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Combating Fatigue and Weight
8 years ago

Hello to all!  Has anyone found an effective way to combat the fatigue that is associated with Hypothroidism?  Also, are there any suggestions on how to lose weight effectively?  It seems that even with Thyroid Replacement Therapy, it is almost impossible to lose this dreaded weight.

I welcome any and all responses to these questions!

Jo Ann in Texas

8 years ago

Hi, JoAnn -  I'd say, check your diet first.  I've recently discovered that soy is a "potent thyroid suppressant", and then found it in SO many places I'd never thought about - bread, peanut butter, tuna.  I also read recently that things like broccoli and cabbage are thyroid suppressants!  Who knew??  So, first, check your diet since any suppressants will cause problems with thyroid meds and their efficacy.  There are many threads in the Nature Provides and Healthy Cooking groups that cover this and other thyroid-related topics.  If you aren't a member yet, please check them out. 

The weight is tricky since our thyroids control our metabolism, whic controls our weight.  Unless we can get everything fairly well synchronized, we're kinda stuck with whatever our thyroid decides to do.  Although I've been really bad about it the past few years, I know that regular exercise helps tremendously in regulating metabolism.

8 years ago
There are also deeper things to take into consideration. We are taught to look at our bodies as machines that need a little more grease here and a new filter there, but out thoughts provide the sublte pattern to which our consciousness and physicality adhere. There are different ways to discern if your life patterns and deeper memes help you or hinder you from becoming what you want. If you have unconscious yearnings toward something else than you think you want consciously, you'll sabotage every attempt at getting what you believe you want.

I recently tested myself and found lots of "I'm only safe if I'm fat" thoughts deep inside. One easy way to work this by oneself is EFT, or tapping as it's also called. has easy to understand videos on the how-to.

8 years ago
Stella, you can "tap" and "positive think" all you want.  If thyroid function is off, and left unattended, it can KILL YOU.
Combating Fatigue and weight
8 years ago

Fatigue? weight? I thought it was because I love sweet foods.

I have hypothiroidism since I was a baby. It was natural for me, It´s impossible that I can remember the times when I was normal.

A lot of people believe that I must be fat because of my hypo but I have no great problems until I reach twenties.

8 years ago
I thought we were talking about weight as such in this thread. The question was what may be done if one doesn't lose weight regardless of medication. I merely pointed to a confounding factor that is often neglected.

8 years ago

Certainly being overweight contributes to the fatigue. It also contributes to joint pain and other physical causes to keep us from aerobic exercise.  But there is exercise that you can do sitting that will increase your stamina until you can exercise standing up or in a swimming pool.  It just remains very hard to lose weight.

I am now researching Books written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo about 4 blood types and 4 programs for better health and weight. They are Eat  right for your bllod type; live right for your blood type, cook right for your blood type.  Each blood type life prescription shows how, according to blood type, you should adapt your lifestyle, deal with stress, and put into practice the right stratagies for aging, to achieve emotional balance, maximize your health and overcome disease. There are 4 blood types.

Type O-Emphasize animal proteins, focus on anger management, engage in aerobic exercize to reduce stress; use disiplines outlined in the book to help control Type O impulsive behavior; as you age, vigorous exercose is crucial.

Type A: Emphasize vegetables; concentrate on stress management; engage in yoga or gentle exercise to reduce stress; take naps or frequent naps to stay focused; as you age, a regular sleep cycle is crucial to keep your health in balance.

Type B: Vary your diet;focus on your creative outlets;engage in walking and meditation to reduce stress; use disiplines outlined in the book to avoid emotional overreaction; as you age, mental activities are crucial to retaining memory.

Type AB: Eat smaller more frequent meals; focus on cultivating your natural spiritual tendencies; break up your day with physical activity to feel more energized; use disiplines outlined in the book to avoid feeling of isolation; be aware of your environment; as you age, to avoid susceptibility to bacterial infections.

Some of the books give you lists of metabalism boosting supplements that increase the body's effiency and ability to achieve ideal weight; expanded lists of foods and supplements that increase cardiac efficiency, lower cholestrol, and strengthen the body to fight infections.

I think the big message is to eat within your locality.  You won't be bringing in toxic  or unknown bacteria to your body from thousands of miles away.  I also think the message is to eat organic. And keep the toxins at bay.

It all makes sense when you read it  

Great Advice
8 years ago

I wish to thank you all for your wonderful comments and suggestions.  This has been a life-long battle for me, and I know by hearing from some of you, that is a battle for most people.

