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Playing with lion cubs
7 years ago

In South Africa there are many animal parks that offer the unique experience of playing with lion cubs. Who wouldn't want to? Seeing the cute, cuddly bundle of tiny wild animal makes everyone want to hug and kiss and cuddles these perfect beings.

The keepers and guides of the establishments tell you that these cubs were rejected by their mother... that they had to be removed in order to save their lives, that they are an endangered species and need to be bred. In reality, the cubs have probably been forcibly removed, are being hand reared so that they can easily be sold, at best to zoos, at worst to canned hunting farms.

Any place that breed lion in captivity is questionable in their ethics. No predator that has been hand reared may be, by law, re-introduced back into the wild. There are too many lions in captivity and the only reason any lion is bred, and hand reared, is for monetary game of the individual owners.

If you ever come across any establishment offering the opportunity to play with lion cubs, please stop and ask questions- Why are these cubs not being raised by their mother? Why are they being born in the first place? Only public awareness and participation can stop this horrific practice.