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Care2's Activist Toolkit Now Available
8 years ago

Hi all,

At Care2, we want to empower our members and help them make a difference in the world. It's our mission and the driving force behind everything that we do. It's also the reason why we put together an Activist Toolkit to help people create more effective petitions and to provide suggestions for their promotion.

The Activist Toolkit is free and available for download from

We hope that you find it useful!


Samer R.
Community Activism Manager

thanks for the activist toolkit info - very helpful!
7 years ago

hi samer ~ i am looking for ways to promote my petition and found this post by you very informative. i am going to use your ideas. i also want to know how i can use the care2 website to promote my petition more. i am going to include my petition link so in case you can take a moment to look at - even sign it if you can! - then maybe you can tell me some ideas. thanks so much! i always get your emails to sign your petitions and i want to do the same for mine too because i feel so awful for my poor friend and his kidnapped children. okay, i hope this works: thanks for your time, samer. have a good night! judy

7 years ago

Hi Judy,

Is there a place someone can go to learn more about the case? It seems to me that something like this screams for the creation of a Facebook page where people can go to learn more and get regular updates.

In terms of promotion on Care2, I recommend connecting to the people who use the site and enlisting their help. Also, you can post to Groups relating to parenting and children's issues.

The Care2 Campaign Team will also directly promote some activist petitions, but this is not something we promise every petition author. There are thousands of petitions created on the site every month, and it would be impossible to promote all of them. That's why it's done on a case-by-case basis, and the petitions chose are selected because the team feels it would resonate with the Care2 audience.

7 years ago

One more note: It becomes a lot easier for the Care2 Campaign Team to notice your petition if it becomes more visible in general. There are two ways that it can happen: 1) the petition gets media attention or 2) the petition author's own promotion efforts generated several thousand signatures.

In both cases, the media and signatures act as a filter that lets the Campaign Team know that there's something there worth investigating.

Samer, thank you !!
7 years ago

Thank you for the creation of the 'toolkit' which will be of ha great help especially for those newer to the activism arena. /

May I make a suggestion? In the last paragraph regarding recruiting others to help I would make an addition or two. Before you finalize you petition campaign, google the issue in local, state national and international arenas just to make certain you are not reinventing the wheel and to notice if there are other groups working for the same or similar causes. For example, you may realize that Greenpeace has had a 'save the whales' campaign for years, but may not know anything about other international groups such as Sea Shephards, Oceana, Whale Call, Inc etc .... small hint for the group we attempted to get fundiing for in USA and AU via Care2 a few years ago... /

Most petitions will be targeted toward smaller groups and finding other groups of like-minded persons will greatly help keep the enthusiasm and volunteer pool at higher levels It has been my experience that the more people that can become involved, the higher the sucess level /

Thank you to all the Care2 staff and members who work on teaching our community to become more effective activists

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7 years ago

A Petition Posting Peoples Network (APPPN) Democracy is created by activism from the bottom up. Get empowered. Learn how to create positive, sustainable change with grass roots community activism, petitions, letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls. Post petitions here.

info for my petition on facebook
7 years ago

hi samer ~

thanks so much for getting back to me and for the information you shared.  we do have a facebook page set up and you can find it under "return burns children fund".  i would also like to add that dennis, as well as several other left behind parents including david goldman, attended a congressional hearing 2 weeks ago to get a law passed.  this law would give our government more power in assisting the left behind parents in getting their abducted children back.  that is a major reason why i need to reach my goal signature of 60,000.  and, again, thank you soooo much for your input and all of your great suggestions.  i really do appreciate it and all of the care2 family. ~ judy


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