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Join The Race
11 years ago
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Join the race of survival with the cheetahs by helping them in anyway you can. It doesnt mean just raising money to help them but it also means raising awareness so others know of the problems they face every day of their lives.

Here you can post ideas that you might put into action to help the cheetahs and wait to get a response and see what others think of it. How well they think it will go, how they think you could improove. Absolutely anything.
You can also post ways that you have helped the cheetahs in the past or how you are helping them currently.

11 years ago

I already have a petition started up (, I have adopted/sponsored one in the past from her name was Cayla, as well as raised up some money that is currently being sent of to the same place I adopted Cayla from in SA and I am now raising money to sponsor another cheetah from I am designing a lot of clothing and items at the moment that I will sell to raise more money and I am considering seeing if I can go into my brothers school to talk to the younger kids about how they can help. Oh and not to forget I am also designing a 'plushie' or soft toy to sell and raise money from for the cheetahs. All the money I raise from these ideas will go to let me know what you think.

11 years ago
Hello, Shannon! Thanks to you for starting this group! Special thanks to my dear-sweet friend Cher C., Care2's animal activist extraordinaire for sending me the invite. Cher is who I want to be when I grow up! I've signed the petition from the link above, signed at #151. Big cats are my passion, and I look forward to doing many good things here. Brightest Blessings to all! Love and Peace, Tim...and Miss Bibbs
Post deleted
11 years ago

Most of the posts have been deleted in this thread due to them being nothing to do with what was intended to be in here

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