity and respect they deserve!

Instead of giving George W. Bush a blank check to continue his strategy for failure in Iraq, the Democrats' plan would:
  • establish clear benchmarks in order to hold the Bush Administration and the Iraqi government accountable;
  • ensure our troops the equipment, training and treatment they need; and
  • set a firm timetable for bringing our combat troops home.

Sign the petition telling President Bush NOT TO VETO THE PLAN to end the war in Iraq, to strengthen our security and to provide our troops with the support they need!
8 years ago

Presidential Hopefuls: Give us a Plan for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World

The Bush Administration recently chose a design for the first new nuclear warhead in two decades - at the same time that it's pressuring countries like North Korea and Iran to reverse their nuclear aspirations. This underscores the misguided U.S. approach to nuclear weapons. We need to make a nuclear weapon-free a national priority in the 2008 elections.

White House The next President of the United States will have an unprecedented opportunity to take bold action to make the world safer, by reaffirming our commitment to eliminating nuclear weapons and delegitimizing their development and possession.

Now is the time for 2008 presidential candidates to step up as global leaders and offer us a creative vision for U.S. nuclear policy.

Join us in telling the 2008 presidential hopefuls to propose a new nuclear policy and to make peace and security a priority for their campaigns.

8 years ago

Indigo S.
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Act For Special Procedures: A Global Petition 12:02 AM

“The Special Procedures give a voice to the voiceless victims of abuses.”

-Kofi Annan, 19 June 2006

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s special rapporteurs and representatives, independent experts and working groups - collectively known as the “Special Procedures” - are among the most innovative, flexible and responsive tools created by the UN to promote and protect human rights.

Over the 40 years of their existence, the Special Procedures have made urgent interventions concerning thousands of individuals whose lives and physical integrity were at risk; through their country missions and studies, they have made recommendations for the improvement of human rights at the national and international levels; they have facilitated a better understanding and encouraged the development of human rights law.

The Special Procedures continue to play a unique role and are as essential to the improvement of human rights in the world in 2007 as they were in 1967, when the very first mandate was created.

Today their coverage ranges from freedom from torture, arbitrary or extrajudicial executions, "counter-terrorism", racism and violence against women to respect for the rights to health, to food and to adequate housing. They help to protect individuals and groups, such as migrants and indigenous peoples, and address situations of human rights violations both globally and in specific countries.

Take Action Now!

The UN Human Rights Council is currently discussing changes to the Special Procedures through a review, which must be completed by June 2007. Despite the clear need for the Human Rights Council to strengthen the Special Procedures, several states are instead proposing changes that would cripple the ability of Special Procedures to promote and protect human rights effectively.

Those states are disregarding the harm that such measures would do to the men, women and children whose human rights are violated every day in all parts of the world, and who look to the Special Procedures to intervene on their behalf in defence of their rights.

Add Your Name To The Petition !

We, the undersigned, believe that the Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council are fundamental to the UN's efforts to promote and protect all human rights of all people everywhere. We call on UN member states to build on the achievements of the past in maintaining a strengthened system of Special Procedures that comprises independent experts who are able to monitor and respond rapidly to allegations of human rights violations throughout the world as effectively as possible, without interference.

8 years ago

Jessie C.
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Take a look at this Share:

Alert: Please sign against Torture Flights
(7 comments) — Please circulate  widelyStop Torture Flights Please support our new online petition against torture flights. You can sign at members of the Scottish Parliament We are shocked both at the continuing failure of all th...  more
Petition to US Senate against Cluster Bombs
8 years ago
Modern weapons in general create horrifying experiences for civilians caught in the line of fire. But some weapons continue to kill and maim innocent people for months or years after the conflict has ended. Cluster bombs, which release thousands of bomblets over a large area, are one such weapon. Due to high “dud” rates, many bomblets sit unexploded near homes, playgrounds, and farms until someone triggers their deadly blast.

Senator Diane Feinstein has introduced legislation to restrict the use and sale of cluster bombs. We plan to deliver this petition next week. Can you add your name and help spread the word?

8 years ago

Indigo S.
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To:  The Secretary General of the United Nations, The United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, African Commission on Human and People's Rights,The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Amnesty International

To: The Secretary General of the United Nations,
The United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights,
The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH),
African Commission on Human and People's Rights
Amnesty International,
Sudanese, regional and international organisations of Human rights,
All concerned individuals, nationally and internationally.

Save Amouna Abdallah Daldoum and Sadia Idries Fadul from Death by Stoning

The International organization Against Torture has recently disseminated news from Sudan that two Darfurian women

Ms. Amouna Abdallah Daldoum (23 years old)
Ms. Sadia Idries Fadul (22 years old from Tama tribe, Darfur)

have been convicted of adultery under s.146 of Sudan penal Code 1990 ,and sentenced to death by stoning(before Al-azazi Court/Managil Province /Gazera State) ,
while the accused man has been acquitted.
In this critical time when the atrocities of mass rape and sexual violence against women have been painfully used as a war weapon in Darfur conflict. Sudan justice system witnesses reluctance or even failure to effectively adjudicate and punish the perpetrators and adequately redress the victims .Thus, such convictions and cruel sentencing raise a serious question of impartiality.

We, the undersigned, urge you to call upon Sudan Government to abolish such major punishments and to affect legal and institutional reform to remove gender-based discrimination in laws and practices.


The Undersigned

8 years ago
End Child Slavery in Haiti
The people of Fond des Blancs seek your solidarity and support in telling the Government of Haiti (GOH), the United States, and the United Nations that you want to end child slavery in Haiti. Should you agree with the following, the people of Fond des Blancs hope you will mirror their efforts and sign this COSEDERF-sponsored petition:

** Yes! I want all children in Haiti to live and grow in freedom and dignity.

** Yes! I stand in solidarity with efforts to eliminate the root causes of the restavèk system in Haiti.

** Yes! Haitian parents should be able to care for their children, providing them with food, shelter, clean water, and guidance.

** Yes! I call on Haiti leaders to fulfill Haiti's obligations to provide free compulsory education to all of its children

** Yes! I urge Haiti's allies, in particular the United States, to support community efforts to end child slavery in Haiti.
 [ send green star]
8 years ago
Stop the Violence in Uganda! Please Support the Peace Talks

The U.S. government can make a difference in the lives of nearly 2 million people by supporting the current peace talks!

For over 20 years the rebel group, Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), has waged a brutal war against the Government of Uganda. The ruthless fighters in this conflict have resorted to barbaric tactics of murder, mutilation, burning of villages, sexual enslavement, and abduction of civilians – especially children – to be forced to fight.

Our elected officials should (1) work for a conflict resolution at the peace talks in Juba, Southern Sudan and (2) increase humanitarian aid to this war-torn area.

8 years ago
all signed
8 years ago
Petition to End Modern-Day Slavery: The Amazing Change
"There are more slaves in the world today than during all 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade" - Sourced by Kevin Bales.  1999.  Disposable People:  New Slavery in the Global Economy.

"It's estimated that 27 million people are in slavery around the world" - Sourced by the UN, New York Times, Amnesty International, The Christian Science Monitor, and Free The Slaves
, among others.

It is difficult to imagine that people in the world today are still bought and sold, bartered for and mistreated, but the plight of modern day slaves is all too real.
Whether it's forced labor, forced child labor or bonded slavery with men, women and children toiling on plantations, in rice mills, brick kilns and many other industries; or the deplorable and prevalent trade in humans to serve as sex slaves, slavery is flourishing in many parts of the world.  It is still every bit as ugly as it was 200 years ago and it must end.

No matter what our religious beliefs or political affiliation, we can all agree that children, women and men should not be treated this way.  Please sign this short petition which will be presented to the U.N. as well as the U.S. and U.K. governments.
8 years ago

Indigo S.
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Maria Ivete Bastos

How long will the crimes of land robbers, who for ages have dominated with brutal force, the territories of our traditional folks and communities, most of all in the Amazon, triumph over our efforts to create a just and dignified society?

Once again we face another attack against the life of good people, workers who spend their blood and sweat to create and defend dignity and sustainable development, a just agrarian reform that is so much needed in this country. Defend our natural resources as our sacred heritage that for ages has guaranteed our survival and that of our future generations. Defend them without causing any harm to our true home, PLANET EARTH!

Once again, one of our leaders faces death and torture. Our sister IVETE BASTOS, president of the biggest farmers’ union of the Amazon, in the municipality of Santarém in the State of Pará, has received numerous death threats and they’re getting worse: they would not kill her like the others, these threats say, with just a bullet. Rather, she’d be tortured to death.

We have accompanied the struggle of this union for public policies and civil rights of the rural population under the command of bravery, lead by our companheira Ivete who is not easy to be scared or intimidated by the cowardly acts of these lackeys to the destruction of the grand heritage of humanity, who steal the wealth that we produce with the sweat of our bodies, who love to assassinate our peaceful leaders in order to demonstrate the hateful domination, exploitation and humiliation of the intelligent species. But the limit is reached. The State of Pará has the worst record of political violence in Brazil. The murderers of Sister Dorothy and so many others still run free and they’re on to the next, while the authorities remain silent and passive.

Ivete Bastos needs protection! The peaceful leaders of the human rights movement in the Amazon need protection! We ask the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Brazilian government to:

- immediately include Ivete Bastos in the program “National Human Rights Defenders’ Protection Program” (Programa Nacional de Proteção aos Defensores dos Direitos Humanos)

- allow Ivete Bastos to choose the protection team of her confidence

- guarantee the safety of all leaders of the peaceful movement for land reform and human rights of the Amazon rainforest



The Council of Rubber Tappers (Conselho Nacional dos Seringueiros – CNs) of the State of Pará. 

8 years ago
Right this minute, one out of five children does not have access to clean water. They can't get a drink when they are thirsty. They can't take a bath to stay clean.

Lack of clean water is the second largest killer of children under five, and lack of drinking water is one of the most urgent health crises facing human kind today. Consider the following:
  • Over 21 percent of children living in developing countries do not have access to clean water.
  • Waterborne disease causes 80 percent of all infant illness and mortality.
  • Girls and women are particularly at risk since they are burdened with traveling long distances to fetch water (instead of going to school or work).

Marcus Samuelsson, Discovery Home Channel's star chef and acclaimed cookbook author, is showing his support for World Water Day by speaking out as a UNICEF Ambassador. He says, "Water is key to the survival of young children and their families. Without access to safe water and adequate sanitation, families remain mired in deplorable conditions."

Like Marcus, we can take action in our own lifes to raise awareness. We may not be able to speak out as an Ambassador, but we raise our awareness about global health and water issues, such as finding out about the quality of our local tap water or learning about the effects of water scarcity worldwide.

To commemorate World Water Day on March 22, pledge to take action in your own life and show that you support bringing access to clean water to all children and their families!

Actions and Petition
8 years ago
Thank you to everyone for posting these important petitions.  Signed today, March 15, 2007.
G8 summit/global warming
8 years ago
Dear friends,

I am one of over 50,000 people from 131 countries around the world demanding G8 leaders to take action to stop the climate crisis. This is urgent, and I thought you might be interested - please see the email below.

Dear friend,

This Thursday, the environment ministers from the G8, the world's biggest contributors to climate change, will be meeting in Germany. The outcome of this meeting is crucial to world's response to global warming. has been invited to attend this meeting to present our climate change petition. A strong voice for action could help set the agenda for the G8. To help seize this opportunity, click below:

The G8 is a summit of world leaders from the 'Group of 8' largest economies. Together, these countries account for 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions--the gasses that cause climate change. The full G8 summit is coming in June, but the agenda and outcome of this type of high-profile event is usually set far in advance--at meetings like the one this Thursday.

