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Thoughts, Opinions, ETC.....
10 years ago
| Blue Label

I respect and appreciate your thoughts, opinions, and ets. regarding the "MEDITATIONS" thread, but please post those responses here in this thread so we can keep that thread open for the daily meditations.  I appreciate your cooperation, and I thank you all!

10 years ago

Thanx Kat-I will do so-Blessings

10 years ago
10 years ago
I was inspired by your meditation of the day. Did some research on it....Why, oh why can't the white man ever LEARN from those who were here before us....? Absolutely hauntingly beautiful....Powerfully spiritual.
Kat, I'm so sorry
10 years ago

I didn't know

10 years ago

droppin in to say hi.  cant be on long.  Thanks for the Ghost Dance!

10 years ago
My pleasure, Oso. Keep the faith.
10 years ago

Don't worry about it, Chief.  It's all cleared up now!  No harm done, my friend!

10 years ago
Kat, I have to comment on your meditation for the family....The whole concept of family has become so broken down and dysfunctional....Parents suing their children, abandoning them....and vice versa....My family and I have had our differences in the past, to be sure....but they have helped me out of so many difficulties....put up with so questions asked. Isn't that what a family should be.....?
10 years ago

Debbie, I appreciate what you are saying.  First, let me say that there are differences in the Indian and non-Indian worlds as to what "family" means.  Here is a quoted definition from :

"The White Family The European family was patterned after a patriarchal ideal in which the father exercised supreme authority over an extended family, at least in theory. Reality often deviated from that ideal.

The Native-American Family European observers misunderstood traditional Native-American work roles and family relations. Interaction with Europeans further undermined the structure of the traditional Indian family and ultimately threatened its survival.

The Function of the Family

Historically, the family was the basic political, religious, social, and economic unit in society, and, as such, was both a public and a private institution."



Role of the family.  In the Native-American community families are extremely important.  The children in Native-American families are socialized somewhat different from non-Native-American children.  The family serves as an instrument of accountability and responsibility, which included the entire community.  Native-Americans have very close kinship ties even in terms of extended families.  Kinship is not limited just to the immediate family, but to the other families in the tribe as well.

The elders are the most respected in the community and viewed as being wise.  Traditional Native-Americans feel it is an honor to be in the presence of the elders and they should be talked to and learned from.  The elders teach how to act and not act, and their survival techniques.

Native-American children are more important than material possessions.  The children are the one’s who are going to carry on the tribal traditions and the family.  Physical punishment is not and is still not acceptable.  If a child can not go to a social function, then the parents will not go.  When teaching the children, respect is taught by example.  When Native-Americans make artifacts or tools, they make them with imperfections to show  that everything is not perfect and teach the children that not everything or everyone is perfect.  They teach the children that they do not have to be perfect or expect others to be perfect.

The women are very important to the tribe. They are regarded as having a special magic and holiness. The women can bear the children.  They make the toys for the children.

Though there are major differences in the values and beliefs of the American Native-Americans and Europeans, there are also similarities.  Universal qualities like generosity, kindness, honor, courage, humor, and bravery are an integral part of Native-American culture.  They recognize the importance of such traits.  Men and women not only possess these qualities but actually demonstrate them in their daily lives before being placed in a position of authority and power.

NOTE:  These daily meditations are from a Native American view, and are probably different than the non-Indian way of thinking.  It might benefit the reader (in this case, you, Debbie) to understand these differences.  These meditations can, however, be used and applied by any nationality of people, for they are spiritual, and Spirit covers the entire human race.  Does this help you, or are you now more confused then ever?

