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Petitions with Proven Success
13 years ago

coupled with a grand pressure effort

The claim of "petitions dont work"  AGAIN??? Makes ya wonder what the motive is in saying that... "like ok nobody sign any more petition, ok!! That way no one can petition against me" <basic sarcasm>

Feel free to cross post everywhere:

Here are some examples of successful petition/campaigns. Im just copying it from an email I sent to someone who said they were useless.

I can give you several examples which were successful in the past. One of the most prominant is the Hawthorn Elephants case.

Another is the recent adoption of military dog Rex by Sgt. Jamie
Another would be the prosecution of animal abuser Brandon Chandler:
Petition VIctory! Brandon Chandler is in jail!!  
and yet another would be the confiscation of several polar bears in a Peurto Rico Circus by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
And yet another would be the request to JCREW to cease selling fur which they did November of 2005.
And one more as an example: (This one is copied from Dorothy Keelers post)
The Denali Wolf Buffer Zone petition
The Alaska Game Board was just a week away from deciding on whether to create a buffer zone around Denali National Park to protect the park wolves that wandered outside of the park's boundaries. Activist Dorothy Keeler jumped into motion and established a petition on Within a week she had collected nearly 1,000 signatures. She delivered the stack of petition signatures to the Game Board, helping to convince them to create the buffer zone. Today, the wolves are protected by the buffer zone, thanks in part to the efforts of Dorothy and all the people who signed the petition!

For each of these successes had an online petition!

Note this post for future reference

13 years ago
Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. -- Edmond Burke

13 years ago
Yeah, the Great Bear Forest one. I'll try to find it...
13 years ago
Animal Advocates Declare Victory Over Starbucks
Coffee Giant Agrees to End Financial Sponsorship of Rodeos 

After taking hits from a national anti-cruelty campaign spearheaded by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), coffee conglomerate Starbucks has agreed to create a corporate policy that will end their direct financial support for rodeos. This comes as great news to animal advocates and animal protection groups everywhere. IDA is proud to have played a supportive role in the struggle to hold Starbucks accountable for promoting animal cruelty. As part of our joint campaign, IDA and SHARK co-coordinated several successful San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon demonstrations against the coffee giant's rodeo support. We would like to congratulate SHARK and everyone involved in the campaign on a job well done.

While agreeing to no longer take out ads that financially support rodeos, Starbucks still plans to give away free beverages at these inhumane events. This decision lends their tacit support to the rodeo, and amounts to a de facto form of advertising that will continue to taint their self-styled image as a responsible corporation. Nonetheless, because Starbucks has agreed to withdraw direct financial support from the rodeo industry, SHARK will discontinue actively campaigning against the company. The group has agreed to recall from the campaign trail its "Tiger" video truck, which is equipped with four large-screen TVs. SHARK has used the truck to bring graphic rodeo video footage to Starbucks shops in fifteen different metropolitan areas between Chicago and Seattle over the past four months.

Because Starbucks continues to condone animal cruelty by giving rodeo spectators free coffee, SHARK will maintain its anti-Starbucks website,, and discourage compassionate people from buying their coffee for as long as the company associates itself with the rodeo. "We think Starbucks' customers deserve to know what Starbucks considers acceptable treatment of animals," explains SHARK president Steve Hindi. "A truly ethical and socially responsible company would not be involved with rodeos or any form of animal abuse in any way whatsoever."

What You Can Do
Please write a short, polite letter to Starbucks thanking them for no longer financially supporting rodeos and urging them not to donate its products to rodeos.

Howard Schultz, Chairman
Jim Donald, CEO
Starbucks Corp.
P.O. Box 3717
Seattle, WA 98124
Tel: (206) 447-1575
Fax: (206) 447-0828
Email webform: click here

Starbucks please stop supporting rodeo abuse October 17, 2005 4:35 AM

*when crossposting, be sure to crosspost the entire post!

Target: Jim Donald, President and CEO, Starbucks Corporation

Sponsor: Carolyn Mullin


13 years ago
13 years ago
13 years ago
Please sign this petition. Make the children services investigate alligations instead of making a determing decision based on what someone else says.   Please help me make this petition a success.
Done, Lisa, and
13 years ago
13 years ago
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
13 years ago
Who is saying most petitions dont do any good now??
13 years ago
Care2 should really pin this thread. :l
13 years ago
Yes they should and people should add their own successes here from the petitions that they have written and not have Care2 erase the replies and leave only the one note.  I didn't care for that when it happened with my list of other petitionsites.  The abusive ones were good to delete though.
13 years ago
Signed Starbucks rodeos petition.
12 years ago

This thread has been pinned to the board by member request.  We encourage all petition authors to post their successful petitions here.