This year, the president of the G8 is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her environment minister, Sigmar Gabriel, is in charge of the ministers meeting Thursday. And at 4 pm on March 15th, we have a personal meeting with Mr. Gabriel to present our petition for binding emissions targets to stop catastrophic climate change.

Merkel has indicated an interest in making climate change a top priority. With a significant global petition, we can make the case that the world is ready for aggressive leadership on climate change--and pave the way for truly historic commitments at the G8 summit this June.

It's a rare opportunity to have a global impact. Add your voice to the petition now:

50,000 people from 131 countries have already demanded action. Our goal is to reach 100,000. Please sign the petition, forward this email to friends and family, and post the link on your blog--we only have a few days to make this statement count.

If we add our voices together, now, 2007 can become the year we took the first step to save the world.

With hope,

Ricken, David, Iain, Lee-Sean, Galit, Graziela, and the rest of the team

8 years ago

Indigo S.
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Talk is rising of a ‘clash of civilizations’. But the problem isn’t culture, it’s politics – from 9/11 to Guantanamo, Iraq to Iran. This clash is not inevitable, and we don't want it.

So where to start? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the key symbol of the rift between Islam & the West. It's time to step up and take the initiative.

Add your voice below and when leaders meet in late March, our message will be delivered in a way they can’t ignore.

Petition to Israeli, Palestinian & international leaders: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict lies at the heart of a global clash threatening to divide us all. People from every corner of the world want a just and lasting peace in the Middle East - and the international community can and must help bring all sides to the table. Start Real Middle East Talks Now, and stay at the negotiating table until we have peace.
Sign the Petition

8 years ago
Petition for Suzanne Swift 


Community Alliance of Lane Country, Oregon
Military Families Speak Out
Texas Women Veterans, Austin
Women Veterans of America
STAAAMP, Inc.                                            
Women Organizing Women      

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate release of Suzanne Swift from Fort Lewis, WA where she is being detained for refusing to return to her unit where she was sexually harassed and demeaned.

Suzanne was in trauma counseling prior to being arrested for AWOL. She was initially guarded by one of her abusers. She is now back, under the control of the military, restricted to post, with the added stress of pressing charges against some of the members of her unit. This situation serves to exacerbate the trauma and is unacceptable.

If the military is not going to protect women, then women have a right to protect themselves.

If the military refuses to enforce their own policies on sexual harassment, and continues to allow an environment where reporting abuse is dangerous to the woman, then clearly, Suzanne Swift has the right to say no, to insure her own health and well being.

Failure of trust occurred causing Suzanne's absence without leave. Good order and discipline would have prevented this situation. Suzanne's first experience taking her complaints up the Chain of Command ended poorly; what would lead her to believe it would be different if she continued?

When a young person is subjected to this type of abuse of power, they become beaten down, easily intimidated, and unable to stand up for themselves.

The military has displayed gross negligence and poor judgment in the case of Suzanne Swift. Due to this fact, and the military's inability to maintain their own policies and discipline within their ranks concerning these issues; and the prevailing and tolerated misogyny that currently permeates the United States Armed Forces, the military has proven themselves unfit to pass judgment on Suzanne Swift.

The groups sponsoring this petition do not necessarily hold the same point of view on many issues; some come from strongly opposing sides and do not necessarily endorse the activities of the other. However, we have all recognized, as have those who sign this petition, the injustice of the treatment of Suzanne Swift, and the serious problems faced by troops, particularly in Iraq.

We demand an immediate honorable administrative discharge for Suzanne Swift, who has already served honorably for one tour in Iraq, enduring not only the environment of war, but also the objectification, harassment, and manipulation by her superiors.
Enough is enough.

We recognize that the Department of Defense has recently initiated a Task Force on the mental health issues in the military. We further demand representation on this Task Force and to be involved in all future efforts made by the DoD. These representatives will be selected by the Task Force that came together to help Suzanne Swift and scripted this petition.

We also call on the following individuals to answer to us, why the
the DoD's policies have not been enforced.

President of the United States, George W. Bush
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Dr. William Winkenwerder Jr., Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
Army Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley, Surgeon General
Bill Carr, Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Military Personnel Policy
Armed Forces Chaplains Board
General Peter Pace (USMC), Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. (USN), Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Vice Admiral Patricia Ann Tracey, Chief of Naval Education and Training
Congressman Peter DeFazio, OR
Senator Gordon Smith, OR
Senator Ron Wyden, OR
Senator John Cornyn, TX
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX
Senator John Warner, Senate Armed Services Committee, VA
Senator Carl Levin, Senate Armed Services Committee, MI
Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressional Armed Services Committee, CA
Congressman Martin Meehan, Congressional Armed Services Committee, MA
Senator George Voinovich, Senate Ethics Committee, OH
Senator Tim Johnson, Senate Ethics Committee, SD
Congressman Doc Hastings, House Ethics Committee, WA
Congressman Howard Berman, House Ethics Committee, CA
Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, House Ethics Committee, OH

Respectfully awaiting your response,

8 years ago

Don't Risk Another Nuclear Showdown: Support Direct Negotiations with Iran Now


Cut the Funding, Stop the War


Tell Chancellor Merkel: Stop the Darfur Genocide Now


8 years ago
Don't Let Big Retailers Pass Fees on to You!


What are we Eating? Require Restaurants to Provide Nutritional Information


I Vote Pro- Choice


Protect Survivors of Rape Against Unwanted Pregnancy


Help Rape Survivors Get the Health Care They Need

8 years ago
End Violence Against Women & Girls

During the past 20 years sexual violence against women and girls has been a weapon of war. As many as 50,000 women and girls were raped during the war in Bosnia. And right now, rape is rampant in Darfur. Women and girls are raped and abused every day in almost every conflict around the world.

We need your help - Tell Congress to:
  • Fund programs that prevent violence and respond to incidents of rape against women and girls;
  • Support efforts to help women and girls recover their dignity, health, livelihood, and families;
  • Include anti-sexual violence initiatives in relevant international assistance programs.

We call on you as our elected officials to make the fight against sexual violence a top priority for U.S. foreign policy and foreign assistance funding.

Children Care2 petitions
8 years ago

Receive these lists of petitions from forward email.. Please sign the ones you haven’t done so yet or sign if you think it is for a worthy cause.. Thanks!

Thank you to paypal for acting responsibly to wipe out pedophilia websites
"Street children" in new South African CHILD CARE ACT 
Stop Child Sex Slave Trade in the UK
Ban face-down, prone restraint use on children and teens
8 years ago

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We only have six days left to reach our goal of delivering 20,000 petition signatures to our leaders in Washington by March 20th, the 4th Anniversary of the war in Iraq. In order to deliver the petition on the 20th, we need all signatures by March 6th.

We are only 1,004 signatures away from reaching our goal. Can you please give us one more little push to help us get there?

Just hit "forward" to send the message below to your family and friends and ask them to join you in honoring our veterans by signing the 2007 Help Our Heroes Petition.

Thank you again!

--------------------------------FORWARD MESSAGE BELOW-------------------------------

A few weeks ago we asked our patriotic supporters which issue they thought was most important to our troops and veterans.

Thousands of concerned citizens spoke… and we listened!

Over 63% of those who responded to the 2007 Help Our Heroes Survey said that reducing the extended waits for VA medical care should be Congress’ top priority for our veterans in 2007.

Help Protect our Veterans! Sign the 2007 Help Our Heroes Petition.

Click here to add your name now.

Help us reach 20,000 signatures by March 6th!

The VA backlog is at an all time high - over 800,000 cases - which means extended waits for healthcare and benefits. We can’t stand by and let our newest veterans struggle to survive after they leave the battlefield. Those 800,000 cases represent real people -- veterans who’ve served our country and their families -- who need our help and are not getting it.

We need to reduce the VA backlog and extended waits for healthcare NOW.That’s why we are conducting the 2007 Help Our Heroes Petition. Now is the time to remind our leaders in Washington to keep their promises to care for our troops and veterans on the battlefield and when they return.

Please add your name now. The more signatures we have, the more powerful the message we will be sending our leaders.

Add My Name

We want to deliver the petition to our leaders on March 20th, the 4th Anniversary of the war in Iraq, so we need all signatures by March 6th.

Let’s honor the sacrifice of our troops and veterans by holding our leaders to the promise they made to our defenders. The promise to care for them and their families in return for their brave service.

Please sign the petition today!

Our goal is to gather 20,000 signatures so please forward this email to your family, friends and co-workers. Ask them to join you in demanding veterans' issues are a top priority in 2007.

Forward to a Friend

Thank you for supporting our troops and veterans.

8 years ago

Lauren S.
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Please and pass on to your friends and other groups.

Blessed Be

8 years ago

Came across this petition from another group.. Hope you can sign it as well if you havent done so yet..

Help Cut Global Hunger in Half by 2015!
Our country is not on track to keep the promises we made to the world's poorest people.
In 2000, the United States joined with 188 other nations to endorse the Millennium Development Goals that aim to cut global poverty in half by 2015. To uphold this commitment, an additional $5 billion of our $2.7 trillion national budget must go towards poverty-focused development assistance this year to reduce hunger, poverty, and disease. An extra 1 percent of our budget would save millions of lives and provide hope and opportunity to families around the world.

More than 852 million people around the world go hungry and 6 million children die each year mostly from hunger-related causes. The United States is blessed with abundant resources and a strong spirit. We can afford to keep our promises to the world's hungry and poor people.

Please urge the Senate to meet our commitments to hungry and poor people around the world as they continue to work on the State Department/Foreign Operations bill!

8 years ago

We Need Leadership, Not New Nuclear Weapons

The Bush administration is seeking funding for an initiative to develop new nuclear weapons and rebuild the weapons manufacturing infrastructure left over from the Cold War. This misguided plan will launch a new, costly, and unnecessary cycle of nuclear weapon design, development, and production.

At the same time, many prominent people, including former Republican Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, are calling for the United States to take the lead in efforts toward a "World Free of Nuclear Weapons."

It's time for real leadership and dialogue on nuclear weapons, not to build new ones. Join these efforts today by urging your senators and representative to reject funding for the administration's misguided plans and to use their leadership, voice, and votes to help achieve the goal of zero nuclear weapons.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns in our comment field - your personal comments will be included in your letter to Congress. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect! 

8 years ago
End China's Human Rights Abuses in Tibet Before the 2008 Olympics
Although China is known around the world for violating human rights in Tibet, the International Olympic Committee chose Beijing as the site for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Tens of thousands of Tibetans have been forced to leave their homeland due to the brutal Chinese occupation.

China's current policy toward Tibet includes:
  • Imprisoning and torturing Tibetans who speak out against the Chinese occupation of Tibet;
  • Violating religious freedoms, including abducting one of Tibet's most important religious figures when he was only six years old. The boy has not been seen since 1995;
  • Failing to provide adequate education and health care to Tibetan children, and to eradicate child malnutrition and preventable illnesses; and
  • Enforcing laws that discriminate against Tibetan identity, culture, and religion.

China has a historic opportunity to change its treatment of Tibetans and show the world that it's worthy to host the 2008 Olympics by negotiating a peace agreement with Tibet's exiled leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Let China know that its successful Olympic bid does NOT mean the world sanctions its mistreatment of Tibetans! CALL ON CHINA TO END HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN TIBET.

8 years ago
URGENT! Please Help! 

My heart-friend, who is Native American and following the traditional Red Road, is serving a 15-life sentence for defending his life when he was attacked. He is currently in his 18th year of imprisonment at a California State Prison, where racism and humiliation are daily routine.

At his previous Parole hearing he had to endure racist remarks and a very hostile attitude from some of the Parole Board members, and even was told that his being Indian will not give him freedom.

