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Help save endangered blue whales!
5 years ago

The world's largest animal is at risk and we need your help to save them. Every year, majestic blue whales are accidentally killed by commercial ships that pass through the whales' feeding ground off the coast of California.

We can give blue whales a fighting chance by changing the route that these ships pass through. But the waters are controlled by the US Navy, who is refusing to open up the area to commercial ships.

Urge the Obama administration to establish a commercial shipping lane in the naval waters off the coast of California before it's too late for these special creatures.

6 years ago

thanks for the info. i just hope that we can end the slaughtering of ALL animals

6 years ago

The debate for and against keeping dolphins and whales in captivity is complex; whilst marine parks claim that they serve an educational and conservation purpose and are protecting the animals from the dangers they face in the wild, the Marine Connection believe that to keep these sentient, wide ranging marine mammals in a captive situation is both unnecessary and cruel. 

Contrary to popular belief not all animals you see in marine parks or in swim with dolphin programmes are born in captivity, many are still captured from the wild. Therefore by simply buying a ticket for a show or swim with programme you could, unintentionally be adding to the misery of these highly sentient marine mammals.

The Marine Connection believes that dolphins and whales do not belong in captivity, please help put an end to this by signing our petition – don’t let them suffer in silence.

For further information about dolphins and whales in captivity click here

6 years ago

Ban trawling & gillnets throughout Maui's dolphin range

Dear Minister

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on the Interim Set Net Measures to manage the risk of Maui's dolphin mortality.

Maui’s dolphins have experienced a dramatic decline and range contraction since the1970s. With more than ninety percent of their kind already lost, they have been reduced to a small, remnant population of some 55 individuals off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island and face imminent extinction.

The observed population crash coincides with the introduction of nylon filament fishing nets in New Zealand. Since then more than 25 years of research, as well as the government’s Draft Threat Management Plan, have identified fishing, specifically with gill and trawl nets, as the main cause of mortality for Maui’s dolphins. It is therefore the prime factor obstructing Maui’s dolphin recovery.

Maui’s dolphins number just 55 individuals older than one year, down from their previous estimate of 111 in 2005. This number equates to less than 20 females capable of reproduction.

The government’s new Maui’s dolphin abundance estimate report suggests an annual population decline of some three percent. This means that even more Maui’s dolphins will have died since the research was carried out in 2010/11.

In their severely depleted state, the sustainable number of dolphin deaths is in the order of one individual every 10 years. However, we know of at least two Maui’s dolphin fatalities in the past six months. As most deaths go unreported and unrecognized, these incidences provide only a glimpse of the true number of fatalities.

Faced with this most precarious situation, I feel strongly that this public consultation itself is the cause of further unnecessary delays. Implementing immediate remedial emergency measures, provided for under the Fisheries Act, would have been a far more fitting course of action.

To protect such a tiny population, it is imperative to act immediately and to remove all avoidable human impacts. Fishing can continue in the area, using selective, sustainable fishing methods that do not endanger dolphins (including fish traps and hook and line methods).

Swift, decisive and uncompromising action is required to prevent any further fatalities amongst the last individuals so they have a chance of returning from the very brink of extinction. Every day the animals are exposed to gill and trawl nets carries a risk we simply can’t afford. If ever there was a time to act, it is now.

I therefore urge you to show the leadership that is required to save this species not only by extending the current protected area to south to Hawera (as proposed in the discussion paper released on 14 March 2012), but to prohibiting trawling and the use of gillnets throughout the animals’ range, including harbours, out to a depth of 100 metres. To facilitate genetic replenishing of Maui’s dolphins, the Tasman and Golden Bays should also be included as part of these restrictions.

The impending extinction of Maui’s dolphins is of global concern. It is also avoidable if your government acts now in line with your obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity's Strategic Plan for 2011-2020. Failure to do so will forever tarnish New Zealand’s reputation as an environmentally responsible nation in the eyes of the world

6 years ago

Thousands of animals and millions of people rely on a healthy and abundant ocean for food and work. Overfishing threatens the day-to-day life for marine animals and coastal communities.

Act Now...

6 years ago

Oil spills in their home force dolphins to break through a dirty oil slick just to take a breath. But there is a clean and safe alternative to oil: wind energy.

Act Now...

6 years ago

“Whale Park” to be opened in 5 years in Taiji

The town of Taiji plans to net off and subdivide about 40,000 m2 of Moriura
y into separate pens to keep Minke whales, pilot whales and dolphins in what
hey call “free range” conditions.

