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The Death of Hope at the HSUS
10 years ago

I find this disturbing to confiscate all of these dogs under animal cruelty and then recommend to the judge that they all be executed (with no evaluation ) including the puppies!

10 years ago
10 years ago
Dolphins trapped behind drifting ice

Canada turns down town's request that icebreaker be sent to open channel staff and news service reports

updated 12:32 p.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 19, 2009

SEAL COVE, Newfoundland - Five exhausted dolphins have been trapped behind drifting pack ice for several days and now need rapid rescue, according to the mayor of an eastern Canadian village.

The 8-foot animals somehow became separated from the open Atlantic and have been swimming for four days in a shrinking open-water area of Seal Cove's harbor, just 100 feet from shore, said Mayor Winston May said Wednesday.

"They keep going round circles, trying to keep this little pool of water open so that they can have their breathing area. And the whole bay seems to be froze up, there's no where else for them to go," said May.

Wayne Ledwell, an expert on whale rescues, said dolphins won't swim long distances under ice since they need to surface regularly to breathe and the slabs of ice would make that impossible.

Ledwell, who heads Whale Release and Strandings Group, which rescues whales and dolphins, said that if the ice continues to encroach on the open area the dolphins could eventually drown.

May said he asked Canada's federal Fisheries Department to send an icebreaker to create a channel to the open Atlantic, but that he was told no vessels were available.

"They're not going to survive much longer," said May. "You can hear (the dolphins) crying all night long," he said.

"You could hear the screams coming out of them," the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. quoted resident Stanley Banks as saying. "And they were trying to break the ice there just to survive. And there's us here empty-handed. And DFO (Fisheries) with all this money won't even send a boat in here to let those out? It's a crime."

Ledwell said that sending an icebreaker could pose problems as well. "Those boats push ice ahead of them and that can crush the animal, and that has happened before," the CBC quoted Ledwell as saying.

The dolphins are regular visitors to the waters around Newfoundland's Seal Cove, which is about 400 miles northwest of capital city St. John's.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


wonderful story.......
10 years ago

A do-it-yourself dolphin rescue


From Friday's Globe and Mail

February 19, 2009 at 10:37 PM EST

It was a chilly day off school for Brandon Banks.

The 16-year-old's town of Seal Cove, Newfoundland / Labrador , has had a
harrowing week. Mr. Banks and his neighbours have gone to bed each night to
the wails of five dolphins, who'd been trapped in a small and closing gap in
the ice of the community's cove since the beginning of the week.

"You could hear them, and see them going around in circles, and the circle
just kept getting smaller and smaller," Mr. Banks said.

The town had called for an icebreaker to free the white-beaked dolphins,
only to be told that none were available, and even if one was, that it could
push broken ice into the weakened mammals, further injuring or killing them.

On Thursday, one of the dolphins had disappeared, feared dead. Four remained
in the morning; by midday, it was three.

"They wouldn't have survived another night," said Lydia Banks, Brandon's

And so it was yesterday that the young Mr. Banks and four other locals
hopped into a 17-foot fibreglass boat - with stainless steel propeller
blades, it was a do-it-yourself icebreaker - to take the situation into
their own hands in a five-hour rescue. They launched the boat into the icy
cove, and set about clearing a way out for the dolphins.

They rocked back and forth against the ice, breaking it apart and working a
small path 250 metres long into the enclosure while the three remaining
dolphins circled around.

Once near them, Mr. Banks donned a red dry-suit and hopped into the frigid
February ocean waters, face to face with the trapped dolphins to free them.

"It was real cold, but we didn't feel it because of the suits," he said.

In the boat, they carved out their path into the free ocean water. Two of
the dolphins followed without trouble. The other two had left earlier -
presumed freed or dead - and only one was left in the cove, weakened.

"Two got out through, and the next one was too tired," said the young Mr.
Banks, who leapt into the water to hold onto the 180-kilogram dolphin,
called a jumper by the locals.

"I kept him up with my legs, keep his head up from under the water."

Meanwhile, many people from the town lined the cove, taking in what was
happening a couple hundred metres out onto the ice.

"The dolphin just kind of attached to him and wrapped his flippers around
him, more or less like a friend or a mate," Mayor Winston May told The
Canadian Press.

Mr. Banks wrapped a rope around the jumper, and tied the rope to the boat.
They towed him slowly through the ice, and once they hit open water, the
weakened mammal caught its second wind.

They freed him from the rope, and the dolphin swam off.

"He was just getting his energy back, and he was swimming around," Mr. Banks
said. "It was pretty good seeing him go off free like that, in the open

White-beaked dolphins are year-round visitors to the waters around
Newfoundland, including in Seal Cove, a town of 300 about 600 kilometres
northwest of St. John's.

Experts say many animals get trapped and die in the province's many coves.

In 1983, a particularly bad year, some 300 were trapped in more than a dozen
separate incidents around Newfoundland.

Earlier in the day, Wayne Ledwell, a whale-rescue expert who went to Seal
Cove, said he believed at least two of the dolphins had died after being
frightened off by the initial rescue attempt.

"I can understand why they did it," he said. "I wouldn't have approved of
attempting to do that."

But on Thursday, after saving the three dolphins, the crew came back heroes.
Mr. May called it "a real nice ending." Mr. Banks, who had the day off his
Grade 10 classes from school, was exhausted and immediately had a warm bowl
of soup, "something me grandmother made," he said.

The phone at the family home was ringing off the hook while his friends
posted dozens of their photos online. A reticent Mr. Banks took it in
stride, while his mother seemed to be bursting with pride.

"It's something you'll always remember."

10 years ago

100 Pounds Of Fur Shaved From Dogs

Posted: 19 Feb 2009 08:26 AM CST

No, this wasn’t some kind of bizarre contest.  The dogs that were shaved came from a puppy mill in Greene County, MO raided last week.

So far, three of ninety-three dogs have been put down because of circulation problems that were caused due to the conditions in which they were kept.

The severe matting, which caused the circulation problems, was so bad some of the dogs could not bend their legs. A few of the dogs have had to have limbs amputated in order to save them. Other dogs with less serious conditions will still need weeks of rehabilitation.

The dogs were taken to St. Louis after the raid, where they are receiving medical treatment.  Interest in adopting the dogs has been overwhelming, even affecting the society’s phone system due to the volume of calls.

Anyone who is interested in adopting one of the dogs is asked to go to the society’s Web site at The local Humane Society is not involved in the case and has none of the dogs.

The Humane Society is pushing for prosecution of the owners of these dogs.

10 years ago

Dog Disease Numbers On The Increase

Posted: 19 Feb 2009 09:04 AM CST

Leptospirosis is a dangerous dog disease and is on the rise. An article from Tampa Bay, FL states that a disease vets rarely saw five or ten years ago is making a come back.

Gary Oswald, an internal medicine specialist, said instances of leptospirosis have increased in recent years.

“We’ve seen new strains of leptospirosis much more pathogenic,” or capable of causing disease,” he said. “They’ll shut liver and kidneys down and sometimes [cause] death in animals, so I think the word is finally out there that this is a new re-emergent disease.”

The disease, caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium, spreads through the urine of infected animals. It can get into water or soil and survive for weeks or months.

Oswald said dogs are more inclined to contract the disease if they spend time in wooded areas or near freshwater ponds.

Oswald went on to say that dogs in urban areas are also susceptible to the disease in certain places, such as dog parks.

In milder strains of leptospirosis, a dog may appear to have flu-like symptoms such as fever, refusal to eat and weakness. In more serious strains, if not treated with antibiotics, the disease can attack an animal’s kidneys, liver and brain within a week or two.

New vaccines on the market can protect dogs against four of the new strains of leptospirosis.Oswald suggested dog owners ask their veterinarians if their pet is at risk.

Lisa and I walk the dogs at the local park where there is a creek, as well as at a nearby lake, they drink out of both.  We will definitely be checking with our vet about this and asking her advice on the vaccine.

(My mom's dogs had to be tested for this~ they have pet squirrels that run around~ and  the dogs of course have a habit of licking things while outside.  She had to be tested as well since this is just as deadly to humans. We keep an exta eye on ours while they are outside....)

10 years ago
Chaining mentioned in this video
Dog Attack (02/20/09)

A dog attack leaves a 7-year-old boy in critical condition. Deputies in Jackson County say the dog attacked Dalton Mathis in the face and neck at a home on Pumpkintown Road Thursday afternoon. State troopers were the first on the scene and had to taser the dog to get it off the boy. Jackson County deputies say they later had to shoot the dog to protect themselves and others because it became more aggressive. Rescue crews flew Mathis to Mission Hospital. Friday morning, the dog's owner told News 13 he is a long-time friend of the family. He said doctors told him Mathis will be in the hospital for a month. But he is moving his hands and feet, and has no broken bones. The dog's owner says it has never attacked anyone before. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Social Services are investigating the attack.Dog Attack (02/19/09)
10 years ago
Texas may let hunters shoot pigs from helicopters
MERTZON, Texas (AP) — Millions of wild pigs weighing up to 300 pounds have been tearing up crops, trampling fences and eating just about anything in their path in Texas. But now they had better watch their hairy backs.

A state lawmaker is proposing to allow ordinary Texans with rifles and shotguns to shoot the voracious, tusked animals from helicopters.

For years, ranchers in the Lone Star State have hired professional hunters in choppers to thin the hogs' fast-multiplying ranks. Now state Rep. Sid Miller of the Fort Worth area wants to bring more firepower to the task by issuing permits to sportsmen.

"I've had numerous calls and complaints that someone needs to do something," Miller said. "We're losing ground on this problem."

If approved, it could be the first program of its kind in the nation. Some other states, like Gov. Sarah Palin's Alaska, allow aerial hunting, but only to control predators, such as bears and wolves.

Some Texans worry about collateral damage.

"If they're going to open up to where you can do this and anybody who's got a helicopter can go off to an old boy's place and hunt, that's going to be bad," said Jay Smith, owner of Smith Helicopters in Cotulla. Some people "may get confused and shoot the rancher's dog or a calf."

Miller gave assurances the hunting would be closely regulated, though details on such things as how many hunters would be allowed to take part, and how many hogs they would be permitted to kill, have yet to be worked out.

"You're not going to have some bubba up there going, 'Pass me a beer and ammo' and hunting some hogs," the legislator said. "We certainly want to do it right."

Many hunters and landowners will probably leave the carcasses in the field, just as they do now. Wild hogs that are gunned down cannot be sold for meat under U.S. agriculture regulations. (Moreover, wild boar is said by some to be tough and gamey.)

An estimated 2 million wild hogs are causing $52 million a year in crop damage in Texas, according to agricultural experts. Pigs that they are, they eat just about anything, including the carcasses of their own brethren. They trample crops, dig up plants with their snouts and steal animal feed. Entire peanut farms have been stripped.

And the pasture-wrecking porkers are causing trouble well beyond farms. Authorities in Texas are reporting an increase in collisions between hogs and cars, while golf courses and suburbs are increasingly finding turf uprooted by hogs.

The animals are descended from hogs introduced into Texas by Spanish explorers more than 300 years ago. But their numbers began booming in the 1980s.

The big ones have no natural predators. Not even a coyote will tangle with a pig bigger than 20 pounds.

During a recent pass in his helicopter over Mertzon in West Texas, Kyle Lange, a professional hunter who is paid to pick off wild hogs from the air in what some are calling a "pork chopper," offered a glimpse of the magnitude of the problem.

As his helicopter flew over, several packs of hogs that had been rooting around in the brush or napping in the sun suddenly scattered in all directions, with piglets scampering to keep close to their mothers, the little hairs on their backs blown back by the breeze from the chopper.

"You can kill 300 in a day from up here in the Panhandle and you've just slowed them down is all," Lange said over the whump-whump of his two-seat chopper.

Wildlife experts have tried less brutal methods to control their numbers. But the hogs are smart and have learned to avoid traps, and a birth control pill for female hogs is still in development. Many experts agree aerial hunting works.

Nearly 1,100 permits to kill hogs from the air were issued in Texas last year, up from 201 in 2000. Under Miller's bill, weekend hunters would be able to get permits too, though they would also have to pay landowners for the right to hunt on their property.

