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13 years ago
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Please review the following petition and please post remarks, needed changes, ammendments, ideas, and so forth.  Thaank you all for your patience and input! 

love A'isha

13 years ago

We, the undersignedopposed representatives of the: 



According to the attached article, "New York City Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene, Dr. Thomas Frieden, recently proposed that Article 27-F of the Public Health Law be amended".   The Commissioner’s proposes to:

Eliminate the current right of patients to written informed consent when taking an HIV test.

 OBJECTION- By eliminating written informed consent concerning an HIV test, it may decrease the of number of individuals who seek an HIV test based on the lack of confidentiality and instability of where test results may end up.  As HIV and testing carries heavy stimatization-people need to feel secure when deciding to be tested.  This is in violation of privacy acts.
Eliminate all currently required pre-test counseling when giving an HIV test.

OBJECTION:  pre-test counseling is a much needed service which educates the client, teaches about HIV/aids rights, discusses risky behaviors and addresses any concerns the person may have.  To eliminate pre-test counseling may lead to one walking away from an HIV test without accurate knowledge about the test and HIV, as well as behaviors associated with high risk.  
Allow public health officers to receive patient medical information, and to use that information to contact patients and their doctors to discuss treatment.
OBJECTION-By putting the records of HIV test results into public health officers domain to utilize, basically as they wish, is a severe impedement upon the rights of the HIV positive individual's confidentiality.  Public Health workers may breech confidentiality once they are given information.  There is no need to discuss a specific patients care with a physician. Most physicians who work in the HIV field are highly trained doctors and they are up to date on the latest HIV information via seminars, trainings, inservices and special courses.  there is no need for public health workers to become involved so closely with a patient at this level.  This is a policy which seems to be aligned with our current social services reform, with possible future time limits, sanctions for not cooperating, or even threats to be cut off from services. 
Further-once this type of "power" is shifted to a governmental level-there exists freedom to disclose status to whomever, whenever.  Patient medical information should be kept under lock and key (as it is currently now) and disclousure or HIV status given ONLY WITH WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE PATIENT.  HIV information must stay within the designated clinic/doctor whom the patient CHOSES.  Any public thoughts of leaking or disclosure of medical information, particularily HIV status, will cause a great DECREASE in the numbers of people who will be tested and will cause further fear, loss of rights and chaos in the lives of those who are HIV+.   This is in direct violation of HIPPWA LAWS. 



petition cont.
13 years ago
We the undersigned OPPOSE the changes as proposed by Commisioner Frieden.  While making it easier for the health industries, public health tracking, and the ability to ease into a policy of NO CONFIDENTIALITY later, HIV positive individuals may face in the future, a staus which is known to employers, family, friends, and so on. 
The rights of HIV positive individuals MUST BE PROTECTED.  WE, the undersigned, OPPOSE THESE PROPOSED CHANGES.
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13 years ago




13 years ago

            Angel Smile      

13 years ago
13 years ago

A'isha.... Please let me know when you have the petition in place and post the link.... I will put it out as much as possible.... and will also have some friends pass it along as well....  You did a great job!!!

Love & Light


Salaam Barb!
13 years ago

OK!!  just wanted to make sure everyone was in agreement with it--once we collect enough signatures we can send it to the appropriate place-I will try to combine both petition and the proposal-wish me luck! lolol..and then will need your help sis in putting it on a url???  not sure how that works!   But want to keep it pinned here as well...

love you!!


Caring and concerned; comment:
13 years ago

Although, anything governments can do for their people in regards to AIDS PANDEMIC is note worthy and I personally appreciate;
 could it be (in agreement with petitions regard/importance) if folks think its being done for them (managing AIDS/HIV vigilance/ guarding THEMSELVES against) will folks drop their self preservation in terms of sexually transmitted diseases???
 If I had a place I could go to to investigate a potential sexual liaison would I? Maybe this will make condoms seem SO SPONTANIOUS!

 I knew I was into high risk behavior as far as my playgrounds were concerned. Though I was ever so over protective of myself and my partner_s.Not bragging  I played around in high risk company.

 I think if we as a whole , especially women some of the time, thought better of ourselves, we all wouldn't be subjected to fly by night relationships, or just relating to another through SEX alone.

