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Fight against Aids In Africa ..please note
11 years ago
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The fight against Aids in South Africa has been dealt a devastating blow. Thabo Mbeki's stance on Aids has left SA with the world's worst HIV epidemic. Yesterday, he silenced the woman fighting to end the suffering of millions

11 years ago

Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge

South Africa's former deputy health minister has said she was sacked for doing her job.

11 years ago

Salaam Betina and welcome to the group ----thank you for this post---infrastructures which stand in the way of health care must be crumbled, and as one of the "richest" nations in the usa--it needs to redirect efforts towards healing-and away from war--------in the form of money, programs and intervention....FOR ALL...

love A'isha ESha

thank you!!!!
11 years ago

Thanks for the welcome Aisha ..I feel at  home already.. you are right  of and prevention is the key.



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