The plan includes allowing members of the public to swim with trained
or wander around the bay in sea kayaks. The town aims at promoting
as a “town traditionally cohabiting with whales and dolphins”. It also
s to establish a scientific research area where researchers stay and study
eding whales in the bay.

Since dolphin hunting was criticized in the Academy awarded movie “The
, foreign anti-whaling groups have focused attention on this area. The Taiji
ayor says that he hopes the whole town will be a natural park and museum
ing on whales with some emphasis on the town's history.
6 years ago

Thanks for the information.

6 years ago

Signed Petitions.
Whales and Dolphins are such beautiful animals.
I just can not understand how people can be so cruel to these wonderful creatures.

6 years ago
Stop U.S. Navy Vessels from Harming Whales


Target: The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Government

Goal: To ban the use of submarines in areas inhabited by whales and in their migratory routes.

It has been proven that the sonar used in military submarines interferes with whales echolocation, this disorients them and can lead to fatal outcomes. Sonar causes hearing damage, internal bleeding and bubbles in whales’ tissue; these are all symptoms similar to a condition divers experience called “the bends.” Scientists believe that the noises cause them to ascend more quickly resulting in decompression sickness. Beaked Whales have the highest nitrogen levels so are most at risk, Sperm Whales are also in grave danger. Even if they aren’t injured directly by these noises the whales rely on sounds and hearing for basic survival so the sonar can disrupt their ability to navigate, mate, find prey and communicate.

In 2008 a decision was made by the Supreme Court that overturned a law banning the use of sonar within 2,200 yards of a marine animal. The Navy argues that the sonar is needed to protect the nation; they also admitted that this could harm 170,000 marine animals. This seems like an extreme measure to take considering the lives of these whales could be spared by simply implementing regulations. The military should not be allowed to use sonar where whales are present, they have the technology to detect when marine mammals are in their surrounding area, there is no reason this is not a feasible solution. Sonar should never be used in a whale’s habitat or migratory routes, except in times of the utmost emergency.

These common-sense regulations could save thousands of magnificent lives. Whales use sound in a similar way that we use light to navigate in our world; the imposing noise and sonar used by military ships must make them feel like they are swimming in a world of darkness. Whales have inhabited our oceans for 50 million years; they are present in mythology and often represent ancient knowledge. They are the spirits of the sea and are associated with power, tranquility, intuition and compassion. Whales are an integral and awe-inspiring part of our universe, they are a gift and we must protect them.

Sign the Petition:



6 years ago

Dear Dusty,

We were upset to find out that some "environmentalists" are promoting a market based approach to whale hunting as a way to "Save the Whales." This is ridiculous and another example of commercial interests exploiting our shared ocean resources, and ignoring the real problem: too many whales are being killed each year.

If the real goal is to reduce the number of whales harvested every year, then enforcing the International Whaling Commission moratorium on whale hunting, including no longer allowing Japan to kill 1,000 whales for the commercial market under the guise of “scientific research,” would be a good start.

Our friends at Greenpeace are doing just that, they just sent out an urgent action asking President Obama to make good on his promise to protect the whales. Take Action with Greenpeace, and ask President Obama to stop the needless killing of whales.


Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

Tell President Obama: Stop the slaughter and make good on your promise to protect whales.

Kids Drawing Whale Picture
© Greenpeace

We need your help to send 50,000 letters to President Obama by Friday.

orange-red take action button

Dear Friend,

The Japanese government wants to kill more whales.

Their whaling fleet is down in the Southern Ocean right now gearing up to kill over 1,000 whales in internationally protected waters. Japan’s senior vice-minister announced that Japan is “determined to continue the [whaling] program until it leads to the resumption of commercial whaling.”

But you can help stop it. Ask President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to protect whales. We need the help of whale protectors like you to send 50,000 letters to President Obama this week.

Tell President Obama: There’s no more time to delay on your word. Stop the brutal slaughter of whales now.

It can take over an hour for a harpooned whale to be dragged until it dies. We can’t let it continue.

Now, in light of Japan’s declaration that it intends to kill even more whales, President Obama must make good on his promise. As the President himself put it, "allowing Japan to continue commercial whaling is unacceptable."

We need the President to act before another whale is killed – and that means he needs to hear from you today. Thanks to your letters, the Obama administration has already taken important steps to save whales this year, standing up against vote-buying in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and imposing diplomatic sanctions on Iceland.

