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8 years ago

Hi all,

Our partners at GoldMail have made a special Care2-branded version of their audio/visual slideshow program available to our members. The program lets you string together a series of slides and record a track to play along with the images.

It's quite cool, and useful. Most importantly, you can create powerful presentations on behalf of your petitions. It's super-flexible, handling images, text, combinations of the two, and PowerPoint. The slideshows are hosted online, so people can access them from anywhere.

GoldMail can be a good tool for promoting your petitions. And best of all, it's free.

If you'd like to see an example, our own Laura B. put together a slideshow to support her petition on Redwood City's wetlands:

To download the free GoldMail program, go to:

8 years ago

Thanks for sharing!  I am sure this will come in handy for many people!

8 years ago

We hope so. Do you think it would make sense to sticky a post about GoldMail and the Activist Toolkit?

Showing My Computer Illiteracy
8 years ago

I am not sure what you are asking Samer.  If you are saying that this post and the Activist Toolkit should be bundled together the answer is yes.  What I don't know about computers could fill the oceans lol.

Resource for promoting peitions
8 years ago

Hi Sounds really good . Wish I could use it but I am a Mac user. Thank you and hope others use it have looked at the demo good way to promote Regards Vivien

8 years ago

Sue, sorry I wasn't very clear. What I meant was to ask if we could pin a post about these resources so that the post always shows up in the discussion list. There are already quite a few pinned posts, so I would totally understand if you don't want to do this.

8 years ago

Hi Samer,

Sorry, I did not get it either.

Glad to pin it to the home page and glad to get any info from you and the rest of the staff.

8 years ago


8 years ago

I have a petition if you worry about any of the floods out there.  Thanks!

8 years ago

Signed you petition Natalie

compartilhar peties
8 years ago

eu acredito que se todos se ajudarem mutualmente promoveremos nossas petições por toda a comunidade care2 network,da seguinte maneira:cada um assina a petição do outro,e assim sucessivamente,todos irão promover e ter visibilidade e assinaturas em suas petições.
Abraço fraterno aos amigos!

8 years ago

This is a wonderful Idea.

saw it but decied that to do it. / is their any thing else i can use instead
8 years ago

 i saw  the sight and  decided not to use it.

is thier any thing use i can   use to promote my petiton .

give me a web site that i  dont have to down load to.

email on  this site with an answer.  lisa g.

Resources For Prompting Your Petitions
8 years ago

Thank you for providing us with this link. I can use it on my current and future petitions. It will definitely help raise support. For all those who are interested, I ask you and everyone else to please sign my petition. It is to restore National Prayer Day in the United States. Even if you are from a Non-Christian Religion or an athiest please sign this petition and then pass it on. It will help those who wish to be able to have their one day a year to celebrate their faith back. The link is below. Please sign it. Have a good day. Thank you.

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signed your petition. now please sign mine
8 years ago

signed your petition  .

and sign mine.

this  petition is to  stop the war now.

My Petition
8 years ago


I made this really good petition about saving lambs from slaughter. It was doing so well until this week. I got no signatures!!! That's right, no signatures at all for this whole week. It was and still is very upsetting that something I put alot of effort into is doing so bad. So, here is the link to my petition for all of you who want to help me.

Thank youl for caring!

8 years ago

Signed your petition after finding the same message you posted here. Mind sharing your method for getting email addresses? Would really love to know.  It has been many, many years since I've had Lamb after I learned exactly what Veal was and every time I come across articles on how my food makes it to my table I cut more and more. First it was Lamb/Veal, then pork, beef is getting in very short supply around my house and as I have learned from my fellow Greenpeace activist I am very choosy about the fish I buy.

I got real excited about the original topic and was about to download the program when I saw you need Windows XP, 7 or Vista...I can't seem to part with my old Windows 2000Pro. In more than 8 years I have never had a problem with it.

8 years ago

Signed Kasandra

8 years ago


I signed your petitions, would you please sign mine?

Thank you


8 years ago

This is   a petition that needs lots of signatures to outlaw this horrendous cruelty. Thank you Alithia for  this pettion.
Forgive me if I have spelt you name wrong.

8 years ago

The GoldMail program sounded great, but then I found that it doesn't support Mac yet.  Big disappointment, especially since so many creative folks use Mac and could really leverage the GoldMail app.  Hope they follow through with their stated intention to develop a Mac version.

Gold Mine - no Macs
8 years ago

I was disappointed that Gold Mine did not support mac. Shameless request: I need some help with an EASY Petition. Can someone give me a shout? John Hibbs 541 343 9389

8 years ago

We've talked to the folks at GoldMail about a Mac version. It's definitely on their list of intended improvements.

promoting a petition (NOW SOLAR POWER!)
8 years ago

 Great one R. Samer,I am an old guy almost computer illiterate,but I think my petition for EARTH friendly solar power is worthwhile,& would like to garner support for same! Maybe if you can find the time to read this pet,tn of mine you may send me a message suggesting how to improve the number of get the attention of the MANY!

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8 years ago

Hi Alan, what's the URL of the petition?

promote your petition on care 2. news
8 years ago

promote your petition on care 2 news ,  that will allso please promote your  petition  as well.

for  exsample heres  mine.

so  go and check it out.   and  i hope this will help  ,

Demand Investigation of NTM Abuse!
8 years ago

Please sign this petition to investigate the allegations of extreme abuse suffered by children and natives at the hands of NTM! Children were made to eat their own vomit, dorm parents sexually abused children at night, and God was used as a tool of fear to make children be silent!

