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Dog repeatedly attacked and then shot in Arkansas
5 years ago



Jingles, a border collie, was adopted from a Clarksville, Ark. shelter years ago.

Unfortunately, life post-adoption was far from good for the sweet-natured dog, In fact, Jingles' new family had other dogs who regularly attacked him.

Jingles, being a submissive boy, never defended himself from those dogs and his body today reflects the wounds and scars from the repeated, violent encounters.


Life continued to deteriorate for Jingles when his family committed the ultimate betrayal. After years of allowing their dog to be injured by the other dogs, they decided that he was no longer worth having at all.

Jingles was not dumped on a rural road or turned over to a shelter, instead, someone in the family shot him, with the intent to kill.


Jingles did not die, but his leg was injured badly enough that he will need to have it amputated.

Thankfully, things are about to get better for this down-trodden dog. Jingles is arriving to Rocky Ridge Refuge and he will be treated by All Creatures Veterinary this week.


Following the amputation of his leg, Jingles will return to the rescue sanctuary to recuperate.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Jingles will be loved unconditionally.

Anyone hoping to help with Jingles veterinary expenses can do so by donating directly to the veterinary clinic at this link, or to Rocky Ridge Refuge at this link.

Calendars supporting the rescue organization can also be purchased here.


Follow Jingles' recovery here.


Note: According to Janice Wolf at Rocky Ridge Refuge, it is legal to shoot your own dog in Arkansas. There will be no charges brought against the people who did this to Jingles.

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