10 years ago
Thanks so much for enlightening me, Kat....Yes, I do understand....and again, non-natives would do well to learn by this example. It does seem to be such a hiearchy in our culture....Respect...equality...for the individual seems to have diminished, as has the importance of our "elders". Sad but true....
10 years ago

O'siyo Birdie!  Since I am Cherokee, I use a Cherokee meditation book called "A Cherokee Feast Of Days" by Joyce Sequichie is a book of daily meditations, and I think you can get it at Barnes & Noble, but I will give you the address of where I got it (by mail):

Native Voices

P.O.Box 180

Summertown, Tn. 38483


Be sure and tell them you want them to send you their catalog.  This meditation book is in there.  My copy is kinda old, so I don't know if it's still the same catalog number, but here is the one I have for it: #031688s and I think I paid $10.oo for it, but like I said, that's been a while now...

There are also other good meditation materials from these people.  I hope this helps, Birdie!

10 years ago


I am so sorry I posted on the Meditation thread

wont happen again,

I will go and get the book and yes ask for a catalog also, to buy additional products and books

thank you and once again I am so sorry


10 years ago

Birdie, and EVERYONE...Oso said that very short ones are OK on the meditation thread...he just doesn't want long ones there so people can meditate and not be distracted, that's all.  We both thank everybody for respecting the point of the meditation thread!  This thread right here is for regular stuff...when it gets full, one of us will make a new one.  So, don't worry!

10 years ago
1851 Treaty

Section 2. Part 3. ("1, 2, 3") Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within the Union, according to their respective numbers, [which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other persons].


This Constitution, and Laws of the United States which shall be made Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United Stated, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The Senators and Representative before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.

    "First clear off the buffalo, then clear off the Indian. For the gold, we must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux even to their total extermination, men, women and children."
-U.S. Army General William T. Sherman-
in a telegram to President U. S. Grant
10 years ago
1851 Treaty
GENOCIDE: SYSTEMATIC HARM TO A PEOPLE BY ANOTHERSee Genocide Convention Implementation Act of 1987 (the Proxmire Act).
    "First clear off the buffalo, then clear off the Indian. For the gold, we must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux even to their total extermination, men, women and children."
-U.S. Army General William T. Sherman-
in a telegram to President U. S. Grant

Government officials continue to violate the 1851 TREATY, Article VI of their U.S. Constitution, and Public Law 100-606 the "Genocide Convention Act of 1988" through various "congressional acts" which attempt to deny Indigenous nationhood - constituting the high crime of genocide.

Article 3, 1851 TREATY: "The United States bind themselves to protect the aforesaid Indian Nations against the commission of all depredations (wrong, plunder) by the people of said United States"


Mandated by unanimous OYATE OMNICIYE, the only way the 1851 Treaty could only be relinquished or "broken" would be by a "declaration of war" or by unanimous consent of each person of each of the seven signatory nations - neither of which has happened.


10 years ago

Letter from Elders: July 14, 1991

Hau Mitakuye Oisin,

Greetings to all our Allies, Brothers & Sisters! We are sending this letter out in a new way, by computer, to show that we are still alive and our hearts are not diminished in any way.

This is a general introduction of ourselves, and expression of warm regard to all our Indigenous Allies engaged in ongoing War with the USA and Canada, all around the Sacred Earth. The Bear Butte Council has long been silent because our Prophecies said we had to wait, until now. But as our elder Joe Flying By has said, "It is time."

The Bear Butte Council (Mato Paha Okolokiciye) is an ancient counsel of the many Allies of the holy Black Hills (H'e Sapa) bioregion, in what has been illegally occupied and desecrated by the 'United States of America' and 'Canada'. We are what these euro-judeo-christians call 'Red Indians'. We call ourselves Tsistsistas and Suhtaoi (Southern and Northern Cheyennes), A'anninin (Gros Ventres), Nakoda Ki (Assiniboines and Stoneys), Lakota Ki (Titonwin Sioux), as well as Mdewakanton, Hidatsa, Crow, Mandan, Arapaho, Shoshone, Kiowa, Ponca, Oto, Omaha, Cree, Ojibwa, Blackfoot, and Arikara.