Perhaps these states are groping at straws in terms of AIDS/HIV. As if saying " Well na na if you get into AIDS/ HIV here were going to TELL ON YOU!" I don't think it'll fly. BUT, BUT, I do recognize the need for some kind of concern towards AWARENESS! Its weird that These states knee jerk reaction isn't condom usage promotion! You know like SAFE SEX LAST LONGER!  

I mean HIV?AIDS is here and its not easy to live with that alone should be enough of a deterrent! Like, hey SEX causes CANCER!! And it does and not only enclosed but STDS such as Human Papilloma VIRUS. You see, sex can be a very subtle foe in life, look what happened to Bill Clinton!
What ever I maybe beginning to ramble. You know I'm a hunt and peck typist any how.

 Just like CAre2 we are concerned for the environment and all, we have to be careful with ourselves and others. Treat our time here a little more seriously. Lovingly , open minded, and all inclusive. I hope we can make a difference with our collective candles ("this lil light of mine"'s). Because I agree this "na na na" i.q. is the best way.


13 years ago
last sentence, last paragraph "na na na" i.q. isn't the best way.
13 years ago


A'isha... Yes still looks great... I am having some problems with my computer, but I will call you so we can talk about putting it all together and getting the petition out....

Love & Light


salaam Angel & Barb
13 years ago


Angel-excellent, excellent points you bring out..THAT in intself is a petition!!  and thank you for telling us about typos!  i needed it proof read for i am famous for that! will be working on it tonite!

Barb-am having difficulty getting both the petition and the proposal into one format here as were only allowed 6000 characters..and, not familiar with how to put it on a urll....takre your time with computer..dont worry-seems as if the commisioer mised his meeting Wednesday regarding this!!!  So there is still plenty of time...looked on websearch HIV/AIDS nres--no petition for this at all-that i could find...amazing..i thought at least GMHC would have spoke out....

love you all--you girls have a relaxing an blessed night! love you!

love a'isha

13 years ago

salaam-will address typos when petition and proposal is put in url format as i cannot change it no, without changing the order in which its written.....let me know when your ready-no hurry..gentle ease, and peaceful breezes...

love A'isha

Aisha--You're doing great job so far...
13 years ago

Hi Sis...I think your petition sounds great so far! Keep it up. I will do anything to help..just ask.

Ready to sign it too! Good luck on completing it, and may it be a success. Bless you for all your effort in standing up in areas that definately need stepping up to.

I'll be checking in on progress made, and share anything I find related to the petition. Know I'm not that active in this group, but anything Aisha's passionate about, I'm right there with you

Love & Peace to you all, Haneen D (new friend on Care2)

Salam Haneen!!
13 years ago

So good to see you sis! thank you for your support and wonderful input!  im sure as you go thru the archives and threads you will become more familiar with the issues at hand...we are working on getting the petition on a url so it can be passed around and signed..we are so blessed you are here Haneen!  love you!

love, A'isha

13 years ago

I still dont have my computer fixed, both are in the shop and my others are lent out...

Go figure eh?

I am going to try and call you the first chance I get Aisha.... so we can talk about the petition and such....

I must run... but will be in touch and hopefully have one computer back by this monday at the latest...

If not my husband will have to have another fit as I will just buy a new one!

Love & Light


13 years ago

Ok... I am back up and running here! .... I am ready to put this into action as soon as you are.... We can work out the details when we speak on the phone later....

Love & Light


Haneen , Aisha, Barb, & ALL!
13 years ago

  Haneen! Thanks for your helpful posts here at LEO's Angels! I'm very proud to have YOU as a friend!

 Aisha, I feel your love and support throughout the day on or off of line!  

Barb, no wonder you've had computer mishapping - your is getting soo hot! Because when your on line you're on fire, just look at that awesome post up there! Love and light!!! I'll say!
Go Ahead!!! 

13 years ago


Angel .... How are you hun?  I have been on the go and just picked up two of my computers...  I felt as if I had left my arm or leg somewhere...   It's great to be back!!!


13 years ago

Salaam sis!!  yes this is a wonderful family! and feel the love..cuz its real....and comes from the heart...

love & hugs, A'isha


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