He now has his 3rd Parole hearing coming up end of this month, after the hearing just lately has been rescheduled from April to February - which leaves us very little time to get everything ready.  We cannot afford to hire an attorney, and the public attorney he asked for will not see him until 5 minutes prior to the hearing.  


Any support is welcome! We need

  • legal advice/assistance
  • job offers
  • housing
  • transitional assistance/housing offers
  • support letters from individuals willing to help as well as from institutions/companies/organizations

in LA county. If you can help - or know of people/institutions who could - please contact me for further information.

Thank you!


8 years ago

One of the first major violations against the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie (still legal, yet ignored) is the so-called "1887 Dawes Allotment Act" which gave “title” over Indigenous lands to the u.s. government. This was when the Indians got the label of “ward” used against them – they officially became the neglected, abused, adopted “step child” of u.s. government officials.
This act is not only a violation of Article VI of the U.S. Constitution ("Treaties made with Indian Nations shall be the supreme law of the land"), it violates the Nakota (L/D/DN/Nakota; misnomer "Sioux") “communal” manner of living, and the basic rights of women (the act gave each male “head of family” a “grant” of a certain amount of acres of land for their family’s use).
In line with the illegal and immoral intent of the "act", “excess lands” were simply handed over to non-Indigenous “homesteaders”, diminishing the newly declared “reservation lands” almost immediately, the start of what is called “checker boarding” today.
In the illegal act, when the male “landowner” head of family died, “his land” was divided among his surviving family members. Because unscrupulous government agents and policies made “reservation life” so difficult, many people were forced to "sell their land", which the Department of Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) so eagerly processed – increasing the “checkerboard” effect.
In October 2004, a federal judge “rules” that the government must notify “Indian landowners” before the government seeks to sell property from the “Indian Trust Fund” it manages which collects money from oil, timber, grazing leases, and other “revenue creating activities.” Over the past 117 years, the “slush fund ‘Trust’ account” has been “tapped” by as of yet unnamed government officials (some estimate to the tune of over 70%) who have become millionaires off the theft of Indigenous "trust fund" revenues.
Indigenous “reservation land” has been whittled down to only 10 million acres from more than 40 million acres in the year 1900.
In a 1996 class-action lawsuit filed by an Indigenous Blackfoot woman, it is believed that government officials have stolen over $136 billion dollars. Last year alone, the government paid “landowners” about $500 million dollars from the Trust Fund - yet the Fund generated over $3 billion dollars.
To add insult to injury, in 1993, senator Daschle (a “democrat” and recently thought of “ally” of “Indians in South Dakota&rdquo sponsored legislation, which stole leasing rights from individual “landowners” and placed them into the control of “tribal councils.” This illegal “Indian Agricultural Resources Management Act” was also fully supported by another democrat, senator Inouye from Hawaii – yet another Indian “friend.”
The list of ongoing, illegal, immoral acts against Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples by ruthless government officials continues against the nationhood of the Red Race – yet they are encouraged to “vote” and act like “good Americans” all the while their lands and rights diminish before their very eyes.
Congress must adopt a law which totally restores the “Original Reservation Lands” of each "American Indian Reservation within the United States of America" to its original size, acreage, and under the authority and care of, by, and to its original owner, the Indigenous Red “Indian” Nation (previously referred to as an “American Indian Tribe&rdquo to which the land was initially and originally specified and agreed to. The “Indian ‘Original Reservation Lands’ Restoration Act HR/S1851R” (or similar such bill) would relinquish and properly and adequately relocate any and all claims to those lands and areas by non-Indigenous entities such as squatters, homesteaders, u.s. citizens, the National Park Service, the Departments of War/Defense/Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, and any other federal government agency, bureau, department, or official.
The purposes of a bill like HR/S1851R would be to
a) return all original reservation lands to their previous and original owner, the American Indian tribe who the land was originally and initially granted to
b) remove and relocate any and all squatters, homesteaders, U.S. citizens, the National Park Service, the Department of War/Defense/Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, and any other federal government agency, bureau, department, or official
c) develop and enhance positive relationships between the United States and Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples with respect to inherent Indigenous lands, homelands and Treaty territories originally agreed upon and designated by federal authority, and
d) to provide for adequate amounts of land necessary to accommodate the rapidly growing Indigenous population and their necessary lands conducive to spiritual and economic needs.

The draft bill HR/S1851R can be viewed in its entirety at and we demand legislators and the president of the u.s. immediately adopt and implement such law.

9 years ago
Big Drug Company to Deny Poor People Life-saving Medicines 
Urgent: giant drug company Novartis wants to make it tougher for poor people to get access to generic drugs, many of which combat HIV and related illnesses.

In poor countries, nearly 7 million people living with HIV and AIDS urgently need medicines. Half of those rely on less expensive generic medicines made in India.

But drug company Novartis is challenging Indian Patent Law in the courts. The next important court hearing is February 15. If they win, millions of poor people may not get the life-sustaining HIV medicines they need. All the while, an already-wealthy drug company stands to make even more profits.

Millions of poor people in developing countries are dying because they can't afford the medicines they so desperately need! This case violates the promises made by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to make life-saving medicines available and affordable to all.

9 years ago

Thank UNICEF for Helping to Reduce Worldwide Measles Deaths

Measles deaths have fallen by 60 percent worldwide (largely in Africa) since 1999 - incredible public health success! According to the World Health Organization, global measles deaths fell from an estimated 873,000 deaths in 1999 to 345,000 in 2005. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

Help Eliminate Infectious Tuberculosis - Support Cures and Education
9 years ago
The World Health Organization estimated that in 2004, there were 9 million new cases and almost 2 million deaths from Tuberculosis (T worldwide. And in 2005, over 14,000 cases of TB were diagnosed in the United States alone.

New legislation, called the Comprehensive Tuberculosis Elimination Act, has been introduced in the U.S. Congress, which would expand federal activities on TB education, research, and cures. It would:
  • Fund the development of a TB vaccine;
  • Authorize and expand educational activities to eliminate TB;
  • Create loan repayment opportunities for physicians and researchers enrolled in TB training programs at the National Institutes of Health (NIH);
  • Increase funds for TB training, treatment and education programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NIH Fogarty International Center; and
  • Expand TB research and research training programs at NIH.

Join the American Lung Association in urging your U.S. Representative to eliminate this deadly disease - Tuberculosis - by supporting this important legislation!

9 years ago
Including MANY for U.S.
[Attn. Non-U.S. residents:
If there is NO selection for country, please check the last selection under state, which may be "other" or "none".]

  Every year between 500-1,000 children (typically 9-16 years old) have been found dead or
with severe brain damage as a direct result of 'playing' the 'Choking Game'.  Adolescents are
attracted to this activity because it is easily concealed and they believe it to be a safe, drug-free high.   Thousands of pre-teens and teenagers practice this on a daily basis, taking their life in their own hands every time. 
  In a 2006 poll of 500 6th-12th graders:
53% of the boys admitted playing "The Choking Game"
Of those who admitted playing:
86% admitted to playing 2x/week
64% admitted to playing alone
  More Stats of The Choking Game:
75% of children know about the game - these children were NOT aware of any of the risks 25% of parents knew about the game and it's risks.
87% of fatal cases involved a lone participant 70% of Accidental Asphyxia cases occured in the child's bedroom, within the family's own
home!  In 60% of cases, parents or other caregivers were home at the time.  
  In these instances the child was discovered within 1 hour of the incident.   The results
were the same -unexpected death.
  Results of Parents of Accidental Asphyxia Victims Survey at

  Have you heard about "DUSTING"?
I don't
mean PCP. Of course this is another inhalant but a rather insidious one. It's the can of compressed air that you use to "dust" or clean your keyboards with. The high lasts only 10-15 secs. but you have NO warning if you took too much because you are dead instantly,before you can take the tiny straw out of your mouth or nose. It is pure Russian Roulette! This happened to a teenage boy and his parents found him sitting up in bed but leaning forward a bit. The straw was still in his mouth but he was blue and dead. The lethal chemical is an actual refridgerant, perhaps along the lines of nitrous oxide that they use in canned whipped cream?(not sure, yes, and dentists' offices) Anyway, he had been
complaining for a few days prior to his death about his tongue hurting and it was because it was getting frostbitten!  


9 years ago

Thank you Sandra

9 years ago

Dear Citizens, My name is Jacqueline Boatwright and I am in need of your support by way of signature for “The Anthony DeJuan Boatwright Act.” I am the mother of a 6 year old little boy who nearly drowned at his state licensed child day care center when he was 14 months old.  He is still on life support today.  In addition, I was left with the responsibility of millions of dollars for my son's medical care. You may read more about him and our ordeal at  This law will not help my son or our situation because it is after the fact but help me help your family by signing this petition and spreading the word of its importance. This is a time sensitive matter so please relay that to your friends  and contacts by asking them to sign as soon as possible.  How can people who take care of children under a state license not be required to carry liability insurance? Every day children are maimed and/or killed while they are in the hands of child day care providers. When there is no insurance, such as in my case, parents have no recourse when terrible things happen to their children while they are entrusted in the hands of child day care providers. Let us not forget daycare is a for profit business and these people are taking our hard earned money and not adequately protecting our children.  This must stop.

Support Effective Global Warming Action !!
Global Warming by the Numbers:
Four Principles for Successful Climate Policy

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Please Forward!!!

Tell Congress to Make Our Rights a Priority in 2007

No War with Iran!
President Bush accused Iran of "providing material support for attacks on American troops," and added "we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq." U.S. forces are now seizing Iranians in Iraq - over Iraqi government protests - and Bush is sending nuclear aircraft carriers and missile defense batteries to the Persian Gulf. The unthinkable - a wider war in the Middle East - is unfolding.

First 100 Hours Agenda
Friday, the House completed the First 100 Hours agenda, with 58 legislative working hours left to spare. More work has been done for the American people in 42 hours than the previous conservative Congress did in two years. Thanks to the mandate our lawmakers received in the election -- and the pressure you've exerted since then -- strong majorities in the House of Representatives...
-raised the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years,
-required Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices,
-cut student loan rates in half, and
-took back $14 billion in handouts to Big Oil to invest in renewable energy.
In every case, these First 100 Hours bills commanded such wide support from the public that significant numbers of Republicans abandoned their party leaders and voted for change.
Join us to applaud the House leaders who delivered the 100 Hours reforms!


Congressional opposition to President Bush’s plan to escalate the war by sending over 20,000 more troops to Iraq is growing in both parties. Two key Republican Senators joined Democrats yesterday in co-sponsoring a measure criticizing the escalation and more could soon join them.  It is important to support this measure as a first step in a process to bring the disastrous war in Iraq to an end this year by withdrawing American troops from that country. Public pressure on Senators at this critical juncture is essential.
We urge you to take two steps:
1. Sign this petition urging support for the Biden-Levin-Hagel-Snowe resolution.
2. Call your Senators today toll-free at 866-340-9281 and ask them to support this resolution (S.Con.Res.2) criticizing the escalation in Iraq.
If you don’t know your Senators’ position on the legislation, click here to find out where they stand: clippings/senate_swing_list_on_iraq_escalation/

*If your Senators already support the resolution, don’t forget to thank them!

Don't Let FEMA Turn Them Out Again
FEMA is taking steps to end its housing assistance program to the survivors of Katrina and Rita. It's shocking, but if FEMA goes through with this plan, over 100,000 families will lose the ONLY home they have right now.


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[Canadian Residents can also take many of these actions.] 

