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Thanks A'isha and friend. :)
10 years ago

"Upside down . . boy you turn me . . inside out & round & round." 

I like this quiz you put in this thread, I'd forgoten bout it and its really interesting and informational,  you can learn so
much by making a mistake, its fun to get it wrong that way,
from that perspective.

Good 2 flip the direction of thread tonight to raise up last-
previos post about petition and pop up topic ~ good stuff and hence the song lyrics.

11 years ago

As December 1, World AIDS Day, is rapidly approaching, children with HIV/AIDS continue to be ignored across the globe. But you can help. Join the movement to prevent pediatric AIDS.

Take ActionNinety percent of the 2.3 million HIV-positive children living around the world contracted HIV from their mothers in the womb, at birth, or while breast-feeding.

There are simple and effective medicines available to significantly reduce the likelihood that a mother will pass HIV onto her baby. Unfortunately, this lifesaving care is not reaching most women and children in resource-poor countries. As a consequence, 1,500 children contract HIV every day.

This is simply unacceptable. As a global community, we must do more to help HIV-positive moms and their infants. Congress must commit resources and expand services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Don’t let kids get left behind in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Tell Congress to protect children on World AIDS Day and take action to prevent pediatric AIDS. Send your message today!
11 years ago
So this is where my friend has been all this time, dilligently working towards a worthy cause! Now why am I not suprised!
World AIDS Day Happenings
11 years ago
World AIDS Day Happenings

World AIDS Day happenings have started already. The Global Vigil sponsored by World Vision began yesterday morning in Toronto and traveled around the world until ending in New York City this morning. The purpose of this vigil was to name off the names of 6000 children who have lost a parent to AIDS. The World Vision Web site also lists several events that are happening in the United States tomorrow.

If you want to shoot some basketballs to raise money for an AIDS project in Zambia, participate in Hoops for Hope, another World Vision sponsored event that is a shoot-a-thon. Here's a link to to the places where people will be raising money in the U.S. with their free throws. Internationally, the International School of Rotterdam, The International School of Luxembourg, Eijkhagen College, The Netherlands, and Integreatin Luxembourg are listed.

If you are in Great Britain, there are a myriad of World AIDS Day events to chose from. Whether you're into walking, listening to music, or looking at art, there's something for you.

Often World AIDS events are tied into other community happenings. If you can't find one, put on a red ribbon and create your own.

Here's a recent AIDS fact sheetcompiled from UNAIDS statistics.

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Papua New Guinea AIDS Victims "Buried Alive"
11 years ago

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    Papua New Guinea AIDS Victims "Buried Alive"
    BBC News

    Monday 27 August 2007

    Some people with HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea are being buried alive by their relatives, a health worker says. Margaret Marabe said families were taking the extreme action because they could no longer look after sufferers or feared catching the disease themselves. Ms Marabe said she saw the "live burials" with her own eyes during a five-month trip to PNG's remote Southern Highlands. PNG is in the grip of an HIV/AIDS epidemic - the worst in the region. An estimated 2% of the six million population are believed to be infected, and HIV diagnoses rise by around 30% each year. International health agencies have warned action must be taken to prevent hundreds of thousands of people becoming infected. Margaret Marabe, a known local activist in PNG, carried out an awareness campaign in the Tari area of the Southern Highlands earlier this year. "I saw three people with my own eyes. When they got very sick and people could not look after them, they buried them," she told reporters.  She described how one person called out "mama, mama" as the soil was being shovelled over their head.  Villagers told her that such action was common, she said. HIV/AIDS is mostly spread in the country through heterosexual intercourse, and polygamy, rape and sexual violence are widespread. Those caught up in the epidemic are often thought to be the victims of witchcraft. Women accused of being witches have been tortured and murdered by mobs holding them responsible for the epidemic, according to officials and researchers.  Church leaders have described AIDS patients being thrown off bridges or left to starve in back gardens in the past, the BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney reports. Ms Marabe, who works for the Igat Hope organisation in the capital, Port Moresby, said people in remote parts of the country remained ignorant about HIV/AIDS and urged the government to take action. "There are no voluntary counselling training centres in Tari. There are also no training programmes on HIV," she was quoted by PNG's Post-Courier newspaper as saying.  PNG's Secretary for Health Dr Nicholas Mann admitted to the BBC in an interview last year that the multitude of cultures and languages in the country made it difficult to get the HIV/AIDS message across.  But he said Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had brought the issue under his remit, and the government was working with agencies on a co-ordinated approach to tackling the crisis.

11 years ago

Salaams & much love to everyone-

please forgive my absence from time to time as I have been dealing with health & personal issues but all of you are in my heart and spirit as well as this group and it's mission.  as World Aids Day approaches, I hope to strengthen this group, develop new venues and idea's for promotion, events and so forth.  Hopefully this upcoming year will bring us together in various parts of the world as small groups to focus on our specific community needs.  Anyone interested in forming a focus group, please let me know.  I am currently seeking people in the bay area of California as that is where I live.  Others may form in their perspective communities and our home base would be Leo's.  Please let me know! 