10 years ago
Success Story - Bandit 2. ASPCA Success Story of the Week: Bandit Bounces Back
Tied to a four-foot chain in an auto repair shop, Bandit looked like he’d given up—until one special animal rescuer got this handsome pooch primped and prancing!

TN Puppy Mill Raid Update: Puppies Take Manhattan 3. TN Puppy Mill Raid Update: Puppies Take Manhattan!
After last Wednesday’s ASPCA-led raid on a White County, TN, puppy mill, hundreds of small-breed dogs have been evaluated and are getting ready for adoption—including 43 at the ASPCA’s headquarters, where they will be matched with loving New Yorkers starting today.
10 years ago
One Million Pets Could Lose Homes in Economic Crisis 1. One Million Pets Could Lose Homes in Economic Crisis
As households across the country are caught in the economic downturn, an estimated 500,000 to one million pets are at risk of being abandoned. If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, ASPCA experts offer advice to keep your pet safe until you get back on your feet again.
Read More... 
10 years ago

Now that is justice! Thank goodness the dog and girl are allright but I still have concern about the animal being returned. You know how these domestic situations are and she just may continue to have contact with him. Hopefully, he will get jailed. Authorities are more likely to take the arson attempt seriously. Lord knows they do not take animal abuse serious enough.

10 years ago

Don't feel bad for thinking it is amusing. I laughed too. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the pure stupidity of people! I feel for the girlfriend but the guy got what he deserved! I am so happy that the dog is alright too. Thanks for sharing. 

10 years ago

This is one of those stories that would almost be funny in a twisted way if it weren’t so sick and pathetic. On Tuesday night, a McAllen TX, man doused his girlfriend’s Pomeranian with some kind of fuel then proceeded to set it on fire after an argument. The terrified dog then ran around and in the process proceeded to ignite some spilled fuel which then set the house, the idiot and the girlfriend, Veronica Sanchez, on fire.

Now the dog actually survived and with little to no injury except for mostly singed and burned fur. The dog was removed and placed with Sanchez’s family where it’s doing fine and waiting for the return on its owner.

The idiot, a 35-year-old unnamed man, on the other hand, isn’t doing so well. By the time the police had arrived he’d escaped but it was pretty easy to track him down at McAllen Medical Center where he was being treated for severe burns over much of his body.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend, 47-year-old Veronica Sanchez was also injured in the resulting fire. Both were transferred to a burn unit at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

Sanchez’s remaining 11 dogs were taken to Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg where they will remain while she recovers from her burn injuries. They all seem to be doing just fine.

When the idiot recovers he’ll be arrested and most likely charges with arson as well as attempted murder, aggravated assault and animal cruelty charges.

I know that I shouldn’t find any amusement in this, it’s another terrible story of domestic violence and animal abuse, a very common combination but luckily, the dog survived with the least amount of pain. Unfortunately the girlfriend was injured but hopefully she’ll recovery and be smart enough to stay away from this idiot......  And he still has to face the law.

It may  be cruel but I hope he’s suffering but good!  He brought this on himself and deserves everything he gets, every minute of suffering for what he was trying to do.  I’m glad it backfired on him and he’s the one now paying the price rather than an innocent animal.

video/story here

10 years ago
story here

A Glimpse Into Training A Service Dog - VIDEO
I have great awe and respect for service dogs, those that train them and those who put their trust in them.  It’s a wonderful match for canine and human and it’s really amazing. So here’s a little glimpse into a guide dog organization and a taste of what goes into training those wonderful and amazing dogs. Training even dogs for search and rescue is hard (ask Zander, he'll tell ya~ hard headed to be sure) LOL
10 years ago

ALDF Celebrates National Justice for Animals Week

ALDF Celebrates National Justice for Animals WeekAnimal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves - so concerned citizens and our legal system must speak up for them. That's why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has created National Justice for Animals Week - an annual event that will be dedicated to raising public awareness nationwide about how to report animal abuse-and how to work within your community to create stronger laws and assure tough enforcement. Mark your calendars for ALDF's first-ever National Justice for Animals Week, February 22-28.

To help ALDF gear up for this event, get started now by adding aNational Justice for Animals Week badge to your website or social network page and read about other ways you can help win justice for animals victims


All-New State Animal Protection Laws Rankings

2008 State Animal Protection Laws Rankings MapThe Animal Legal Defense Fund recently released its annual report ranking the animal protection laws of every state based on their relative strength and general comprehensiveness. In addition to all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and other U.S. territories are included this year. This report - the only one of its kind in the nation - is based on a detailed comparative analysis of each jurisdiction, researching fourteen distinct categories of animal protection laws throughout more than 3,400 pages of statutes. The ranking groups each jurisdiction into a top, middle or bottom tier, and includes a listing of the best five and worst five states.

See how your state's animal protection laws rank...

10 years ago

Meat Industry Seeks to Overturn California Law Barring Sick and Disabled Farm Animals From the Food Supply

A downed cow at the Hallmark/Westland slaughterhouseEarlier this month, the Animal LegalDefense Fund, the Humane Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary, and the Humane Farming Association moved to intervene in a meat industry lawsuit that seeks to overturn key provisions of California's newly upgraded law banning the use of sick and disabled animals in the food supply. The amended law, introduced as A.B. 2098 by Assemblyman Paul Krekorian, took effect January 1.

The suit, brought by the National Meat Association (NMA) and the American Meat Institute (AMI) - two trade groups representing major packing and slaughter plant companies - takes aim at a statute that originally went into effect in the 1990s, and was then amended last year in response to an HSUS investigation that exposed torment and horrific abuse of "downer" cows at a southern California slaughter plant. The Hallmark/Westland plant, based in Chino, was the nation's number-two supplier of ground beef to the National School Lunch Program.


Amazing lady
10 years ago

LYNCHBURG, Va. - Hold the phone, Mother Goose! It seems an apology is in order _ an apology to all the pet owners who honestly believed Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was, or rather, is, bare.

Thanks to a civic-minded pet store owner in Lynchburg, the much-maligned cupboard is freshly stocked, and available for struggling pet owners.

Jean Tarazewich, owner of J.J.'s Pampered Pets, on Wards Road, said she conceived the idea for Mother Hubbard's Pet Food Cupboard when she realized what a hard time pet owners were having caring for their animals during the current economic crisis.

"They've got food banks for people. They don't have food banks for people with pets, and our pets are important," Tarazewich said.

"The phone's been ringing the past six or eight months with people saying 'can you find a home for fluffy?'"

Costs of food and grooming mixed with a dismal economic climate, she said, have made it harder than ever for pet owners to keep their pets healthy and happy.

"A groom on a small dog is $35, and some of these dogs like Shih Tzu's have to be groomed every six weeks," she said.

Mary Gutknecht, owner of four toy poodles, knows that all too well, paying at least $40 per dog every time she takes them for a cut.

She said her retired husband has been looking to re-enter the workforce due to the strain of the poor economy, and with the money they have to shell out for pet care, they have to let some things slide.

"When you're talking that kind of money that's $160 at a whack, and that's not possible for people on a fixed income," Gutknecht said.

"Now they haven't been groomed since October."

Tarazewich said she knew food wasn't the only concern owners had about pet care, and took grooming into account.

Her store's groomer, Aaron Spinner, is donating about five cuts per month to owners who can't afford to get their pets trimmed.

"I enjoy doing it, so it's easy for me," Spinner said, adding, "Everybody can use a helping hand."

"We're hoping that they'll pick our dogs to do, even if they (only) did one," Gutknecht said.

The cupboard opened Saturday, and Tarazewich said the turnout was small.

"We gave away 10 pounds of cat food and 20 pounds of dog food," she said. Adding Gutknecht to that list, she said she helped three families altogether.

"I was hoping for a soft opening anyway, so that we could get ourselves together," she said.

Angela Doss stumped for donations across the area, and said of the 20 or so people and businesses she contacted, only two refused to donate.

"There's a good amount of interest out there," Doss said.

Some suppliers, she said, pledged to donate their food in damaged containers, which would normally have to be repackaged for sale.

After weeks of soliciting donations and putting up flyers, Tarazewich said she had some apprehension about the turnout.

"It could all be gone in a day," she said, "and I didn't want it to be gone in a day."

Tarazewich said if she's not able to keep the cupboard in her store for any number of reasons, there are other options to keep the service going.

"Maybe if I can't keep donations coming in," she said, "I'll just see if I can hitch it to (a food pantry), because they're doing it every day, and it's what they do."

10 years ago
LA City Council candidate stands up for animals: “Ed Boks’ hiring ... - USA
Both of these departments have experienced their share of controversy, including a recent petition of no confidence against LAAS General Manager Ed Boks ...
10 years ago

From Puppy-Mill Victim to Beloved Role Model

Dare, a 3-year-old sheltie, is the ultimate survivor.

This brave little dog was born in a puppy mill, where his back left leg was bitten off when he was just a few days old. Sadly, such injuries sometimes occur in mills -- the result of “cage crazy” behavior that dogs may exhibit in stressful, neglectful conditions.

Next, Dare’s front left leg got caught in cage wiring, dislocating the elbow and breaking in so many places it could not be repaired.

He received no medical treatment for either of these devastating injuries. Instead, Dare lived in severe pain until he was 9 weeks old, when the puppy mill owners decided he was too “damaged” to sell and gave him to a rescue group. The mill was later shut down by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Tragically, Dare ended up losing both a front and a back leg on the same side of his body. But his luck was finally about to change.

Adoptive caregiver Tami Skinner entered Dare’s life, giving him a new home -- and new hope. The two soon forged a powerful partnership.

At last, here was someone to give Dare the unconditional love he had been craving. Someone to treat him like a normal dog, encouraging him to walk and run on his own. Someone to recognize that Dare’s refusal to give in is what makes him special, not his disability.

Today, Dare and Tami impart their message of healing and fortitude to others with disabilities. They are among the highly trained participants in American Humane’s Animal-Assisted Therapy Program.

In this vital role, the team regularly conducts animal-assisted therapy visits at a facility for adults with disabilities, an amputee support group and a school for children with disabilities.

Dare is in his element as a therapy dog. He loves being the center of attention, and those he meets are amazed by his courage and zest for life.

According to a teacher at the school that Dare visits, “It is interesting that most of our students with special needs immediately accepted Dare as he was, just as he immediately accepted them…He reminds me that I need to let our students realize as much of their potential as possible, not [limit] them by standard expectations.”

The children are equally enthusiastic. “He’s just like me!” a child with a disability exclaimed with delight during one of Dare’s recent visits. It was one of many remarkable moments inspired by a truly remarkable dog.


Dare and Tami
“People always say that Dare is lucky to have me. Actually, I feel lucky to have him. Dare makes me appreciate life.”  Tami Skinner, Dare’s handler

In Memory of Gage..............
10 years ago

So this is it…’s the sentence as follows

1) 6 Months Jailtime Suspened (see #2)
2) Ordered to 180 Consecutive days (8 hour days) of community
Service at the Bossier County Animal Control Center
3) 2 Years Active Probation
4) He can not commit any criminal acts in the future
5) Ordered to pay $1,000 + Court Cost to Courts
6) Ordered to pay Gage’s Family $1,000 (the maximum allowed)
7) Ordered to pay his probabation officer $55.
00 a month for the
entire 2 years that he is on probation

the best part is the entire community service will be performed at the local animal shelter and since the killer obviously hates animals this should be well worth it.

Hope he enjoys cleaning up crap every day.

It’s time to start making changes. Let this be an example of that killing/harming an animal will NOT be tolerated.

10 years ago

Natural Solutions, Lynn Ginsburg, February 13, 2009

Up until just a few years ago, people had one treatment option for their terminally ill pets–euthanasia–and the average veterinarian thought it better to get it over with sooner rather than later. But if Eleonora Babayants had listened to the veterinarian who advised her to put her dog Lima to sleep immediately, she and Lima would have lost out on their additional three years together. Instead of euthanasia, Babayants elected to care for Lima at home, using a relatively new program for dying pets called “et hospice.” Pet hospice allows a dying animal to live out the rest

more at:

10 years ago

The drugged-up roosters bred for fighting are outfitted with a metal
blade tied to one ankle. They're released inside a pen, where in a
bloody battle of flashing wings and flying feathers, one or the other
is left dead or dying - all for the amusement of screaming spectators
and gamblers.