Peace in Iraq - Add Your Name to the Thousands
Who Have Signed NOW's Petition

Creating Political Will To End Hunger and Poverty

Your governor can help stop dangerous "super bug" in local hospitals!
A virulent "super bug" spreading in our hospitals poses a deadly risk to patients and drives up the cost of hospital care. Most common antibiotics can't cure methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. People who develop them while in the hospital often suffer for years with additional hospitalizations and surgeries.

Thousands of Vulnerable Refugees Need President Bush & CONGRESS to Act Now
Protect Refugee Victims from the Unintended Consequences of the U.S. War on Terrorism.

1] Urge new Congress to stop the genocide in Darfur
2]  After victory in House, urge Senate to pass 'clean' minimum wage bill
3]  Send President Bush your ‘signing statement' about new torture law
4]  Urge Senate to respect the human rights of immigrants

Fwd:  Sign the Petition for a "National First Responder Appreciation Day"
Help us tell Congress that the firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers who protect our communities deserve a national day of recognition

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Support UN Refugee Agency Action in Darfur

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Sudan's Darfur region. Over 220,000 have fled across the border to Chad. Millions more are homeless. Most are women and children, terrified while the fighting continues and security is deteriorating.

We must urge the international community to stand up for the people of Darfur to ensure their protection, to deliver much needed life-saving humanitarian assistance, and to restore peace and stability to the region.

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Not One More Death. Not One More Dollar for War in Iraq.

9 years ago

Last night history was made when the Senate voted for sweeping changes to address the terrible corruption that has plagued Washington in recent years and has kept your voice from being heard.

It's a step -- a big step -- in the right direction, and it's just one of many. So this message of exuberance comes tagged with the old saying, "The reward for a job well done is more work."

First, however, thank you for all you have done in the effort to clean up Washington. You are helping us make critical progress and we're going to make sure your voice stays at the fore. Write a letter to each of your senators letting them know you support their passage last night of S. 1, and that you'll be following up with your House member with some tweaks to make the final bill even stronger.  

When you are writing, remember that this is YOUR victory and that you are going to keep up the pressure so THEY never forget. 



Royelen Lee Boykie
Manager of Online Initiatives
Public Citizen
P.S. Watch next week for more good news about congressional actions. And check the news for information about the prison sentencing of corrupt former member of Congress, Bob Ney.

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Oromo Refugees in Ethiopian Neighboring Countries Seeking Urgent Global Attention

9 years ago
No War with Iran

Support the Peace Plan That Brings Iraq Troops Home!

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Tell Congress: Health Care For All Children!

kids Our health insurance system is broken and our children are paying the price. Today, over nine million children go without the insurance they need, even though nearly two-thirds of all uninsured children live with at least one working parent.

9 years ago
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Jess S.
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Stop Female Genital Mutilation 1:39 PM
Ethiopian shepherd girl Female genital cutting (FGC), also called female circumcision, has affected more than 135 million women and girls worldwide. The cutting usually takes place between the ages of 4 and 12 and can cause serious complications including severe bleeding, infection, long-term difficulties with intercourse and childbirth, and even death.

Working with community leaders, CARE has already made progress in ending female genital cutting. Now we need the help of people like you.

By signing this petition today, you'll be raising awareness and taking a stand to stop the painful practice of female genital cutting. Your name will be added to a list that will demonstrate to key decision makers and change agents just how strong the opposition against FGC is.

We must do all we can to save these girls from a lifetime of pain and suffering. Start by taking a stand against FGC. Sign today.

P.S. A father was recently convicted of genital mutilation right here in United States. Read this story on the Care2 News Network: Click here.

Please sign the petition...

Please Help Nazanin From Death Sentence
9 years ago

Save Nazanin Petition

View Current Signatures   -   Sign the Petition


To:  The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan,The United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, Louise Arbour,The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, and The Head of the Judiciary of IRI Ayatollah Mahmoud Has

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned for 18-year-old Nazanin who faces execution by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On January 3, 2006, 18-year-old Nazanin was sentenced to death for murder by court in Iran after she reportedly admitted fatally stabbing one of three men who attempted to rape her and her 16-year-old niece in a park in Karaj (a suburb of Tehran) in March 2005. She was seventeen at the time. Her sentence is subject to review by the Court of Appeal, and if upheld, to confirmation by the Supreme Court.

According to reports in the Iranian newspaper E’temaad, Nazanin told the court that three men had approached her and her niece, forced them to the ground and attempted to rape them. Seeking to defend her niece and herself, Nazanin stabbed one man in the hand with a knife that she possessed. As the men continued their attack, she stabbed another of the men in the chest, which eventually caused his death. She reportedly told the court “I wanted to defend myself and my niece. I did not want to kill that boy. At the heat of the moment I did not know what to do because no one came to our help”. She was nevertheless sentenced to the maximum punishment possible under the law, death by hanging.

Urgent action is needed to help save a young life whose only crime was an attempt to defend herself. Nazanin and many like her are caught between two undesirable options. On one hand, Iranian Penal Code severely limits the possibility of using ‘self-defense’ as a legitimate defence to aggression. On the other hand, if Nazanin had allowed the rape to take place, she could still be imprisoned, flogged or stoned for having sex outside of marriage unless four male witnesses to the actual rape would testify on her behalf.

Moreover, Iran is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and is therefore under obligation NOT to impose the death penalty on those under the age of 18. Nevertheless, Amnesty International has recorded 18 executions of child offenders in Iran since 1990. In 2005 alone, at least eight executions of child offenders were recorded. Nazanin was 17 years old at the time of commission of the offense and therefore Iran is in breach.

We urge that the death sentence imposed on Nazanin be commuted immediately;
We urge the authorities to carry out a thorough review of the case, in particular the limits of self-defense as detailed in the Iranian Penal Code;
We urge the authorities to ensure that the victim’s family is made aware of its right, under Islamic law, to request a pardon of the condemned;
We appeal to the Islamic Republic of Iran to honor its commitment to the ICCPR and ICC, to which they are a state party.


The Undersigned

Pledge to Bring Clean Water AND Children's Laughter to Rural Africa
9 years ago
Access to clean water is a very serious problem for more than one billion people. But this doesn't have to be the case. This holiday season, you can help children in Africa have fun and be healthy. The PlayPump International water system pumps clean water while children play on a merry-go-round.

Did you know that water-related diseases are the leading cause of death in the world? And did you also know that:
  • The average person in rural Africa must walk five miles to the nearest water source;
  • Girls and women spend a total of over 200 million hours per day collecting water from often polluted sources; and
  • The average five-gallon container of water weighs about 40 pounds.

The award-winning PlayPumps design is a great solution! So far, nearly 700 PlayPumps have been installed near schools in South Africa, and with your help PlayPumps can bring clean drinking water to another 10 million people by 2010.

Pledge your support to bring clean, safe water AND the sound of children's laughter to impoverished areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Jess S.
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Children's Protective Services December 21, 2006 3:53 AM

please sign the petition below about Children's Protective Services and the Abuse of Power, more information isgiven when you clink the link.

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MDRI is urging the European Union to take action. The bloc is expected to announce soon whether Romania has completed necessary reforms, including on human rights, to qualify for membership next year.

An emaciated child, starving and near death, at the adult psychiatric facility in BrailaAn emaciated child, starving and near death, at the adult psychiatric facility in Braila (MDRI)After intense international criticism, Romania began a sweeping overhaul of its orphanage system in the 1990s, reforms that have won praise from the EU. But MDRI says disabled children are left out of the new system.

Romanian health officials acknowledge problems, but deny widespread neglect. "In Romania, we have 502 institutions for children. Out of these, as I said, only 23 house more than 150 children," said Bogdan Panait, a junior minister and president of the National Agency for Child Protection in Romania.

"Around 300 are small 'family-type' institutions," he added. "Conditions in all the [Romanian] institutions are very good. Many of them, the vast majority of them, respect European standards."

please sign my petition
sophia dalle

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Philip C.
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 Monday, 7:40 PM

Romania: NGO Reveals Abuse Of Disabled Children
Orphans and abandoned children confined to their beds at Romania's Prodriga Psychiatric Hospital(MDRI)
PRAGUE, May 11, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- In a new report, the U.S.-based rights group Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) accuses Romania of hiding children with mental disabilities in adult psychiatric facilities, under what the group describes as "atrocious" conditions.

During an 18-month probe, which ended in February, MDRI says it found children near death, tied to cribs with open wounds, and covered in excrement.

MDRI Executive Director Eric Rosenthal said the conditions in which the children were living in the psychiatric facilities in Romania were the worst he's seen anywhere in the world. And he says the treatment of the children witnessed by MDRI members constituted a violation of international human rights law. 
"By the time we went into the room with the 2-year-olds, who had been laying in cribs for two years, without anyone touching them or picking them up, other than to put a bottle in their mouth and change a diaper, these children were rocking back and forth, they were banging their heads...." Eric Rosenthal, head of MDRI

MDRI Associate Director Laurie Ahern was one of those who visited the Romanian facilities. "The most prominent one, probably the most obviously horrific conditions, that was June '05 in [the southeast town of] Braila, where we found children in just horrendous conditions, and some near death," she said.

In an interview with RFE/RL's Romania-Moldova Service, Ahern said MDRI worked with the UN children's agency, UNICEF, to get these children transferred to other facilities. "These children were starving to death when we found them," she said. "They are better in the sense that these children are now being fed, and they're gaining weight."

Permanently Institutionalized

But she added that "what isn't better, at least when we spoke to the staff at the new institutions that they were at, is that these children will most likely be kept in institutions. There is a belief there that because a child has a disability, it seems that they can't live in a maternal or foster-care program, and it seems like these children will be kept in institutions. At least that's what we're told."

Children confined in cribs at Sasca Mica Rehabilitation Center, 2005Children confined in cribs at Sasca Mica Rehabilitation Center, 2005 (MDRI)Ahern said all of the children she saw were capable of living in the community, going to schools, staying with their families, or being adopted.

At one psychiatric facility in Timisoara, she said, 65 babies and infants were being looked after by only three staff members. "All they can do is feed them and change their diapers," Ahern continued. "That's the only thing they can do. So there were 65 babies, and there was this eerie silence. There was no noise. There was no crying. There were no babies cooing.

"And you could see as you looked at the babies -- from the younger ones up to the older ones -- by the time we went into the room with the 2-year-olds, who had been laying in cribs for two years, without anyone touching them or picking them up, other than to put a bottle in their mouth and change a diaper, these children were rocking back and forth, they were banging their heads, they were chewing their fingers," she said. "And this is a sign of neglect."

Ahern said such conditions breed further emotional and physical disabilities.

Bringing In Brussels
9 years ago

Signed. Ross..

9 years ago
I have just read and signed the petition: "Human Trafficking"

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in
signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a
difference. Please sign here:

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BMutiny T.
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child in povertyWal-Mart has repeatedly violated U.S. child labor laws and profited from overseas child labor abuses.

A recent investigation revealed children, some only 11 years old, were making Wal-Mart clothes in a Bangladesh factory. The children report being routinely slapped and beaten, forced to work 12 to 14 hours a day, often seven days a week, for wages as low as 6 and a half cents an hour.

In the United States, Wal-Mart's own internal audit found 1,371 instances in which minors worked too late at night, during school hours, or too many hours in a day. It also found 60,767 instances of workers missing breaks and 15,705 instances where employees were forced to work and miss meal times.

Despite all of this, Wal-Mart refuses to adopt a zero tolerance policy on child labor! Our children deserve better from Wal-Mart. This holiday season, tell Wal-Mart to adopt a zero tolerance policy on child labor.

Sign and pass on. 