Starting today, the United States must help turn the IWC into a conservation body that protects whales, not whaling. The Administration needs to have bilateral talks with nations who are stalling reforms and work with other conservation-minded nations. It’s time to take a stand.

Please remind President Obama of his promise and ask him to save the whales.

We’ve made remarkable strides to save whales this year, and we’re not going to slide backward now and let Japan resume commercial whaling. We can end this senseless practice once and for all, but we need to stand together and speak up.

Thank you for protecting whales and the planet.

Update: Orca Morgan NOT DOING WELL
6 years ago



From: Mar Slemmer
Subject: Re: Orca Morgan

Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011, 5:27 PM


It's been a while since I've contacted you. Morgan is now living in Loro Parque. The mainstream media say she's doing fine.

The Orca Coalition doesn't agree. This is their latest update:




6 years ago


6 years ago
Dolphins being held in Taiji
need your help N

WDCS has received word from representatives in Taiji that a large pod of bottlenose dolphins are being held for either ransom or imminent slaughter. Normally dolphins that are ruthlessly driven into the Cove are slaughtered immediately, with the exception of some that may be selected for captivity. However this group was held overnight while potential negotiations for their release were under way 


Please call the  

Japanese Embassy 


and ask that they release  

this pod and put an end to the  

dolphin killing in Taiji - forever!


Please contact:

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki

Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC

phone  (202) 238-6700

fax (202) 328-2187 

NEW PETITION - pls sign!
6 years ago





6 years ago

thanks for the info

6 years ago
The International Whaling Commission (IWC) enacted a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986, but Japan, together with Norway and Iceland, have since continued to brutally slaughter whales under the guise of 'scientific research'. More »
6 years ago
Animal rights activists say Japan is using funds from a tsunami recovery fund to subsidise its controversial whaling operations.
6 years ago
  • Nations Agree to Protect Giant Mantas! Published on 25 Nov, 2011 by Save Our Seas Foundation

    Great news for giant mantas (Manta birostris)! Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CM agreed today to list this species under CMS Appendix I & II, obligating member countries to implement…

  • Shark Fin Win! Published on 21 Nov, 2011 by Georgina Wiersma

    Shark Conservation Gets a Boost Brussels, Belgium - 11/21/2011 - The Shark Alliance welcomed the long-awaited proposal today from the European Commission for closing the loopholes in the European Union’s ban on shark finning, the…

  • Mixed Results for Sharks at Atlantic Tuna Commission Meeting Published on 21 Nov, 2011 by Save Our Seas Foundation

    Fishing nations at this year’s International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting have adopted protections for silky sharks, but failed to take action to protect porbeagle sharks and to strengthen the ICCAT…

  • Scientists Applaud Florida’s New Shark Fishing Ban Published on 18 Nov, 2011 by Georgina Wiersma

    New law protects sharks in their vital pupping and feeding grounds The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved a measure to protect tiger sharks and three species of hammerheads from being fished out…

  • TEDs for Turtles in Malaysia! Published on 16 Nov, 2011 by Georgina Wiersma

    Save Our Seas supported project leader Nicolas Pilcher sent us exciting news from Malaysia! One of the major threats to marine turtles in the marine environment is incidental capture, injury, and mortality during fishing operations.…

7 years ago
The Fisheries Ministry told dpa it had asked for additional funds in order to protect whaling ships from attacks by animal rights groups.
7 years ago
Will you help save these belugas?

The last 340 belugas of Cook Inlet are fighting for their lives.

Once you see and hear these musical creatures, we hope you’ll help us rush to their defense. Please watch the 30-second video and take action today.

View our video

Dear Leigh,

I urge you to watch this wonderful footage of the highly social and musical belugas -- because they desperately need our help.

View the video and take action now to save them.

There are only five populations of belugas left in Alaska and the proposed Pebble Mine threatens two of them!

Alaska's Cook Inlet beluga population is down to its very last 340 individuals. But if mining giant Anglo American Corporation gets its way, the white whale's habitat will be invaded by a new port, increased shipping traffic and pollution plus other industrial activity -- all to service the monumentally destructive Pebble Mine.

Meanwhile, Bristol Bay's population of some 1,600 belugas depend for their survival on the bay's world-renowned salmon runs, which could be destroyed by Anglo American's mega-mine and its estimated 10 billion tons of contaminated waste.

Watch the video and then tell Anglo American that you refuse to sacrifice Alaska's beluga whales to the corporate bottom line.

