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Schapelle Documentary on HBO
7 years ago
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Schapelle Corby film shown in US first

By Marcus Casey and Michelle Cazzulino
April 17, 2008 12:00am

AN Australian-made documentary exploring the plight of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby will be shown in the United States.

Ganja Queen, produced by Sydney-based documentary maker Janine Hosking and her partner Steve Hopes, was shot during Schapelle Corby's 2005 trial with the full co-operation of the Corby family.

The 112-minute version, which will screen on HBO in the US on August 18 is an international edit, but the full Australian-centric film has not yet been screened here.

Billed as "a chilling reminder of the risks all travellers take when visiting countries with vastly different criminal justice systems and cultural mores", The Daily Telegraph understands the film has not been seen by the Corby family.

"It was a self-funded operation and we shot it ourselves with a small amount of archival footage," Mr Hopes said.

"We were with the Corbys and their legal teams throughout the process and we got a lot of behind-the-scenes footage.

"Janine had an agreement that she would not broadcast the film in Australia until all the appeals processes were completed, which they now have been.

"All the Australian networks are interested in the documentary, but we may go with a cinematic release as there has been interest there."

Mr Hopes said part of the reason for the delay in its Australian release was to protect deals the Corby family had with A Current Affair and other media outlets.

The film highlights the ineptitude of Corby's defence team's strategies.

Schapelle Corby's sister Mercedes will next week commence defamation proceedings against the Seven Network in the NSW Supreme Court.
7 years ago

Please note this story on the Care2 News Network:

7 years ago

Hi Jacqui,

I do not get to a TV too often, and HBO is a for-pay channel so many of my friends don't get it.

Do you think there will be any out-takes on Youtube, for instance?

PS, noted !!

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7 years ago

I hope so!

I will probably get a copy of it after it's been aired, so I will get you a copy.

Ganja Queen movie release on dvd
7 years ago


I am in contact with HBO with when they will release it to DVD. I will keep this post updated withe the more I find out.


6 years ago

Hey all, now has the Ganja Queen DVD for sale. Spread the word! Screen the DVD in your local college or community hall... whatever you have to do

6 years ago

SIX MONTHS AFTER it was first screened on HBO, GANJA QUEEN is still screening in case you missed it!


HBO SCHEDULE for Ganja Queen

3/18 2:00 AM HBO LATINO - EAST

3/18 2:00 AM HBO - EAST

4/15 8:00 PM HBO2 - EAST

ON DEMAND (anytime from 03-02-09 to 03-29-09):

Click here

To find Ganja Queen on HBO's 'On Demand':
1. Go to HBO Specials
2. Documentaries

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