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12 years ago
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I decided to pin a thread for new members to introduce themselves if they so wish, so we can give you a warm welcome, and embrace you into our little family.  Looking forward to meeting you all, and sending love, light, and hugs to members already here!!

love A'isha

12 years ago

Hi Aisha, and hello everyone else. Agnes asked me to stop by and post an article in the ‘Life saving drug’ topic, so here I am.

The posts I’ve read so far in this group are very touching. They serve as a gentle reminder that its not only those with the virus whose lives are touched by AIDS. 

Hi Tony!
12 years ago

Welcome to our humble home! Thank you for your input and for saying Hello!   


12 years ago


Welcome Tony!
12 years ago

Salaam Tony And Welcome!!  We are so blessed to have you here-am glad you are finding our humble abode inspiring..there is a lot of love, concern, educational articles, petitions, and suport here...we welcome you with open arms & hugs!!

The article was most intersting-I have pinned it per Agnes suggestion--hope it generates more research into the topic-it is most important.  Thank you!!

Love & blessings, A'isha

12 years ago



Thank you so much for connecting with Leo's Angels!

salaam & Welcome Thomas!
12 years ago

A very warm welcome to your new home & family!!  Please make yourself comfortable and know you are among some of the most loving & caring people I have met on care2!!  They are truly wonderful-uniting together in love for such an important cause...Welcome again-and we are so blessed to have you here!!

love A'isha

Angel!! Lovely picture!! I would love to go there!!

In Loving Memory
12 years ago

Besides the many friends and lovers that I have lost to AIDS over the past 25 years, I also lost my brother John in 1989 and my brother Jim in 2000. I am the oldest of 4 boys. Three of us were gay and all became HIV+. I was the first one to contract HIV in 1982 and I often wonder why I am still here these many years later when AIDS took my younger brothers instead of me. I know that I am a living miracle in many ways and am grateful to be alive, to continue advocating for all those everywhere who suffer with HIV/AIDS and to bear witness to the memory, beauty and value of the lives of those, like my brothers and so many more that I have loved and lost. This poem I wrote in memorial for my brothers and to express my own feelings and ongoing relationship with them in eternal love.


(In loving memory of my brothers John and Jim that AIDS took from us too soon.)
You're slipping away and with you goes  part of me,
the aching, yearning, confused little boy, all questions,
we shared so  much unaware. 
You're labored breathing tears at my chest,
you're tainted blood pulses through  my veins,
swelling my heart  near bursting.
I can't reach you across moments lost;
I want to feel the nearness of you just once
before the fading imprint of you  is gone,
snatched away too soon.
In my resistance to follow a saltiness  washes up
from the root of me  slowly desolving  into despar.
You're a wisp of smoke rising from ashes of a passing life
in hope of a  better resurection.
I'll touch you there, dear brother.
By Thomas Reed Markham
Salaam Thomas
12 years ago

What a beautiful tribute...i felt it to my heart & bones...and..thank you for sharing some of your life, thoughts, feelings, sadnesses, triumphs as well as tears & joy with are a remarkable man with much love compassion, strength and conviction...i thank you on behalf of others who i know who are positive, or who are in love or have a family member or friend who is positive, who are affected, infected with HIV--for speaking out-standing strong, and enlightening so deepest respect and admiration to you my friend--in fact-it is because of people such as yourself and others-is how this group started!  Leo's story is written in the intro, and he was my inspiration, my strength, the older brotha i never had...he was positive for at least 23 years before an unrelated heart attack took him away...but-he-like you-always spoke out-educated people-told people he was positive-trying to reduce/eliminate the stigma around HIV--his spirit reminds me a lot of yours...beautiful...he was a "thinker, doer, breaking the rules sometimes to get things done, outspoken, persistent and a strong advocate for our community...

I am sorry your brothers are gone in body..but they remain in spirit...i can imagine how much you miss them..and i send you warm  hugs and love...

but -you are here for a reason-as we all are--we all have many reasons-each carries a message-a gift---any of us can go-at anytime regardless of status...just living each day as best we can, with love, compassion and caring for others-is a gift in itself..i applaude your courage, determination and openness...I honor your life-your spirit and your the gift...thank you for becoming  a part of this family...
Love & blessings, A'isha
12 years ago

Aisha, thank-you for your warm words of appreciation, compassion and encouragement. I am so happy to be part of this group and am very moved by the many tributes, poetry, and open sharing of love, gratitude, hope, and joy in the face of the loss that so many of us have experienced and moved through to a place of greater understanding, empathy, and inspiration.

Peace and Bright Blessings,


"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Salaam Thomas!
12 years ago

Im so glad you are enjoying the group feeling, vibe as well as the posts and readings...its very eclectic, warm and diverse!  I think it possesses the wonderful qualities of love, compassion, support, quest for knowledge, advocacy and ability to debate various research.  As I have watched it grow-I've seen many lovely developments within each --our own understanding, growth, and acclamations...

Everyone brings with them love, joy, heartache, sadness, strength, wisdom, and a drive to errradicate the negative connotations and promote the good we educated each other, love one another, and support each other-the circle of understanding, and eradication of myths continues to enhance well being as we forge forth with much needed voices and missions! 

Wishing you a beautiful Day Thomas and thank you again for being part of this family!!

Love & blessings, A'isha

12 years ago
I never in a million years thought one of my loved ones would be diagnoised with HIV/hepatis C, but my oldest son has been diagnosed 1 week ago today. Now we have to have my daughter inlaw and 2 year old granddaughter tested. I could lose half of my family in no time at all. I don't know how to get us through this. I am his mother and there's not a thing i can do. Mothers are suppose to protect their children and i can't not from this. I feel so helpless and dead inside. Anyway, I'm grateful to have found some place I can go to for understanding and ideas.
12 years ago

take heart please...when my best friend told me he was HIV I could not breath I was in such shock  it was just so hard..and this is your son..

