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Indigenous Science
7 years ago
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Dr. Apela Colorado was among the first generation of Native Americans to receive a Ph.D. from a leading US university (Brandeis). In her doctoral dissertation she coined the term ‘indigenous science’ and used it in an effort to create a bridge of understanding between western science and indigenous knowledge. Among her own Iroquoian people she is known as “the mother of Indigenous Science”. In 1989, Dr. Colorado convened the first international gathering of indigenous knowledge holders and western scientists. As a result of this meeting, the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network was formed. The mission of WISN is to perpetuate the earth-based knowledge systems of indigenous peoples and to link it with western science.

The Worldwide Indigenous Science Network

7 years ago

Just like western science, indigenous science relies upon direct observation; there are tests to insure validity and data are used for forecasting and generating predictions. Individuals are trained in various forecasting and generating predictions. Individuals are trained in various specializations, for example, herbalism, weather observations, mental health and time keeping. Unlike western science, the data from indigenous science are not used to control the forces of nature, instead, the data tell us ways and means of accommodating nature. Other critical distinctions include the following:

1. The indigenous scientist is an integral part of the research process and there is a defined process for insuring this integrity.

2. All of nature is considered to be intelligent and alive, thus an active research partner.

3. The purpose of indigenous science is to maintain balance.

4. Compared to western time/space notions, indigenous science collapses time and space with the result that our fields of inquiry and participation extend into and overlap with past and present.

5. Indigenous science is concerned with relationships, we try to understand and complete our relationships with all living things.

6. Indigenous science is holistic, drawing on all the Sense including the spiritual and psychic.

7. The end point of an indigenous scientific process is a known and recognized place. This point of balance, referred to by my own tribe as the Great Peace, is both peaceful and electrifyingly alive. In the joy of exact balance, creativity occurs, which is why we can think of our way of knowing as a life science.

8. When we reach the moment/place of balance we do not believe that we have transcended — we say that we are normal! Always we remain embodied in the natural world.

9. Humor is a critical ingredient of all truth seeking, even in the most powerful rituals. This is true because humor balances gravity.


Ancestral Apothecary

7 years ago
The Sacred Fire for European Tribal Remembrance

Although this particular event has already occurred, tribal elders all over the world are supporting & joining in Sacred Ceremony. It's happening more & more. Very interesting talk here !


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