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12 years ago

Lisa, I just signed it.  I've signed others like it, too.  I'm sorry to say that I doubt that it will ever happen in the near future, though - maybe not even in my lifetime.  I was in "The System" from the time I was 9 (after my father died from his final stroke) until the day I walked out - my 18th birthday (November of 1973).  Not much has changed since then... especially in foster "homes."  As with the states, it's "all about the Benjamins" ($).  If they trained and/or hired better, more educated workers, the county would have to pay them more.  And you know how stingy the government is with money for people in the U.S. - Bush & Company would rather send it to places like Iraq, along with sending our people to die there.  It's the "haves" against the "have nots."  If we were a celebrity (ala Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc.) we would have the money to pay high-dollar attorneys.  But you don't see any of THEM getting their children taken away, anyway, do you?  Would WE (the "have nots") be allowed to dangle our baby over a high railing in public (with plenty of photo and media coverage, no less) and get away with it???   I'm   if you believe we would.

12 years ago

BTW, I would never even THINK of dangling my cat over a railing like that, never mind my baby (in case anybody wondered)!

Just got in email
12 years ago
Original Message:


Breaking News:
Justice is served!
Catman P.

The Sentence Is In...

Ten years in prison, plus ten years probation for each of the Moulder brothers. More details to follow...

12 years ago
And that is, my friends, the stiffest animal cruetly pentalty I have EVER seen!

12 years ago
85 yrs max? WOW

And.. theres just something about when a petition is mentioned in the news stories.. sheesh - thats all it takes sometimes....

Similarly, two online petitions started after the first trial of the Moulders now have about 25,000 signatures with more coming every day. The petitions boast names from Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel and Australia. Linda Zotter of Syracuse, N.Y., while enduring cancer treatment, took time out to knock on doors and gather signatures for her own personal petition.

World Demands Justice for Pup Killed in Oven
12 years ago
well, well, well!!!
Take a look at this!
12 years ago

wel l c an we sign this one to the united nations by  a major org campaign for animals and help make it a success?

Another Success!
12 years ago
The Turtle
12 years ago

Hello everyone. We have a signature drive going, and would love it if you would sign your name in support. Then pass it on.

Please go to:

thank you!!!

12 years ago

My petition to have the deleted petition restored was successful. Unfortuantely the petition was deleted so I can't link to it, but here's a link to the discussion of the restored petition:

Mens Holiday
11 years ago

They who had a problum signing mine please let me know .    and ill try to make a other if need.


18 People have signed
11 years ago

18 people have sign my petition  but i need  then that to make it happen.

so please sign it today. 


11 years ago
Can we keep this thread for successes only please? 
11 years ago

No Need to sign!
Two days after I submitted the petition, which cost me about $65 to print and fax to all contacts, the Zoo announced they would move Maggie, however, it took a few more months and the voice and pocketbook of elephant activist Bob Barker to get the zoo to agree to send Maggie to PAWS Sanctuary in California!

UPDATE - 10-26-07
Maggie will fly our of Anchorage on November 1st, 2007 with the help of the US Air Force and special permission from the Pentagon!

Full story here!
Thank you all for signing this petition and please celebrate with Maggie, her freedom at PAWS sanctuary!

Maggie is going to PAWS !
Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007
A great big Thank You and trunk hug to everyone who signed! There is no need to sign this petition any longer. It has already been submitted and successful.

Bob Barker Lends Fame, Finances Moving Maggie

Les Schobert on Maggie

UPDATE 6-6-07 Zoo Board Agrees to Let Maggie Go contingent on her health for air travel. Destination Unknown. Zoo's press release with outlined contingencies.


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11 years ago

are their any success stories regarding humans that are not sponsored by some organization but by or for an individual?

I know of many large ones by big organzations like avvaz, and many others, what about individuals. thx

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11 years ago
hi Sunshine, I dont know if there is, i hope if there is someone will post it here. I do know that authoring a petition is a bigger responsibility than it seems. There is a lot of professionalism and follow up to make it successful as well as couplling the issue with a massive awareness raising campaign. If you want a human petition to be successful by an individual they would have to follow through with the same dedication as the successful animal petition authors have.