Cockfights have been banned in Arizona for more than a decade, but the
recent discovery by police of several underground cockfighting
operations in Phoenix shows that the blood sport still exists.

The fights typically take place in neighborhoods with large
populations of immigrants from Mexico or other countries where
cockfighting is popular and legal, authorities say.

The rash of cockfighting busts in Phoenix - four operations have been
uncovered since December - corresponds with a flurry of similar raids
around the country. Since the start of the year, the Humane Society of
the United States has documented at least 28 cockfighting- related
cases nationwide.

John Goodwin, the group's manager of animal-fighting issues, said the
spate of cockfights was the most he has seen in 12 years.

The poor economy, immigration trends and a growing police awareness of
animal fighting are all possible factors behind the spike.

full story:
great blog/sign up for enews
10 years ago
Shelter News from Around the Country

February 13, 2009

Trouble in Philly, Indy Pit Bulls get a reprieve, President Obama inadvertently helps King County’s neglected homeless animals, the No Kill Advocacy Center offers BOGO Free, Building a No Kill Houston, and free copies of The Pit Bull Placebo.

10 years ago

Stover sentenced for killing puppy

"You made a number of poor decisions that day," said Judge James T. "Tut" Bellamy as he sentenced Christopher L. Stover, 32, of Malta Bend, in Division 6 court Wednesday, Feb. 11, for causing the death of a 3-month-old Labrador puppy in August 2008.

Stover's sentence includes one year in Saline County Justice Facility, all but 60 days suspended, a $500 fine and 90 hours of community service. Bellamy approved work release for the 60-day jail sentence, at a cost to Stover of $25 per day. Stover will report to the jail on March 2.

Also included in the sentence are anger management classes, a psychological assessment and court costs.

Stover pleaded guilty to the class A misdemeanor of animal abuse without a plea agreement in place with the prosecuting attorney's office.

At the sentencing hearing Wednesday, testifying in his own behalf, Stover said he thought the dog was a stray and that it might harm his children.

"(The neighbor's kids) came and got me and said the dog was trying to bite them," he said. When the dog hid behind a couch on Stover's porch, "it growled and snapped at me," he said.

Stover said he and the neighbor attempted to corner the dog in order to put it into Stover's car so it could be driven out of the area. But the dog, after Stover kicked or tossed it off the porch, hid under Stover's car. When Stover moved the car and ran over the animal's paw, it then ran under the neighbor's truck.

As the dog cowered under the truck, Stover said, he "swung a board at it, and then it wasn't moving. I grabbed it and pulled it out and its tongue was hanging out."

At that point, Stover said, he grabbed a hammer from his toolbox and struck the dog on the head with it twice because "I figured it was hurting."

After wrapping the dog in a blanket, he placed the animal in his car and drove about a mile away on a country road and tossed the dog in a culvert. He testified he didn't know if the dog was dead or alive at that point.

Under questioning by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Joby J. Raines, Stover admitted that he lied to Douglas Greathouse, the dog's owner, when Greathouse asked him if he'd seen it.

Stover said he told Greathouse the dog "ran off."

When Raines pressed him about why he lied to Greathouse, Stover said, "He looked like he was mad."

His attorney, Thomas E. Bolling, argued that Stover didn't intentionally harm the dog, at least not initially. He said, "Out in the country, there's no animal control officer. You have to handle situations like this one yourself. "

Bolling continued, "Once injured, the dog had to be dealt with. One thing followed another. It's what any of us would do. This was not an act of deliberate cruelty."

Raines argued it was "absurd to think this is 'what any of us would do,' and recommended a sentence of at least six months, more than his initial recommendation of 60 days in an earlier attempt at a plea bargain in the case.

In his comments before sentencing, Bellamy said, "It doesn't matter where animal abuse takes place or if there is an animal control officer. (The lack of one) doesn't give anyone the liberty to deal with a puppy in this manner."

"In pleading guilty, Mr. Stover said he purposely killed the dog. And now has spent an hour trying to say all of that was explainable, to explain it away," Bellamy said.

Turning to Stover, Bellamy continued, "I think you lost your temper. An owner sometimes takes a dog and has to put it down ... I wouldn't have the heart to do it, not like what happened here. I'm not surprised the dog snapped at you. It was in defensive mode and you were committed to (dispatching) it."

10 years ago
Two men arrested in animal cruelty case Breaking Newsprint this article
The Cape Breton Post

BADDECK — The RCMP arrested two men in connection with the recent abandonment of five puppies in the woods near Middle River.
The two Wagmatcook men have since been released from custody on a promise to appear. One of the men will appear in youth court in Baddeck, while the other will appear in provincial court in Baddeck.
Both are scheduled in court, April 20.
Two of the collie mix puppies died in sub-zero temperatures, estimated at minus-30 C, while the three female survivors were taken to Baddeck Veterinary Clinic for treatment.
*For more, see Monday’s Cape Breton Post.

10 years ago
Seven charged with animal cruelty

Police have charged seven youths in a serious case of animal cruelty that could result in jail terms for the accused

North Jutland police have charged seven youngsters with animal abuse after they set a guinea pig on fire and then beat it to death with a golf club. The seven are all from the Aalestrup area of northern Jutland and are believed to be in their late teens.

The incident took place last summer and was filmed by the youths. The footage then fell into the hands of an ex-girlfriend of one of the accused, who made police aware of the video. B.T. newspaper reported that a car belonging to her family was set on fire on Monday night, with the words ‘die, you pig’ scratched onto the vehicle.

Police believe they also know who actually set the animal on fire but said that is not the focus of the investigation.

‘When a group is together like that, then they are all accessories to the crime,’ said deputy superintendent Vagn Jensen of the North Jutland Police.

Animal welfare laws allow for a prison term of up to one year and a fine in cases of animal abuse.

10 years ago
The evils of animal abuse

Published Date: February 13, 2009
By Muna Al-Fuzai, Staff columnist

The maltreatment of animals, usually pets, is a hard thing to deal with and we have limited information about the true prevalence of such maltreatment.
Cats are wandering in the streets where I live; sometimes I see old and fat cats and start to think about how much leftovers we leave on our plates when even our cats are suffering from obesity. Sometimes, I see cats who have been mangled after being hit by a car.

This is really a hard topic in Kuwait. Although I see some animal lovers who have pets in their homes who they treat very kindly, I also see people who get genuine enjoyment from torturing animals and take perverted pleasure in seeing them in pain.

I have seen speeding drivers who hit an animal with their car and just drive away because they think less of an animal's life. As if it were okay to hit a creature and leave it to suffer rather than being the crazy and sick act which it is!

Animal welfare organizations helping animals abused by their owners are performing a great service. But, how much support do these organizations receive other than from a very few people who feel it is their duty out of basic compassion? We need to pay sufficient attention to cruelty to animals since it is a strong indicator of abusiveness to other humans, including domestic violence or even murder. Those who commit such acts are simply abusers and will go on to do the same thing to their wives, kids and
other family members given the chance! We must also be alert to cruelty to animals as an indication that an individual's violence may be escalating.
The forgotten..........
10 years ago
Lex's story

Heroes on the Hill

The Lees can't imagine life without their dog, Lex. He's a living reminder of their son who was killed while serving with the Marines in Iraq.

Lex's story »

10 years ago
Animal Cruelty Prevention Measures Announced at Capitol Press Conference
California Political Desk
SACRAMENTO –Assemblymember Pedro Nava, Eric Sakach, West Coast Director for The Humane Society of the United States (HSU, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Los Angeles District Attorney´s Office, Social Compassion in Legislation participated in a Capitol press conference today to announce the introduction of three measures as part of Assemblymember Nava´s Animal Cruelty Prevention Package.

"Recent events around the country brought to our consciousness the brutality of puppy mills, dogfighting, and animal cruelty. California must take the lead in setting an example for the humane treatment for what most of us consider our family pet," said Nava. "We must take action now to prevent further suffering. I am proud to be supported by the public safety community, HSUS, the ASPCA and Social Compassion in Legislation on these measures."
10 years ago

His shaved right paw and shaky walk show that Levi the cat still has a
ways to go before he bounces back completely from what animal control
and police officials are calling felony animal cruelty.

A complaint has been forwarded to the State Attorney's Office against
an Ormond Beach man who, according to a charging affidavit, inflicted
near-fatal injuries on the black, medium-haired cat last month. No
decision has been made on prosecuting, but it's a case that led the
Halifax Humane Society to take the unprecedented step of intervening
and paying the majority of the $3,000 in veterinary bills it cost to
save Levi's life.

"This poor animal deserves a chance after all he had been through,"
said Michelle Pari, community relations director for the Halifax
Humane Society.

full story:
10 years ago

Dog love unconditionallyOur dogs love totally, completely and unconditionally. Not only that, there are many lesson we can learn from our wonderful canine companions, about love and about life. Here’s just a few…

  • Love comes with responsibility. Love takes time and effort. When someone loves you and counts on you, you have to be there to do your part. Sometimes this means putting their needs ahead of your own.
  • Play is important. Love is fun. Love is great. Sure, there’s responsibility, but part of that responsibility is to play, play, play and enjoy each other’s company.Play... have fun
  • Poop happens. Yep, sometimes some not-very-sweet stuff ends up where you wish it hadn’t, but that’s okay. It’s just part of the whole package. Clean it up and get back to the good stuff. Learn to forgive and forget.
  • Don’t take love for granted. Surprises and little gifts for no reason other than to show love are good.
  • It’s important to spend time together. You don’t always have to be doing something special.
  • Sometimes it’s just really nice to sit in the same room and do nothing together. There can be a lot of comfort in that.
  • Accept each other. Neither of you are perfect. Take the good with the bad, the odd with the commonplace. Love is bigger than the small stuff that gets under your skin.
  • Trust and honor love. Don’t ever, ever abuse it. Love is the greatest gift you’ll ever have, and it’s downright criminal to ever do anything wrong or cruel in the name of love.
  • Respect each other’s boundaries. You both need your own space. You both have your own needs. Neither of you should try to dominate the other.
  • Good relationships take work. Once you take on the responsibility of a relationship, you have to be willing to work at it. Sometimes there’s nothing you’d like to do more than kick back and take it easy, but you’ve committed to (for example) going on a walk. Get up and go. It’s be well worth the effort.
  • Non-verbal communication can speak louder than words.
  • Touch, hug, smile, speak softly.
  • Separations are tough… but reunions are sweet.
  • Everyone wants and needs love.
  • Deal with problems when they come up.
  • They won’t just go away, and problems sure can make love tough.
  • Sloppy kisses are great. (Enough said about that one.)
10 years ago

Yesterday's in-depth news piece by CNN showcasing the horrific
procedures of slaughtering stray dogs in the streets stunned animal
supporters around the world. Watching the graphic video of puppies
eating poisoned meat while adult dogs are blankly shot down with
rifles, I began to fume with anger about the circumstances and the
barbarity of the brigade's actions. But stepping back from the
emotion, I realized that how hypocritical it was to be so outraged and
judgmental towards people halfway around the world when these
inhumanities were also happening right in my backyard.

According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer
Services, 70,717 cats and 52,469 dogs were killed in Virginia shelters
in 2006. ...
Any mainstream media coverage of animal cruelty draws the attention of
the general public, which is something that most animal welfare
advocates view as a benefit. But maybe now's the time to focus to our
own backyard before spending too much time criticizing those across

full story:
10 years ago
Claws Come Out in Fight Over Tony the Truck-Stop Tiger

Animals  (tags: cruelty, animalcruelty, AnimalWelfare, habitat, protection, suffering )

- 3 minutes ago -
A gr-r-r-reat cat fight is brewing at a truck stop in Louisiana, where animal rights advocates are fighting to have Tony, a Siberian-Bengal tiger, seized from his owner and taken to a wildlife preserve
hot!!!  |  add comment  |
10 years ago
Arson DNA evidence 'unreliable'
Mel Broughton
Mel Broughton denies conspiracy to commit arson

DNA evidence in the case against a man accused of fire-bombing Oxford University is "unreliable", a forensic expert has told Oxford Crown Court.

