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2 years ago

Hi Here is a big hug in words alone.  Hi Barb I'm glad to see you're here too! Thanks!  We have a few new members since I was here last. Green stars and lots of love and hugs to anyone else looking on here! HIV can be so isolating but it can be motivational too. This group has all kinds of experiences in relationship to HIV. So please feel welcome and at home, know that you are with friends. Have a and a great day! 

"Well Leo, what do you say we promenade trough the park"?
3 years ago

 With uuuuuuge HUGS!!!!

   Still crazy after all these years. ~Paul Simon

  Well Leo, etc. ~George Harrison lp cover Dark Horse.

  & Gratitude ~Me


3 years ago

          ....and wish everyone a nice day!

5 years ago


Thinking of you all...
9 years ago
hugs25.gif image by jessica_adel
10 years ago

and much love!!

I noticed since care2 "revamped" I cannot post pics==they turn into red x's..

nonetheless-love n miss u all...sending angel kisses and warm hugs to all fam here...

love A'isha

I misssed you!!! ((((hugs))))
10 years ago



       lovingfeelings3.gif / hugs

A Healing Hug
11 years ago



Message sent to Gina
11 years ago

Hello Gina!  Its me Karrie : ) from LEOS ANGELS! I have moved your Miracle post from ((hugs)) 2 MIRACLES in group!! U inspired us!! Thank you soo much for your participation! u will get a deleted post mess from Care2 please don't feel offended by that. We v u


uh huh!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago


that felt sooooo good sis-anyone else catch that wonderful hug??!!  sendin one right back to u!!!!!!!!

hugs on the way!   to Karrie!!

love ya!!!!


uuuuuunh! yes!
12 years ago


Heart hug.
12 years ago


12 years ago
Positively the most beautiful Huuugggssssss!
12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago
Hello pretty!
12 years ago
loving hugs back to you!!
12 years ago
love A'isha
12 years ago
12 years ago

12 years ago
12 years ago
Salaam Angel!!
12 years ago

Salaam sis!

What a LOVELY and most beautiful picture!!  So warming to the heart!!

Big hugs and lots of love to you always Angel

love you

hugs, A'isha

Hello there hugs!
12 years ago


Salaams everyone!
12 years ago

Oh the hugs feel sooo good!!!!!!!!!!  We all need as many hugs as we can get!!!!

love A'isha

back and forth? ! (((Hugs)))
12 years ago

  Dear Group!and Everybody!
   Here are some very tiny little tiny weenie magical fairy hugs 
     for you!
                                   Love ya,     

Salaam Angel!
12 years ago

OOOHH this is so beautiful!!!!!!  and so true!!!!!  thank you sis for posting this most appropriate "HUG"!!!  sending you bunches of warm hugs now!!!

love A'isha


"The Energy Of An Embrace".....
12 years ago

The need to touch and be touched
is established early in our
lives, as we develop and grow in the omnipresent
embrace of our mother's womb.
Once we are born, separated from
that sanctuary of connectivity,
we begin to crave the physical embrace
of our parents.
As we age, we become more independent.
Yet during times of triumph or trouble
and during those moments
when we are in need of reassurance,
we can't help but long for a hug.

Because a hug requires two active participants,
each individual taking
part in the embrace experiences the pleasure
of being embraced and the joy that
comes from hugging someone.
As both individuals wrap their
arms around one another,
their energy blends together,
and they experience a tangible
feeling of togetherness that lingers
long after physical contact has been broken.
A heart hug
is when you put your left arm over
someone's shoulder and your right arm
around their waist.
As they do the same to you,
your hearts become aligned
with one another other and loving,
comforting energy flows between
the two of you to flood your souls
with feelings of love, caring, and compassion.  

A hug is
a pleasurable way to share your feelings
with someone who is important to you.
Depending on your relationship with
the other person and the kind of message
you wish to send to them,
a hug can communicate love,
and any other sentiment you wish to convey.
A hug communicates
to others that you are there for them in a positive way.
In an instant,
a hug can
a bond between long lost friends
and comfort those in pain.
The next time you hug someone,
focus all of your energy into the
You will create a profound connection
that infuses your feelings and
sentiments into a
single beautiful gesture.