Thanks to your activism and support, we fought for and won endangered species status for Cook Inlet belugas -- also called 'sea canaries' for their incredibly beautiful songs. More recently, the Obama Administration designated 3,000 square miles of Cook Inlet as 'critical habitat' for these endangered whales.

You and I didn't fight to save these last 340 belugas, only to see them wiped out by the Pebble Mine! That's one more big reason we need to stop this mine before it starts.

Please make your voice heard on behalf of belugas. Tell Anglo American to abandon its plans for the Pebble Mine now.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

7 years ago
Our oceans are being decimated by deep-sea trawlers -- leaving vast wastelands behind them. A crucial UN fisheries meeting is happening in 24 hours and it could be the turning point against this senseless destruction, but only if enough of us speak out now. Take action today!
7 years ago
Only 85 Irrawaddy Dolphins Remains!

Written by Administrator

Let us help WWF to light up this problem in Cambodia and Laos!

There are only 85 Irrawaddy dolphins left and leading researchers now conclude that the population is on high risk of dying out altogether.

Please sign this petition and we will spread the news and send your signatures to whoever it concerns around this planet, let’s help our Dolphin friends!

7 years ago
Following the WDCS-led petition to the US government, President Obama has now taken diplomatic steps against Iceland that force it to take a long, hard look at its cruel whaling industry.
7 years ago
Every year during the summer months the Faroese massacre entire pods, or families, of pilot whales as they migrate through adjacent waters.
7 years ago

Update: Petition For Morgan’s Freedom (TAKE ACTION)

(WHALES/TAKE ACTION) NETHERLANDS — After nearly dying and potentially being sold by her rehabilitation center, Morgan the orca is seeing progress toward freedom.

Thanks to support from the Free Morgan Group, the Orca Coalition, and pressure from animal advocates, Morgan has been moved into a larger tank where she has contact with other mammals, and can see freedom on the horizon. Read the full story and sign the petition! — Global Animal



Japan Dolphin Day: Protest The Slaughter In Taiji (TAKE ACTION)

(DOLPHINS/TAKE ACTION) JAPAN — Every year in Taiji thousands of dolphins are trapped in a cove. Some are sold to aquariums to live a life of imprisonment and slavery, but most are slaughtered. This year’s hunt is scheduled to begin September 1st. Protest this event on Sept. 1 by participating in Japan Dolphin Day events or donating to Ric O’Barry’s Save Japan Dolphins team. Find out how you can help save the dolphins here. — Global Animal

7 years ago
No Fin Whales Caught in Iceland This Year
IcelandReview It has been confirmed that no fin whales will be caught in Icelandic waters this year despite a quota for 150 whales having been issued. It was decided in the spring to postpone fin whaling due to the natural catastrophe in Japan, the main market for fin whale m
7 years ago

Signed Leigh,

Thank you for taking action!

7 years ago
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minke whale

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Did You Know?

minke whale meat

Despite a moratorium on commercial whaling and the declaration of virtually the whole of the Southern Ocean as a whale sanctuary, each year over 1,000 whales are killed for the commercial market.

For more information, click here.

Help Put an End to Iceland's Whale Hunt! Dear Activist,

Iceland is continuing to hunt whales, in violation of international law. The US has a unique opportunity to help put a stop to it, but we need your help.

On July 20th, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke certified that Iceland is defying the international ban on commercial whaling. His announcement begins the countdown on a 60-day period during which President Obama must decide whether or not to impose trade sanctions on Iceland.

Please join us, and urge the Presidentto impose tough sanctions and hold Iceland accountable for its killing of endangered whales.

The United States has denounced Icelandic whaling before in 2004 but did not impose sanctions. Since that time, Iceland has increased its whaling activities, despite diplomatic pressure from the US and others.

Iceland continues to kill whales with impunity. In the last five years, Iceland has killed 280 endangered fin whales and more than 200 minke whales.

Ask President Obama to take decisive action. By directly targeting those Icelandic seafood companies linked to the whaling industry, he can put the needed pressure on Iceland to stop its whaling activities and to comply with international law.

The United States must send the message that there is no place in the 21st century for commercial whaling and that it is past time for Iceland to stop. Rest assured that Iceland will not halt its illegal whaling until international pressure forces it to do so.