Mel Broughton, 48, of Northampton, denies carrying out two petrol bombs at Queen's College in November 2006 and failed attacks in February 2007.

The prosecution alleges a tiny DNA sample found on an unexploded device matches Mr Broughton's DNA profile.

But Dr Alan Jamieson said testing such small samples could be "misleading".

The case centres on a tiny DNA sample found on an unexploded device at Templeton College in February 2007, and the defence case is that "Low Copy Number" DNA samples are unreliable.

Defence witness Dr Alan Jamieson told the jury that he has "long-standing and well recognised" expertise in forensic evidence.

Dr Jamieson gave evidence in the Omagh Bomb trial resulting in an acquittal, the court heard.

Dr Jamieson told the jury that tests carried out on DNA samples taken from a match, found on one of the devices, were in his opinion "a complete waste of time" and "potentially misleading".

But the prosecution barrister Mr Moore said that because Dr Jamieson was "not in a laboratory, doing day to day tests", he had "limited forensic experience".

Mr Broughton was said to be the leading figure of animal rights group Speak, which started in 2004 in protest at plans to build an animal testing research laboratory in Oxford.

He is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit arson and one count of possession of an article or articles with intent to destroy or damage property.

He denies all the charges against him.

The case continues.
10 years ago

Passaic County animal officials today seized 25 pit bulls and 11 cats
from the West Milford home of renowned animal rescuer who became
famous a decade ago when she turned a former Paterson crack house into
a haven for the homeless and drug addicts.

Agents with the Passaic County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals have been inside the home of Marion "Mayme" Puccio since
this morning, pulling out the crated dogs and cats and delivering them
to a non-profit animal shelter in West Milford.

full story:
10 years ago
Remember Bella
10 years ago
Many thanks to SWAP team for posting up the urgent appeal for Bella the Rotti bitch. Bella was brought into our care sick and due to how quickly she went downhill, the vet was sure that she was going to die. I decided to give her as much of a fighting chance as possible and told the vet not to hold back and do anything and everything to save her.
I am happy to say that Bella is now extremely well. She is back to eating normally and I was happy to see that the weight was just piling onto her...
However, the weight was piling on the wrong place and today after a few days of having an inkling of what was going on I decided that my hunch was right. Bella is pregnant!
Thanks to the appeal we managed to get back all the vet costs (which totalled £897 in the end) but this money didn't just save one dog. It saved numerous others that were quietly growing in her. The vet at first recommended putting her to sleep because she was too poorly to save and tried to convince me that we were fighting a losing battle.
Bella originally was advertised in Preloved as 'Free to a Good Home' and she was at the time living with a male entire Rotti and a male entire Staffie. The person that then took her on for 24 hours owned a male entire Staffie.
The pups could therefore be either Rotti's or Rotti x Staffies but the rescue who are taking her on Tuesday don't really care. They are happy to take her and her pregnancy on, rear the pups and home them through their rescue.
Bella and her little presents are all very lucky and I would like to thank everyone for their support and kind thoughts.
Emma (Furry Friends Animal R
10 years ago

Woman Sells Neighbor’s Dogs

Posted: 13 Feb 2009 07:17 AM CST

A woman in Columbia, PA claimed she found two purebred stray dogs, both filthy and without tags.

Brandi Anderson told police she kept them for a few days, then decided to sell them so they’d have a good home.

Anderson wrote on her Internet ad offering the dogs for salethat she inherited the dogs from a deceased relative. She told police she fabricated that story because she didn’t think people would want to buy strays.

Or maybe, because no one would want to buy stolen dogs. She has been charged with theft of lost property, since she didn’t take reasonable measures to find the dogs’ owner.

I think the worst part of this story is that she was charged with theft of lost property. Showing, once again, that dogs are just thought of as chattel.

10 years ago

Krossing Over

Posted: 13 Feb 2009 08:31 AM CST

Kross Monsta Giles, RIP

Kross Monsta Giles, 9, of Saugus, MA passed on February 3, 2009, with his loving family by his side.

Kross (is) survived by his loving parents, Kris & Scott Giles, his human sister, Taylor, 7, and his canine sisters Bella Boo, 3, and his late-canine sister Shoei. He (is) also survived by his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Camponescki of Wakefield and Mr. & Mrs. William Giles of Melrose.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Kross was a beautiful German Shepherd who lost his fight with cancer.  What’s unusual about this story is that the obituary above ran on the Gately Funeral Home website, normally reserved for humans.

Kross was a beloved family member in the Giles’ household, his passing has left a big void. For those that aren’t dog lovers, they just don’t get the importance of being able to say a proper goodbye. Which is why when the Giles’ approached John Gately, owner of Gately Funeral Home, he couldn’t turn them away. Being a dog lover himself he generously donated space for a service to be held in honor of Kross.

Giles, who was turned away by one funeral home owner worried about “ublic backlash,” said the wake will bring closure to her, her husband and 7-year-old daughter.

“It just felt so good having something for him,” she said. “It’s making me feel better. It’s making the loss a little bit easier.”

While this may be a first in Massachusetts, funeral homes across the country are increasingly servicing grieving pet owners, holding services and funerals. Also springing up across the country are pet memorial centers, specifically to help guide grieving pet owners in a dignified and loving manner when a pet dies. The memorial centers offer a wide range of products and services so you can customize the arrangements, from wakes to burials.

Locally we have a pet memorial center Dream Land, it is a wonderful place where you know your beloved pet will be in good hands after passing.  A place your pet will be treated in a dignified and caring manner.

What do you think about having a memorial service for your pet?  Would you use a pet memorial center to handle arrangements when your pet passes?  Give me a bark.

* Pic of Kross courtesy
10 years ago
Click Here!A real Vicktory!

Meet Halle, the first of the Michael Vick dogs to go from Best Friends to an honest-to-goodness loving home! There’s a required foster period, but after that, she may be adopted. Watch the video clip of the new, happier, waggier Halle!

>> Read all about it - she even has a doggie friend in her new home!

10 years ago

Celebrating The First Pet Store in L.A To Go Humane!

Dave Kaplowitz with rescued Mojave Pups now finding great homes at the ‘Puppy Store.’

The carpet was orange not red. The cocktail of choice was an ‘Orangetini’. It was all about the ‘Orange Bone’ on Wednesday night as news crews crowded the sidewalk at 7475 Melrose Avenue, at the pet store otherwise known as ‘The Puppy Store’. Publicist Rachel Weill led celebrities including, Katherine Heigl, Charlotte Ross, Corey Feldman and Megan Blake, down the orange carpet to join an exuberant crowd of supporters applauding the efforts of store owner, Clark DuVal, to create a pet store environment where ‘Rescue Rule !!!’ . The ‘Last Chance for Animals’, promoted event, to celebrate the first pet store in Los Angeles to go humane brought some welcome exposure to this model for change. LCA, a 501 c(3) non-profit organization, is committed to oversee and endorse pet stores in Los Angeles that are willing to change their business practice from selling puppy mill animals to re-homing only shelter animals.

Store monitors played the LCA funded PSA that will accompany the campaign for change. Stars of the video, including Katherine Heigl and Cesar Millan talk about what inspired them to take part in the campaign.”We believe the ‘Orange Bone’ can save 1,000 rescue dogs a year”. L.A Animal Services is working with LCA, who has partnered with the ‘Puppy Store’ to keep plenty of shelter, and homeless dogs on hand. In the first month 40 rescued dogs have been adopted ! That includes a sweet Pekinese girl, who turned out be 7 years old, not 2, as was originally thought. Its not just cute puppies that are being adopted into great homes, it is mature puppies too ! 8 year old Stella Lavinthal, was not letting age get in her way either. Stella, a girl on a mission, made sure that every single dog was taken from its shredded paper den, and given some special love.

This hip new store is fast becoming a mecca for families looking for a happy, healthy four-legged friend to take home. The store itself is clean and modern, stocked with well priced pet accessories, premium food and treats, including a ‘3 Dog Bakery’ outlet. For the people of Los Angeles, longing to bring a dog into their homes, opposed to purchasing dogs from breeders, yet disinclined to visit local shelters, this new ‘Pet Store Rescue’ model offers a perfect solution.

Ed Boks, General Manager of LAAS, is very encouraged that this innovative way of finding good homes for shelter animals, will help bridge that divide. “LA Animal Services is always ready to participate in bold new life saving programs. This collaboration is the most recent. It is our hope that a business model will be established that other pet stores will want to emulate. A model that encourages pet stores to end their horrific reliance on the cruel puppy mill industry and instead provide a new adoption venue for our community’s homeless pets.”

When local news affiliates went live with coverage later that night, the phones started ringing off the hook, according to Brittany Foundations, Rene Succa-Ruston, “Every puppy in the store was adopted!” Lets hope the success inspires other Pet Stores to go humane………… more shelter dogs saved, less business for the puppy mill industry. Whichever way you look at it, the Pet Store revolution is well on its way to making the difference in the lives of so many dogs and that is reason to celebrate indeed.

Congratulations to Kim Sill, Chris DeRose, Robert Cabral, Rene Succa-Reston, Beth Shaw, Ellen Lavinthal and everyone who worked so hard to make this dream a reality. That includes all those, too many to mention, who took time out of their busy lives to stand in front of a pet store with a hand made sign ! Amazing what can be achieved when a community comes together to support a cause. Also showing support and enjoying the event ; Scott Sorentino, David Fralick, Madison Mason, Genesis Moss, Haze Lynn, Alli Lange, Barbara Niven, Brittany Curran, Isaac Singleton, Scott Samson, Elise Duran, Christopher Ameruoso and many more.

Lets go humane L.A !

LAAS has implemented new rules and regulations governing pet shops in L.A, including one that stipulates, ‘all L.A pet stores must post the source of their pets on the cages in plain view of the public so all customers can know at a glance where these animals are coming from. If anyone sees a violation of any of these rules please contact LA Animal Services immediately. For more information on these new regulations :

NB: Spay & Neuter is a key part of the equation. It is important to note, that no requirements are made regards the over bred puppies sold through pet stores in general. The new model makes every effort to ensure that all new dog owners spay & neuter. If the dogs are not yet old enough for surgery, a credit is issued for a later date, and followed through with.

10 years ago

Bobcat Cubs Find Some Love

I am the happy foster mother of these babies which I am caring for while Ronelle (another volunteer, pictured) is on vacation. These blue-eyed kittens’ mother was accidentally killed at an auto wrecking yard in Clarkdale when she jumped out of a car that was going to be crunched only to have the car fall on top of her. Luckily for the babies the operator investigated, found these two bobcat kittens and then located the volunteer organization I “lay” with. MWR, Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, received the call on our Rescue Hotline (662-429-5105). We will raise the kittens until they’re old enough to be released. Feeding them formula now is easy, later it’s mice, quail, and rats. (Bobcats are protected wildlife so it is unlawful to keep them unless you have a permit from the MS State government. MWR’s permit allows us to provide temporary care for injured or orphaned wildlife.)

Bobcats are named for their stubby “bobbed” tails, a distinctive feature of these cats. They also have a large white spot on the backside of each ear. Like most kittens, bobcat kittens will experience an eye color change: from green to brown as they grow. Likewise, more white will appear on their belly fur. During the summer a bobcat’s fur is brownish orange in color with black stripes on their legs and black spots on their sides and underbellies. In the winter their coats take on shades of gray. Female Bobcats will den under fallen logs hoping for a dry home for their 2-3 litter of kittens. These kittens will grow to about 2 feet tall and weigh at least 14 pounds when released. And they will continue grow larger as they mature. Bobcats are bigger than a house cat and have huge, sharp claws to prove it. Bobcats are silent walkers. They place their back feet in the same spots where their front feet stepped helping them to be silent when stalking their prey of rabbits, rats, squirrels, and birds. Animals like coyotes and owls prey on Bobcat kittens. But, let’s face it, the most dangerous predators of Bobcats are humans. Lax hunting restrictions and the proliferation of roads and traffic are major threats to these beautiful animals.