We know there is a need for INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE with our many other Indigenous brothers and sisters throughout the world who are being slaughtered by these Evil Invaders. They have massacred at least 100 million Native Peoples in this hemisphere since Columbus brought his diseases and priests in 1492. They deliberately slaughtered 75 million of our sacred Buffalo in this northern continent. Countless massacres of our little children were perpetrated by their glorious Cavalry; and they are still glorifying their genocide in racist/religionist Hollywood movies.

We have been holding WAR COUNCIL with our Allies of the Cree and Iroquois Confederacies, who have joined us in battles from Wounded Knee in 1973 to Oka and Kanesatake in 1990, and Gustafsen Lake in 1995. This has been an ongoing War ever since they violated the sacred Treaty of 1851 signed at their Fort Laramie, Wyoming territory.

Our allied Red Nations utilized the Black Hills, Bear Butte, Grey Buffalo Horn, and other Sacred Sites for millions of years for spiritual and sacred purposes, with such unlimited and undisturbed use and access unconditionally agreed upon byt the government of the United States through the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie.

With the threat of the encroaching Whites, the nine Red Nations of the Sacred Black Hills Region were prompted to PROTECT, SECURE, AND INSURE OUR TERRITORIAL HOMELANDS THROUGH THE SIGNING OF THE 1851 TREATY OF FORT LARAMIE.

The Agreements and Guarantees set forth and mandated by the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie are INDISPUTABLE, NONCONTROVERSIAL, AND DO NOT ALLOW FOR "RE-NEGOTIATION".

Our sincere feelings and beliefs with regard to the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie - which is also known as "The Treaty of Long Meadows" and, to the Cheyenne "The Great Horse Creek Treaty", are that:

  1. IT IS A SACRED DOCUMENT, unanimously agreed upon by each camp and each Band of each of the nine Red Nations Signatory to the September 17 signing, with the presence of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Nakota/Dakoda/Lakota, the Four Sacred Arrows of the Cheyenne, as well as the Sacred Bundles of the other five Indigenous Red Nations Signatory to the 1851 Treaty;
  2. IT IS A UNIFYING DOCUMENT, with nine Red Nations Allied to protect their territorial homelands, the center and very heart of those territories being the Sacred Black Hills Region;
  3. IT BINDS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO HONOR the 1851Treaty of Fort Laramie, as mandated through Article VI of their U.S. Constitution, which states explicitly that "Treaties made with Indian Nations are the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND", which not even U.S. Supreme Court 'Rulings' (adverse or otherwise) can legally affect;
  4. All so-called 'Acts, Treaties, and/or Agreements" concocted after September 17, 1851 are continued day-to-day VIOLATIONS of the sole legitimate 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, and are TOTALLY ILLEGAL;
  5. Each of the nine Red Nations present at and signatory to the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie were properly represented with their PRINCIPAL CHIEFS AND HEADMEN, with the parents of the great Medicine Man, TATANKA IYOTAKE (SITTING BULL), and the great War Chief TASUNKE WITKO (CRAZY HORSE), present andwitness to the signing;

1851 Treaty violations by the U.S. Government CONSTITUTE GENOCIDE upon and against the nine 1851 Treaty signatory Red Nations. In 1988 U.S. President Bush signed into public law 'The Genocide Convention Implementation Act (Proxmire Act) of 1987 (U.S.P.L. 100-606)" which adopted the "International Genocide Convention", and which prohibits the Commission(s) of the crime of Genocide against the nine Red Signatory Nations.

On December 6, 1999 I presented this Statement of our Sovereignty before the US Civil Rights Commission hearings in Rapid City, South Dakota, and demanded that they review the Genocide committed by the US Government against our Red Nations.

