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Introducing ourselves
8 years ago
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Hi, I´m Verónica and I have hypothiroidism since I was a baby. One doctor at the Children´s Hospital in Buenos Aires found out because of my symptoms. I am very grateful to him, although I don´t know his name. I´m looking forward to hear your stories and the discovery of new things.
Hello Veronica
8 years ago

Nice to hear from you.  I have only just seen your post so I apologise for the delay.  It has been ages since anyone posted, and I got out of the habit of looking. 

How do you feel now?  I expect that they will have started  you on a low dose, so it will be several months before you really feel better. My friend became goitrous before anyone but me diagnosed her, and she had had the blood tests months before.  She's fine now, if you don't count the joint pain. 

Keep in touch and bear with us.


How wrong can you be?
8 years ago

Sorry Veronica

Like me, you have been diagnosed a long time.  I don't know what made me think different.  It is a bit annoying that you can't look at the post you are answering until you have posted your reply. 

The main thing people seem to suffer is that doctors are terrified of dosing adequately.  They think that as long as you are just barely within "normal range" that is enough.  The most important phrase we need to use is "If you are dosing me correctly, why do I still feel so lousy/rotten/tired?".

One thing I have become worried about is that Novo (the largest Insulin company) are making Insulin for diabetics in the Genetically Modified form only, and that other drug companies will find a way of doing this for other endocrine adjusters.  We are in the hands of the drug companies who only fight dirty it seems.  Be aware, and ask the questions before it is too late. 

Introducing ourselves
8 years ago

I have the hypothyroidism since I was a baby. My parents told me that a doctor from the Children´s Hospital discovered it from the symptoms. The problems beginned when I had to begin to crawl. My arms weren´t strong enough. Until then I was a complete normal baby. They discovered doing a study that my thyroid was sublingual and not in the place where it´s supposed to be.

I had x-rays taken from my hand, my hips, everything.

At 33 I had a problem with speech that really scarred me. It was stress, now I´m fine. The doctor suggested to make a study of my brain. When I went to the neurologist to give us her opinion, she found my case absolutely interesting because she said that my brain wasn´t hurt by this illness and now I have a proof that my skull is full of brain (just kidding, as the people of U.S.A. used to say). 

Last year I went to the doctor, had test and the dose was perfect for me. She suggested going six months later. I feel that when I decided to change the doctor I am a better patient. The other used to make jokes about my weight, which didn´t make me laugh at all.

Since the exams became part of my life, I don´t faint when I see blood, I found the process very interesting and I look. I learn something new every day, like it has to be taken without anything in the stomach and I couldn´t eat fiber because it´s absorbed in the large intestine.

I´m taking one dose of 200 (I´m not sure of the unit microgram)  of Monpelier or 2 pills of 100 of Glaxo-Welcome. I prefer Glaxo´s Levotiroxine, because it´s easier to swallow without water and it´s has a better taste.

I am a little confused about not eating fibre
8 years ago

Fibre is not absorbed in the large intestine, but are you saying that the thyroxine is only absorbed in the large intestine? 

I am on 175 mcg Levothyroxine, 3 x 50 and 1 x 25.  200 was a bit too strong for me, and subsequent tests have shown the present dose to be right.  I insist on T3/T4 testing as well as TSH.  It just means that they take a little more blood so that they have two samples instead of one. 

It is interesting, but I can't always follow the reasoning.  It is quite like the reasoning over why the less we eat, the fatter we can get.  The body gets used to the nutrition, so makes the most of what it gets.  It seems that we have to eat less and be hungrier while thin people patronise us over their own faster metabolism which feeds on what they give it and begs for more.

I have  always countered jokes about being overweight with the total absence of criticism over the twenty cigarettes a day I used to smoke for 16 years! 

Hello everyone
8 years ago

I am so very sorry, I thought I introduced myself...please forgive me, My name is Robin and I have been on snythroid since the age of 12 and I also have Lupus! They gave me 2 years max to live over 12 years ago because of my severe Lupus, but I am still alive and kicking, I have my days as we all do I am sure...but I hope to give this group a big jump start!   Hugs, Robin


Hello Robin
8 years ago

Good of you to introduce yourself.  I don't see why it should matter when you do it. 

I have looked at the rumpus you have caused in the group since you arrived.  Do carry on.  It's almost alive now! 

I often wondered what it is like to have Lupus.  Not with enough curiosity to want to try it myself you understand!  I'm glad you are still with us.  Whatever dosage you are on, it seems to be working. 

Welcome again or for the first time.

Levothyroxine dosage
8 years ago
I don't understand why Ruth is taking 4 pills of levothyroxine when it is available in a 175mcg tablet. It must cost more to buy 2 different strengths of levothyroxine.
Hello all, just a bit of info for you all to know!
8 years ago

Hello everyone, I just joined, I recently had some major surgery, so I can't see to well, I am in rehab, so when I am all fixed, I will be giving a lot more to this group, hugs, love, and peace....Robin

Introducing ourselves
8 years ago

I hope you´ll get better soon from your surgery.

And I wrote something in the language that can help me to express better my feelings and emotions: spanish: Que te mejores pronto.

8 years ago

I haven't seen any 175 mcg pills in the UK.  In any case, I don't have to pay for them.  This is a condition that has free medication from the NHS.  Probably because it is chronic and permanent for most people. 

I like the flexibility of having different denominations in case my doctor changes my prescription, and I can use up what is left without being landed with out of date medication.  That would be wasteful, especially when other people are helping me pay for them through my National Insurance payments.