Mall-Wart EXPLOITS CHILDREN, BOTH as consumers, AND as producers of its products it sells as cheaply as possible, UNDERCUTTING employers in this country and abroad, that try to pay their workers DECENT WAGES and have DECENT WORKING CONDITIONS. In the so-called "Free Market", DECENT employers and their industries, often go under, because they can't compete with child labor, or prison labor, or virtual slave labor.

9 years ago

The Supreme Court already ruled illegal the Bush administration's scheme for trying and convicting the people being held indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay. Not deterred by the Supreme Court, Bush is now trying again, pushing Congress to pass legislation that would ratify illegal military commissions while gutting the Geneva Conventions.

Today, we’re asking you to stand with us and tell Congress to vote in support of American due process and the Geneva Conventions.

This new push by the president comes on the heels of his admission that 14 detainees have been held at secret CIA torture cells — despite years of denials — and that those prisoners would be transferred to Guantanamo Bay for trial. Bush has carefully avoided discussing whether these detainees were ever “tortured” under current law. But it is clear he is trying to change the law to give a "get out of jail free card" to government officials and civilian contractors who authorized or carried out waterboarding, threats of death, and other horrific abuses against detainees in U.S. custody. Enough is enough! Tell your members of Congress that no one is above the law and that torture and abuse is always wrong.

Under the Bush bill, people could be convicted based on evidence that they can't even see, evidence that was beaten out of witnesses, and unreliable hearsay. Such evidence is banned in every military and civilian court in America.

Instead of playing politics with basic American due process and the Geneva Conventions, the president should have listened to the military’s top legal officers, the Judge Advocates General (JAGs) of the four armed services, who strongly oppose the use of secret and coerced evidence and have publicly challenged the White House proposal. Send an email to your members of Congress urging them to oppose the Bush administration's plan to turn due process on its head.

No one should be held indefinitely without charge or trial. And of course, whenever a person is put on trial, the government must follow the law and uphold the basic due process protections cherished by all Americans. Fairness is an American value that we should not abandon even in tough cases.

Please ask your members of Congress to oppose all legislation that denies due process and abandons the fundamental values protected by the Geneva Conventions.

Thank you for your support.

Anthony D. Romero, ACLU

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director
American Civil Liberties Union

9 years ago

Only weeks after the Supreme Court declared illegal the Bush Administration’s military commissions — which were set up to try and convict detainees held indefinitely without basic due process protections — the White House and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales are pushing Congress on an illegal proposal that violates the Supreme Court’s decision and abandons the rule of law.

The Bush plan would ask Congress to rubber-stamp these illegal commissions, effectively reversing the Supreme Court decision.  It would also violate the Geneva Conventions, which were ratified by Congress, taking away the most basic process protections from detainees who are being held indefinitely.  Don’t let the White House strong-arm Congress and the Supreme Court.

Go to to send a message to your Senators and Representative that the United States must abide by the Geneva Conventions and uphold American values of due process.

Specifically, the White House proposal would:

  • Gut the enforceability of important Geneva Convention protections
  • Allow the use of evidence obtained through coercion, including horrific abuse
  • Sanction convictions based on secret evidence
  • Bar a defendant from being present at his or her own trial
  • Allow the use of hearsay evidence

During Senate hearings yesterday, even the Pentagon’s top military lawyers agreed that no one should be convicted based on secret evidence and that every defendant has the right to be present at his own trial. They also made clear that coerced evidence — such as “confessions” beaten out of witnesses — has no place in any trial.

Your Senators and Representatives need to hear from you that Americans want the rule of law restored. Tell them that any legislation on criminal trials of detainees being held indefinitely must protect the Geneva Conventions and maintain basic due process protections respected by all Americans.

Take action now at

Tell Congress that it should not take away the protections of the Geneva Conventions and basic American values like due process when trying detainees being held indefinitely by the federal government.

Thank you for taking action today.



Caroline Fredrickson
Director, Washington Legislative Office
American Civil Liberties Union

P.S. To read more about the White House proposal before taking action, go here

9 years ago
VOTE: Restrict Feeding Homeless in Public Parks?

Please vote "No" online!  Currently the "yesses" are ahead  

Do you think the city should restrict feeding the homeless in public parks?


Originally posted here:

Please forward!

9 years ago
You may have read headlines calling the Cheney-Specter bill on surveillance oversight a "compromise." But make no mistake, this deal is nothing short of a complete capitulation to the Bush administration.

The bill includes legalized assaults on our civil liberties worse even than the sweeping powers ceded to the government by the Patriot Act, and would write into law what is now the administration's belief that the president can wiretap any American he wants without any check.

From the Supreme Court to people on the street, America is starting to wake up to the Bush administration's abuse of power. Unfortunately, Congress hasn't gotten the message and is poised to rubber stamp a dangerous agenda that is doing real harm to our democracy.

Not only is Congress considering NSA "oversight" legislation that would hand the president vast new powers—only days after the Defense Department stated that it will comply with the Geneva Conventions regarding the treatment of detainees—a top Justice Department lawyer urged Congress to "ratify" the military commissions that the Supreme Court invalidated two weeks ago.

The headlines are full of White House spin claiming that Senator Arlen Specter's (R-PA) bill on surveillance is a successful compromise between Congress and the White House. Of course, Senator Specter would like you to believe he is taking a stand on the Bush's administration's actions because he knows that is what most Americans want Congress to do. But in reality these ill-advised proposals give the president a blank check to spy on Americans without a warrant and without mandatory judicial review of his actions.

You can help us get out the truth about this bill and the dangers it poses to our basic rights. Please take a few minutes to contact your newspaper right now. Tell them that this "compromise" actually compromises our rights and gives a blank check to the president.

It is very important that the American people know that the bill that is supposed to rein in surveillance of innocent citizens actually includes:

  • Legalization of the president's program of warrantless surveillance on Americans, a program that is illegal under current law and unconstitutional.

  • A diminished role for the court that oversees the NSA's warrantless domestic spying, making oversight by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) optional -- and we know that when this administration doesn't believe in getting court warrants even when required; making them "optional" is making them non-existent.

  • A new, unconstitutional process for challenging surveillance, via a secret appeals court composed of judges hand-picked solely by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who supports expansive presidential powers.

  • An information blackout by the Executive Branch against the Congress or our courts when it comes to the names and number of Americans monitored by the spying program. Without any oversight, countless journalists, lawyers, hotel clerks and others will inevitably be swept into round-the-clock monitoring of their phone conversations, indefinitely.

    We cannot allow the Executive Branch to weasel out of obeying the Supreme Court and federal law; and Congress is overdue in asserting and affirming its role of keeping the president in check and reining in the president's sweeping interpretation of power.

    The ACLU will be keeping the pressure on all summer and into the fall, and we'll be calling on you and everyone across America who cares about our liberties to join us in the fight.

    How these stories are characterized in the press plays an important role in our success. So, please take a few minutes right now to write your local paper with our easy-to-use letter to the editor tool.

    As always, thank you for standing with us. It is absolutely essential that every one of us rallies to protect the freedoms that define our democracy.

  • 9 years ago

    I have just read and signed the petition: "Protect Domestic Violence Victims"

    Please help by signing this petition. It takes 30 seconds and will really help.  Please follow this link:


    9 years ago

    Fourteen states have now passed laws to stop hospital-acquired infections. This is huge--and largely the result of a vigorous internet campaign and the online work of people like you. Now we need your help to bring this momentum for reform home to your own local hospital.

    Help us tell your local hospitals to release information about their hospital-acquired infection rates. Many hospitals resist releasing their infection rates to the public--information that helps you choose a hospital and gives hospitals a strong incentive to improve. Tell them that's not all right!

    One in 20 hospital patients get an infection while being treated for an unrelated health care problem. That translates to almost 2 million patients each year. Annually, almost 90,000 people die from hospital-acquired infections. And serious cases of antibiotic resistant infections cannot be cured. 

    We are beginning to have an effect on this mostly preventable health care problem. As more than 30 states considered legislation, news reports highlighted the problem, its victims, and the solution. Never has there been so much sunshine on the infections that plague our local hospitals. Even so, few Americans can go to their local hospital and get information about infection rates today. Please sign our petition to tell your hospital that you expect responsible, effective infection control

    We will deliver the petition to each hospital in your area. And in some areas where we get a sufficiently large number of signatures, we will take out a newspaper ad and publish the petition and the signatures. So please, take another moment after you sign to tell your friends and family so they can sign too. Let's publish the ad in your local paper!


    Lisa McGiffert
    a project of Consumers Union
    1300 Guadalupe, Suite 100
    Austin, Texas 78701

    9 years ago

    An innovative new bill, the GROWTH (Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive) Act of 2006, has just been introduced in Congress. The GROWTH Act would make huge advances in women's economic empowerment and create positive changes for millions of women in developing countries around the world.

    Please seize this opportunity to make those changes a reality by urging your Representative to support the GROWTH Act. Click here to contact your member of Congress about this opportunity to advance women's economic empowerment now.

    Investing in women is one of the surest routes to ending poverty and strengthening communities in the developing world.

    Decades of research and experience have shown that women living in poverty reinvest any extra income they have in their kids, creating a positive cycle of growth for the family. Greater economic opportunitiy for women means their daughters are more likely to go to school, their babies are more likely to survive infancy, and their family is more likely to eat nutritious meals. Women with more economic opportunities are also less vulnerable to trafficking and HIV/AIDS, and have more options in the face of violence or abuse, not to mention a greater ability to control the number and spacing of their children.

    Join us in making these positive changes a reality by urging your Representative to support the GROWTH Act - click here to send your message.

    The new GROWTH Act would remove many of the barriers that currently prevent women from participating actively in their countries’ economies by:

    • Promoting women’s ability to start and grow businesses.
    • Enhancing women’s land and property rights.
    • Increasing women’s access to higher quality employment and improving the wages and working conditions of women-dominated jobs.
    • Ensuring that trade agreements benefit women living in poverty.

    The GROWTH Act is the culmination of two years of research and advocacy by the Women’s Edge Coalition with the support of Congressional leaders, as well as more than twenty organizations working with women living in poverty in the developing world.

    Please click here now to urge your member of Congress to support this important new piece of legislation!

    Once you've sent your letter, please help us spread the word about the GROWTH Act by clicking here to send a message to your friends, family, and co-workers asking them to join you in supporting women's economic empowerment worldwide by contacting their Representatives.

    Thanks again for all of your help,

    Eve Fox
    Campaign Manager,
    International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region

    P.S. Click here for more info on the GROWTH Act from the Women's Edge Coalition.

    9 years ago

    A small group of Southern lawmakers have derailed a House vote to renew expiring provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), the landmark law that has protected the right to vote for millions of Americans.

    They want to gut the act and make it easier to discriminate against minority voters. Not surprisingly, these lawmakers represent states with the worst records of continued voting discrimination.

    We can’t let a small group of lawmakers destroy 40 years of progress! Email your representative and tell him or her to renew the VRA now. Go to

    The Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 (H.R. 9) would renew the expiring provisions of the VRA. It is precisely because of the provisions that prevent voter discrimination that progress has been made in securing voting rights for all citizens.

    The ACLU is running an ad this week in Roll Call, a Washington D.C. newspaper that is widely read by members of Congress. The ad urges lawmakers to renew the VRA. Our ad can only be strengthened when members of Congress hear from their constituents.

    Please contact your representative right now and tell him or her to support H.R. 9 and oppose any changes that would weaken the VRA. Congress must not allow a small group of lawmakers to return us to the days of Jim Crow.



