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BRAINSTORM: promoting petitions
11 years ago
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promoting petitions

So, its not always the easiest thing to do. This thread is so we can all throw in ideas together as to what kind of things we can do to get our petitions out there into the world so we can start getting a flow of signatures into our own petitions. This thread isnt about the cheetahs, but general petitions. So get posting!

Any suggestions?
11 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas for this thread? I think if we threw around enough ideas then this could really help a lot of people. Remember we are a group, we work together so don't worry about getting anything wrong. And with this kind of thread you cant really get anything wrong can you? For my advice, I think persistence pays off more than anything else. I never would have had nearly as many signatures as I do on my petition at the moment if I hadn't kept emailing the link round. Telling all my friends about it. Getting people to forward the link as much as possible. And then also posting it in as many threads as I could.

11 years ago

I think how a petition is made makes a great deal of difference, not just how important the cause is.

I think a good petition should have a very appealing case built around it. Documentation, videos, testimonials (comments about the issue), it should appeal to the head as well as the heart.

Sites like thepetitionsite make a difference, however would't it be nice to have a good web page for a cause, with lots of websites linking to it - so that it shows up in searches and all ... ?

Maybe even get sponsorships for events that .... promote promoting it.    (I like businesses).

Like a small gift - token of appreciation - like chocolate delivered to you for sending the mail to so many people.

11 years ago

I agree with what you have said. So you think the petition's go further if they have a website explaining more about them? Like this one: If that's what your saying I agree, I have often thought of making a website for my petition and as soon as I think it through properly I will give it a go. Your ideas are really good, but I am just wondering what everyone else has to say about this topic as I think it is quite interesting to see what different people think.

11 years ago


Promoting Petitions
11 years ago

Shannon, I have a few suggestions. I have been using, free ads on the net, My Space and Face Book.

11 years ago

Sounds good. WHere have you been using free ads as that sounds like a good idea I just don't know where to find them. I use facebook as well, I have a group on there that includes the link to my petition.

Everyone keep your ideas coming, they are great

Promoting Petitions
11 years ago

I have another idea to add onto our grow list :]

Business Cards. You could get some made up with all the details of your petition on them to hand out to people who make an interest in the topic of your petition. There are some websites that will allow you to design/make your own business cards on their website and then they send them out. The making is completly free, you just have to pay for the postage which is great!

Leaflets, pretty self explanatory. Basically you make up some leaflets (or get someone to design them and then your print them) to hand out all about your petition.

10 years ago

This is great thank you.


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