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7 years ago

Charles can you link the Petition on it's own thread here in the group Please? Thank You Barb

Nice to see someone that cares!
7 years ago

This is great that there is a group that lets the people know what is going on in the world.. I have a petition on here for Life insurance for people with hiv. Iam having a hard time getting people to sign. If any one would like to sign this please look for the petition   Life insurance for people with hiv.

Thank you.

8 years ago
Effects of Climate Change on Infectious Diseases Questioned By Ecologists
Science & Tech  (tags: Infectious Diseases / Bacteria / Viruses, environment, ecology, effects, science, research, scientists, study, technology, discovery, environment, humans, interesting )

- 1 day ago -
Recent research has predicted that climate change may expand the scope of human infectious diseases. A new review, however, argues that climate change may have a negligible effect on pathogens or even reduce their ranges...
Thank you for noting....
9 years ago
National Native HIV/AIDS

Health & Wellness  (tags: Indians, Native Americans, American Indians, HIV, AIDS, culture, society, ethics, humans, interesting, news, education, freedoms, rights, Body-Mind-Spirit, disease, health, healthcare, illness, prevention, protection, safety, research )

Kat Moasi
- 9 hours ago -
The four seasons are highly respected in many cultures because they so closely represent the cycle of life. Spring represents a time of equality and balance. It is a time of profound change, new beginnings and birth. For these reasons, spring was chosen..
Please read, note & comment....
10 years ago
Symposium To Focus On The Changing Epidemiology Of HIV Ohio Not Applying For Federal Funds Aimed At Preventing HIV Among Teenagers
Herbal Tonic for Energy, Shingles, Herpes and More visit site
It has been demonstrated to have powerful anti-HIV action in vivo. As an herbal medicine it has an impressive list of well documented uses which include but ...
Please read, note and sign this petition!!! Thank you...
10 years ago

Urgent Human Right's Petition ~Protect Human Rights, Jail the Police! Society & Culture  (tags: Petition, victims, lawyers, human rights violations, dirty cops, abuse, activists, americans, corruption, crime, culture, education, ethics, family, freedoms, government, history, law, media, police, politics, racism, rights, usa, violence, world )

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- 54 seconds ago -

We are supporters of human rights across the world and we are outraged that human rights are not being protected in Brooklyn. It is not a crime to inquire why police are beating a man senseless, as the Warrens were doing. They were acting within the law..
10 years ago
Life Group LA 'Saddles Up' for AIDS Benefit Health & Wellness  (tags: aids, healthcare, research, medicine )

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- 9 minutes ago -
Everybody grab their boots, southern barbecue, and favorite cowboy because Life Group L.A. is gearing up for it's second annual "Saddle Up L.A." horseback ride to benefit AIDS research.
10 years ago
AIDS Healthcare Foundation To File Lawsuit Against Pfizer For Allegedly Promoting Recreational Use Of Erectile Dysfunction Drug Health & Wellness  (tags: healthcare, abuse, death )

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- 1 hour ago -
AIDS Healthcare Foundation To File Lawsuit Against Pfizer For Allegedly ... effects of alcohol or drugs such as crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy.
Excellent Story... Please read and note....
10 years ago
When HIV Hits Home, Again Health & Wellness  (tags: hiv, health, Body-Mind-Spirit, Mentalhealth, treatment, reproductive health )

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- 41 minutes ago -
HIV/AIDS is about much more than the overwhelming numbers and the unfathomable ignorance that is promoted by ideologues. Some days it is about friends. Yesterday was one of those days.
10 years ago
Sound Off: Our Money Should Go to Sex Education That Works Society & Culture  (tags: children, sex, Education, prevention, americans, culture, death, health, law, media, teens )

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- 8 hours ago -
Our children are having sex. Unsafe sex. Unprotected sex. Sex with multiple partners. By their 18th birthday, six in 10 teenage women and more than five in 10 teenage men have had sexual intercourse, a new federal study shows...
10 years ago
Anti-HIV Drug Recalled in Europe Health & Wellness  (tags: alert, HIV medicine, Viracept, research, drugs, health, hiv, illness, risks, safety, science, treatment, cancer )

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- 12 hours ago -
The British government is recalling an HIV drug contaminated with a drug that may cause cancer. Britain's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said all patients taking Viracept should contact their doctor immediately,...
10 years ago
Alone in a City's Battle Against AIDS," Hoping for Backup Society & Culture  (tags: Washing DC, Prevention Works, Political barriers, AIDS, Safe needle exchange, government, healthcare, media, politics, drugs, law, rights )

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- 1 day ago -
The nation’s capital is the only city in the country barred by federal law from using local tax money to finance needle exchange programs. It is also the city with the fastest-growing number of new AIDS cases....
10 years ago

I totally agree, we need a national health care system.

It's ridiculous that one of the richest nations has so many people without health care. Alot of those that do have health care can't afford their copays or deductables. I"ve been learning alot about the health care insurance industry since I've been in school and let me tell you, They are scandilous!!! They are one of the richest industries in the world and yet they try every trick in the book to get out of paying for services rendered. They have no problem taking hugh prememiums every month though.

No one who is ill should have to fear death just because they don't have health insurance. It's difficult enough to adjust to an illness without the added stress of how will I pay for all of the treatments, medications?

10 years ago

What your friend is doing is great! Doctors and Insurance companies that work in that manner only add to the wrongful stigma of HIVand AIDS paitients. I have also seen where they have given "using" alcoholics liver translplants... Unfortunately our medical system isn't based on healing, most of its all about the mighty $$$...

I'd like to see a National Health Care System where everyone is covered. Ours is such an injust system as it is.

salaam Barb
10 years ago

wow-great sites--My friend Tony works in organ transplant profession-and was appalled last year that HIV positive patients were not receiving or eligible for organ transplants-so he did a research paper on it, and begun an advocay movement in LA for changing the policies etc.  He has been traveling giving presentations as well on this topic.  Hopefuly things will change up faster- a lot of insurance co hesitant, strict ploicies, as well as Dr's desiring to give organs to people who are not positive even when not living healthy lifestyles (i.e. active alcoholics..etc)...

Love A'isha

10 years ago
DOCTORS in Italy Have Performed the World's First Lung Transplant on An HIV Patient. Health & Wellness  (tags: HIV Patient, lung transplant, doctors, drugs, health, illness, medicine, research, treatment )

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- 2 hours ago -
“In the last 10 years, we have seen a definite improvement in the long-term survival (of HIV patients), which has allowed for some to be considered for organ transplants,” medical expert Paolo Grossi said....
10 years ago
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Renews Goal to Reverse Spread of HIV By 2015 World  (tags: UnitedNations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, stopping and reversing, the spread of HIV by 2015 )

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- 1 hour ago -
last year renewed pledges and set new targets to provide universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services by 2010. In addition, one of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals calls for stopping and reversing the spread of HIV by 2015...
HIV/AIDS Care2 News Network Stories ~Please Read and Note~
10 years ago
| Blue Label
Women and HIV Health & Wellness  (tags: HIV/AIDS, Interview, Podcast, Transcirpt, checklist, 16 essential things, doctors, drugs, healthcare, illness, medicine, research, risks, treatment, women )

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- 1 hour ago -
Although women now account for nearly half of all people living with HIV worldwide and more than 25 percent of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the U.S., many aren't getting the support they need. ...
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