Here is a new added twist to the mix...I now have Strep throat and Mono...ain't that a kick in the pants?  No, I have not been kissing not in a up close and personal relationship...only long distance.  I had been taking care of my sister (who was eventually diagnosed with it).  Drs. kept telling her that it was the ADNO Virus...boy were they wrong.

It seems that no matter how sanitary, careful, clean I was around her, I got it anyway.  Am I whining????  Yes!

I feel wretched, and I don't have time in my life for this!  Any great suggestions you have for getting over this as a 47 yr old adult?  Bring them on...I'm ready to try just about anything!

Feel blessed that you guys can't get it through Cyber space huh?  hahaha  Going back to bed now...thanks

I too was virtually congenital
8 years ago

Though as a child, I did not suffer much from overweight, but did have times when I was severely fatigued.  With treatment, at that time natural thyroid extract bought across the counter at the chemist's shop, I was fine.  I often had boundless energy and was very active.  But I did read a lot, hiding in trees and barns to do so. 

As I grew older, it wasn't working and one doctor tried taking me off Thyroid extract altogether and getting me to drink iodine instead.  Fortunately it was only one bottle and my mother said "Wrong! try again". 

One GP when I was away at college switched me from Thyroid extract to Thyroxine without taking any tests, just saying "It's better" and in my innocence allowed the new medication to stand. 

I then spent many years in denial.  I would take the medication haphazardly, when I chose to remember, but was very lazy about renewing prescriptions.  When I was tired and had housework to do, I would lash myself into a rage and do it on adrenalin instead. 

I gave up smoking and my weight ballooned.  But with a sympathetic GP I have regularised my taking of medication, and discovered that my swollen ankles and feet went down to normal.  Now I take our dog for at least a half hour walk every day, my ankles are not swollen and my weight has reduced.  I am no longer tired and have not changed my diet.  I never liked peanuts, but I am told that all other nuts are quite good for me.  I buy a lot of nuts and seeds and mix them up (not walnuts because of the dust) and allow myself a 3 ozs ration several nights a week.  I eat a lot of fruit and raw vegetables. 

I don't know if it helps, but that is what I do, and I am gradually losing weight. 

8 years ago
I am still looking at the Blood type diet. I have found that Blood type O, which I am  tends to have low thyroid even when undectible by tests. The diet, which is a life plan, addresses that as well as diabetes which can be incurred by obesity.  And I am a type @ diabetic. Most of this is caused by an intolerance for Wheat and corn and food made using any of their derivities. This means no bread, no tortillas, no thickening for sauces, gravies, or puddings. Seaweeds, and iodized salt provide the iodine needed by the thyroid along with other veggies and fruits. Only walnuts and pumpkin seeds are highly beneficial for weight loss and well being. The food plan if you embrace it fully is supposed to heal you of most things that are awry in you. You are also told what illnesses your blood type allows you to get easiest and what to do to build up you immune system.   
A week ago
8 years ago
I was visiting my new physician last Friday. For four years I have had the diagnosis depression, something I have always denied. Regardless of what the spouse and I told her about our findings about minerals (I need at least 60 mg of zink every day to function) and the fact that four shrinks who have seen me for at least 50 hours combined the last year, has said that "something is definitely wrong with you, but it sure ain't depression", the physician made her judgement at the same time I entered the room. "You are over-weight. Therefore you have a depression. You must eat anti-depressants and start to exercise." And, of course I need to eat less fat. This info was sent to me in a letter in August, even before my PD had seen me in the flesh and knew the first thing about me, which in this case is that we have a quite strict food regime since one year.

So, what do one do? Follow the intuition! We drove off to the local health store and behold, one of our friends who are very knowledgable in these things workded that day. He had found some info, so we bought Creatine and Lecithin. The tip included Carnitine too, but I'll add that tomorrow when we get hold of the right stuff. And things have started to change big time. OH, I also reversed the doc's tip about fat and ADDED much more to the diet, to get the body to produce more glucagone (that burns fat), instead of carbohydrates that makes the body produce insuline (that retains fat). This combined has made me having the energy to actually DO stuff in the last few days. I don't feel as if I weigh 3 tons anymore, merely 500 kg (I do weigh nearly 100 kg). And the weight which has been at a total stand-still since April after a 10 kg gain this winter has started to decrease!

Apparently these three substances are used by body builders to "get that little extra". It enhances the body's capacity to use its energy stored as ATP (adenosinotriphosphate) to feed the muscles. For people who has been in a stressful situation for an extended time, the loss of minerals and vitamins in the body has stopped vital functions like this one.

One other sign is digestion problems. If you need to add hydrochloride to help your stomach, it may be because of lack of potassium. The body makes a big thing about balancing sodium and potassium, but during stress the body tends to lose potassium. Potassium is vital in the production of stomach acid, so when there is a shortage of potassium the digestion is disturbed.