Introducing ourselves
8 years ago
Four pills? all at once? I take 2 tablets of 100 mcg in the morning, before breakfast (when I remember ) without anything in my stomach. I learn it recently.
Empty stomach
8 years ago
Absolutely take your levothyroxine on an empty stomach. Several foods and medicines can interefere with the absorption of LT4 (abbreviation for levothroxine).
Introducing ourselves
8 years ago

I talk with a lot of women who have a hypothiroidism and all of them use less mcg than me. Does anybody have to take more than 100 mcg?

8 years ago
You said you take 2 x 100 every morning, then you say does anyone take more than 100mcg?  I have already said that I take 175 mcg.  and I know a few people who take 200 mcg. 
Levothyroxine dosage
8 years ago
Levothyroxine tablets are manufactured up to 300 mcg.  Did you know that dogs on average take more than 400 mcg per day to treat their hypothyroidism ?
A Voice Instead of an Echo
8 years ago
Hi, my name is Jennifer and I battle with Hypothyroidism, am on 75mcgs of Thyroxine daily at present, have been diox with this 2 years nearly now I guess.   So glad to find this group here too.
8 years ago
Hi all!

I just found this group and joined immediately. For 3.5 years I have been diagnosed (not really - they haven’t done any proper testing actually) with depression. The treatment suggested from the start has been... anti-depressants. I have always refused them as I can feel there is absolutely something wrong with my body, not my brain.

After 1.5 years of not doing much at all, my doctor agreed to take blood-samples. Problem is, I’m phobic to sharp objects so that was not possible. I was sent to a shrink instead. After a year of waiting for the shrink to have time for me, I got the diagnose ”phobia with trauma” so I was sent to the next shrink who diagnosed me with PTSD, but she couldn't do anything to help me because the rules for her work prohibited her - even though she claimed she knew what was wrong and what I needed... I still refused the anti-depressants and the shrinks agreed with me as they couldn’t find anything resembling depression as such with me. They did lean toward hypothyroidism, though...

Finally, this summer things changed. I moved to a community with a service for people who have been out of job or ill for long periods. They urgently wanted the blood-samples and succeeded in having the option to put me to sleep to get them. I did that 5th of July with tremendous help from a technique called EFT or tapping.

Before going into the finer print of the blood-testing, I have to mention that I found an alternative treatment called bio resonance last fall and have been going there for about once a month since november ’06. They found ”hypothyroidism” first try, and T3 and T4 deficiencies along with 8 other deficient hormones of the thyroid. Further testing showed that TSH was missing too. And they fixed that. Bio resonance does that, apparently.

Now - yesterday I got hold of the blood-sample results. T3, T4 and TSH is ok, but the anti-TPO is totally off; 367 instead of 0-5.6. After googling it I soon discovered Hashimoto’s disease, and that seems to be the problem. I’m still waiting to see a doctor who has actually analysed the results. The one I got the results from just looked at one of more than 60 results that was ok and said ”that looks ok at least”.

One other thing. Zinc. That has saved me during this time. Without lots of extra zinc (15-60 mg per day depending), I’m a zombie.

I’m about to call the bio resonance clinic to get a new appointment now. After all this I have lost any confidence I had in the official doctors. The only one to have been correct in the diagnose has been the alternative guy.

7 years ago


7 years ago

Thank you Stella.  Just how phobic of sharp implements are you?  Weren't the psychiatrists supposed to treat you for that? 

Depression is a frequent symptom of hypothyroidism.  It is just a normal part of chronic illness. 

We don't get interesting things like Bio-resonance in the UK.  My doctor whinges over me having T3 and T4 tests.  "Your'e the only one who has them" he moans.  Next time, I'll ask "Who does it hurt?"

In the UK, we can get 100 mcg, 50mcg and 25 mcg.  Any dose up to the maximum would fall into these groups.  I just prefer to have the minimum no of variations.  If I took the right number of the wrong denominations, I could be quite ill.  Now I wear 3.5 specs for reading, and don't really want to have to put them on to check, it is no hardship to take 3  x 50 instead of 1 x 100 and 1 x 50. 

Hashimotos is quite a problem.  In addition to the smaller number of people with congenital hypothyroidism, there are now a lot of people falling prey to Hashimotos.  I wish I knew why.  Is it GM foods, or Fluoridated water?  We don't have much GM in the UK, but one or two authorities are adding Fluoride to the water.  Nanny state gone mad.  I just want to know who in the UK has Hashimotos and where they live.  If there was clumping, we could tell. 

7 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm Rachel. I just saw my doctor and she told me the thyroid levels in my blood are high. She showed me the report. For one, it said normal is between 7 and 19, and mine is at 20.7. Another is high too, but a third is low. So she referred me to an endocrinologist. The 20.7 is not VERY high, if 19 is rated as normal.

She said that my levels in Jan of 07 were normal. So, why would it go up so much then? Do you know?

I took a look at some sites about hyperthyroidism. It says mood swings, irritable, stuff like that. The doctor said anxiety, sensitivity to temperature changes. I have some of that, but not the dry skin, etc.

On the other hand I'm tired a lot. I have always needed a lot of sleep.
but that goes with the opposite condition, right?

I wondered if you know of any alternative treatments. What do they do for hyperthyroidism anyway? I usually try to do alternative therapies, but if it is very serious, I can go with the doctors on this one

Wishing you best of health and a fresh breeze of healing confidence.