7 years ago
Norway Kills 500th Whale Of The SeasonFocus On Marine Mammal Protected AreasCourt Rules To Keep Morgan In The Netherlands For NowBBC Wildlife Fund Under ThreatJapanese Report Debates End To Whaling
7 years ago

Done, thanks

7 years ago

It’s time to make Iceland pay a price for killing whales

An important message from Pierce Brosnan

“Please join me in urging President Obama to impose tough trade sanctions on Iceland for its illegal slaughter of whales.”

It’s time to make Iceland pay a price for killing whalesTake action
Pierce Brosnan Dear Leigh,

The time has come for Iceland to pay a steep price for its inhumane and illegal slaughter of whales.

But that may only happen if hundreds of thousands of us speak out now with one powerful voice that cannot be ignored.

Let me explain. The U.S. Commerce Secretary has just formally declared that Iceland is defying the international ban on commercial whaling.

That declaration starts the clock ticking on a 60-day period during which President Obama must decide whether or not to impose trade sanctions on Iceland.

Please join me in urging the President to impose tough sanctions and make Iceland pay a real, measurable price for its mass killing of whales.

Iceland has proven that it will thumb its nose at anything less -- and will go right on slaughtering whales for profit. In 2004, the United States denounced Iceland in the same manner -- but failed to impose sanctions -- and Iceland proceeded to ramp up its awful slaughter.

Since 2006, Iceland has killed 280 endangered fin whales and more than 200 minke whales. In the last two years alone, it has exported millions of dollars worth of whale meat, blubber and oil to Japan, Norway, Latvia and Belarus.

Iceland is not only flouting the ban on whaling, it is depleting whale populations at an alarming rate. It’s practically begging to be sanctioned.

Please ask President Obama to make Iceland pay a price at long last -- for the sake of whale survival. For starters, he could target imports by those Icelandic seafood companies directly tied to the whaling industry.

But do not assume for a second that such presidential action is a sure thing. In fact, the U.S. has never before imposed sanctions on another nation for whaling. That’s why it’s so important that President Obama feel a groundswell of public support if he is to take this next historic step.

Please make your own voice heard inside the

7 years ago

The Steve Irwin is Free, Thanks to Thousands of Donations!

Dear Leigh,

Sea Shepherd supporters rock!

Due to the generosity of our supporters around the world, we have raised over USD$735,000 to save our flagship Steve Irwin—less than two weeks after the launch of our SOS! - Save Our Ship fundraising campaign! Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for us to fund a bond to release the vessel from detainment! Together, we will continue to make a difference. 

As many of you are aware, on July 15, our flagship vessel the Steve Irwin was detained in the Scottish Shetland Islands pending our ability to fund a bond we estimated to be in the amount of USD$1,411,692.87. The detainment was ordered by British courts due to a civil lawsuit brought against us by Maltese fishing company Fish and Fish Ltd. 

The British court set the bond today at £520,000 (approximately USD$846,290). Thankfully, we were able to post the bond earlier today, and the Steve Irwin will soon depart to the Faeroes for Operation Ferocious Isles. The Steve Irwin will join the vessel Brigitte Bardot and her crew, who are already onsite defending pilot whales.

I sincerely thank everyone who donated to help Save Our Ship. Your help enabled us to Free the Steve. However, despite everyone’s best efforts we didn't quite raise the entire amount and had to cut into our already scarce budget to meet the bond amount and Free the Steve. We face the ongoing costs of Operation Ferocious Isles, the transit of our vessels from the northern hemisphere to the southern for Operation Divine Wind, and then the cost of that Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign as well. We are all on the same crew, despite our different roles and varying locations. We all feel that inner drive to protect innocent lives and ecosystems, and I know many of you have given what you can— but please keep your donations coming in. Without your help, we cannot continue this important work.

We are in a war to save our oceans from ourselves, and if we lose, we all lose because if the oceans die, we all die – it’s as simple as that. Thank-you!

For Our Oceans and for the Steve Irwin,

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President

7 years ago


a bit more
7 years ago
A Plead for Help! Morgan the Orca’s Day in Court is 8-3-2011. Will it be Too Late?
August 2, 2011
by The Orca Project
Typically at The Orca Project we don't solicit funding or donations, however, today is a different case.  We are sending out an all points bulletin and plead for donations for  and her legal fees. You can go to their CrowdFundingPage and donate there.   Currently, the legal team and association are shy around €13,00o Euros, or $18,500 US dollars.  We are asking that you donate anything and everything you can to this very time sensitive request.  Her case will be in court, tomorrow, August 3, 2011.   Below we have posted a letter from her attorney and comments straight out of Free Morgan, as well as Ingrid Visser's, of Orca Research Trust, report. <-- Click here.

