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A charlatan or what?
8 years ago
I feel like spitting tacks. It's his attitude that left me suffering for 20 years. Years I will never get back and are gone forever. I wish there was a way to make these noble physicians walk a mile in our shoes. Just a mile, mind you. I'm not cruel.
He's a liar
8 years ago

Perhaps a closer examination of "Endocrinology Today" or whatever could show a bombardment of letters from proper endocrinologists like Prof Jane Franklin of Birmingham University Medical School.  I have managed to get my own doctor to give me all the thyroid tests by refusing to take TSH analysis on its own.  If the blood form doesn't say T3/T4, I make reception check it out with the doctor.  But I live in Birmingham, so I have a natural advantage.  I could get him to refer me to her, but I'm on the right meds at the moment and don't want to rock the boat.