MWR is a non-profit group, staffed only with unpaid volunteers. Ronelle and Buzzy will provide these adorable Bobcats with a temporary refuge and the expensive food they require until they can safely be released into the wilds of Mississippi. Donations are always needed. Call 662-429-5105 for a rescue, for more information, or if you would like to become a supporting member/sponsor.

Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
9865 Green River Road
Lake Cormorant, MS 38641

10 years ago

SANTA FE - Leaving your pooch alone in the car on a hot day could be a
misdemeanor crime if it resulted in death or injury, under an
expansion of New Mexico's animal cruelty laws approved by the House.

A separate measure, which also passed the House on Thursday, prohibits
euthanizing animals in gas chambers.

Both bills go to the Senate.

"We need to be protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and
that includes our animals," said Rep. Al Park, the Albuquerque
Democrat who sponsored the penalty bill.

That bill, approved 61-6, also broadens the law by making it a felony
to intentionally abandon an animal or to fail to provide it with food
or water, if death or great bodily harm results.

full story:

10 years ago
Sirius Global Animal Organisation
NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic
and Social Council of the United Nations
11th February 2009, For Immediate Release
By Elly Maynard
On Tuesday 27th January I flew out to Manila along with Chris Taylor, a New Zealand Police Dog Handler, Ingrid Leary, an Award Winning Journalist and Peter Takapuna, her cameraman to film the undercover rescue of 15 dogs from the illegal meat trade.
The operation was a huge success though fraught with danger for the Animal Kingdom undercover operative who had made contact with an illegal dog meat trader.   The link to the report which screened on New Zealand national television is
This was the first time that such a rescue was attempted.   Dogs are normally rescued on their way to the meat traders and stopped at road blocks by the Police.
Sirius funded the whole operation including the purchase of the 15 dogs.    Nothing prepared me however for how traumatic the rescue would be and to see the fear and death in the dogs eyes was something I will never forget.  Video taken during the rescue will very shortly be uploaded to our web site at along with some still images.
The dogs are now safe at the Animal Kingdom Foundation Centre at Capas, Tulac, Philippines. 
On Friday the 6th February the biggest campaign in Philippines history was launched.  The Philippines National Police in conjunction with the Animal Kingdom Foundation have launched a poster campaign with posters placed at every Air and Sea port stating that eating of dogs is illegal.   The penalty for this is up to 4 years in jail and US$780 fine.   This updated law was put in place last year and we are assured that it will be strictly enforced.  We'll also upload a copy of the poster.
We congratulate the AKF on their outstanding achievements and look forward to working with them in the future.
Elly Maynard
Sirius GAO Charitable Trust
10 years ago

thanks for sharing this Dusty.

10 years ago

Primarily Primates gives a rescued lemur a new home

February 10, 2009

KIIITV News, Corpus Christi, TX

Once in a while, the Corpus Christi's Animal Care Services will get one of those out the ordinary finds. A 2 1/2 year old Ring Tailed Lemur would be the latest.

It was discovered several days ago on Jester Drive in Flour Bluff. He was a little shy and cautious around our camera , but he's said to be very domesticated.

The lemur's owner apparently didn't want him anymore, so the prohibited pet was turned over to the city.

Community Education Officer, Dennis Noble says when the Lemur came in, he had an injured right shoulder, and he might have difficulty getting much use out of the arm.

Tuesday, he was placed in a rescue facility in San Antonio called "Primarily Primates."

See Video

118 cats
10 years ago

I know I have to many animals but I think 118 is a little much. Obviously they didn't have a lot of money in the first place and feeding that many animals costs quite a bit. They should have thought about that before aquiring so many. Besides is sounds like they where kept in really poorly cleaned conditions. It is a lot of hard work having pets and if you aren't going to clean up after them then you are not actually helping them out by keeping them. It sounds like they went way over board and I bet most of these where because they didn't spay and neuter the ones they had. All my cats and dogs are fixed. It is unresponsible for owners to not have their animals spayed or neutered. There are to many unwanted animals out there as it is. I really hope that they can finds homes for all these poor cats. I don't think they will as it sounds like several of them where a little wild. Maybe a no kill shelter will hear about this and try to take in some of these cats until caring homes can be found for them.

and why didn't anyone keep tabs on her???
10 years ago

118 cats removed from filthy St. Anthony trailer packed with dolls and debris

In 2002, 72 cats were taken from the same couple's residence.

It took three hours for about 15 masked workers and police officers to remove 118 cats from a couple's reeking home in the Lowry Grove Mobile Home Park in St. Anthony on Tuesday.

Another dozen or so cats couldn't be captured because they were hiding in mounds of dolls and debris in the trailer and will have to be live-trapped, said Keith Streff, senior investigator of the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. One cat escaped and three were left with the couple, the limit permitted by city ordinance.

Authorities have seen such cases before.

The woman fits the classic profile of an obsessive-compulsive animal hoarder, "which is sad for both animals and owners," Streff said. In 2002, Humane Society workers removed 72 cats from the same couple's residence when they lived in Coon Rapids, he said.

10 years ago

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Unlicensed Oklahoma dog breeders who are being
arrested for animal cruelty with increasing frequency prompted a state
House committee Tuesday to approve legislation that would license and
regulate so-called puppy mills in Oklahoma.

The bill's author, Rep. Lee Denney, R-Cushing, said lack of regulation
in the state's $30 million animal breeding industry has led to
incidents like one in December in which a Kansas man was arrested on
animal abuse complaints after authorities in Kay County discovered
nearly 100 neglected pit bulls at a rented farm near Newkirk.

full story:
10 years ago

FAIRBANKS — Fort Wainwright has come under fire from PETA for the
possible shooting and burning of pigs on base as part of medical

The Army has confirmed that on two occasions in August 2007 and May
2008, live pigs were used to conduct an operational emergency medical
skills course. Lt. Col Jonathan Allen, spokesman for U.S. Army Alaska,
said he did not know how many pigs were involved in the training, and
he did not know what exactly was done to the animals as part of the

"It's part of the training for medics and personnel who go into the
theater with the purpose of saving the lives of soldiers potentially
hurt in the field," he said

PETA, which was tipped off to the use of pigs at Fort Wainwright by a
USDA report, claims that the animals were shot and burned and that the
exercise violates the Department of Defense's policy for animal
welfare that requires alternative methods to be used in training when
they work just as well as live animals. The animal-rights group has
sent similar letters asking for investigations into the practice at 16
other military installations.

full story:

Precious Koala
10 years ago

i just saw the picture of the Koala bear on T.V. Sweet sweet image. Thank you for sharing.  

10 years ago
Koala rescued in wildfire-scarred Australia Firefighter: 'He kept reaching for the bottle, almost like a baby'

updated 2:46 p.m. ET, Tues., Feb. 10, 2009

SYDNEY - It was a heart-tugging scene borne by a chance encounter in the charred landscape of Australia's deadly wildfires: a koala sipping water from a bottle offered by a firefighter.

Rest of the story & additional photos here:
10 years ago

More than 200 dolphins saved in Philippines Volunteers jump in or use boats to move them out of shallow waters

updated 11:35 a.m. ET, Tues., Feb. 10, 2009

ORION, Philippines - At least 200 melon-head dolphins flocked to shallow waters of Manila Bay on Tuesday, prompting a massive rescue by hundreds of volunteers and fishermen who used their boats and hands to drive them back to deep seas.

For the rest of the story:
10 years ago

Kudos to Mr. Small. I found the video dark and couldnt see much of the puppies but I get the idea. the little pawsies and noses going under the door was so sad. I also noticed that the chain link was damaged and a potential hazard to the poor babies being housed in that concentration camp.

10 years ago

I found this site to be rather well as the links (info)

The Power of One: Visitor Challenges His Community Shelter
The Power of One: Visitor Challenges His Community Shelter

Sometimes it just takes one person to stand up and say something. In Union County South Carolina that one person is Robert Small. 

When Mr. Small went to the local shelter to adopt a dog for his family, what he saw caused him to be so upset he left … only to come back with his camera.  read the rest..........

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The No Kill Advocacy Center has become increasingly aware that some officials who oversee shelters are threatening volunteers and rescuers that if they speak publicly about conditions at the shelter, they will be banned from volunteering or rescuing animals. But in actually banning or threatening to ban volunteers and rescuers, these officials nationwide are not only holding the animals hostage by threatening to kill them as punishment, they are also violating the civil rights of volunteers.

In 2008, Los Angeles rescuers teamed up with the No Kill Advocacy Center to file a lawsuit which alleged that the civil rights of volunteers and rescuers were being violated as retaliation for going public with their observations of inhumane conditions and neglectful treatment at the shelter. The court agreed.

In applying a federal civil rights statute to this area, the court gave animal activists a powerful weapon to reform the nation’s broken animal shelter system. Volunteers and rescuers no longer have to choose between remaining silent about abuses or risk losing their ability to help some animals by volunteering or rescuing them from death row.

Attorney Sheldon Eisenberg, who brought the ground-breaking lawsuit, argues that “Section 1983,” which was enacted as part of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 “can now help extend the protection of laws to those individuals committed to safeguarding the welfare and rights of the animals entrusted to our care.”

Read the article by clickinghere.

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here's a video on the story of the 22 pups in car....

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talk about hoarding
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - More than 100 chickens, rabbits, rodents, iguanas and
tarantulas have been removed from a two-bedroom Buffalo apartment by
authorities who needed three vans to cart off the menagerie.

Police officers responding to an animal mistreatment complaint at a
South Buffalo apartment found the animals living in a couple's cramped
apartment Monday. The animals were removed in dozens of cages and
cardboard containers by officers from the local chapter of the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

full story:,0,5148734.story
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Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner

POTTSBORO, Texas (AP) - North Texas authorities seized 22 dogs found crammed inside a station wagon with their owner. The owner locked the car doors and refused to come out when a constable tried to serve her a warrant for the seizure of the dogs early Monday, said SPCA spokeswoman Maura Davies.

Two puppies and 20 dogs were taken to a shelter until a judge decides who gets custody, the SPCA said. A hearing on the custody of the animals is set for Feb. 16 in Denison.

The dogs were in the car along with a pot of water, blankets and waste.

"The car was soaked with urine and covered in feces. The ammonia level in the vehicle was 23 parts per million even after the doors had been opened for several minutes. As a frame of reference, humans start experiencing health issues at 12 parts per million," Courtney Stevens, SPCA of Texas rescue and investigations supervisor, said in a news release.

The owner does not face charges, Grayson County constable Michael Putman said. She was not coherent and the SPCA said it has contacted Adult Protective Services about the woman.

Pottsboro is about 70 miles north of Dallas.

Tiger drowns in UP canal; NTCA to decide action after autopsy
10 years ago

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Published: Mon, 09 Feb 2009

New Delhi, Feb 9 : Uttar Pradesh seems to be losing its rare big cats to a water canal as yet another tiger has died due to drowning.

The incident which came to light yesterday is the second such case within a span of six months. Officials found the body of a male tiger floating in Sharda canal in Maho range at Chuka village in Pilibhit district yesterday.

"The tiger is around five years old and all body parts have been found intact. There is no external injury mark. The body has been sent to Indian Veternary Research Institute at Bareilly for postmortem to ascertain the exact cause of death," a senior official in environment ministry told PTI.

The canal, existing since 1900, claimed several tigers in the past. At least three tigers had died there during 1986-87.

However, the deaths have not gone down well with the National Tiger Conservation Authority officials who feel that such incidents cannot be taken as natural as the striped cats are usually "good swimmers".

"We are waiting for the autopsy report and will accordingly take action in the matter," an NTCA official said.

There are around 100 tigers in UP and the NTCA asked the state to prepare a detailed report to pave way for declaring Pilibhit as a tiger reserve. "Once it is declared as a reserve, steps can be taken to make the canal safe and avoid such incidents," the official said.

tiger blink

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The 18 year old famous blogger "Blondinbella" in Stockholm, Sweden is a constant voice for the wearing of furs and has several furs herself including mink, fox and a seal fur. She actively promotes and defends fur and many people and animal-rights group have tried to have a dialogue with her.
Yesterday she sold some of her used clothes and furs in Stockholm and 2 animal rights activists turned up to give her a skinned mink.
Check out the video at youtube and see her scream in panic when she gets the mink. It did get some good publicity;

its not very long but I think you can get the idea of what these people were trying to tell her

Michael SICK
10 years ago

Paid his debt to Society?? Really?? You dont need a lot of money to start up a dog fighting business and he already has the contacts. I would like to see him living in a boarding house or a shelter. I dont believe that he thinks that what he did is wrong. He got caught.  I think he is too arrogant to not start up where he left off--but he will make sure he doesnt get caught this time. He is a disgusting piece of crap. 