Submitted, Respectfully,
Richard Grass
Descendent Treaty Chief

[signatures to same, July 14, 1991
Bear Butte

    John W. Long
    Archie Fire
    Arvol Looking Horse,
    Bill Tall Bull
    Richard Grass
    Rema White Cheek
    Joseph A. Walker
    Reginald Bird Horse
    Pete Fills The Pipe Sr.
    Huron Red Dog
    Rodney Lee Randall
    Heidi Lee Randall
    Robert Grey Eagle
    Gilly Running
    Anthony Running
    Cecelia Parker
    Tony Black Feather
    Philip Sounding Sides
    Merle Whistler
    Two Crows
    Dave Yakima Chie
Wado Thank You
10 years ago

Kat: For all the information you gather and putting it in one place for all to view. It all takes time and effort and appreciated for making it easier on the rest of us that way. 

I wanted to mention here that I saw someone wanting to know where to get the mentioned a book. The meditations can also be sent to anyone daily via the internet by going to and signing up for them to be sent to their email address. I have them daily come to me and look forward each morning having one in my mailbox.

10 years ago

O'siyo my friend!  I thank you for the thank you!

Yes, I also get the White Bison in email...I thought she meant which meditation books do I read here at misunderstanding...things have been a little weird lately

10 years ago

Being Indian Is-feeding anyone and everyone who comes to your door hungry, with whatever you have.

Being Indian Is-having every third person you meet tell you about his great grandmother who was a real Cherokee princess.

Being Indian Is-being broke all summer long because you try to make every pow wow.

Being Indian Is-loving frybread and dry meat.

Being Indian Is-masking your emotions in times of stress.

Being Indian Is-respecting your elders who have earned it.

Being Indian Is-never giving up the struggle for survival.

Being Indian Is-trading your surplus commodities for something you are in more need of.

Being Indian Is-being known for your great sense of humour and having the ability to make jokes and laughter out of the worse situation.

Being Indian Is-not rioting in the streets but occupying godforsaken places like Alcatraz, Mount ushmore, the New York-Canadian bridge, etc.and Whiteclay, Nebraska!!! (And Gallatin/Owen Counties in KY & being *content* with it)

Being Indian Is-owning land and not being able to rent, lease, sell or even farm it yourself without BIA pproval.

Being Indian Is-feeling Red Eagle, Medicine Cloud, and Pretty Bear are more beautiful names than Smith, Johnson, or Jones.

Being Indian Is-watching your daughter give away her only pair of overshoes to somebody who needs them more than her.

Being Indian Is-having your all-Indian school team playing against 7 men on the basketball court.

Being Indian Is-playing basketball at the outdoor courts on the rez til 3:00 am.

Being Indian Is-either borrowing or lending money to your skin brothers and sisters at least once a week.

Being Indian Is-having people ask if they can touch your hair or take your picture.

Being Indian Is-worrying about diabetes.

Being Indian Is-knowing why the rez car in "Smoke Signals" was funny! Why of course its funny...I drive one of those..hehe (I had one ~ it went up in flames)

Being Indian Is-having more cousins than trees have leaves.

Being Indian Is-cutting the mold off the commodity cheese so you can eat it anyway.

Being Indian Is-having to explain *again* why you dont like the mascot. (So don't explain more than once, more than likely, they will abuse your words anyway)

Being Indian Is-cursing F.A.S.

Being Indian Is-fighting the likes of Slade Gordon

Being Indian Is-knowing the Reservation of Education.

Being Indian Is-eating salmon for the 6th meal in a row.

Being Indian Is-knowing too many people that have died of cirrhosis, exposure, or "accident"

Being Indian Is-knowing history started before 1492.

Being Indian Is-laughing with your friends so much your facial muscles hurt.

Being Indian Is-singing 49 songs using a garbage can for a drum.

Being Indian Is-road trips cross country . . . just because . . .

Being Indian is having the strength to move your family at any given moment, for any given reason of another...and making it . .

Being Indian Is-reading about your ancestors and relations in an anthropologist paper.

Being Indian Is-knowing someone in Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, San Fran, Minneapolis or any other relocation center.