In my case, we changed the every day salt to a variety that contains lots of potassium chloride, not only sodium chloride. Adding minerals to remineralize the body, and only eating fresh food (no industrialized processed food) without preservatives and additives, AND NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!. As I mentined zink is still vital in doses much larger than "normal". Finally we added the creatine and lecithin. And it works.

I'm not telling you to do exactly like I did. Every body is unique. But I hope that my story might instill some hope in you who need it. I believe that the thyroid reaction is an effect of malnutrition and chemical contamination combined with a genetic pattern to develop symptoms like these. I have been a HYPO-thyroid person for a long time, but the last visit to the bio-resonance therapist the other day, showed that it has gotten a kick in the side and I now came out as HYPER-thyroid with a T4 imbalance.

You may believe malnutrition doesn't occur in rich countries, but many in the west have it, due to the consumption of the industrialized stuff we call food.

8 years ago

If you are still having problems loosing weight while on a diet, get your thyroid levels checked. I've found that it is impossible for me to lose weight if mine are off. And getting them at the optimum level can be tricky. I've been trying for over 5 years and I'm still not at the right dose. Another thing that may help is to take vitamins and minerals. Some will help your thyroid work properly, and(in some cases) reduce or eliminate your need for taking thyroid replacements. There are a lot of thyroid support suppliments out there which can work wonders. Many also include herbs. I just caution you to read up on what you are taking and make an educated choice. Some herbs will help with symptoms associated with thyroid problems, but if they are not correcting the underlying problem, you're not really gaining anything but covering up the underlying thyroid imbalance. I'd suggest going to this website and check to see if perhaps there are other nutritional imbalaces going on. Use it as a guideline, not a diagnosis. I've been not eating and still gaining weight for 20 years, so now I'm horribly vitamin and mineral deficient, along with having adrenal problems. If you are properly medicated, you should be able to lose weight on a diet. I've noticed that on the rare occasion when I am properly medicated, I actually want to diet and have the motivation to do so. Unfortunately for me, I've only had a few windows of a week or two when the planets have been aligned properly. Low thyroid steals your mojo and leaves you feeling like a bump on a log. Today's society makes everyone feel like it is all their fault and that they are just fat and lazy. When you have a thyroid problem, that is not true. Unless you take those little pills every day you will never get better. My sister told her doctor that she always felt like if she ate healthy and excersized she could somehow make herself be healthy. He told her she could never do that because she needed those little pills. Take all advice with a grain of salt. Everyone is different. Just don't go on a low fat diet. My son and a host of other people I know lost their gall bladders that way. Good luck.

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7 years ago

Now I have finished my chemotherapy, I really feel tired.  I go for a longish walk every day, at least 1/2 hour, and sleep a lot.  I am still taking the tablets, but don't feel all that much better.  My doctor is trying to get me to reduce my dosage, but I am resisting.  Meanwhile, I am fast gaining all the fat I lost when I had cancer.  Not of course that I would want the cancer back.  I just have to be patient and get my strength back. 

I am very reluctant to go on a specified diet organisation like Slimming World.  They stop you eating good food and get you on low fat junk food.  I lost 3 stone with them and then gained 4 stone.  I do need to do something more, but haven't got round to it yet.  I felt ravenous last night and ate 6 nectarines.  Better than bread and butter I suppose, but still a bit piggy. 

I really have to revise my breakfast.  I started having cereal with cream on the basis that it was still less fatty than toast and butter, but now I have both.  It has become a habit.  Maybe scrambled egg on toast with lots of pepper and a bit of cheese would defeat the cravings.  I am not going to go on a starvation diet, just moderate what I am having without overdoing the things I like.

Combating Fatigue and Weight
7 years ago

Thank you, my family confused fatigue with laziness (sp?). I have to confess my envy for people who couldn´t stay a minute without activities. I was so happy doing my classes of indoor bike. And I never missed a class since february to june, until I did something stupid and now I have to go to a traumatologist. So, I am walking and I´m trying to do a little exercise with my arms, my neck. I hope I could find a good traumatologist and return to classes sooner than I expect. I´m so sick and tired of having every year something to prevent me from doing exercise. In 2006, chickenpox, in 2007 lumbalgia and now this.

My grandma cooked a chocolate cake and put nuts and chocolate. Sometimes we feel she is  the witch of Hansel and Gretel, who wants my mom and me a little fat.

Today I bought a piece of chocolate for a person who listen me a lot, three alfajores (not very light) and give two to my work.