I know how I feel about Vick ....
10 years ago

if you have time, please read this reporters thoughts and of course, comment if you'd like.  I'm not so forgiving when it comes to animals (no matter how much time he spent or lost)

Now battered and broke, Vick deserves to get back in the game

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Thank you Dusty for all the articles.

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Local woman reunites with feline friend
Mountain lion found in Colorado sanctuary

D. Dion

Three and a half years ago, Norwood resident Ruthie McCain fell in love. She was working at the Rocky Mountain Ark, a wildlife refuge and rehabilitation facility on Wilson Mesa, where she took care of a baby mountain lion named Mojo.

McCain formed a special bond with the cat, feeding him chicken necks and letting him crawl on her lap and suckle on her fingers like an infant. She took care of him and the other animals at the refuge for 11 months, but then the facility closed and the animals were sent to various homes or sanctuaries. McCain searched in vain for the cougar she had come to think of as her baby, but could not track him down.

But this January, something special happened: McCain got her Mojo back.

McCain’s friend Becky Bailey was searching online and found a wild cat sanctuary in which she could donate in McCain’s name as a holiday gift. She stumbled on the web site for Serenity Springs, in Calhan, Colo. It was a place where McCain had looked for Mojo years ago, but back then there was no way to distinguish between the 120 feline residents at the facility. Now, however, the web site was revamped with a small dossier for each animal, and Bailey noticed that one of the mountain lions there was named “Mojo.” McCain was thrilled at the discovery.

“I freaked,” says McCain. She went online to look, and as the cougar’s photo made its slow, dial-up-internet appearance on her computer screen, she knew it was Mojo. “As soon as I saw the tips of his ears I knew it was him.”

McCain verified with the Serenity Springs staff that it was indeed the cat she had helped raise, and she immediately went to visit him.

When she approached his cage, he seemed to recognize her, she says. He came up to the fence and sniffed her hair and breath, and then rubbed up against the fence and purred affectionately, and she could feel the ground rumbling beneath her feet.

“I cried a little,” says McCain. “Which is good, because I expected to bawl.”

McCain may not be able to be on the same side of the fence anymore as her feline friend — Mojo weighs 230 pounds now, and if he was even to hurt her accidentally while playing, his caretakers would have to euthanize him — but she was able to “adopt” him. The Serenity Springs Wildlife Center has an adopt-a-pet program where people can contribute to the care of the animals.

McCain now sends $50 each month to foster Mojo, and will visit him every two months.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened,” says McCain. “I still can’t believe it.”
the picture was too large to post but you can see the two of them together here
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I think its great that some of the folks overseas find solace in animals ........and those that get the chance to keep them ....even better.  I know I read somewhere about one who fought to bring his dog home with him (actually several have) ....and a family who fought to bring home the 2 that their son had fostered while overseas (he was killed in action and they wanted the dogs brought here for his memory)  Its sad though when they just leave them behind to fend for themselves......animals sense loss too.......and they understand abandonment.

10 years ago

This is terrible. Did you happen to see on the news that one of the service men (don't remember where) found a puppy on the street and took him in. When he was done with his duties overseas he had him flown over to the states where he was to live with his "family". I just love that he wasn't abandoned.

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NAPLES, Italy — Marcella Falco loves her job. But each morning, she
dreads going to work.

Will this be another morning when she finds a dog chained to the gates
of the animal shelter?

"It just breaks my heart. Every week, we find one dog, two dogs, just
left outside the shelter," Falco said. "Sometimes they are just
running around outside the gate. Sometimes they are chained. What
choice do we have? We give them a home."

In Italy, animal shelters too often become the final home for
thousands of abandoned or stray dogs, including the 550 dogs and
puppies that reside at the privately run Rifugio San Francesco in
Ischitella, a suburb of Naples.

"Adoption? No, not many Italians adopt," Falco said. "Maybe, maybe the
puppies will be adopted. But the adult dogs — they come here to stay
here, to die here."

Some are abandoned by U.S. service members when they leave their duty
stations, although the number of pets left behind by the military is
not available. Most, however, are from the country's rampant stray

full story:
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not sure why that smiley showed itself....but the link works!  Crazy...........

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KANAB, Utah - There are the perky, high-energy sorts like Lucas, all wagging tails and let's-go-play vivaciousness.

There are the runners like Curly, who never saw a fence line or dirt trail they couldn't wear down.

And there are the divas like Georgia, who go on publicity junkets and stay at the Beverly Hilton, wearing rhinestone-studded collars and hot pink tank tops that say "Biscuits are a girl's best friend."

They could be your dog, your neighbor's, even one of those you see in a magazine being doted on by a celebrity owner.

These, though, are Michael Vick's dogs.

Fourteen months after some experts left them for dead — in fact, said they should die — they are alive and thriving at the Best Friends Animal Society in the rocky red hills of Utah, rewriting the book about what pit bulls really are and what they can be.

Most of these dogs will find homes someday. None of their ilk, however, will be welcomed next week at America's best-known dog show, Westminster, at New York's Madison Square Garden. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the country's iconic and most divisive breed, but it isn't on the American Kennel Club's list of accepted breeds. The AKC recognizes a cousin, the American Staffordshire Terrier, instead.

"I don't really have anything to say about pit bulls because we don't deal with them at all," said David Frei, the director of communications at Westminster. "But AmStaffs are great dogs. I make the same blanket statement about them as any breed. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. If someone gets involved with pit bulls and isn't bright enough to be the alpha dog in the relationship, there can be problems." 

W3ckUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aULPQL7PQLanchO7DiUs" rel="nofollow" >

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Almost Heaven KennelsIn a first, citing a provision under the new PA Dog Law, the State Department of Agriculture barred Derbe Eckhart, owner of Almost Heaven Kennels, from selling, buying or breeding dogs. In January, the Dept. of Agriculture denied Eckhart’s kennel license and until a decision in made on Eckhart’s appeal he’s basically out of business. Now if they can just keep him out of business!

In October, a raid on Eckhart’s kennel, inappropriately named, Almost Heaven, hundreds of violations were noted although for some reason the charges involved only 43 dogs, nine cats and a guinea pig. Eckhart and an associate were charged with numerous animal cruelty charges and that case is still continuing.

In January, Investigators from the state Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement executed a search warrant for records to find how who exactly owns the place these days and whether it is complying with the state’s dog welfare laws. Seems the Almost Heaven website, which is now carrying an “Out of Order” graphic, showed some changes.

It’s home page read;

”T.A.S. Kennels has purchased Almost Heaven Kennel and is now operating in the same location. We are new ownership and new management. We are offering services for dogs and cats to the public. Boarding in an airy and friendly setting, designed for the comfort of your companion. Grooming by a professionally trained show groomer, providing the TLC you expect and conforming to breed standards.

”We invite you to come and visit us. Tell us what you’re seeking in a new companion and we’ll show you what we may have and if we don’t have it, we will help you find your new companion. We are here to serve you and our community.”

It listed as the owner one April W. Oddly enough, Eckhart has an assistant named April Welter. Now the problem here is that the Pennsylvania Department of State has no record of a T.A.S. Kennels. There’s no record of the transaction with the township or county.

So, in January, along with denying Eckhart’s license, they also issued a cease-and-desist order against T.A.S. Kennels.

Now Eckhart can’t do anything except for transfer dogs to licensed shelters for adoption. He did pass his Jan. 8 inspection which noted 418 dogs on the property. On Friday, when the order barring Eclhart from doing much of anything was served, wardens did inventory the dogs and although there is no word how many dogs were on the property at that time, wardens will monitor the population during the appeal.

If the appeal of the license denial fails, Eckhart would be allowed to keep no more than 25 dogs — the maximum number of dogs that a person can keep without getting a kennel license.

From my perspective, any sane person would look at Eckhart’s record, dating all the way back to 1988;

This convicted animal abuser’s record goes back at least to 1988 when 45 severely/grossly malnourished and diseased dogs were seized from his Leighton, PA kennel. He was convicted of 32 animal cruelty charges, fined and given a jail sentence.

In 1989, he was suspended from the AKC for 30 years. In April of 1990, he was convicted after 10 puppies died from ‘lack of sustenance.’ In May of 1991 he was fined for operating an unlicensed kennel in Weissport, PA. In June of 1991 he was fined again for operating an unlicensed kennel in Allentown, PA. In April of 1999 Eckhart became the owner of Almost Hoe kennels and was found by the AKC to be using the alias ‘Skip’ Eckhart to register litters.

In 2004, the AKC filed a civil suit against Derbe “Skip” Eckhart and Lorrie Eckhart. They were granted a permanent injunction and damages totaling nearly $9,000. The injunction bars the Eckharts from using the AKC name in connection with their dog breeding operation. Bottom line, they were given a lifetime ban by the AKC.

… then take a look a the photos and video from the October raid, and deny him the license and make sure he can never have another kennel license, ever!

But then again, we all know about animal cruelty and justice. They don’t seem to be partners. Justice is so seldom ever served and the innocents continue to suffer.

The case against Eckhart will continue Feb. 18 in the Lehigh County Courthouse, guess we’ll continue to wait… and hope….

This one is sad as I worked Katrina
10 years ago

Donald Chambers

UPDATED: 11:30 a.m. Donald D. Chambers, 40, of Amherst, was sentenced this morning to a year in prison, fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $62,124 in restitution to the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

Chambers had told the nonprofit group caring for dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina that he would take some of them and find them homes.

He received 28 dogs from the Best Friends Animal Society and $36,720 to care for them until they were adopted.

Chambers didn't spend the money on the dogs, and just three of them landed in homes. Most are dead.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Miraldi sentenced Chambers today for fraud. He pleaded guilty Oct. 24.

"This is about a person who took advantage of a dire situation during Katrina and used money and the animals for his own profit," a Best Friends spokesman said.

Spokesman John Polis said of the 28 dogs given to Chambers, just three were placed in homes. Ten were euthanized at the Lorain County Kennel. One died in a dog fight. One died of untreated heartworms. Three died and were tossed into a trash bin. Six are unaccounted for. Best Friends took back three of them.

Best Friends spent $27,000 on travel and attorneys fees to see that Chambers is punished, Polis said. The restitution order includes that expense.

The relationship between Chambers and Best Friends began when he presented himself as Don the Dog Guy, who had a kennel and training facility in Lorain County. He traveled to Best Friend's sanctuary and spent time with dog trainers there.

"He was very personable, charming and seemed to understand dogs and have training skills," Polis said.

"He was paid $1,000 for each dog he took for training and placement. He claimed to have placed the dogs and sent convincing photos and wrote stories about the dogs for our Web site," Polis said. "Don actually was quite popular with the trainers here and had somewhat of a following on our Web site."

Once the fraud was detected, Best Friends made many visits to Ohio to find out the dogs' fate and meet with police, prosecutors and shelter officials.

When Chambers was given the dogs; "We simply needed to try and place as many dogs from Katrina as possible," Polis said. "The last thing we thought was that someone would try to con us with such an elaborate scheme."

10 years ago
Pierre Grzybowski said this coat may look like it’s trimmed with synthetic “faux” fur, but is actually from an animal. Len Lazarick/ExaminerAdvocates for animals are asking Maryland to prohibit merchants from selling clothing made with animal fur unless a label spells out the species of the animal and the country of origin or else face stiff penalties.

Del. Tom Hucker, D-Montgomery, has again introduced the bill to fine retailers $500 for the first offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense.

At a hearing Thursday in the House Economic Matters Committee, which killed the bill last year, advocates said the bill and its harsh penalties are necessary to protect consumers who want to avoid animal fur because they are allergic or they want to avoid products that abuse animals.