Being Indian Is-losing your job after the grant ends.

Being Indian is losing your job because you're different.

Being Indian Is-having a song come to you at the oddest times. Aho!

Being Indian Is-counting the number of brown people photographed in magazine advertisements.

Being Indian Is-celebrating the whale hunt.

Being Indian Is-full of acronyms that affect your world (BIA, IHS, CSBG, ANA, FEMA, CCDBG, JTPA, WIA, SYEP, JOM, NIEA, UNITY.......

Being Indian is grieving for your ancestors

Being Indian Is - PRIDE.

Being Indian Is - BEAUTIFUL

Being Indian Is - FOREVER......

~Author unknown~

Pay Attention to Non-Violence
6 years ago

A Pickup Truck Grows an Educational Mini-Farm
6 years ago
A Pickup Truck Grows an Educational Mini-Farm
A literal "food truck," Truck Farm Chicago is a nonprofit organization that uses a 1994 Ford F-250 named Petunia to chauffeur a miniature farm. The project, which revved into gear on Earth Day, is a collaboration between sustainable development nonprofit Seven Generations Ahead and eco-friendly book-printer Green Sugar Press, a recent GOOD Maker finalist whose co-founders Shari Brown and Tim Magner were inspired by King Corn director Ian Cheney’s first truck farm in Brooklyn, NY.

While Truck Farm Chicago is one of about 20 truck farms sprawled across the nation, it's set apart by its focus on educating Chicago youth and families about healthy eating. Visits to the truck typically last an hour and consist of a short tour of the farm, plant identification, taste tests, and sensory exploration. Off-truck activities include planting a seed in a newspaper pot to nourish at home and painting their favorite lessons straight onto Petunia.

A Pickup Truck Grows an Educational Mini-Farm

This post was modified from its original form on 23 May, 9:39
Tour NYC's Coolest Roofs
6 years ago

Tour NYC's Coolest Roofs

Witness the evolution of NYC's billion-square-foot roofscape in the face of climate change.

Most visitors to New York City crane their necks for a view of the city's famous skyline, but locals know better: To get the best views, you have to go up. Here's your chance to take a rare—and vivid—journey atop a few of the city's billion square feet of rooftops.

As the Big Apple faces ever-hotter summers, officials are looking for ways to cool off in some of the only unused space left in a crowded city: rooftops.

Fertile vegetated "green" roofs absorb the sun's rays, while reflective "white" roofs bounce them back to space. Both are sprouting up in response to a 2008 city rule that requires new roofs to be climate friendly. Meanwhile, the city is working with the Obama administration to overhaul its hulking construction bureaucracy, making it easier for solar panel installers to turn rooftops into the city's fastest-growing energy provider.

Interactive: New York's Roofscape Gets Climate Makeover
6 years ago

May we all have this courage of the heart !

Bole:Little Girl Breaks Down Armed Soldiers.
6 years ago

I hope everyone views this. This child is a true Rainbow Warrior!  I thought as I viewed it, (I had trouble reading the words they aren't very vivid), "Through the eyes of a child"...lessons to be learned. These soldiers learned one the hard way, it was obvious on their faces. I thought also, and they wonder why so many of our troops are developing P.T.S.D. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel? I shared it on my other web blogs and emailed it to all my family and friends. Kudos to Jenny for standing tall for those she loves.

6 years ago
Check out this wonderful innovation:
Tony Redhouse: Sacred Space
6 years ago

Native American Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher of the Navajo Nation, Tony Redhouse, performed live at East West in full regalia.

His latest CD draws on ancient forms of musical expression — the Voice, the Drum, and the Flute — to create a sacred space for us to make peace with all of our transitions. He is the recipient of two Native American Music Awards, was commissioned to record music for the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and shares with hospice, substance abuse, and cancer recovery clients and Native American communities.

