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New Members: Sign in here !!! part 2
8 years ago
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Welcome everybody - tell a little about yourself.. and remember to visit the website.

MyC4 beta:

There you can do the walk to the talk
7 years ago

Hello dear people!

I'm here and ready to do my bit to end poverty and injustice... having come back from an 8 month stay in India, I've seen first hand how profound the suffering is. And I've also seen how just a few people willing to help can make such a huge difference!

Blessings to all

Om shanti

how do we stop hunger
7 years ago
where do we start ???? i dont know where to start. there is so much poverty  in the is like my family, we sometimes dont know where are next rent check is coming from.i would like to help anyway i can.  im diabled but i will help out
7 years ago

HI Dear

I think we have to start with organizing the people and bring organization in their life...than

Motivate them for Capital formation (through saving n credit), theyhave to save what they have and than inest their saving into small/micro businesses.

We have to improve our skills, what ever skills we have......

We have strong productive linkages with the other people and organizations.

We can not alleviate poverty by giving employment to people but we have to encourage them for self employment as self employment is better than wage employment.

7 years ago
Thank you
7 years ago
Thank you Soren for the Invite. I'm Sandi, I'm from the Philippines.
end world hunger
7 years ago

thank you for the invite to this very important effort.

to answer a question from another, I think we start w/in our own communities if thats all we can do.. We also have voices and hands to outreach others.

In my community there is a need for volunteering at our local food banks, as well as need for donations. We are very fortunate to remember also during other fundraising efforts & with our other non profit oraganizations work together for donations.

Our family church also sponsors & cooks a weekly supper for the soup kitchen in the nearby city. we, as a congregation give our a portion of our collection monies & donate sauce and noodles. Then as members cook & drive it to the city, We are able to feed one house for one meal per week.

Even our local girl scouts hold their yearly food drives with the many dinner baskets they put together for the families whom are listed with our food pantry.

even if your own family like most is struggling with the milk prices of today, there are still other ways to help.

I think our voices are just as powerful to our Government as well.. plz vote and write letters when you see human services & grants being threatened. Be heard if others are too weak to be able to.

again, thank you for this group. I look forward to hearing and joining the effort.

Hello from Seattle :)
7 years ago
Hello all!   My name is Anitra Freeman.  While I was homeless in 1995, I got involved in some very exceptional organizing groups here in Seattle, and have stayed involved since.  I sometimes quip about "my 3,982 causes" but, since we all have to focus on something, homelessness has become my main focus.  Still, everything is related, and the root causes of social injustice, economic injustice, and environmental injustice are closely linked; so are the effects.  And the same forces that cause problems for my friends here in Seattle cause problems for people around the globe, and have to be addressed around the globe. 

One of the organizations I work with here in Seattle is the "street newspaper" Real Change.  Last Saturday, during the time I volunteer here helping vendors use the computers, one of the vendors showed me, and I've been exploring the place ever since.

I also work with SHARE/WHEEL, partner organizations of homeless and formerly homeless men and women organizing self-managed shelters and programs and working for the social changes that it will take to end poverty and homelessness. 

I'm involved with a lot of things I want to write about, and usually too busy to write!  I will try, however; and I am looking forward to reading about what everyone else is doing.

Write On!
7 years ago
well i'm 2 poor 2 help myself rite now way n debt mite get my lites cut off this wk but tryin 2 figure it out but i send my prayers out & i no GOD will provide & the day will come when we can pull not only ourselves up out of this but also have somethin 2 b able 2 help others & then i WILL help others
7 years ago

Im new and I have experienced poverty before.

Hi. Thanks Soren for the invitation to this group
7 years ago

My name is Sherry. I too know poverty. I currently survive on just $350 and month and recently lost my health care which with lupus and congestive heart failure is not a good thing. I have also spent the last 6 years in a desperate and so far unsucessful fight for Social Security Disability. For my part I am a tireless writer of letters to the editors of various papers, to senators, congressmen on the state and federal levels. I also write blogs and editorials. I have found that working -even when one can't show up and puch a time clock- working in any way one can takes one outside oneself and ones own mysery and offers hope. As long as we have hope we have a chance. So I am here, and I offer whatever talents and abilities that I have to the fight. Yes poverty is global, but the fight has to begin in our own backyards wherever that backyard may be, so that we can give to others their own yards, homes, food and yes even tables to eat that food off of. There has to be groups with but one voice that stand up and speak out for all those without a voice. Does it bother anyone here that none of our political canditates in this election year are discussing the very real issues that face all of us and those are poverty, healthcare, affordable housing, transportation, and utilities? What can each of us do to change that? And what can we do as a group?

7 years ago

Thanks for the invite here Soren... there are so very many groups at care2, but ending poverty is something that WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO. There is just so much suffering out there... and it is all needless. I think that there are just so many (especially in America) that are so busy just trying to hang on to that elusive American Dream, that we have lost sight of the things that truly matter.