I gleaned this from my travels inside Care2. 
taken from

12 years ago

Salaam Grace!!!  Salaam Cheryl!!!! & hugs to you both!! 

love A'isha

Remembering all those that are gone
12 years ago
(((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) to us all . Remembering those left behind ,There will always be someone here to keep fighting .
12 years ago

This is such a beautiful thread! I really enjoyed looking through it, playing the music, and looking at all the angels!

bearhugs  angel

Love and big hugs,


I'm thinking about all of you
12 years ago
salaam Angel!
12 years ago

what beautiful hugs!  i felt them!!

 i felt them!! 

love A'isha

12 years ago
salaam Barb!
12 years ago

salaam sis--what a BEAUTIFUL bouqut of love and hugs!!  perfecty for our family group hug time!!

love & miss you bunches!!


love A'isha

12 years ago

Love & Light


12 years ago


beautiful post Angel!!!!

love you..


12 years ago

Love is the first ingred ient
in the relief of suffering. 
- Padre Pio 


Salaam Angel
12 years ago

Salaam Angel!! green light is always on for you hun!!! 

hugs and love, A'isha

12 years ago

Thanks for the "green "Light" you guys!  


salaam Janet!
12 years ago

much love and blessings to you always!!  big hugs!!

love A'isha

12 years ago

How beautiful A'isha!

Hugs to Everyone!!! 

salaam me sistas..
12 years ago

..for our sistahood is strong and was created in the heavens many moons ago...we touched each others souls with love way before we descended upon earth....before we left the heavens, we cried as sistas do who are departing..asking will we ever meet again...

...surely we God is most merciful...and surely inshallah we shall meet again when all is said and done in Jannah (paradise)....

love & blessings to all


((((huggy ~ big bears)))) Unnnh! Aisha, Barb P., Tiye ! N All!
12 years ago

I know not whether our names may be immortal;
   I'm sure our friendship will.
                                   -Walter Savage Landor  

beautiful hugs for everyone!!!!!
13 years ago

salaams!  sending everyone lots of warm cuddly hugs, as we all need them! i love you all...blessings and light for a lovely day!!!!

love A'isha   

13 years ago
*** HUG ***
                       *** HUG ***
                                              *** HUG ***
salaam !
13 years ago

Barb & Angel-thank you for the tips on pictures!!  hopefully soon will be a pro!!  Barb-how is the program going?  has anyone here any knowledge beyond ours (mine is none!!)?  love you both!! not feeling well this week/weekend-trying to rest up and destress-think everything caught up with me-lolol-and i do run fast!!  love you all very much!


13 years ago
hey... like my first picture... sometimes I forget and copy and paste one out of one of my closed albums... and it makes my picture go away too!
13 years ago
thursday hug

Yeah somepeople tell you to use photobucket, but it's no good! the pictures dissappear after awhile!  The way Angel was telling you is the best way to send them!

Transfering images *hug*! ..) Aisha and all.....
13 years ago

Most of the time I just Copy and Paste images. Also that whole testimonial way to send them goes like this  here goes exactly < img src = " url " > thats the secret!!! My guru Sarvo enlightened me how to!  Now you can try! We'll all be looking forward to  our neeto testimonial gif !! Just kidding!    

Sweet Ginger...
13 years ago

Salaam are you..Im feeling you need a hug, and im sending you bunches of them now...and lots of love sis, light, and all good things...miss you..

love A'isha

13 years ago

If I could Id send you 6 dozen roses, each dozen of a different color to represent all the love and admiration I have for you...keeping you in my prayers...miss you...BIG HUGS!

love A'isha

AHHH Angel!!!! (smile!!)
13 years ago

What a wonderful greeting!!!  Thank you sweet Angel!  I felt the hug!!  I really did!!  And boy did I need it!!  Your precious!!  Dont know how to quite yet do all the lovely pics like you and Barb, but im sending you a big warm hug now (Barb, Ginger too!!) and hope you feel my love wherever you may be!!   love you hunni!

love A'isha

Heres a neet hug especially for you!
13 years ago
This link plays to the tune "Hit me with your best shot"
You can follow the links and be surprized and delighted more!

Check it!  Please?
13 years ago
13 years ago
Yes Barb P., thank-you for the *hugs*
13 years ago
Yes Barb P., thank-you for the *hugs*. I could sure use one now too! ---ginger
13 years ago

Big hugs to you Barb!! and everyone else!!  what a wonderful way to wake up today!!  we all need hugs!!! bless you Barb!!

love you!


13 years ago
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