Energy Healing Wolf
6 years ago

Amazing healing sessions between humans and a resident wolf with a neurological disorder.

Hurricane Sandy Recycled
5 years ago
Hurricane Sandy Recycled: From Despair and Destruction, Designers Create Furniture and Art
The proceeds from an upcoming auction of their pieces will benefit charity.

The Frankenstorm of 2012 left tons of debris in its wake, but a group of friends have devised a clever way to turn all that junk into cool design—and benefit victims of the hurricane at the same time.

Jennifer Gorsche, a design writer came up with the idea after seeing the masses of downed trees that were being cut up and cleared away. Gorsche enlisted her friends Jean Lin, the editor in chief of Designer Pages Media, and designer Brad Ascalon. The three then rounded up a group of designers who agreed to create furniture and artwork out of the storm’s debris and Reclaim NYC was born.

One of the first people they contacted was François Chambard, a furniture designer in Greenpoint, Brooklyn who is the founder of UM Project (for Users and Makers), a furniture design company. “I often describe UM Project's style and approach as Industrial Craft, with work transcending the qualities of both the handmade and the mass-produced,” Chambard told TakePart. “In many ways, UM Project draws inspiration from industry the same way others would be inspired by nature.

Hurricane Sandy Recycled
5 years ago

if life gives you lemons,    

 make Lemonade ; )   

Solar Panels & Schoolyard Chickens: A Net-Positive Campus
5 years ago

When Seattle’s Bulitt Center—the "greenest office building ever"—opens on Earth Day it will symbolize a shift in 21st century priorities towards intentionality, stewardship, and service. It will soon be followed by a net-zero energy hotel in the Fall of 2013. But businesses aren’t the only entities striving to meet the parameters of the Living Building Challenge by implementing the most ecologically conscious design and technologies available. A net-zero energy public school in New York City will open in 2014, and at our school on the southwest side of Chicago, the Academy for Global Citizenship, we are building a net-positive campus to house our net-positive community.

While the Bulitt Center will encourage net-positive values through net-positive design, at the Academy for Global Citizenship, the net-positive energy campus is being created as a prototype for educational and community spaces and is designed to support a mindful lifestyle. Our students, parents, staff, and volunteers contribute to a culture of service and stewardship—values that are interwoven into every aspect of the school. Our edible schoolyard garden, zero-waste cafeteria, and community celebrations foster and empower stewardship among the many stakeholders in our learning community.

"We teach our students to be net positive," says Dan Schnitzer, AGC’s director of sustainability and operations, so that they’re able “to give back to their communities and their families. Therefore we think we have to operate in that way as well.”  

For the students at the Academy for Global Citizenship, this concept is not exceptional, it is expected. When you watch one of our students, 8-year-old third grader Patrick, explain the life cycle of the peach it’s clear that this is just life as usual on our campus. Patrick learned on the first day of kindergarten how to scrape leftovers into the green bin in the cafeteria marked "Compost," and what to sort into the "Landfill" or "Recycling."

We believe, however, that we can do more. There are 6,500 schools in Illinois and, on average, they spend more on energy than books and technology combined. Right now our school is split between two buildings, and, since we're adding a grade every year, we're outgrowing our space. So, we plan to build a new campus—the first of its kind in Illinois—that will serve as a model for sustainability in the education space.

To that end, we've identified an 11-acre plot of land in our neighborhood that will house a K-12 school for our students and it will create more energy than it uses. The campus will also be home to seven acres of urban agriculture—including fruit trees and a native forest—and will serve as both a hub for community collaboration and as a learning laboratory. Because we want to share this model with others—in education and in other fields—we plan to open it to the public for tours and educational collaboration.

Our students are enthusiastic about the idea, too. When Patrick's classmates found that their snack cups were not recyclable, they invented a enterprise called "Cup Creations" and initiated a fundraiser for AGC's Net Positive campaign. Patrick doesn't think twice about selling eco-crafts to raise money for his school's sustainable building project. "All we needed to do," Patrick explains matter-of-factly, "was collect all the cups that we used for snack and then we washed them and created things! We made bobble heads, maracas, bug catchers and ant farms." 