Health Care employeee abuse
8 years ago

I'm a newbie to this so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place, but I noticed other petitions posted here, so I'm including mine and I hope you guys can help.

I also have a question btw:
Where can I find info on getting my petition more views? I see petitions with thousands of signatures, how do they do it???

Thank you for your patience.

8 years ago

Hi John,

Creating a petition is only the first step. The bulk of the work is actually in promoting it. There are some quick promotion tips at:

For a more in-depth review of creating and promoting effective petitions, check out the Activist Toolkit at:

Just click on the blue headings to read that section of the toolkit.

It's all about creating opportunities for people to see your message and reaching out to individuals and communities.

I hope this helps.

Community Activism Manager

I've Signed This Petition, Now Please Sign Mine
7 years ago

I signed this petition. I ask you and everyone eles to please sign my petitions, check back for any new ones every so often and sign them if there are any. The causes they support are important. The links for them are below. Please sign them, check back every so often for new ones, and pass them on to others to be signed.

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Please Sign My Petitions
7 years ago

I signed this petition. Now I ask you and everyone else to please sign my petitions. The causes they support are important. The links for them are below. Please sign them, pass them on to others to be signed, and check back every so often for new ones and sign them if there are.

Author of petition
7 years ago

How can I find out who is the author of a petition so I can ask them to change the target to a better target group?

7 years ago

Val,  go to petition and the persons name (sponsor) and click on it. Then you can send them your message.  I have to tell you I have sent many messages to different sponsors and only got one response

7 years ago

Please note that when you provide feedback to a petition author in this way, your email address is also sent along with the message. This is done to ensure that people do not abuse the feedback mechanism to send hate mail.

Contacting a Petition Author
7 years ago

Click on "sponsored by." I frequently come across petitions with no target. It may be that in someone's haste to get the word out, they forget that our signatures actually have to go somewhere when the petition closes! I've contacted several authors.....some have replied, others have not. I attempted to make contact a few times to find out when a petition was going to close so signatures could be sent to make an impact....didn't hear back from those ones. One author who I contacted responded, however, and we were able to help him reach more signatures with his petition. As stated above, once contact is made, you will be corresponding with your private email if you wish to further your conversation. Good luck Val!  

7 years ago

Thanks guys - got it.  We'll see what happens.  

7 years ago

Hi, I am new so I hope I am posting to the right site, I apologize if I am not. I have started a petition to stop the closure of 9 federal fish hatcheries across the US. These hatcheries are needed to maintain an ecological balance in our lakes and streams. They also bring in over 300 million dollars in revenue and support 3500 jobs. The petition is getting some great comments and I want to make sure I send it to the target correctly, but I have never created a petition before. How is it sent to the target? Is it an email? Also, can it be sent to several different people i.e congressmen? Thank you all for the help, and please take a moment to sign my petition.

7 years ago

Hi Kimberly,

The target refers to the people you want to influence with your petition, i.e. the decision makers, so yes, your petition is targeted correctly.

7 years ago

Oops--I hit the submit button too quickly. I'll continue here.

You can submit signatures to your target at any time. The first step is downloading the signatures which you can do through the petition's Promote and Manage page. There are two formats available: PDF and CSV (which is a spreadsheet format). You'll probably want to use the CSV format since that will let you sort the signatures by state.

Before delivering the signatures, you'll want to call the target offices to determine which staffer is responsible for the petition's issue area, i.e. the fisheries and get their address. Let them know that you have a petition and that you will be forwarding the signatures of constituents.

For the actual delivery, you can send a letter with either a printout of the signatures or a disk containing a spreadsheet.

If you can actually deliver some of the signatures in person that would be great. Perhaps to your local representative's office or even senator. If you have family, friends, colleagues, or allies in other areas affected--they can also help out by delivering signatures to their officials.

Hopefully, this response helped--good luck with your petition.

7 years ago

Samer, Thank you so much, your info is very helpful!! Kimberly

Thanks everybody
7 years ago

A group is trying to take over Narcotics Anonymous.

thank you everyone ~ your input is very helpful
7 years ago

i started my petition in january and i really need to promote it more because my goal is 60,000 signatures. if anyone would like to sign it here is the link: and i would be more than happy to sign your petitions, too! we are all in this together. also, i am open to any idea to reach my goal. my heart breaks for my dear friend who had his children kidnapped by his ex-wife. i really admire all of you out there taking the time to make this world a better place. much love and peace ~ judy

Ending Exotic Pet Trade
7 years ago

I just started the petition a couple of days ago and it focuses on putting an end to exotic pet trade because it is illegal. Please sign my petition to end this inhumane situation. Here is the petition: P.S. I have already signed the rest of your petitions

Stop Puppy Mills and Pet Shops selling Companion Animals
6 years ago

I am new to this site, and started my petition 5 days ago, i have 590 signs, and
hoping for 1,000 signs.
I am having trouble keeping my letter to the Prime Minister from disappearing.
Every time i write it, i save it and it has gone again, i should have done it before
presenting my petition, any ideas?

2 years ago



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