    Caroline Fredrickson
    Director, Washington Legislative Office
    American Civil Liberties Union

    Minimum Wage?
    9 years ago

    Once again an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage has been blocked. 
    We all know that no family or even one person can live on the Federal
    minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. The fact that it is still this low is

    We, the voters of this country, must force all members of Congress to
    understand that we cannot be fooled by political maneuvers or phony
    dialogue about the proposed increases costing The USA jobs.  We must force
    then, with our letters and words, to understand that WE, the voters in
    their Districts and States, know their arguments don't hold water and
    that people are being hurt everyday in America as a result of this
    freezing Federal Minimum Wage while they give themselves fat pay increases.

    Let both your Senators and your Congressional Representative know
    exactly how disgusted you are by the blockage of a reasonable raise of the
    Federal Minimum Wage on The Hill.  Only by knowing that you will
    remember their final vote and exercise your power at the Ballot Box will they
    begin to listen and pass this important bill.


    This alert is brought to you through the activism of Stacey Tallitsh,
    running for the U.S. House in the 1st Congressional district, and one of
    the leading progressive voices in the state of Louisiana.  Many of you
    have already submitted his action page calling for the troops in Iraq
    to start coming home now, a policy that is more surely correct with
    every passing state of emergency in Baghdad.

    Stacey has already produced his first call to action radio spot,
    calling for an end of the obstinate occupation of Iraq, a military escapade
    which has brought nothing but death and destruction to both their
    country and our own.  With your help, Stacey wants to start running these
    radio spots on his local stations as soon as possible, to build the
    consensus to actually start bringing our brave troops home.  You can hear the
    new spot on this page.


    Nobody can predict how a particular race will turn out.  But we know
    that the spots we ran on impeachment had tremendous secondary impact, as
    TWO other groups were inspired to run their own call to action ads on
    this issue as a result of the investment we made in this action.  If you
    are able to do so, please make whatever donation you can to continue
    the stand we are taking on issue after issue.

    Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
    to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

    If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at
    9 years ago
    Stop the President's Silent Vetoes

    Under a radical new theory of presidential power, President Bush is
    openly claiming the right to disobey any laws he doesn't agree with --
    and Congress is letting him get away with it. Presidential signing
    statements are nothing new -- but this President's open defiance of
    the law most certainly is.

    Click here to tell your representative and senators that they MUST
    hold Bush accountable under the law:

    Senator McCain's bill prohibiting torture by our armed forces? It's
    being ignored. Requirements that the Administration report to Congress
    about seizures of records from libraries and bookstores? Ignored. A
    law capping U.S. soldiers in Colombia at 800? They'll construe that
    law as 'advisory in nature,' thank you very much.

    Tell Congress to investigate the President's lawbreaking, express
    their opposition publicly, hold oversight hearings, and use their
    unique standing as lawmakers to sue:
    9 years ago
    This Monday, in a Michigan federal court, ACLU attorney Ann Beeson stood up to argue for an immediate end to the Bush administration's warrantless spying program.

    In anticipation of the landmark hearing, Andrew Cohen of the Washington Post wrote “For the first time, federal lawyers will be in a courtroom to defend the National Security Agency's controversial domestic surveillance program ... It's about time.”

    When the Administration is determined to disregard the Constitution and Congress refuses to hold the president accountable, it is time for citizens to act. 

    That is exactly what the ACLU is doing.  Monday’s hearing was an important step in the battle to curb the government’s abuses of power, and we could not have come this far without your involvement.

    Not surprisingly, the government tried to tell the court that our defense of the Constitution and its checks on presidential power were "extreme." As Ann replied, if our views on the separation of powers are extreme, then the Constitution is extreme.

    If you agree that those who govern must abide by the constitutional principles they are sworn to uphold -- if you believe that the rule of law is not extreme, but fundamental --  I hope you'll take a moment to support our work today by becoming a card-carrying member of the ACLU.

    When our lawyers stood up in court this week, they had the support of over 550,000 ACLU members behind them.  Believe me, it makes a difference.

    Every case and campaign the ACLU undertakes -- from this forceful NSA challenge, to our fight to expose and end the tragic abuses in Guantánamo, to the battle in Congress to stop the Flag Amendment and save free speech -- is made possible by hundreds of hours of effort by ACLU attorneys and advocates.

    We are pressing forward with our challenge to these extraordinary abuses of power.  Your support for and belief in our work have never been more important than they are right now.

    It's your efforts that make our spirited defense of freedom possible.  I'll hope you'll take the next step and become a card-carrying member today.

    Anthony D. Romero
    Anthony D. Romero
    Executive Director

    9 years ago

    Please join us live online this evening, Sunday, May 11, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, for our third town hall discussion on illegal government spying.

    This expert panel meets on the eve of arguments in our landmark NSA lawsuit, the first ever hearing before a federal court on the president's illegal spying program.

    Tune in online, submit your own questions, and watch as former White House counsel John W. Dean and ACLU attorneys and plaintiffs discuss spying, secrecy and presidential power.

    At 7 p.m ET/4 p.m. PT, go to: 

    You can get more information at the above link right now, and can return to test your connection and submit questions and comments for the panel as early as 30 minutes beforehand.

    The full panel will include Mr. Dean, lead ACLU attorney Ann Beeson, and two plaintiffs in the challenge to the government: NSA expert James Bamford and Nazih Hassan, representing CAIR-MI. 

    The live webcast will be in both Real and Windows Media formats. To watch live and learn more, go to: 

    Anthony D. Romero
    Anthony D. Romero
    Executive Director
    American Civil Liberties Union

    P.S. If you are unable to interactively attend our town hall Sunday, you can return to the above web address as early as Monday for an archive edition of this and other town halls.

    Date is 11 June not 11 May!

    9 years ago

    Your help is urgently needed. Countless Americans continue to be denied equal access to the ballot box, and now, as the Voting Rights Act heads for renewal, a handful of lawmakers from Georgia and Texas are trying to delay the process in an attempt to severely weaken the landmark law that has protected the rights of millions of minority voters from discrimination.

    Your voice is needed now to keep the renewal process moving.  Please contact your representative in support of the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 (H.R. 9).  If passed, this bill will renew and restore the expiring provisions of the Voting Rights Act that protect minorities from discrimination.

    A final House vote on H.R. 9 is currently scheduled for next week -- the week of June 12 -- so we need you to contact your representative right now and urge him or her to protect voting rights and oppose efforts to weaken the act and prevent it from moving forward.

    Act now at:

    States and local jurisdictions, mostly in the South, now covered by the expiring enforcement provisions will no longer be covered if the provisions are not renewed.  Undoubtedly, the worst offenders of the Voting Rights Act would backslide by implementing discriminatory voting practices. It should come as little surprise that Georgia and Texas have the worst records of continued voter discrimination.

    The Voting Rights Act is one of the most important civil rights laws ever enacted. It eliminated literacy tests, language hurdles and other discriminatory barriers that were used to deny minorities equal access to the ballot box.  While progress has been made, voting discrimination remains a significant problem in the United States.  We need the Voting Rights Act to ensure fair and equal participation in the political process for all citizens today as well as for future generations. 

    Contact your representative right now and tell him or her to support H.R. 9 without making changes that would weaken or compromise the spirit and effectiveness of the Voting Rights Act.

    Or, read more about the Voting Rights Act first.

    And be sure to forward this message to your friends!


    Anthony D. Romero
    Executive Director
    American Civil Liberties Union

    9 years ago

    Please read the article in it's entireity. Texas passed such legislation which was poorly worded and we are awaiting the reprecussions of it. This isn't just about gay rights but can easily strip freedoms from all of us. Some things need to be left alone.   Ross

    In a clear ploy to pander to the religious right and save his sinking ship, President Bush today called on the Senate to hold an immediate vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment -- rallying our leaders to attack freedom, and write bigotry into our Constitution. Tell your senators to defend our Constitution's commitment to freedom -- click here.

    If passed, the amendment would deny marriage rights to gay and lesbian Americans. It doesn't stop there. The aggressive amendment would add language to our Constitution that could even strip such Americans of the right to civil unions, domestic partnerships and other legal protections. Take action and tell your senators to defend our Constitution's commitment to freedom.

    In recent weeks, religious right leaders James Dobson and Tony Perkins have met with the Senate leadership encouraging them to hold a vote on the amendment. Last week, Dobson's Focus on the Family launched newspaper ads targeting senators who oppose this discriminatory effort. Click here to read more.

    Now the Bush administration and the religious right's cronies in the Senate plan to rally their base around this un-American amendment.

    While the Senate leadership is "unable" to debate the promising field of stem cell research, they can easily find the time to legislate hate at the behest of their favorite special interest: the religious right. This is unacceptable. Click here to read more.

    Stop this assault on personal freedom. Tell your senators to vote no on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Click here to take action.

    Clark, Jessica, and the rest of the DefCon America team

    9 years ago


    Back from Iraq and Hands off Iran!

    War should be the last option! Explore all possible diplomacy options before invading Iran!


    Stop the Nuclear Deal with India
    Urge your representative and senators to vote against legislation that would enact the bad nuclear deal with India (H.R. 4974 and S. 2429). This legislation would weaken U.S. nonproliferation law and allow the U.S. to provide nuclear technology and fuel to India.

    What would YOU buy with tax dollars?
    Obsolete Cold War weapons systems? or healthcare for children? Isn't it time for us to use some common sense when making these decisions?



    9 years ago

    Stop Oil Exploration in Indigenous Traditional Lands in Belize

    [ I click on EVERY country, 1 after another.]

    9 years ago


    Fund treatment for Children with Autism

    Respect Native Rights. Protect Endangered Forests

    Stop mining from threatening Canada's First Nations & putting at-risk-species in further danger

    Project of the transnational mining enterprise Barrick Gold, it is a clear menace to some glaciers in a region of Los Andes. Some of the actions are to move three glaciers in the frontier between Chile and Argentina, to extract 547 tons of gold.

    9 years ago
    Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson's, Heart disease......

    These are just a few of the many medical conditions that scientists believe stem cell research could treat or even cure. The religious right is opposed to this life saving research. And they are holding our health hostage.

    Here's what's happening:

    On May 24, 2005, the U.S. House of Representatives defied Tom DeLay, the White House and the religious right, passing legislation that increased public funding for stem cell research.

    A year later, despite overwhelming public support and a bi-partisan coalition of senators, Majority Leader Bill Frist refuses to hold a vote in the Senate, caving instead to the religious right.

    Take action and demand that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - Doctor Frist - stops pandering to the religious right and allows a vote on this crucial legislation today. Click here!

    Thank you,

    Jessica, Clark and the rest of the DefCon Team

    P.S. If you have a story of how stem cell treatment could impact you or someone you love, send it to us! Stories like yours can put the pressure on legislators to stop pandering to the religious right and give up on their opposition to this vital research.
    9 years ago

    Dear Activist,

    Human trafficking is a major problem in Oman, with hundreds of thousands of foreign guest workers brought in with indenture contracts from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other impoverished countries. President Bush has proposed, and the U.S. Congress is considering, legislation that would expand this grave human rights problem. Take action now to stop Congress from creating another Free Trade catastrophe. The outrageous legislation under consideration is the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement (OFTA). This deal has all the disgusting provisions of CAFTA and will:

    • Further incentives for human trafficking;
    • Provide special protections for Big Pharma;
    • Offer new protections for Big Oil.
    The  Bush administration is pressing its "free trade" agenda by telling Congress that this agreement is necessary to reward a "friendly" Middle Eastern country like Oman. Yet the State Department reports that in Oman, there is human trafficking, severe restriction of the press and harassment of human rights activists. Don't let OFTA pass. Get more details and write your rep, now. 


    Royelen Lee Boykie
    Manager of Online Initiatives
    Public Citizen

    9 years ago

    Marc has received 43 new, 163 total stars from Care2 membersMarc has been awarded 231 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Marc G.
    Stop Nuclear War With Iran!

