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The providers
8 years ago
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Investments through MyC4 is in Africa provided by local NGOs with experience in microcredit and local buisness consultancy - they're the ones evaluating need and formulating the opportunities, and administrate the loans - following a presentation of providers cooperating with MyC4 on providing microcredit loans

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Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development - Uganda
8 years ago
FED was founded by Robert Noah Wakabi, a 34 year old Ugandan National who holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a first degree in Commerce with a major in Accounting from Ugandan universities. Robert has been an entrepreneur for the last ten years having achieved, as he says, “some successes and some failures.”

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (FED), is a private non profit organization with a broad vision of driving and promoting entrepreneurship in Uganda using a very practical approach. Ugandan entrepreneurs face very high business failure rates, with the majority of businesses failing to make it through their first year of operation. Just a handful of businesses make it to third year.

FED is providing practical assistance to entrepreneurs to address some of the major causes of business failure. The first project FED is initiating currently is helping small entrepreneurs maintain basic records and information in their businesses by using a very inexpensive approach of utilizing students nearing completion of their business studies in local colleges, universities and other professional training institutions.

By maintaining complete and accurate business records, entrepreneurs are better able to make sound business decisions based on complete and accurate facts and figures. And having access to this information in a timely manner allows the entrepreneurs to make better and more timely decisions that could save their businesses.

What’s more, providing local business students with an opportunity to practice in their field of study and have hands-on experience provides them with the initial experience required to get employment on graduation, or may even encourage a few to start their own small businesses.

FED as a Provider
A provider is an organization or individual who uses his/her network to identify, screen and submit business opportunities that are in need of capital to finance their new business ideas or expansion of their existing business operations to the MyC4 platform.  By the very nature of its core mission and competencies that it is building inhouse, FED will be able to bring many diverse business opportunities to MyC4 investors.  What’s more, by following up with companies and supporting them with issues related to accounting, strategy, and general business decision-making, FED will actively support greater success rates of funded opportunities, and thus ensure a higher probability of returns to investors and entrepreneurs alike.  Thus, through its partnership with C4, FED can take another step forward in accomplishing its mission to promote and support Ugandan entrepreneurs.
Ivoire Credit - Cote D'Ivoire ( Ivory Coast )
8 years ago
Our Vision
Large number of sustainable Very small Enterprises (VSE) pulling urban and rural populations out of poverty

Our Mission
Empowering micro entrepreneurs with favorable credit

    Savings accounts for members
    Short term loans for members both individuals and co-ops

Defaults on loans

Less than 5%


In 2004, forty (20) middle managers from the most important bank in Côte d’Ivoire decided to take early retirement and use their know-how to help eradicate poverty. They formed a micro finance bank authorized by the Ministry of Finance of Côte d’Ivoire in 2005. The first branch of IVOIRE CREDIT has been operating since 2006 in ABOBO the most populous township of ABIDJAN, just opposite the market. IVOIRE CREDIT relies on the vast experience of founders who oversee the bank’s operation for thorough but fast due diligence. IVOIRE CREDIT is well placed to act both as a provider and a lender.
GrowthAfrica - Kenya
8 years ago
Growing African businesses by providing affordable capital
Dear Users & Investors,

Its a daunting task: eradicating poverty!

And why bother... We - the so called developed nations - have tried for so long to help Africa... Seemingly to no avail!

Well - seemingly we haven't done a very good job, and need to look at other ways to approach development assistance... It is worth questioning traditional development assistance and the paradigm that we know best and will teach "them" how its done.

After almost a decade doing business in Africa, I am convinced that the solution is to make available what is needed for Africans to develop the solutions themselves... After all, that is how we got "developed"... What is needed is capital, knowledge, technology and a political and economic framework that will enable entrepreneurs and business people create wealth in a sustainable way!

With MyC4, we can provide capital as well as knowledge - and to an extend technology (especially for the really dedicated investors, who're willing to get on a plane and work with the local entrepreneurs - or who is in an industry similar to their "opportunity" and willing to share).

MyC4 is modern development assistance for the 21st century... Financially sustainable development assistance; resources that will grow exponentially and benefit more and more entrepreneurs, who will spark economic and social development in their communities.

So, I am glad that MyC4 now can share its investors' capital and knowledge with Kenyan entrepreneurs and business people... We are happy and proud to be a part of the MyC4 family, and we are looking forward to presenting you, the investors, with good, profitable business opportunities that will spark economic as well as social development in this wonderful country.

Many sustainable greetings,
Johnni Kjelsgaard
Founder, GrowthAfrica
8 years ago
CMAGRI bosts 296 000 individual farmers organized in 5 000 cooperatives. Most are owners of small farms producing cocoa, coffee, rice, palm oil, coton and rubber. A small perecentage are in fishing and poulty.

GreenPower - Kenya
7 years ago

New on board, with an environmental edge by building smallscale hydropower stations in rural Africa - see their website

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