"People really care what happens to animals in the state of Maryland," said Carolyn Kilborn, head of Annapolis for Animals. She said her group, which calls itself "first responders for humane legislation in Maryland," said they want to get animal lovers "involved in the political process to speak for animals."

Kilborn said Hucker's bill "closes a loophole" in a federal law that requires labeling only for coats that cost more than $150. She said the problem principally involves "cheap coats from China."

Pierre Grzybowski, deputy director of the fur-free campaign of the Humane Society of the United States, brought a number of coats to the hearing. They showed that many coats consumers thought were made of synthetic "faux" fur actually came from animals.

"A good percentage of coats sold say nothing about fur," Grzybowski said. Yet "a large part of the population want to avoid fur" because of allergies or for ethical reasons.

"Most garments already say they're made with animal fur," he said, but one out of seven do not.

Grzybowski said, "One of the most abused animals is the raccoon dog," from China, which looks like a raccoon but is sometimes skinned alive for its fur.

Jeffrie Zellmer, a lobbyist for Maryland Retailers Association, said the bill's "got severe penalties for an innocent mistake," over which the local retailer has no control. "There's already a federal law, and they feel it's sufficient" to handle the problem.

The U.S. Humane Society "duped the local humane society into supporting the bill," Zellmer said.

Not good news at all
10 years ago
Colo. lawmakers kill bill regulating puppy mills
DENVER (News) - The House Agriculture Committee killed a bill Wednesday that would have cracked down on puppy mills after opponents said the measure would have been tough to enforce and could hurt legitimate breeding facilities.

Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver, said animals are being abused in some large breeding facilities. Her bill would have prevented dog breeders from keeping more than 50 adult breeding dogs. She said overcrowding was a major factor in many abuse cases.

"There are facilities in Colorado where so many dogs are kept, they are not cleaned, not given proper medical care, not exercised and not well cared for. Those who get dogs from large breeding facilities describe dogs who can't walk because they have been confined in their cages for their entire lives, dogs who are afraid of people and who haven't been socialized, and puppies that are sick and malnourished," she told the committee.

Witnesses told the committee they had rescued a number dogs with severe injuries from large-scale breeding facilities in Colorado, including one dog with an ulcerated eye. more

10 years ago
video here

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- When the Pieters family adopted Jack, a dog once left to die in a dumpster, they hoped he would act as a constant companion to their daughter, Maya.

They never considered that the Terrier mix would also save the little girl's life, on more than one occasion.

Jack's loyalty -- and keen senses -- have proved that one person's trash can truly become another's treasure.

Just ask 8-year-old Maya, who inspired her family's trip to the Humane League of Lancaster County in 2004. When the Pieters saw how seamlessly Maya bonded with Jack, he had nowhere to go but out of the kennel, and into their home.

"Maya was down on her knees and her face as close to the gate as can be and he's licking her and I heard Maya talk more then to him then she had in a whole week," recalled Maya's mother, Michelle Pieters, of their first encounter with the dog.

The connection was exceptional for the young girl, whose condition forces her to struggle with normal oral and social functions.

When Maya was 3-years-old she was diagnosed with congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome, an extremely rare condition that only 100 to 200 people in the world are reported to have.

The disease affects Maya's oral motor functions -- such as speech and swallowing -- and could cause seizures. But it also took a toll on Maya's self esteem. Always left out by other children, Maya became very withdrawn at a young age.

Maya's speech therapist, Donna Buss, suggested the Pieters family get a dog in 2003. She thought it might benefit Maya's socialization skills. Buss says Maya's shyness made their sessions difficult -- at the time, very little progress was being made.

So the Pieters launched a search to adopt the perfect dog. It took one year to find one that Maya felt comfortable with -- but the wait, in the end, was all the more worthwhile.

Though flea infested and dirty, Jack was the miracle for which the Pieters were searching.

Maya bonded with Jack instantly and the connection would prove more significant than Maya or her parents could have ever predicted.

Jack was sleeping in his crate one morning last year, when suddenly, without apparent provocation, he leaped from his bed and darted up the steps to Maya's room. The door was closed, but Jack sensed that Maya was inside -- and that she, for whatever reason, needed help.

The dog began to relentlessly claw and bark at the door, until Maya's family took notice of the dog's frantic state.

Jack, the Pieters realized, knew exactly what he was doing. Maya was found in her room, having her first seizure in her sleep.

Jack's urgent response to Maya's seizure probably saved her life, as the seizure was a new, unprecedented symptom of her condition.

The Pieters took to calling the little shelter dog "Maya's guardian angel."

Since that first episode, Maya has suffered other seizures. Each time, Jack has been able to preemptively sense when Maya is about to have a seizure. He has broken her fall, sat on top of her to help settle her convulsing body, and when she finally wakes up, licks her tears dry.

Jack has helped Maya in other ways as well. Upon adopting the dog, Maya's oral motor functions have improved drastically. Before Jack, Maya did not speak very often and was very sensitive to her face being touched.

Jack has helped Maya overcome these problems with routine face lickings, playtime and simply standing in as Maya's constant companion.

All of these accomplishments led to Jack's nomination for the Humane Society of the United State's "Valor Dog of the Year," an award to honor and celebrate dogs that have performed extraordinary acts of courage.

Jack competed against heroic dogs across the country, and although he didn't win the main prize, he was granted the "People's Choice" award.

Jack may have no idea he is nationally known for his good deeds. All he knows is someone once gave up on him, threw him away like a piece of trash.

And now, he is loved by a family, cherished by a little girl. In return, as much as Maya Pieters gave him a new chance at life, Jack has given her the same gift, as well.

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For those in Hawaii
10 years ago

Pit bull terriers are known as a strong, courageous and loyal breed of
dogs, but Hawaii politicians are finding out the dogs are nothing
compared to their owners.
At the request of a constituent, Senate President Colleen Hanabusa
introduced Senate Bill 79, which if passed into law would make it a
misdemeanor for anyone to own or sell a American pit bull terrier,
American Staffordshire terrier or a Staffordshire bull terrier.

While Hanabusa doesn't like the legislation, she introduced it because a
constituent asked for it to be discussed.

Within days, pit bull owners were meeting on all islands to protest.

On Sunday, more than 1,000 pit bull owners and other dog supporters are
planning a rally at Magic Island. Last weekend, a rally of about 75 was
held in Hilo, and similar events are planned for Maui and Molokai,
according to organizers.

There is no formal organization, but breeders and those who enjoy the
breed say the legislation is discriminatory.

"I teach my children not to judge people by how they look, and the
government would take away your dog because of how it looks," said
Stacie Mahoe, mother of five and owner of nine pit bulls. "How do I
explain that to my children?

"We would be losing members of our family," said Mahoe, who is also a
softball coach at Kapolei High School. "The dogs are part of my family."

Hanabusa (D, Nanakuli-Makua) agrees, saying "the position is well
taken," adding: "I think they have very legitimate arguments. They say
the legislation should not be breed-specific."

Pit bulls have caused two deaths in Hawaii and last month, there were
three reports of pit bulls biting people.

Monty Garcia, a breeder who is helping to organize the rallies, says the
breed is both popular and misunderstood.

"People love them because they are loyal and dedicated. ... We put on an
annual show to show the dog's good side," Garcia said.

Legislators say they have been flooded with e-mails, getting an average
of 150 each.

"It is going to be an issue," said Sen. Fred Hemmings (R,
Waimanalo-Lanikai). "In the last generation, dogs have become part of
the family and taking away part of your family would be a serious

Sen. Will Espero (D, Ewa-Honouliuli-Ewa Beach) said he doubted it was
much of an issue, but added, "For those who love pit bulls, it is a big

Hanabusa said the e-mails coming to her office show that "people are
learning the legislative process."

"For an issue as volatile as this, the e-mails have been very
respectful," she said. "And there is no legislation that gets people
excited as about their dogs."

Pit bull terriers are known as a strong, courageous and loyal breed of
dogs, but Hawaii politicians are finding out the dogs are nothing
compared to their owners.

At the request of a constituent, Senate President Colleen Hanabusa
introduced Senate Bill 79, which if passed into law would make it a
misdemeanor for anyone to own or sell a American pit bull terrier,
American Staffordshire terrier or a Staffordshire bull terrier.

While Hanabusa doesn't like the legislation, she introduced it because a
constituent asked for it to be discussed.

Within days, pit bull owners were meeting on all islands to protest.

On Sunday, more than 1,000 pit bull owners and other dog supporters are
planning a rally at Magic Island. Last weekend, a rally of about 75 was
held in Hilo, and similar events are planned for Maui and Molokai,
according to organizers.

There is no formal organization, but breeders and those who enjoy the
breed say the legislation is discriminatory.

"I teach my children not to judge people by how they look, and the
government would take away your dog because of how it looks," said
Stacie Mahoe, mother of five and owner of nine pit bulls. "How do I
explain that to my children?

"We would be losing members of our family," said Mahoe, who is also a
softball coach at Kapolei High School. "The dogs are part of my family."

Hanabusa (D, Nanakuli-Makua) agrees, saying "the position is well
taken," adding: "I think they have very legitimate arguments. They say
the legislation should not be breed-specific."

Pit bulls have caused two deaths in Hawaii and last month, there were
three reports of pit bulls biting people.

Monty Garcia, a breeder who is helping to organize the rallies, says the
breed is both popular and misunderstood.

"People love them because they are loyal and dedicated. ... We put on an
annual show to show the dog's good side," Garcia said.

Legislators say they have been flooded with e-mails, getting an average
of 150 each.

"It is going to be an issue," said Sen. Fred Hemmings (R,
Waimanalo-Lanikai). "In the last generation, dogs have become part of
the family and taking away part of your family would be a serious

10 years ago

Tiger, hero dogTwo Raleigh families are safe today even though a fire ripped through their townhomes and incinerated everything in it’s path.  A dog is once again the hero of the story.

About 3 am Velma Boyd’s dog, Tiger, started barking and it woke her up. This was unusual for Tiger and Boyd figured out the reason pretty quickly when she smelled smoke. Her neighbor’s home, was on fire. Boyd got her son out then went to alert her neighbor, Patricia Calvin, and help her get her four children out of the house.

Now the most ironic twist to this story is the Tiger had been sick and Boyd had actually called the Humane Society that very day to pick him up and have him euthanized because she couldn’t afford his medical care. No one showed up to pick up Tiger and that was the only reason he was there and alive… and able to alert them about the fire.

The Red Cross is putting these families up in a hotel for now, they have lost everything. But my question is this, what happens to Tiger now? He saved their lives. This story could have run under a headline, “6 Lose Their Lives in Overnight Fire” if Tiger was not there. Maybe not, but you never know, and I am quite sure those families don’t want to find out but what about Tiger? Does this give him a reprieve or now that Boyd really has nothing, will Tiger go back under his death sentence?

Boyd calls it a “blessing in disguise” that the Humane Society didn’t pick up Tiger.  There’s nothing disguised about this, it’s pretty clear and it is a blessing.  I hope she thinks about that and thinks hard.

Y’know, I’m happy these families were saved but also a little angry over this. People are so quick to dump pets. They are quickly disposed at the first sign of problems, financial, health, whatever. Shelters are busting at the seams with people giving up their pets right now. Intellectually I can understand if someone loses their home and has a family and cannot find some place to live that take pets that they may have to surrender their pets but usually there is time to try to find other alternatives. I don’t think people lose their homes overnight without any notice, outside of situations like this one.

Yes, there is a crisis now, all over this country but I am honestly sick of innocents paying the highest price…

video/news story here

10 years ago

Japanese whalers fire water at activists

Activists hurl rancid butter, paint during confrontation in Antarctic
The Associated Press
updated 7:54 a.m. PT, Mon., Feb. 2, 2009

SYDNEY - Japanese whalers blasted water from a cannon at conservationists who hurled bottles of rancid butter and paint during a clash Monday in frigid Antarctic waters, officials said.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society also accused the whalers of throwing hunks of metal and golf balls at its members, lightly injuring two activists in the fracas. Japanese officials said only a water cannon was used.

The group — which routinely harasses the Japanese whaling fleet during its annual hunt in the Antarctic Ocean — sent a helicopter and two inflatable boats toward a Japanese harpoon ship early Monday in heavy seas about 2,000 miles southeast of the Australian state of Tasmania, said Paul Watson, the group's leader.