    Stop Nuclear War With Iran! We weren't able to stop the last war, but we must stop the next one…NOW! The United Nations, which is the mandated to uphold international law, must speak out against the Bush Administration's plans. Let's send a collective letter to Secretary General Kofi Annan imploring him to denounce this threat and call for a diplomatic solution. Click here to sign on and/or send your own, and pass it to friends and family around the world. Let's let the Bush administration and Kofi Annan know that the world is demanding an end to this madness!

    9 years ago
    A broad-based and powerful peace and social justice movement is on the move! Millions of people poured into the streets a few weeks ago across America to protest the criminalization of undocumented immigrants, now at greater risk than ever before of detention and deportation. Imagine as a US citizen you are told that your undocumented parents might be incarcerated and deported. Recent bills have been introduced in both the House and the Senate aimed at creating a new enemy in America -- hardworking immigrants. And they could be your relatives.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would, if passed into law: 1) expand the grounds of deportation; 2) use domestic military bases for immigration detention; 3) legalize the indefinite detention of non-citizens; 4) authorize local officers to enforce federal immigration laws; 5) erect a border fence; 6) enable Homeland Security agents to expel suspected foreigners indiscriminately; and 7) create a national identification system for all workers, among other measures. Recent passage of House Bill, H.R. 4437 criminalizes anyone providing assistance to undocumented immigrants.

    No matter where you stand on U.S. immigration policy, what is currently being promoted by some of our elected officials is undeniably counter to the values of justice and equality. And it is exactly those values that we hold dear when we strive for a peaceful foreign policy. In order to promote its war policies based on fear and violence, the U.S. government relies on portraying immigrants of color, whether they be Iraqi, Afghani, Mexican or Salvadorian, as a security risk, and implying that their lives and rights are less valuable than those of U.S. citizens. If we wish to create a diverse movement for peace, we must confront both the foreign and domestic policies that create divisions between those who would be our sisters and brothers, and make peace with the millions of immigrants trying to eke out a life within the U.S. borders.

    Recognizing these connections, leaders from diverse ethnic communities, labor, religious groups and anti-war groups have been standing together to call on Congress to respect the rights of immigrants. Now, in an unprecedented show of common ground, immigrants' rights activists will march together with the anti-war movement on April 29 in New York. On May 1 we will join actions for immigration reform and justice all over the country. Please join us! You can also click here to see what events are happening in your area, including the general boycott of work, school and shops.

    We look forward to standing with our brothers and sisters in the immigrant community to work for policies that respect our values of fairness; provide a clear path to earned citizenship; make immigration safe, legal, and orderly; unite families; and ensure workplace and civil rights protections for everyone.

    Click here to read Global Exchange's 10 reasons to support Immigrant rights.

    Si Se Puede!
    Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Meredith, Nancy, Rae and Tiffany

    9 years ago

    Dear CIVIC supporter,

    As the violence continues in Iraq and Afghanistan, ordinary men, women, and children are caught in the crossfire.

    CIVIC is launching a week of advocacy including a photo campaign. By participating you are sending a message to victims of war and to our leaders that you care about the human cost of conflict.

     It's simple: Write 'I Care' on a white piece of paper with black marker and have a friend snap a photo of you. We will post your photo along with hundreds of others. Together they will form a powerful visual of community and hope.

    This photo campaign is not about being for or against the war in Iraq. It is a campaign of compassion. We believe that civilian casualties are the most tragic consequence of war. And each injury, destroyed home, and death should be given the weight it deserves.

    Click here to upload your photo and add your voice to those around the world saying “I care.”

    Thank you for your continued support,


    p.s. Visit our new website and invite your friends and family to participate in our "Week of Action"

    9 years ago
    Dear CIVIC Supporter,

    Here in the U.S., the evening news gives Americans a view of the Iraq War through stories of our troops – in harm’s way or returning from the mid-East with battle wounds and emotional scars.  But we seldom hear about the ordinary Iraqi civilians killed or severely injured as they go about their daily lives.  These children, women and men also deserve our attention.  And right now they need your voice to be heard.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

    Click here to use our easy template to create a letter to the editor for your local paper!

    In Iraq, children are orphaned – their parents lost to the crossfire.  Women are widowed and left without a means to support their families.  Fathers grieve for children – the future generation – gone in the blink of an eye.   These stories go untold throughout much of our media.  Tell your community that these victims of war are important to you.  Educate your neighbors about the human cost of conflict.

    Thanks for helping us tell the whole story of war,

    Sarah & Marla B

    [click here to read a Washington Post Op-Ed by CIVIC's Executive Director]

    [click here to see tips for writing a successful letter to the editor]

    [click here to help CIVIC continue our important work]

    9 years ago
    As Americans, we are rightly concerned about the ongoing violence in Iraq and now, again, in Afghanistan, including the safety of our troops. Congress must also hear that we care about the countless civilians caught in the crossfire. The victims of these wars need and deserve our help to rebuild their lives.

    Click here to send a message to your Representative.

    A smart, compassionate response to the tens of thousands of families suffering in Iraq includes the support of the Iraq Community Action Program (ICAP). This humanitarian aid from the U.S. ensures that Iraqis harmed by the conflict receive the help they need. Widows receive small business loans and business training; children and orphans receive support; bombed homes are restored. Plus, this program rebuilds communities and civil society with the help of Iraqis themselves - creating a more stable future for their country.

    Please send a message to Congress urging their support of the ICAP program in the 2007 budget.

    Thank you for taking action on this important issue and please forward this message to your friends and family.

    In gratitude,
    Sarah & Marla B

    9 years ago

    The House of Representatives could be be voting on the $72 billion dollar budget supplemental appropriations bill to fund Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistanas soon as tomorrow.

    Please take the time to call your representative between 9:00AM and 5:30PM EST today or early tomorrow at 800.614.2803* to tell them:

    “I'm a memeber of Peace Action. Please vote against the supplemental money for war in Iraq and please support amendments from Representaives Allen (D-MA) and Lee (D-CA) that call for a prohibition on permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq.”

    When you have made your call, please click here so we can track the number of calls against the war generated to Congress. After you confirm your call you will be presented with a chance to spread the word about this important vote to your friends and family. Please spread the word as far and wide as possible.

    Thank you.


    Kevin M Martin
    Executive Director
    Peace Action

    10 years ago

    With the press hyper-focused on the U.S. port sale to the Saudis, the Cheney shooting, and the Supreme Court Abortion Case (two of which are really important) it is easy to forget that as you read this, a genocide is raging in Darfur. The people of Darfur are a half a world away, but from the vantage point of your faith, they are as close as your next heartbeat.

    Please do something - take a moment from your work. Glance out of your window, or close your eyes, and just for a moment, be mindful of these our brothers and sisters whom you have never met. Whatever you are doing at this moment - know that THEY are experiencing something far different. Many are living in terror, crying out for someone to listen, and burying their dead. They are trying to comfort their children, create a home as refugees under intolerable conditions, and simply get on with life. Their government has not simply failed them, it has organized a proxy militia to target them.

    As tonight's news clamors for our attention, please take time to remember these who, at the moment, have no voice. President Bush, who more than a year ago declared the violence to be genocide, finally declared his intention to stop the Sudanese government from its brutal ethnic cleansing. The President has said "not on my watch" - and we need to press him to keep his recent commitment.

    Here is how you can help. Our friends at the Save Darfur Coalition, in partnership with FaithfulAmerica and over 150 faith-based, advocacy, and humanitarian aid organizations, recently launched its Million Voices for Darfur campaign, an unprecedented effort to raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Darfur and promote the actions necessary to end it.

    Go here to visit the Million Voices site and learn more:

    We are helping to generate one million hand-written and electronic postcards from Americans demanding a stronger and more effective U.S. response. Specifically, the campaign calls on the United States government to support a stronger multinational force to protect the civilians of Darfur.

    Many of you responded through our February Ezine. If you have not yet signed the postcard, please do it now. With your help and our collective vigilance, we will NOT let the cries of those in Darful go unheard.

    One more thing. Please visit and post your prayers for our neighbors in Darfur. You can also find information on the crisis for use in your teaching, preaching, or reflection in our Briefing Room. (information appears courtesy of

    Thank you, and blessings to you,

    Vince Isner and your Team

    10 years ago

    This President's Day, the capital awoke to a rising uproar over illegal spying and a fractious Patriot Act debate still hanging over Congress.

    On Monday, the ACLU convened a National Town Hall discussion on spying, secrecy and presidential power.  A lively panel of distinguished experts and an online audience of thousands gathered to examine the illegality and unconstitutionality of the Bush administration's secret NSA spying program.

    The panel was moderated by Dr. Marvin Kalb, with guests including former White House counsel John W. Dean and Harvard law professor Laurence H. Tribe. The event was held before a live audience at George Washington University and was broadcast live on C-SPAN and via web cast at

    You can watch a web replay of this important discussion and learn more about our expert panel. Go to:

    Although our panel, the media, and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle agree that the president has overstepped his authority, Congress is now on the brink of voting to reauthorize and expand the Patriot Act, which would make secret searches of Americans' financial and internet records more coercive and more punitive.

    Please call your senators right now: the final Senate vote is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 28. Demand that your senators oppose Patriot Act reauthorization unless significant changes are made to protect American privacy.

    For talking points and to take action, go to: 

    Last week, after months of debate, some key legislators cut a deal with the White House to reauthorize the Patriot Act without making the most important changes needed to protect our civil liberties.

    The White House refused to negotiate in good faith on the most important civil liberties and privacy protections, namely requiring that any records sought be about a suspected foreign terrorist or an American conspiring with terrorists.  The reauthorization bill fails to include these and other critical protections.

    Senators Feingold, Bingaman and Leahy are attempting to add amendments that would help fix key problems with the Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act must not be reauthorized unless these important changes are made to protect our freedoms.

    Call your Senators right now and tell them to support the amendments offered by Senator Feingold and others to fix the Patriot Act.

    Caroline Fredrickson
    Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office

    P.S. As always, we appreciate it when you tell us how your calls went.  To log your calls with us, or look up different members of congress, go to

    10 years ago

    Dick Cheney will be there. So will Rick Santorum...Phyllis Schlafly...Newt Gingrich...Ann Coulter...Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman...and Grover Norquist, a figure at the center of the Jack Abramoff Republican lobbying scandal.

    Tomorrow, at 9:30 a.m., the gavel will drop on CPAC 2006 - the Conservative Political Action Conference. Soon a parade of Bush administration and Republican Party leaders will trek over to kiss the rings of the right-wing political operatives who work so hard to push the reckless Bush agenda through Congress - and of the right-wing agitators that stop at nothing to keep Bush-backing candidates in power.

    They've got a lot to talk about. Because from excusing the incompetence of the Katrina denying the illegality of warrantless domestic condoning the corruption of the DeLay/Abramoff wing of the disguising Bush policy failures on everything from Iraq to Social Security to the botched prescription drug program...

    ...Republican and right-wing activists have been getting a lot of practice trying to hide their incompetence, corruption and failures from the American people.

    10 years ago

    As we begin to get into the full swing of 2006, I can’t help but think that for many women around the world, the New Year is filled with hope of lasting peace. 


    In our column this week, Zainab Salbi of Women for Women International writes about her recent trip to Sudan.  In the North African country, war has raged for over three decades; and where there is peace, life without clean water or a roof over one’s head is a simple fact of life.


    But Sudanese women are making a huge difference.  Zainab discovered that just below the media’s radar there is a  strong women’s movement that is building peace, sustainability and a future in the country.


    Please read about Zainab’s journey and take a minute to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  Help us raise awareness in your hometown about Sudanese women’s work and how we can help.


    Then click over to our solutions section where women tell their stories about the changes they’re making to end violence throughout the world.