Projects like the Bulitt Center and what we're doing at AGC came about independently—not because of new technologies or available funds, but as the result of the same shift in collective consciousness. We are finally starting, as a people, to give back more than we take—we are learning to be net positive. These building projects are the harbingers of the movement to create a future where solar panels on office buildings and schoolyard chickens are the norm.

Round Dance at Los Angeles Climate Rally
5 years ago

5 years ago


GOOD NEWS! Indigenous People of Honduras Granted One Million Hectares of Rainforest
5 years ago


- 1 day ago -

One-hundred and fifty years after a treaty with England granted the Miskito people rights over their land--a treaty which was never fully respected--the government of Honduras has officially handed over nearly a million hectares (970,000 hectares) of tro
4 years ago

I believe everyone should know this.

Please watch the video.

4 years ago

Happy Winter Solstice !

(And to any friends here who live in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Summer Solstice).

4 years ago

... children are our future ...

4 years ago

have a good night, everyone. stay warm.

4 years ago

"There is a longing among all people and creatures to have a sense of purpose and worth. To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other. In the olden times man and creature walked as friends who carried the beauty of the land in their hearts. Now each one of us is needed to make sure the salmon can find a place to spawn and the bear cub a tree to climb. There is little time left and much effort is needed!"

- Chief Dan George.

4 years ago

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things your have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy - myself. Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes. So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my Spirit may come to you without shame.

Chief Yellow Lark - Lakota -

What Everyone Needs To Know About The Freedom Industries Bankruptcy
4 years ago

4 years ago

thank you Pamylle.

Admissions in WV Hospitals Have DOUBLED Since Water Ban Lifted
4 years ago

Much of the country has heard that West Virginia’s water has been deemed safe following the spill of about 7,500 gallons of Methylcyclohexane Methanol into the Elk River. The chemical, used in the coal industry, has been known to cause uncontrolled vomiting, diarrhea, blisters, and other serious health problems not just when ingested–but when even touched. This number has increased since area residents’ water was deemed “safe for use,” and that number is staggering!

Nine West Virginia counties, for most of a week, were under an order not to use the water for anything. Then, like magic, the order was lifted and it was back to business as usual–except that residents flooded West Virginia American Water’s facebook page with complaints that the water was burning them. The licorice smell that accompanies that sort of contamination was still there. Many residents turned to the relief trucks that had provided some “bring your own container” relief to the citizens of the area–and then it became known that the water company was filling relief trucks with the exact same water that was making residents sick, despite claiming that they were filled in another system.

All the while, the tainted water continues to ravage the area communities. On January 12, the day before the do-not-use order lifts began, health department officials noted 10 hospital admissions and 169 people treated and released. There were more than 1,000 calls to the poison control center. By Saturday, when the final areas were given the “go-ahead” with their water those numbers had spiked dramatically. Twenty people had been admitted to hospitals, with 411 being treated and released from the emergency room. A staggering 2,302 had called the poison control center.

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart 'Crosses The Veil'
4 years ago

Blessèd be to dear Zell, a pioneer of American NeoPaganism, whom I hope, as one commentor put it, "dances her way to the SummerLand".

On May 14, 2014, Oberon Zell posted an update announcing Morning Glory's passing:

"My beloved has passed beyond the veil. She drew her final breath at 5:42 yesterday afternoon. Her handmaidens, students and priestesses prepared her body and dressed her in her beautiful Sea Priestess robes. She is now lying in grace in the Temple for a few days until we take her body to its final resting place in the Earth. It's been an incredible week--grief and joy intermixing like a lava lamp. So many beautiful loving people gathered around, taking care of everything. That's all I can really say right now...I can barely see to type".


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