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A "More Peaceful World" Meditation/Prayer
7 years ago
| Blue Label

Hello my friends! *toyou* I am envisioning a White light around the earth, and sending a prayer for Japan to help them through this most difficult time. But, I ask you all a favor. Can we all pray/meditate on a more peaceful world until at least Sunday night. Together? I am gravely concerned about the tsunami's, Earthquakes, and other disasters happening on our earth. There are so many wars. :( I am hoping to get a nondenominational Prayer/Meditation going to pray for a "More Peaceful World to come into being" I am sure that you will all agree, no matter what your belief is that we could use a "More peaceful World." I believe in the Powers of Prayer/Meditation, and I believe that if we all ask for the same thing, using the same basic wording.... things could very well improve. A “More peaceful World” can be possible if we all believe. I am going to copy/paste my post to send in a message to my friends, and send it out in shares. You can do the same, and I really hope that you will. HUGZ ~ Electra *grouphug*


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