Japan, which has described the Sea Shepherd protesters as terrorists, plans to harvest up to 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales this season. Under International Whaling Commission rules, the mammals may be killed for research but not for commercial purposes. Opponents say the Japanese research expeditions are simply a cover for commercial whaling, which was banned in 1986.

The whalers opened up on conservationists on one raft with a water cannon, knocking one man off his feet and leaving him with cuts and bruises, Watson told The Associated Press by satellite phone.

Chunk of metal allegedly tossed
Another protester was hit in the face with a large chunk of metal lobbed from a harpoon boat. He was wearing a shield on his helmet, but still suffered bruises, Watson said.

The Japanese also aimed a "military grade" noise weapon that can cause deafness and vomiting at the Sea Shepherd crew, Watson said. Some felt its vibrations but were too far away to be otherwise affected, he said.

Toshinori Uoya, a Fisheries Agency official in charge of whaling, said Sea Shepherd members initiated attacks on the whalers and the Japanese used water cannon in self defense.

"It's so aggravating to hear them making groundless accusations," he said. "We acted only in self defense, to chase them away."

Uoya said activists on two rubber boats hurled bottles containing rancid butter and paint onto the main harpoon vessel, Nisshin Maru, and its two accompanying boats, Yushin Maru and No. 3 Yushin Maru. They also threw ropes in front of the fleet, trying to block their way.

Japan lodges protests
He said the Japanese government lodged a protest with the governments of Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands — where the Sea Shepherd's vessel, Steve Irwin, is registered — and requested their cooperation to prevent violent protests.

Protesters aboard the ship, named after the late Australian conservationist and TV personality Steve Irwin, set off from Australia in early December for the remote and icy Antarctic Ocean, chasing the whaling fleet for about 2,000 miles before stopping two weeks ago in Tasmania to refuel. The group found the whalers again on Sunday and resumed their pursuit.

"I will not allow them to kill a whale while we're here, and they know that," Watson said on Monday. "I'll literally rip their harpoon off their deck if I have to."

remember this story?
10 years ago

Deadly Force

What a SWAT team did to Cheye Calvo's family may seem extreme. But decades into America's war on drugs, it's business as usual.

Look at all the supporters....amazing
10 years ago

German issue and text, I know - but this is a protest recently organized against and commemorating the killing of three dogs and the burning down of a house that was owned by an AR activist here in Germany.
The man, Rainer Gaertner, had been active for animal welfare for over 30 years - and is quoted as saying that he was aware that in that time and with his work he had made himself enemies, but that he would never have expected such a backlash.
3 unknown persons had entered his property one night in September and in his absence and had beaten the 3 dogs Jimmy, Joey and Zorro with metal poles, then locked them into the house and set it ablaze.

Very sad .. but the support of locals and the AR community is strong ..
Interesting article I thought
10 years ago

President Barack Obama has appointed animal advocate Cass Sunstein to head the relatively obscure, yet powerful Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

The regulatory czar, as the position is generally called, is responsible for every regulatory agency in the country, such as the EPA, and will oversee all administration rules.

Sunstein is best known for his balanced views between government regulations and cost-benefit analysisand for his theory of behavioral economics and he is widely considered to be a great choice for the office. However, a new controversy is arising over his views on animal rights and animal welfare.

Sunstein, a vegetarian, co-authored the book Animal Right: Current Debates and New Directions, and has advocated for much stricter regulations of almost every industry that uses animals, including entertainment, clothing, science and agriculture. The Center For Consumer Freedom claims that he will even attempt to outlaw meat-eating and hunting.

What some are criticizing the most is Sunstein’s argument that animals should be entitled to legal representation in court- a bold claim that, if enacted, would drastically change the role that animals hold in this country. Sunstein advocates banning hunting unless it is for food and says that animal suffering needs to be a priority of humans.

But before people worry that Sunstein is going to force everyone in our country to go vegan, it should be noted that his views are rooted in pragmatism, and that animal suffering is his primary concern, not necessarily animal liberation:

If we focus on suffering, as I believe that we should, it is not necessarily impermissible to kill animals and use them for food; but it is entirely impermissible to be indifferent to their interests while they are alive. So too for other animals in farms, even or perhaps especially if they are being used for the benefit of human beings.

While I would be more than happy with a leader in Washington who does openly advocate animal liberation, I understand that on a sensitive issue like this, any progress is a big stride. Maybe Proposition 2 was just the beginning of a new wave of animal welfare concerns? I can only hope.

10 years ago
Cruelty-to-elephants circus case heads to trial

AP National Writer

After more than eight years of legal skirmishing, a trial is scheduled to open Wednesday in a lawsuit filed by animal welfare groups alleging that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus routinely abuses its performing elephants.
The plaintiffs — including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Animal Welfare Institute — allege that trainers' use of sharp tools called bullhooks and the prolonged use of chains on the Asian elephants add up to an egregious violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.
This undated file photo, provided by Born Free USA, is among the images placed in evidence by a coalition of animal welfare groups in their lawsuit against Ringling Bros.' Circus claiming that circus elephants are sometimes chained for days at a time. The coalition requested an injunction Wednesday, May 21, 2008, to halt the practice while battling to bring its long-running lawsuit to trial. (AP Photo/Born Free USA, Bradley Stookey)
They seek an order from U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., halting these practices, which some activists hope would force Ringling Bros. to give up elephants altogether.
The non-jury trial before U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan is expected to last three weeks.
Ringling Bros. and its parent company, Feld Entertainment, have defended themselves aggressively since the suit was filed in 2000, contending their treatment of all circus animals is state-of-the-art.
Circus officials note that government regulations permit use of chains. They say the elephants are chained in place at night to keep them from foraging their companions' food, and during train rides to prevent sudden weight shifts that might derail their freight car.
The plaintiffs have asserted that Ringling Bros.' own train records show the elephants are chained in railroad boxcars for an average of more than 26 straight hours, and often 60 to 70 hours at a time, when the circus travels.
The circus also defends the use of bullhooks, saying the sharp tools have been used for centuries in Asia to control elephants humanely. Activists say the implements — which resemble long fire pokers — often inflict wounds that leave scars.
Michelle Pardo, a lawyer for Feld Entertainment, said the defense will prove that the elephants "are healthy, alert, and thriving."
"Animal special interest groups are distorting the facts by making false allegations about the treatment of Ringling Bros. elephants as part of a long-running crusade to eliminate animals from circuses, zoos and wildlife parks," Pardo said.
In addition to four animal welfare groups, the plaintiffs include Tom Rider, a former Ringling Bros. employee who alleges that he witnessed abuse of the elephants on numerous occasions.
"We look forward to showing at trial how the elephants are routinely hit with bullhooks and continuously chained in the hopes that this case will preclude Ringling Bros. from mistreating these spectacular endangered animals ever again," Rider said.
His testimony will be supplemented by photographs, video footage and internal Ringling Bros. documentation which the plaintiffs say support the allegations of mistreatment.
Much of the wrangling over the past eight years has dealt with access to circus veterinary documents and in-house videos.

10 years ago

WASHINGTON — One of the most iconic images of American life, that of
circus elephants joined trunk-to-tail as they lumber along to delight
"children of all ages," as the old saying goes, is about to be debated
in a courtroom.

Are the beasts docile because they are highly intelligent and respond
well to training, reinforced with the promise of apples, carrots,
water and kindness at day's end? Or do they obey because their spirits
have been broken and they fear getting hit by their trainers?

These are among the questions that will be asked when a lawsuit by a
coalition of animal rights' groups against the Ringling Brothers and
Barnum & Bailey circus and its parent company opens in federal court
here on Wednesday.

In the complaint, the plaintiffs say the circus's Asian elephants
sleep and travel in cramped, filthy quarters and are routinely
prodded, even bloodied, with special clubs or "bull hooks." The idea
that the animals are happy "and allowed to roam free and to socialize"
is an illusion created by the circus and its parent, Feld
Entertainment Inc. of Vienna, Va., the plaintiffs say.

full story:

cruel and not needed IMHO
10 years ago

Cape Codders love their dogs.

Budget meetings and public hearings might draw a handful of attendees,
but if the topic pertains to our canine friends, it can pack a room.

It is therefore no surprise that a little known bill recently
introduced on Beacon Hill seeking to prohibit what some say is an
unnecessary and abusive procedure performed on Bay State pets is
quickly gaining support among Cape Codders.

Democratic state Rep. Lida Harkins of Needham introduced "An Act
Prohibiting Devocalization of Dogs and Cats" earlier this month. The
bill, drafted by the Animal Law Coalition of Ithaca, N.Y., seeks to
limit devocalization, more commonly known as "debarking," a procedure
in which an animal's vocal cords are cut to quiet them. If it passes,
the law would only allow such a procedure if it was deemed medically

State Rep. Sarah Peake, a Democrat from Provincetown who represents
the 4th Barnstable District, said she plans to sign on as a co-sponsor
by the Feb. 4 deadline and will vote to stop this "cruel process."

"I've heard from constituents on this issue asking me to support this
law," said Peake.

full story:

10 years ago

Thursday's sudden closure of the Pennsylvania Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter in Stroud Township presents
both challenges and opportunities for those who must pick up the
pieces. Area animal rescue groups, local and state government, and
concerned citizens have a lot to do to help create a more effective
and humane animal rescue operation for Monroe County.

Alleged abuses by the PSPCA include assertions that owners' civil
rights were violated in the private agency's seizure of animals. The
agency denies the allegations and says those animals were abused by
the owners. Some owners say they treated the animals well, that the
PSPCA itself poorly cared for animals, killed some unnecessarily, and
returned others to owners in worse health than when they arrived at
shelters. The PSPCA also denies these allegations.
Every effort should be made to redirect locally dedicated funds for
animal care to a local group dedicated to carrying on that work.
County and state government have key roles to play in this process,
particularly since public participation opens the door to potential
additional state funding.

The void left by the PSPCA's departure — including threats to public
health and safety — will grow unless officials and activists move

full story:

10 years ago

I am so glad that she was rescued from that torture. I hope that she gets her forever home.  thank you for sharing.

10 years ago

Vermont is among the nation's leaders in animal protection laws
Ask prosecutor Kathryn Smith what kinds of cases are closest to her
heart and she will tell you they are the ones that involve the abuse
of children and animals.


"Because very young children and animals can't speak for themselves,"
said the Rutland County Deputy State's Attorney. "They can't say 'I'm
hungry or thirsty' or 'I haven't had a drink for four days.'"

Smith had a chance to speak for more than 100 animals during an animal
cruelty case settled this week in Rutland District Court. The
resolution of that case, which involved neglect on the part of Suzanne
Hegarty of Hubbardton, said some good things about animal protection
laws and enforcement in Vermont – good things highlighted just six
weeks ago by the nationally recognized Animal Legal Defense Fund that
ranked Vermont among the top 15 states in terms of animal protection

But while the resolution of the Hegarty case was an example of all of
Vermont's animal safeguards working seamlessly together, humane
associations in Vermont say there is a law enforcement training gap
that must be filled if the legal protections are to work the way
they're intended.

full story:
10 years ago

VictorySadly, another abused dog and again it’s a pitbull.  Victory, as she has been named, was found wandering on Stadium Drive in Kansas City, MO, mutilated and bleeding, her ears cruelly cut completely off.

Amy Nash, vice president of the rescue group Missouri Pitbull Rescue, said some people crop pit bulls’ ears to breed them for fighting. But Nash said this doesn’t appear to be a botched crop job. She said this dog was butchered.

“I haven’t seen something quite this bad before,” Nash said. “Somebody had cut off her ears. Just cut them down to nothing. We’ve never seen a dog with literally no ears like that before.”

Even sadder, it’s highly unlikely that the vicious scum that did this to this sweet girl will ever be found and prosecuted. We can only hope that Victory will heal and find a loving family that she so deserves!

news story and video/here

Search and rescue dogs missing/video
10 years ago
In an ironic twist of fate, two dogs that search for missing people are missing themselves and their owner, needless to say, is worried sick.

news story/video here
10 years ago
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