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'I wish to live without wars"
7 years ago
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The letter below describes the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteer's plans for the coming weeks.  28 internationals will join them, in Kabul.  We hope many of you will also join us for the Global Day of Listening skype call on March 20th - 21st.

Please email to become part of the call.  
With all good wishes for peace,
Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Dear Friends of All People
‘I wish to live without wars’
Day of the People’s Peace
Afghan News Year’s Day
on 21st of March 2011
Abdulai, 15 year old Afghan student and farmer, says:
I see the unchanging System of the Rich and Powerful
in which my world is Violently collapsing,
and human hope for a decent life leaves my heart.
So, in solidarity with the People of Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Gaza,
the Middle East, North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia,
& with the People of the world,
I will walk for peace
I will light my candles

& I will plant my trees

7 years ago

Please join with your heart and spirit "I wish to Live without Wars."

"I Wish to Live without Wars,"  asks for your solidarity on the Day of the People's Peace on March 21, 2011, which is also the Afghan News Year's Day. 


We call everyone, anywhere, individually or in groups, to walk, plant trees or light candles in loving support of Abdulai, the mothers, youth and people of Afghanistan, as they walk, plant trees, and light candles to declare the peaceful wish of the People of Afghanistan to live without wars.

The walks we take, the trees we plant, and the candles we light are founded in humanity’s Love which declares, "I live and love, so I shall not kill." This Love is the deep wish and yearning of all human beings to live together in freedom and peace, with decent livelihoods, and without wars. It is an indomitable love.


For centuries, the Powers of the world have jointly organized for wealth and war. Now, the People of the world need to jointly organize for Peace.

If you support our effort, please sign this petition. It will encourage us more than you know.

7 years ago
Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable

By Voices for Creative Non-Violence Co-coordinators


Since April of 2009, Voices activists have maintained a partial listing of civilians killed by U.S. led ISAF/NATO troops in Afghanistan. All of the information we’ve assembled is available in the mainstream news. We realized that we ourselves were not paying close enough attention, - we weren’t pausing to ask questions and absorb the details, and so we’ve tried in the past several months to carefully update the “Afghan Atrocities” timetable.


We invite others to join us in considering ways to express remorse and condolence to the people whose loved ones have been killed. It’s important to note that President Obama has set “a clear and achievable mission-to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies and prevent their return to either country.” Yet, the U.S. director of the National Security Agency, Jim Jones, has acknowledged that there are only 50 – 100 Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan and 300 to 400 members of the group in Pakistan.


Before he was fired for insubordination, General McChrystal acknowledged that U.S. forces have killed civilians who meant them no harm. During a biweekly video conference with US soldiers in Afghanistan, he was quite candid. “We’ve shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none has proven to have been a real threat to the force,” said General McChrystal. “To my knowledge, in the nine-plus months I’ve been here, not a single case where we have engaged in an escalation of force incident and hurt someone has it turned out that the vehicle had a suicide bomb or weapons in it and, in many cases, had families in it.”

To see the Timetable, visit:

7 years ago
His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s public talk on world peace given at the West Lawn of the US Capitol in Washington DC, on July 9, 2011. (1 hour, 21 minutes)

When will this insanity end?
7 years ago

Ten years and counting, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ttripoley -- that fuc*ing mouamar jerk  . . .  We are --our stoopid government is killings us.  And we are letting them.


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