11 years ago

THX 4 input Echo. I would need help I posted new thread to see if I can have 2 authors on the petition, or give my password out to someone to help me, still have to respond to that thread, the reply was only 1 but the ? has been asked before.

Massive public awareness, well governments often shut that down or the individual to try to do anything. I know animal petitions often do quite well here, I am sure this list is quite short on them actually.

I was thinking of Teresa Vaughn, I know she was and is getting things addressed regarding her son Timothy Joe, and going forward making or trying to make changes to the prision systems,  I am far  to ill and disabled to do that, that is part of why the petition would be done in the first place, one of them any way.

ok, thx again. Sunshine

SUCCESS: Ben The Bear Is saved
11 years ago
Save Ben the Bear!!
Don%u2019t let the state of Iowa kill Ben!! Ben is a 500lb. domesticated brown bear. He was given a second chance on life by his owner Mike Woodvine, but is now facing the tragedy of being euthanized by the state in December of this year if we are unable 
The petition to "Save Ben!" the domesticated brown bear living in Iowa was a complete success! We were able to raise the necessary funds and have found Ben a wonderful new home in Keenesburg, Colorado! (To check out more info. about his new home you can visit ) Thanks to all who donated & all who signed!
You can do more!
petitions »
Pepper the Lamb Gets to Stay!!!!!
11 years ago

 This was started by Lynn B Thank You Lynn !!!

August 21, 2007 1:48 AM

For anyone who did not see this update I received this news:
Thank you to everyone who helped me with the battle to help keep Pepper the Lamb with her family. Agnes helped so much with this campaign, I can't wait until she's better so I can tell her WE WON!!! On late night, August 14, 2007, the City Council voted all in favor of Pepper staying. I just went to post this as a news story and found that a couple people already had, lol!
We launched an 11th hour campaign for more signatures in Pepper's guestbook/petition as they had slowed down after reaching an AMAZING 1,700 plus signatures! They ended up with over 2,000! We managed to get the second guestbook full and a 3rd one started before the Angelman's 7 pm City Council hearing, thanks to everyone everywhere! The story went from being a local news story to being covered nationally and throughout Canada, and via Care2 and email, worldwide! The Angelmans and my family are overcome with gratitude for all the love shown by everyone to one helpless and almost blind little lamb in Lamb Town, USA        

This is what it now says on their homepage:

"Pepper gets to stay! Thank you all!

Pepper would like to thank everyone for all the support you have provided. The City Council voted all in favor for Pepper to live out her life at the only home she has ever known."
11 years ago
The WFC group has a Thread for Success stories and we would love them to be posted and shared
in our group also. If anyone knows of any ,please Post them.
I posted a couple of them for you.
I will leave the link to the WFC group if you would like to Join or view and vice versa.
I hope these threads continue everywhere. There are success stories people !!
Enjoy Your Day,
Re: [ThePetitionSite Center] Petitions with Proven Success
11 years ago
Awesome Story!!! I applaud you all for your hard work and dedication, it makes me cry to know that there's good people in the world. I wish everyone in the world had the same empathy and love for all creatures as you all do... Thanks this give me some hope in our world!!!!! -------------- Original message -------------- From: "Care2 Groups: ThePetitionSite Center Mailing List" SUCCESS: Ben The Bear Is saved 11:54 AM Save Ben the Bear!! The petition to "Save Ben!" the domesticated brown bear living in Iowa was a complete success! We were able to raise the necessary funds and have found Ben a wonderful new home in Keenesburg, Colorado! (To check out more info. about his new home you can visit ) Thanks to all who donated & all who signed! You can do more! petitions » 40 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | host shares | member shares | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from ThePetitionSite Center, visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: Prima B. Care2 GroupsCare2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: host announcements member discussions rss content group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular GroupsThePaganGod (52 members) Stargate SG-1 (22 members) Make a Change! - Animal Rights (233 members) Against the slaughter of innocent dogs (456 members) Help for Carriage Horses in NYC (26 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! To stop receiving this newsletter, visit: or send a blank email message to:, Inc. 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 150 Redwood City, CA 94065
Seeing is Believing....
11 years ago
VIDEO: Maggie Comes to San Andreas Animals  (tags: GoodNews, Maggie, elephant, Alaska zoo, Paws Sanctuary )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 hour ago -
Watch Maggie as she stepped foot on California soil for the very first time as her new family anixously watch to greet their African sister from Alaska. All our YEARS of hard work-- Petitions, Letters, Calls and sleepless nights Paid Off- Maggie is FREE!!
11 years ago
txs  signed  almost
11 years ago
hi lillian, please create a separate thread for your petition to get attention and perhaps initiate discussion.
11 years ago
signed  , txs
11 years ago
I found a whole bunch more listed here:
Our Successes
11 years ago
Hi Echo

