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10 years ago
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10 years ago

it is beautiful -rich in color and very vibrant thanx for sharing this with us

10 years ago

Some of the most intelligent, caring, and talented people, that I've ever met were in prison!!! Conformity, is the only freedom, allowed here in America, these days!!! Brilliance, and B.S., borderline each other!!! Originality, creativity, and free thing, are the fastest 3 ways, to get yourself locked up these days!!!

10 years ago

I agree

Conform or be cast out? since I have always been the one who was cast out I am very grateful for this fact otherwise I would not have gone looking for the song in my heart.

I simply AM that is all

I have felt the anger of injustice and my heart has in the past burned with the fire of rage and revenge

But The Great Spirit sang it's song to me and in tears and on my knees in rage I have screamed I do not understand but I will walk where you show me

I have learned that True Freedom is not about doing as one wishes Freedom is what one is

Being Freedom in action is about Being that in the heart

I say what comes to me to say and here it seems to be important that those in prison for being non conformist know that the path to freedom is within the heart for we are not the body it is merely a house in which we live- What we truly are is a Divine Spark of the Creator and no walls can hold the essence of the heart-the proof of that is in this site and in this painting and in those wonderful words of poetry. Blessings

10 years ago

I love the arts and Natives are well known about that.
Luckely for me I do know where to go to by arts,created by natives and not made in china.

10 years ago

Conformity, is the only freedom, allowed here in America, these days

So twisted but true. Twas ever thus. I had a dreamer's mind in school....Barely squeaked by on the standards set by the powers that were....An absolutely lonely, opressive struggle but I endured it just long enough to make it out of that miserable fascist system without repeating a grade. Show an ounce of creativity or original thought in this country and they virtually label you a "special needs case"....either that or a criminal....but I'm babbling.

Oso, I still say it's ridiculously unfair what's happened....but when you have so much time to yourself....with's a strangely liberating tune out the madness and the noise of the outside world and listen to your true self...You see things in your mind's eye that you thought you'd forgotten....and I'm still babbling, aren't I...? ....Sorry....I hope you could understand at least some of my ramblings....Pure, honest, vivid art, Oso. Thank you.

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10 years ago

Love the way U write Debbie your "rambling" has a destination

like having a conversation-Blessings

10 years ago
Thank you, Faith. I was just going on a rant. Frustrated. Many blessings to you, as well.
10 years ago
Rich in color..Rich in heritage and expression of one's ancestry. Beautiful work oginali..Wado , Oso for sharing your fabulous artwork with us alll.... e lo hi no  do hi yi  ge se sti. ( Peace on Earth)..( May the a da nv do Great Spirit, shine on you this day..
Artwork By Oso Blanco
10 years ago

They may have your body but not your mind...thank you for sharing the beauty that you see from within yourself. Aho

10 years ago

This is so Beautiful the colours are so strikingly vibrant.I absolutely love it..Great work..Wado for sharing.

                                ..Love always Cloe..


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