“A court case is being held tomorrow – Aug 3 – with regards to Morgan the orca currently held in the Netherlands. CITES has granted a permit for this young female to be moved to Loro Parque, Spain. Groups/individuals are trying to stop this transfer. Dr Ingrid Visser/ Terry M. Hardie have written a report on why this whale is a good candidate for release, it can be found at this link.”

7 years ago

Voted. TY 

7 years ago


IMPORTANT: Please vote in this poll:​r/regio/veluwewest/ (on the right and below). Vote on the option: "Morgan moet worden uitgezet in de natuur" (vote & share)


Photobucket Photobucket

Director Martin Foppen Harderwijk Dolphinarium is receiving the drawings of children to plead for Morgan's Freedom!

Orca Morgan’s freedom in court -
August 2, 2011 - The lawsuit filed by the Orca Coalition against the plans of the Dolfinarium to export orca Morgan to Loro Parque in Tenerife, will be in court tomorrow.
The Orca The Coalition is supported b...y international orca scientists and experts. A new scientific report by Dr. Ingrid Visser proves that Morgan is a good candidate to return back in the wild.
Thanks to the legal and biological expertise on board, the Orca Coalition look forward to the lawsuit with confidence.
Well-known experts such as Lenie 't Hart, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ric O'Barry and Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) support the Orca Coalition. It is no longer possible to deny that a commercial theme park like Loro Parque is the worst destination for Morgan.

About a year ago when Morgan was rescued by the Dolfinarium, dozens of international orca scientists and experts offered to help. Scientists with experience in releasing orcas and other dolphins-like mammals, wanted to share their knowledge with the Dolfinarium to get Morgan healthy and back to her family as soon as possible. But instead of accepting this help the Dolfinarium let the judgement about a possible release of Morgan up to seven scientists appointed by them, which includes affiliation to Sea World or no orca expert but a bird expert. An international group of experts released a release plan, which was completely ignored by the Dolfinarium and the responsible Ministry. In addition, DNA, medical data and vocal ID were withheld so that researchers could not look for Morgan's family. The Orca Coalition demands that the release plan is seriously looked at so that Morgan has a chance to return to her family, which by law should also hap pen.

7 years ago

The Dolfinarium has kept Morgan for more than one year in a highly unsuitable tank and has distributed misleading information about her. Now its latest action is to turn a wild orca into an animal of entertainment. Should Morgan end up in Loro Parque, her chance of freedom will vanish. By sending Morgan to Loro Parque, the conclusion of the international orca scientists that rehabilitation and release is the best option for Morgan is completely ignored. The Orca Coalition is incredulous at this latest turn of events, and is appealing to the court to prevent Morgan from being exported. Unfortunately having a good lawyer for Morgan is not free, so we need donation to give Morgan the best chance in court. Will you help us in financing her (Morgan) freedom?

The campaign for the release of orca Morgan is urgently in need of funds to cover legal fees. The coalition of organisations who are fighting Morgan's corner need to raise € 7,000 (~USD $10000) within the next 10 days to finish the court action and regain the young killer whale her freedom. Mark Wijngaarden, orca Morgan's lawyer, believes the Orca Coalition has a strong case, please see his statement below.


In the case of orca Morgan I inform you as follows:

The recently issued export permit for the Dolfinarium is the heart of this case. So far, we have demanded that the Dolfinarium follows the conditions under which the permit to keep orca's for rehabilitation has been issued. We demand rehabilitation. If we do not sue the Ministry seperately for the export permit now, the transfer of Morgan to Tenerife will be legal, and it is likely she will be exported quite soon. After that, Dutch courts have nothing to say about the matter anymore, because Morgan will have left the Netherlands and cannot be rehabilitated here anymore.

I do think we have a strong case right now. We have a lot of expertise spent on the case, legal and biological expertise, and Morgan's legal situation is strong. Both international and European law demand that Morgan can only be exported if there are no options and the lack of options must be scientifically undisputed. With all our expertise brought to court I really do not think that the Ministry can uphold the fact that Morgan's 'need' for captivity is undisputed. So yes, we have a strong case, so far stronger than the Ministry or the Dolfinarium.

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently,

Kind regards,

Marq Wijngaarden
Attorney for the Orca Coalition


What you can do to help?

1) Make a donation:

2) Please also like our facebook page:

3) Share the link and ask others for donations

More information on the website

7 years ago
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