Help please, that link takes me to some closed group
11 years ago
oh im sorry Sidney, I guess I had forgotten or didnt realize it was a closed group.
  Ill check to see if we can crosspost some...
From the PetitionSite's home page
11 years ago
From Avaaz
11 years ago
G8 Summit - 400,000 Avaaz members sign a petition delivered to the German chair of the G8 summit negotiators. The leaders agree to start work on a new agreement.
In the run-up to June's G8+5 summit US President George Bush attempted to wreck global efforts to develop a new treaty to stop climate change. Avaaz members rallied and spread the word, and built the biggest global climate petition in history. We hand-delivered that petition to the Chairman of the G8 negotiators, as well the UK, French and Brazilian governments. During the Summit, we also marched with thousands of peaceful climate demonstrators, carrying banners in eight languages. Many leaders told us that our global voice assisted their effort to stand up to Bush at the negotiating table.

"We and our allies won half a victory at the G8. We didn't get the binding emissions targets we'd campaigned for. But all the big polluters agreed to one of our central demands – that they begin work this year on a new global treaty to stop catastrophic climate change."
From a US Senator
11 years ago
Great news! Just moments ago, the Senate voted to override the President's veto of the Water Resources Development Act, a bill that is critical to Louisiana's safety and economic future.

Coming on the heels of the House of Representatives' successful vote to override the veto on Tuesday, today's vote in the Senate makes this critical legislation law over the President's veto, and I can't thank you enough for your support.

Thousands of members of our community signed my petition to the President and emailed their Representatives in Washington in support of the measure, actions that helped us show Congress the widespread support for making necessary investments in our national infrastructure to protect us in the future.

This legislation represents the first comprehensive water resources bill in nearly seven years, which is far too long to go without investments in coastal restoration and stronger levee systems, protections that will significantly reduce the chance of catastrophic damages from future hurricanes.

Thanks to your help, we now have authorization for a 72-mile system of levees and floodwalls to protect Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes from storms sweeping in from the Gulf of Mexico; nearly $2 billion for Louisiana coastal restoration; funds to strengthen New Orleans-area levees; and $100 million for hurricane protection in Jean Lafitte and lower Jefferson Parish.

Thank you again for your support; I can't tell you how much it means to the nation and to the people of Louisiana.


mary landrieu

Mary Landrieu
U.S. Senator

11 years ago
 signed, txs
Can someone help me with format and my cause.
11 years ago

I need someone's assiatnce to write a petition.i'm not a writer.I desperately need help!

Thanks for listening.


11 years ago
One duplicate post and two inappropriate posts were removed from this thread just now. Members requesting signatures for their petitions are asked to please start new threads, so that this thread can remain dedicated specifically to petition successes.


11 years ago

 I sent this message out over myspace. I think the success in a petition is of cause in getting it out but also in getting people to believe that they can make a difference.  First they have also got to realize that they are important and that what they have to say is important. Once you do that you've got yourself a movement.

"You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation".  These are the words of Marian Wright Edelman. 


"A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is A Good Thing for America", the words of Thomas Jefferson. 


 "Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander", this quote can be found on the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.


The bottom line is we control our destiny when we choose to act. We help the destiny of others when we choose to act on their behalf. We ask that you act on behalf of children that have been abused and those that may be abused because of a very corrupt or incompetent judicial system. We ask that you consider signing one or both of the petitions attached to this site and to pass this message on to all of your family and friends.


Lets be that flea that makes the big dog of child sexual abuse more than uncomfortable.


Peace and Blessings to All,



11 years ago
Anonymous posts are not allowed. How is it that there are so many anonymous posts on this thread?
Hello Frank
11 years ago
Anonymous posts occur when the member has either deleted their profile from Care2, or their account has been terminated by Care2 staff.

NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS:  Due to the length of this thread, we are closing it and starting a new one, which will be red-pinned to the board.


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