My friend  told me then that even so he was very ill..he wanted me to be as normal as human possible and help him enjoy his  life to the fullest.

This was over 23 years ago ...medications improved  imensely...

salaam Gina
12 years ago

Im not sure when you posted hun-my emails I just found out are hard bouncing-I just thought the group was quiet--please know you are family here and you are cared for...

...I am so sorry to hear about your son-it is a hard thing to deal with-initially-but it is managable

my heart & prayers are with you and your family has been my experience that the hardest part is initially learning you are positive-or that a loved one is-i have seen it time and time again-families break down, hope is lost-but they work thru it and come to realize-that yes-their is life after HIV---people with HIV live a long time-most I know have had it 25 years and still healthy-some of the ones I knew who passed- usually died from something else unrelated to HIV/AIDS----so there is much hope and life after HIV diagnosis-yes-there will be certain lifestyle changes, and so forth-but the bottom line is that now-it is considered a managable chronic disease by the CDC-NOT a death senternce as was in the 1980's and early 10990's when little was known and meds were limited.  I had the experince Gina of attending a seminar given by someone who was HIV and an advocate-she said that while it has changed her life-she is thankful is was not aggressive cancer which is much more harder to treat---i think her message was we all will get something in this life time-i do believe the stigma attached to HIV is responsible in part to the intense fear...but-no-no one wants HIV -or any other chronic condition for that matter..but I am confident that you and your precious family will get through this, and that your son will live a long and productive life--we are fortunate to live in a country which does have state of the art meds available and other modalities for healthy living and remissions.  Hep C is common-and can take up to 30 years to be symptomatic---but i beg you to visit some of the educational sites here about HIV and Hep C--become familiar with the disease, and know there is hope, it is a chronic but managable disease and that many have it-and you wouldnt even know as they do----also-if there is a HIV support group there-I would highly recommend joining it-these groups are a great source of information, sharing, inspiration, education and comfort. 

please feel free to contact me if you need to talk one on one-or if you have questions---im here for you-as is the whole group home-

Know you are loved-know your family & you are in my prayers, please know there is love, light and hope....know this is family...

love & hugs,


Hello all...
12 years ago
Hi my name is Rina.
My best friend and lover left this earth November 22,1993. It was the worst day of my life. I miss him so much. I loved him so much. I was bless and did not catch it. Don't know how it happened. We didn't know he had the virus till after we were together for a year. How I did not get it I will never know?
I would give who ever some of my blood so they could see why I did not get it and so many others do! We did not use condoms. And according to his doctor he might have had it for at least ten years. He told me play the lotto! Your gonna win oneday. Better yet I had a child and my baby is fine.
This is why HIV/AIDS is so important to me....
welcome Rina
12 years ago
welcome welcome... I send you the invite to Leo's angels ...on my care2 travels I came upon your profile and read it and that's why you are here...I am so happy to see you and after reading your post..I am just dumfolded how lucky you are, how lucky the baby is ..and I am so sad you lost your best friend/lover/father to the if tears of joy mingle with tears of loss...Agnes
salaam Rina!
12 years ago

Welcome and big hugs --im so sorry about your loss--a blessing such as a love as the two of you shared is a gift..i know you miss him sooo much.  We have a tribute section if youd ever like to make a tribute to him..Its a stange thing Rina-0I work in the HIV field 14 years and saw many women whose men were positive yet they were not-no condoms-nothing-one couple (he was pos she was neg) had unprotected sex for 6 years trying to conceive-they finally had a beautiful baby boy-both mother and child negative-however-he developed a heroin habit, thus she followed and she contracted HIV sharing needles with him-almost as soon as they started...makes me kind of wonder..

anyhow-im so glad you have joined us-please make yourself at home and know there is love, comfort and support here-

right now my emails are hard bouncing so i may be late in responding for a minute-but i look forward to getting to know you my precious friend!

love A'isha

12 years ago

Gina Hey hun... this is the group I said I was going to invite you to, but saw you had already found your way here... You know that you have my love, prayers and support always... There nothing worse as parents than for our children to be hurting or ill and for us not be able to fix it... Though I know how blessed your son is to have such a wonderful mom who loves and supports him no matter what. 

Rina... My heart goes out to you. The loss of your love is a heartbreaking experience. This is a wonderful, caring compassionate group of people, where I hope you will find much love, comfort and hope... The blessing of your health and your child's health is wonderful news.

I have also seen the same thing happen with my two best friends ... Back in the early 90's my best friend's husband became suddenly ill after working in disintary after the floods. That is when he was diagnosed with AIDS.  My best friend and I together went years being tested every six months and coming back negative, it wasn't until she starting using drugs with him that she became positive.  He was her life partner and she stayed with him til his passing a year and half ago. Her battle has been a tough one but that has a lot to do with the continued drug use. Though she is now getting clean.



11 years ago
To  Gina H - I note that you live in Gresham, Oregon.  Do your son and daughter-in-law also live in the Portland area?  If so, OHSU is one of the very best places for your son to find treatment for both HIV and Hepatitis C.  I'm 61 years old and just found out 4 years ago that I have HIV and have had since the early 90's (long story), and I just found out this week from my own doctor that a treatment for Hepatitis C has finally been found.  It doesn't mean it will work for everyone, but at least there is something out there now.  Finding the right doctor who prescribes the right treatment for your son is the most important thing right now and to find emotional support for all of you.  There are many groups everywhere that I'm sure you can all connect with for the support you need.  Much good luck to all of you, and know that you have the support of many, many people.  Take care.  - Janice P.

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