    In Solidarity,


    Chris Grumm,

    President, The Women's Funding Network

    Make poverty history-vote in an online poll now!
    10 years ago

    Today, Bono addressed the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., reaching across divides to ask policy makers and faith leaders to do more to beat global AIDS and extreme poverty and calling on the U.S. to give an additional 1% of the budget to this fight.

    Should the U.S. take Bono’s advice and devote an additional 1% to beating AIDS and poverty? Vote in an online poll now!

    Read more about the event on the ONE.ORG blog.

    In a statement today, Bono said: "It must be an emergency when an Irish rock star is being invited to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast and the House Democrat annual retreat all on the same day. And it is. Because in this long day 6,500 Africans will die of AIDS and 110 million kids won't get to go to school. The good news is that politicians on both sides, and more importantly the people who elect them, are all joining as ONE against AIDS and the extreme poverty in which it thrives. The great news will be when the effective programs to beat AIDS and extreme poverty are finally fully funded."

    10 years ago

    Eyes Wide Open boots featured in new music video

    Last November 1, as the sun rose over a farm near Dover, New Hampshire, the Eyes Wide Open crew once again began laying out more than two thousand pairs of boots representing the U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq.

    The boots were being prepared to play a role in a music video for blues musician Robert Cray’s poignant new song, Twenty. The song, from Cray’s Grammy-nominated album of the same name, tells the story of a young soldier who questions his mission in Iraq but is killed before his deployment is up.

    In Mexico, workers learn to be the bosses of their own company

    In the Mexican border town of Piedras Negras, AFSC is helping a group of workers navigate through the treacherous terrain of starting their own company. The worker/owners launched Maquiladora Dignidad y Justicia (Dignity & Justice Maquiladora Company) after they were fired or laid off from their jobs in maquiladoras, the foreign-owned factories along the Mexico-U.S. border.

    Read the full story and find out how you can help >

    And the nominees (for a new e-newsletter name) are...

    It’s not the Oscars, but we’ve got our slate of nominees for a new e-newsletter name. More than 120 of you wrote in with great, creative suggestions and we’ve picked the top candidates. Now you can vote on your favorite.

    After you’ve voted, please take a minute or two to answer a few questions, so that we can make this e-newsletter as useful to you as possible.

    You might also be interested in these programs and resources

    Emergency Winter Fuel Campaign

    News from Israel & Palestine

    Empty promises from WTO talks in Hong Kong

    : At the latest round of World Trade Organization negotiations, the wealthy nations have continued to aggressively shape the agenda to their advantage.
    Read the analysis >
    : Read articles about the Palestinian election, a nonviolence conference, the separation wall, and more.
    Read the articles >
    : With fuel prices expected to rise 41 percent over last year, AFSC has launched a campaign to help people keep their heat on this winter.
    Find out how you can help >
    Vote now >
    Watch the video >
    10 years ago
    Greenpeace Dear Friend31 January 2006

    Nukes Cartoon Tonight, President Bush is giving his State of the Union address. I'm sure he'll talk about terrorism, evildoers and how he plans to save us all. But I'm here to tell you that his plans are actually a threat to us all. That's because Bush wants to build new nuclear power plants across the country and put average American citizens in jeopardy.

    This April will mark the 20-year anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. If you think that can't happen here - think again. Since Three-Mile Island in 1979, more than 100 near-misses have occurred in nuclear power plants across the country. And for all of Bush's promises to prevent terrorism, he's done absolutely nothing to protect nuclear plants from a 9-11 style terrorist attack.

    And now he wants to create more targets?

    Take Action >> Tell Bush Enough is Enough!

    Jim Riccio

    Jim Riccio
    Nuclear Policy Analyst

    P.S. Please help us get the word out - forward this message to friends and family.

    10 years ago
    If you can't get through on that line, please call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or find their direct line at

    Please act today - because this is one scene we do NOT want to see:


    • A White House transfer ceremony where people on food stamps, the poor elderly,  those on medicare and medicaid officially hand over their remaining pennies to the billionaire elite.

    Finally, be sure to read (or listen to) our Faithful State of the Union. 


    The Faithful State of the Union Address is here:   

    The AUDIO version is here:

    The PDF version is here:


    One final note:  Early this morning, Corretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. passed away.  What an inspiring legacy of service she has left for us.   She was often emboldened and strengthened by the words which in her tradition – the Christian faith –  have moved so many to action.  Here they are, for you – whatever your faith journey – to lift your eyes and move to you take action.  They are from the writer of the book of Hebrews:

    “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith..."


    Know you do not run alone!  Blessings,


    Vince Isner and your Team



    PS:  Please be sure to take time to add your name to those calling for the release of the Christian Peacemaking Team members being held in Iraq.  We will send ALL of those who have signed the petition to the Middle East News Agency Al Jazeera, in hopes that those holding these innocent servants will listen, and let them come home.

    Here is where to sign the petition:

    10 years ago
    Tune in to see the  President’s State of the Union Address tonight.  In the interest of truth, here are some things you WON’T see:

    You will NOT see:

    • Faces of those who will be pushed aside because of the devastating and immoral cuts to the federal budget
    • Photos of 2,300+ U.S. coffins flown back from Iraq
    • A chart showing the 250% INCREASE in terrorist attacks since 2000 and the 550% increase in deaths by terrorists
    • Posters showing no-bid contracts for Halliburton for the rebuilding of Iraq
    • A ticking display showing the $400+ Billion deficit
    • A billionaire sitting beside the first lady, smiling broadly because of the Administration-led and Congress-passed tax cuts that benefit only a handful of ultra-wealthy
    • An Exxon-Mobil executive holding up a sign saying “Thank you, Mr. President and Congress for refusing to bring up price gouging – we raked in the biggest quarterly profit in the history of the world.”
    • “Brownie”  (President Bush’s pet name for former FEMA director Mike Brown)  sitting in the balcony smiling broadly beside a grateful 9th Ward New Orleans resident, proud of our government policies that put people first.
    • Photos of U.S. Secret prisons showing humane treatment of its detainees.
    • Scientists applauding the U.S. for its refusal to join in the world-wide effort to stop green-house gases, even though the U.S. is the world’s biggest polluter.


    You won’t see any of this, of course.  But if you want to really know the state of the union, this is it.  Is there anything we can do?


    Absolutely!   Right now, as a matter of fact.  Tomorrow, riding the media wave from the President’s speech, the House of Representatives are voting on the 2006 federal budget – the insane and immoral one – and as of right now, it may actually PASS.  That would be a moral disaster.  You can try and stop it by calling your Representative and urging him or her to defeat this immoral budget.  Otherwise, millions of the poorest among us will be affected – through slashes in health care, student loans, food stamps, and other critical services. 


    CALL YOUR REP HERE:    1-800-426-8073 *


    After you’re connected with a staff person from your Representative’s office, tell them:

    “My name is _______________ and I live in (your town/city). I would like Representative [name] to vote NO on the budget cuts bill (S.1932). This bill will cut billions in vital services and programs, including Medicaid, SSI, foster care, child care, child support and student aid.  Now that Representative [name] has had time to read and understand the full harm of this bill, I urge him/her to vote against it."

    If you can't get through on that li

    10 years ago
    Signed all of these on their various websites in the last two weeks.
    10 years ago


    This is a petition that REALLY needs more signatures. Did you know that the U.S. has NOT signed International Treaties banning those horror devices that kill and maim innocent kids and farmers and animals EVERY SINGLE DAY??!!! PLEASE sign

    10 years ago
    you are so right. many years ago i was a casa volunteer. i had one case where cps had removed the children from their home for sexual abuse. this was based on the report of a neighbor and photos of the young children at bath time. no physical evidence was ever found, the children displayed none of the behavior associated with sexual abuse. fortuntly the judge sided against cps but the family had been seperated for months, the children and parents traumatized by the system.
    and the word neglect is a very board word that cps can use and manipulate very well.
    on the other side i have as an emerg room nurse seen cps come in when we have called on obvious physical abuse just to be told a physican and forsenic nurses word is not enough to warrent removal. in one case the child returned 2 weeks later and despite all our efforts passed on to a more loving and peaceful place.
    while abuse and neglect are very real and rampant in not only our society but world wide i have learned to take what cps states with more than a grain of salt.

    10 years ago

    Quote Raven J., 906,000 children were confirmed to victims of physical abuse or neglect situations. A national spotlight needs to be focused on this epidemic that continues to occur under the scope of national attention.

    Here is another side to the statistics that are produced by CPS.

    Did you know the more children they have in the system, the more federal funds they apply for?  Did you know that CPS who claims that these are ALL abused children, the State receives bonuses and rewards for children being adopted?  Did you know that they have to tell the general public that these kids are abused so that all of us out here will accept their applying for federal funding, bonuses and rewards?  Did you know that there are many parents out here, who still have their chidren, while CPS only wanted one of them, its usually the youngest one.

    The general public beleives all of their statistics while many children are wrongfully being used for profit and gain, under the shawdow of chidlren who are truly abused. There are children who are caught in the system who are not abused, and who have families to go home to.  There are incentives to have children in foster care, and to have children adopted, but there is not an incentive to allow a non offending parent to keep their child.


    10 years ago

    Sorry about that...I couldn't seem to get all the post in one go.  PLUS, the opening line should have "President Bush and John McCain"...

    10 years ago

    Bush also thanked McCain, who spent more than five years in a POW camp in Vietnam where he was frequently tortured, for being a leader who upholds American values.

    Outside the White House, McCain and Warner said they were confident the language agreed to by the president for the defense authorization bill is a done deal and that loose ends will be tied up in the next 24 hours.

    "I'm absolutely confident, Senator, that this McCain legislation, which is landmark legislation very much needed for our nation, will become finalized by our president," Warner said.

    The Senate included McCain's provisions in two defense bills, including a must-pass $453 billion spending bill that provides $50 billion for the Iraq war. But the House omitted them from their versions and the bills have stalled.

    Still, the language proposed by McCain has received overwhelming support in Congress. Late Wednesday, the House voted 308-122 for a non-binding resolution in support of the Senate-passed ban.

    10 years ago
    WASHINGTON — John McCain, R-Ariz., agreed to language Wednesday on a bill to ban U.S. interrogators from using "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" of detainees in the John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

    "We've sent a message to the world that the United States is not like the terrorists," McCain said. "We have no grief for them, but what we are is a nation that upholds values and standards of behavior and treatment of all people, no matter how evil or bad they are. And I think this will help us enormously in winning the war for the hearts and minds of people throughout the world in the War on Terror."

    Bush made clear that the language is not about banning torture. That is something the United States already prohibits.

    "This government does not torture," he said. "We adhere to the International Convention of Torture, whether it be here at home or abroad."

    10 years ago

    Good morning, Ross...I believe this issue is moving along nicely....From today's news:

    WASHINGTON — John McCain, R-Ariz., agreed to language Wednesday on a bill to ban U.S. interrogators from using "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" of detainees in the John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

    "We've sent a message to the world that the United States is not like the terrorists," McCain said. "We have no grief for them, but what we are is a nation that upholds values and standards of behavior and treatment of all people, no matter how evil or bad they are. And I think this will help us enormously in winning the war for the hearts and minds of people throughout the world in the War on Terror."

    Bush made clear that the language is not about banning torture. That is something the United States already prohibits.

    "This government does not torture," he said. "We adhere to the International Convention of Torture, whether it be here at home or abroad."

    Humanitarian Actions or Petitions
    10 years ago
    | Hot!
    This thread is for humanitarian actions or petitions. It can include such things as anti-war, health care, Patriot Act, or social issues. I will attempt to post the newer posts from the existing link to this one.