Also if you are a new member and I have failed to welcome you--please know your being here is cherished, needed and appreciated-I send my warm welcomes, hugs and much love and graditude to you.

Please feel free to post any World Aids Day events, thoughts, dedications (see dedication/tribute threads) and anything else you would like to our home group.

Again I thank each of you for another successful year of Leo's Angels--for all your support of each other, posts, educational pieces and advocacy!


yours in the struggle,

love A'isha

11 years ago

World AIDS Day Resources
We hope these resources will assist your efforts to educate, motivate, and mobilize your local community in the fight against HIV/AIDS!

11 years ago
Take the Lead : Get Involved WAD 2007

none 01 Nov 2007 – 21:52 (modified on 06 Nov 2007 – 11:33)

by mlepeska

World AIDS Day is December 1st and the World AIDS Campaign is encouraging everyone to show leadership – as an individual, in families, communities or in your place of work. Below you will find a few areas of how you can get involved and take the lead this World AIDS Day.

Click here to read more about the pledge, to download pledge forms, or get the Stop AIDS Leadership Pledge button for your website.

11 years ago

The latest statistics on the world epidemic of AIDS & HIV were published by UNAIDS/WHO in November 2006, and refer to the end of 2006.

 EstimateRangePeople living with HIV/AIDS in 200639.5 million34.1-47.1 millionAdults living with HIV/AIDS in 200637.2 million32.1-44.5 millionWomen living with HIV/AIDS in 200617.7 million15.1-20.9 millionChildren living with HIV/AIDS in 20062.3 million1.7-3.5 millionPeople newly infected with HIV in 20064.3 million3.6-6.6 millionAdults newly infected with HIV in 20063.8 million3.2-5.7 millionChildren newly infected with HIV in 20060.53 million0.41-0.66 millionAIDS deaths in 20062.9 million2.5-3.5 millionAdult AIDS deaths in 20062.6 million2.2-3.0 millionChild AIDS deaths in 20060.38 million0.29-0.50 million
11 years ago
Take the World AIDS Day quiz

Think you know your stuff for World AIDS Day?

Try our World AIDS Day quiz!

what we cabn do....
11 years ago
What can I do to support World AIDS Day?

There are many ways in which you can support World AIDS Day. For example:

  • Raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in your area
  • Wear a red ribbon and ask others to do the same
  • Sign up as a supporter of the Stop AIDS in Children campaign
  • Protect yourself and your partners - this is the first and best way to stop the spread of HIV
  • If you are worried - get tested

At school or work, you can support World AIDS Day by:

  • Having a dressing up, down or fancy dress day
  • Putting up some posters - get people talking
  • Making and selling red ribbons
  • Organising a creative writing/poster campaign
  • Setting up a debate or a quiz - there are lots of ideas for topics on our site
  • Cooking an international meal or having a cake sale
  • Arranging a sponsored three-legged race or balloon release
  • Getting your friends, family, colleagues or pupils to express their feelings and expand their knowledge about AIDS
  • Using your imagination!
11 years ago
In line with this year's theme, AVERT is running the Stop AIDS in Children campaign to call for urgent action in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT). Currently only 9% of pregnant women living with HIV in the developing world are provided with drugs to prevent the virus being transmitted to their babies. As a result, half a million children become infected with HIV every year. The Stop AIDS in Children campaign is calling on governments and international agencies to urgently improve PMTCT coverage worldwide.
Theme 2007
11 years ago

World AIDS Day was originally organised by UNAIDS, who chose the theme after consultation with other organisations. In 2005 UNAIDS handed over responsibility for World AIDS Day to an independent organisation known as The World AIDS Campaign (WAC).

The WAC’s slogan for their work is "Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise". This is an appeal to governments, policy makers and regional health authorities to ensure that they meet the many targets that have been set in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and especially the promise of universal access to HIV treatment, care, support and prevention services by 2010. This campaign will run until 2010, with a related theme chosen for World AIDS Day each year.

The 2007 theme, “leadership”, highlights the need for innovation, vision and perseverance in the face of the AIDS challenge. The campaign calls on all sectors of society such as families, communities and civil society organisations - rather than just governments - to take the initiative and provide leadership on AIDS.

11 years ago
| Blue Label
World AIDS DayGraphic Version of the Heading

According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 39.5 million people living with HIV, including 2.3 million children. During 2006 some 4.3 million people became newly infected with the virus. Around half of all people who become infected with HIV do so before they are 25 and are killed by AIDS before they are 35.

Around 95% of people with HIV/AIDS live in developing nations. But HIV today is a threat to men, women and children on all continents around the world.

Started on 1st December 1988, World AIDS Day is not just about raising money, but also about increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education. World AIDS Day is important in reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done.


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