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7 years ago

Ms. Hickman supplied a new phone number for contacting her 443/618-6183 - email - and the photo of her husband below:


 Nathaniel Hickman
Cyberattack Against Yvonne Hickman and Care2
7 years ago

Yvonne Hickman made a big mistake. She gave me her gMail password on my cyberstalked phone and did not immediately change it as I asked her to do to protect her account. Stalkers listen to every word the Neal family says on our telephone and prevent our outgoing and incoming calls as they deem necessary to curtail our ability to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL and oppose other oppressive conditions that result from corporate greed and government misdeeds in America. Of course we complain about the illegal attacks against our privacy and First Amendment rights. Our complaints create a paper trail to alert other Americans to Lady Liberty's murder by our elected and appointed officials, if nothing else. See OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA FROM MARY NEAL at this link - -  That post in my FreeSpeakBlog ends with another letter that I mailed via First Class U.S. Mail to federal and local justice officials on December 8, 2011, relaying the car tag number of one individual who admitted he was "paid well" to stalk me and numerous IP addresses belonging to individuals who continually break through my computer security to steal data from my hard drive, takeover the administrator's role on my computer to go online with me and interrupt my so-called freedom of press, and send Trojans and viruses to destroy my PCs. See video proof of these offenses which violate federal and state law at my YouTube channel -  Censorship, stalking, terrorism and more crimes are done to interfere or stop AIMI's online advocacy to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL. In fact, I suspect the attack Care2 reports suffering on December 27 is intended to explain why my Care2 friends did not get AIMI's holiday greetings and year-end update. My letters to justice officials were answered by NONE of them thus far. Be reminded that I reside in Georgia where justice officials decided Troy Davis should die for an unproved crime.

On December 30, 2011, all of the emails in Yvonne Hickman's gMail account were stolen. The email account was opened specifically to communicate with people about the information she shared on her five videos uploaded at YouTube called "Blacks Banned from Glynn County, Georgia."  Her mail was presumably deleted to prevent her from communicating with attorneys and human/civil rights orgs or activists who may have written to her. Secondly, the phone number posted at Hickman's video descriptions is for a TracFone she used to limit calls to her home number. But TracFone REFUSES to activate that phone number and said the company will snailmail Hickman another number. Hickman's cyberattack and denial of phone usage seems to be another example of censorship to prevent justice for an American family with a mentally ill member. Hickman's husband is a Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD that rendered him 100% mentally incompetent. He hallucinates that his wife runs over him in her car. Amazingly, Ms. Hickman was arrested twice and banned from Glynn County, Georgia after her husband called police and made the allegations, although he has no injuries and her car had no damage. As a result of this drama that began in December 2009, Ms. Hickman is not allowed to address the pending foreclosure on their home. She feels someone wants the black family moved out of the predominantly white community, which has only one other minority family as far as she knows.  Mr. Hickman is incapable of addressing the foreclosure issue properly. If that is why the mentally challenged vet's police reports resulted in the couple's court-ordered separation and Ms. Hickman being banned, it amounts to housing discrimination.


The Neal family should be able to talk on our phone without stalkers listening and running interference. We should be able to go online without stalkers determining where we can browse, what data we can upload, and which links we can open and access information. Care2 and other online sites where I publish human rights articles should not be attacked to interfere with efforts to get information and records regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and advocacy for 1.25 million other incarcerated mental patients. And citizens who report crimes against them should not be ignored by police and government officials who accept our tax money as wages for investigating and punishing crimes. For these and other reasons, I am suing the USA. See "Mary Neal v. USA" at this link - - It is very sad that citizens must sue the country they love to fight for freedom of speech/press and any semblance of justice after the secret arrest and murder of a mentally ill citizen and to end censorship and terrorism against a family that asks how/why the death happened. You should have the right to call me at 678/531-0262 without stalkers listening to our conversation and running interference if we discuss ways to publicize injustices such as Ms. Hickman discussed with me. But Internet censorship such as I endure may become the norm for everyone in America if the 112th Congress passes pending legislation to put the Internet under the Department of Justice - SOPA. Please object.

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7 years ago

Thanks for your comment, Kaisuorvokk. Yes, it is sad that a black vet's psychosis is being used as an excuse to foreclose his home and move him and his wife out of a predominately white community. That is exactly what is happening. I asked Yvonne Hickman how many black families live in the new community in Glynn County where she and her husband bought a new home. She said only one other black family lives there as far as she knows. Racism is also a type of psychosis. Yvonne and I talked about her being banned and the possibility that they will lose their home because her husband is incompetent to take care of business many times, but it was not until this week that I recognized WHY this is happening to them. Even with all that I endure which no white family ever has, race is still my last consideration when responding to injustice. When will I learn?


7 years ago

Thank you, Mary. How sad.

7 years ago

SEE five (5) YouTube videos by a woman who was arrested and banned from Glynn County, Georgia because her husband, a mentally dysfunctional Vietnam veteran, says she repeatedly runs over him in her car. Could this happen to you, if you take care of a mentally challenged loved one?


Video 1 -  - short url

Video 2 - - short url

Video 3 - - short url


Video 4 - short url

Video 5 -  short url

Mentally Ill Husband Has Wife Arrested and Banned from Glynn County, GA
7 years ago
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Yvonne Hickman arrested and banished from Glynn County, Georgia, because her husband said she keeps running him over with her car - . Mr. Hickman is a disabled Vietnam vet who is 100% mentally incompetent and unemployable, according to the VA and Social Security Administration. He made police reports against his wife based on his hallucinations. Mr. Hickman has no injuries and his wife's car has no damage, yet police arrested Ms. Hickman on this sick vet's word alone, and she was banned from her county.


Description of five (5) videos at YouTube to describe what the Hickmans face:  Yvonne Hickman was arrested and banished from her home in Glynn County, Georgia by Judge Barton, Judge Morgan, and Judge DeVooght. Hickman was forced to leave the county with only the clothes on her back, leaving her home, husband, and business. Yvonne's husband is a disabled Vietnam vet who is declared 100% mentally incompetent and unemployable due to PTSD. Mr. Hickman falsely claimed Yvonne ran him over in her car on December 3, 2009, and again on July 20, 2010. Without any injuries or other evidence, and without trial, Yvonne was arrested on December 3, 2009, and ordered to leave her home and never return. This is reminiscent of events in Forsyth County, GA in 1912 when thousands of blacks were forced to flee for their lives, leaving their homes and personal property behind - Legal inquiries invited (912)577-4373 - email - Ms. Hickman states, "My home is in foreclosure, business is lost, and my husband is sick and needs me. I am extorted of $35 monthly supervision fees by Sentinel Offender Services LLC although I've been convicted of nothing and am denied any trial."

Is it right to arrest and banish a wife from her home and sick spouse because he hallucinates and calls police and reports unsubstantiated allegations against his spouse? What will happen to Mr. Hickman now that his wife is barred from stepping foot in Glynn County? Their home is in foreclosure. Will they lose everything? The drama has been ongoing for two years. With two felonies against her, Ms. Hickman no longer qualifies for the top security clearance work she did for 23 years for the U.S. Government. She says she has been dened a trial on her husband's allegations and an opportunity to clear her name. What will happen?


Can your mentally challenged loved one call police and lie about abuse and have you arrested and banished from your home?



Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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