7 years ago

Thanks for invite Soren...I belong to sooooo many groups - this is one I really believe in - I will stop by when I can! I worked as a social worker w/the TX Dpt.of (in)Human Services for 20 plus years in several different positions but most of the time I was with the Employment program working with people on welfare to help them get re-employed again sometimes against what seemed like overwhelming odds. I rarely met people who didn't want to be self-sufficient (the buzz words of those days) but I met many moms who needed reliable transporation and day care and we were constantly trying to convince legislators that no, mothers couldn't work without good reliable day care anymore than we (state employees) could. I always felt one pay check away from being in the same situation as the people I worked with and that helped me keep perspective. Not only were they trying to find a job often w/unreliable transporation and the usual problems with day care and babysitters, but they also had the same worries all moms have who work, plus no spouse at home to help. One of our best programs was called Career Apparel Means Employment Success (CAMEO) - we linked with the State Office and had employees there donate clothes plus accessories; then we put together complete outfits w/briefcases and/or purses - and we held Career Success workshops where we talked about dressing for interviews. Sometimes we didn't recognize people we worked with when they walked in all dressed up for interviews with a complete outfit on and they felt ready to take on the world! This was of course in addition to learning and practicing interviewing skills, resume writing (we had their resumes completed for them). This was all before funding cuts to our program that was successful in cutting numbers of people on welfare, but often taxpayers didn't know - they just wanted WELFARE cut without realizing what it meant - all programs including the ones that provided skills to put people to work were cut. With Welfare Reform and Geo. Bush as Govnor I could see the handwriting on the wall - being nice to clients was no longer in - punishment was in - and the Tx. Employment Commission was merged with ALL employment and training related programs into one BIG MESS which it still is that was supposed to help ALL Texans from middle class to poor - HA, HA!!!!!! Not happening now either....Anyway, I'm retired now and do a lot of volunteer work with returning Iraqi veterans and their families. I'm glad ot be here - will check back soon I hope. hugs to all Jennie

7 years ago


Wonderful to be here!
7 years ago

Hello lovely people. Thank you Soren for the invite. The Beta site is looking Great! I have it bookmarked & need to go back over and register. :0) Bright Blessings, Crystal

new to group
7 years ago

Thank you for inviting me. I am very poor myself. I am quadriplegic and although I earned my master's degree in counseling a couple of years ago, I am currently unable to work because I am on bed rest trying to heal a bad pressure sore. I have to make an effort not to become negative, because there is so much suffering in the world. I do have an open mind though, so I came to this site to see what you have to say. Peace to all!

Thanks for inviting
7 years ago

Hi there, Thanks for inviting me into th group. I've recently joined this community. I'm having a good time till now and hope to have even more fun. Good Bless.

Thankfully yours...
7 years ago

Hi all...It's an honour to be here...I have been 'there'...but there is always someone worse off...Those I would hope to help...Good to be on-board...Keep well...David.

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Hi everyone!
7 years ago

I just stumbled upon this group and wanted to join. I feel actual physical pain at the thought of someone going hungry--let alone someone ACTUALLY going hungry. I'm an avid cook and a compulsive feeder of others--wonder if that's because I'm a Jewish mother...haha. So obviously, I am very passionate about ending hunger and poverty, and I'm glad to be among other people who share that commitment. Thanks. Love and peace...

7 years ago

hello all. i am sandy and i want to say thanks for the invite. i too, like others here, have been there, done that. my heart bleeds for those who are currently living under such conditions as being hungry, homeless and without the fundamentals of life. it is sad and it sickens me. may you all find peace, light and abundant love in all that you do. namaste, sandy

Hi all
7 years ago

I just want to help and make a difference. I also want to raise awareness and hope that other people will make an effort too. Take care all, Sarah x

Newbee says Hi
7 years ago

I am excited that so many people feel the way I do about the urgency of ending poverty. I am currently reading "Creating a world without poverty" by Mohammad Yunus the founder of Grameen Bank. I signed up for MyC4 but am having techical dificulties with them so far. I believe that when people unite they can do greater work than a single person has the resources and ability to do alone. Best wishes- GregB

7 years ago

Soren, thanks for the invite. I agree with everyone else, together we can put an end to poverty. And yes, before 2015! If we all work together, it could be done in five years.

Please keep me posted on ongoing activities.


Found you all
7 years ago

It could be donesooner if the government would stop being such greedy *&^%$

Thank You!
7 years ago

Thank You for the Invite! I have been reading about alot of this! It is hard to understand alot of this because their is so much unnesscary suffering!


Hello Everyone :-)
7 years ago

Hi Soren and all. Thanks for the invite. I'm here to help out in anyway that I can.
Very sad that in 2008, hunger and extreme poverty is still such a problem for so many people.
It would be so wonderful if we could make a difference.

excited to be here
7 years ago

Hey there - I'm Matt.  I work for a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, FL called FreshMinistries.  Our mission involves what this group does.  FreshMinistries is a multi-faith, non-profit-humanitarian organization dedicated to creating communities around the globe in which all people—regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion—have equal access to the educational tools, community support and economic opportunities needed to live, healthy productive lives.


This mission focuses on, but is not limited to, impoverished communities in Jacksonville.

It's been my experience that the key to ending poverty is in breaking the cycle that causes it. Kids grow up with adults who are bad role models - they have no aspirations to better themselves. I think it must start with education.


I look forward to discussing ideas and other programs that have been successful with you all!


Come join our group to discuss issues that impact many communities, and help us work toward our mission!

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Blessings to all here...
6 years ago

Greetings all...

My name is Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal and I was born in Nairobi, Kenya ina my Mother Africa and I am baptised in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewadeho Church.

I have a Music Shop selling Vinyl Records, CD's, Books etc. and also Promote and Manage Roots Reggae Artistes as well.

My Artiste is always available to come and perform Music Concerts to raise money for the Children, Orphans & Widows suffering ina my Mama Africa, so please do get in touch if you ever organise any Charity Concerts and you need a Brilliant Reggae Artiste to perform there to raise funds for those in need.

Blessings to all in the group. with Gods Love

Rajesh Aggarwal FRSA

Semrete Selassie - The Will of the Trinity

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

6 years ago

Hello everyone

Just a swift intro to let you know I have just joined the group and to say hi. Really look forward to getting involved here and hopefully will also get to know some people.



Anyone out there?
5 years ago

Hi, I'm new here.  I see the group has been pretty quiet lately . . . anyone still paying attention?


5 years ago

Hi, I'm Gabriela, new to the group.