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Homeless Mentally Ill Man Fatally Beaten - Video
6 years ago
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Cops to Be Tried in Alleged Fatal Beating of Homeless Man Caught on Video - "Manuel Ramos, a police officer from Fullerton, California, has been charged with second degree murder for allegedly beating a mentally-ill homeless person to death last year. His co-worker, Officer Jay Cicinelli, faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force. This video from a surveillance camera shows Kelly Thomas, the victim, pleading for his life while the officers beat him on the street."
Cops to Be Tried in Alleged Fatal Beating of Homeless Man Caught on Video


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Two Fullerton, Calif., police officers will be tried in the death of a mentally ill homeless man whose apparent beating by police was captured on video, a judge ruled today.
Please note news by Phyllis and see that all your friends also note the news about this man's murder. I published an article about it in my MaryLovesJustice blog. Treatment Advocacy Center also published an article about Kelly Thomas' murder. - You can see a photo of Kelly Thomas at the Treatment Advocacy Center Link. The prison profiteers' stalkers would not allow me to copy a photo of Thomas for this post. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is so effective in advocating for acute mental patients that I have four cyberstalkers assigned to go online with me whenever I do. Nevertheless, the work goes on. Acute mental patients have many more voices who recognize how victimized they are now, so curtailing my net freedom is completely ineffective - especially since they continue to be murdered by police like my handicapped brother, Larry Neal, and getting international attention.
Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Kelly Thomas' Mother Awarded $1 million
6 years ago

 ~Cathy Thomas will receive $1 million from the city [Fullerton, CA]. Her son Kelly died after a violent confrontation with six police officers. ... The mother of a mentally ill homeless man who died after he was beaten by Fullerton police has ... At one point, Ramos put on a pair of gloves and told Thomas, "See these fists?"


No amount of monitary award actually "makes one whole" after the wrongful death of a loved one, especially violent death by people who are paid to keep the peace in society and protect people and our property. However, since no one can restore life, we congratulate Fullerton, CA for doing what is right and paying damages to Kelly's family. The murder of my own brother, Larry Neal, continues to be dealt with differently - a cover-up conspiracy that has endured for nearly nine years, with attempts made to censor and persecute his family for refusing to join in the cover-up. When people are killed after arrest rather than in public like Kelly was, those murders are frequently subjected to cover-ups rather than justice. If the six officers had put Kelly in their police car and transported him to jail before beating him to death, would his family have been dealing with an elaborate cover-up today rather than open disclosure and restitution? 


Mary Neal



6 years ago

CoIntelPro, please STOP ARCHIVING MY POSTS when I select "never archive." Do Not CHANGE my settings. I resent the fact that I spent thousands of manhours developing Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill group at Care2, and members report it is hard to post mental health news here and my own posts are archived by YOUR selection and not my own. Prison investors should not moonlight as public officials. The fact that AIMI is effective in advocacy for decriminalizing mental illness should not qualify this group for CENSORSHIP. Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by Fullerton, CA police officers. People know about that, and most people who are interested in mental health or police brutality also saw the video. It is my asseertion that the reason the Kelly Thomas story was archived at AIMI by CoIntelPro is not to hide Kelly Thomas's beating death but to continue the 9-year government cover-up regarding the 18 days of secret arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother. When people browse online for news "Kelly Thomas" online, CoIntelPro wants to ensure that nothing about Larry Neal's murder, which is treated like a national secret, responds. Therefore, AIMI posts about Kelly were archived. See "Exposed: Plea for Free Speech by Mary Neal"   End the censorship and obey the law, ad there will be nothing to hide. All murders matter - not just those in Colorado which the president stated would bring "the full force of the justice system" to bear on the shooter. Police who secretly arrested and killed Larry Neal and USDOJ officials who helped the jail to cover-up the murder need to be brought to justice, also. But if that never happens, at least stop compounding the crimes by censoring Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill group members and Mary Neal, its director.

5 years ago

I watched this video. Such a tragedy for this man. He was so pitiful as the officers beat him. There is absolutely no excuse for any human being to act the way those police officers did. No amount of money will comfort that family's loss. This is such a savage world and the evil perpetrators are only getting away with it because of the apathy of the general population. We all need to step up to the plate and help our brothers and sisters who are helpless in this world. Everyone walks right by homeless, helpless people and avert their eyes like they don't exist. Mary, I know about your dear brother, and I vow to not let his memory and the injustices done fade into obscurity. Any kind of action you take on this site I will support and try to help. Bless you, dear lady.

5 years ago

Thank you, Lydia, and greetings to AIMI members and online guests. I appreciate your promise to help on AIMI petitions, Lydia. I will post one later today for Jeff Benedetti. He is paranoid schizophrenic and is due to be sentenced for a crime that arose out of his mental illness in early April 2013. His mother asked for our help to get Jeff committed to a mental hospital for stabilization and then for his release to an Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program. As an AOT participant, Jeff would be mandated to continue his psychiatric treatment and would be given subsistence assistance, at least until he returns to wholesome living. This would save taxpayers hundreds of thousands (if not milions) of dollars and be fair to Jeff. Read about Jeff at this link:

Schizophrenia in Solitary Confinement: Jeff Beneditti

Jeff A. Benedetti, age 29, with Madeline

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5 years ago

Dear Mary, I read about this man and his family. My heart goes out to them in their fear and sorrow. There is nothing more emotionally devastating than being unable to save your loved one when they are in peril. Unfortunately, I have only a small circle of people who support me in my activism. Attorneys are very hard to find without monetary incentive. It seems justice is for sale in this country, along with the lives of its citizens. This man needs love and support, as well as a caring professional who has his best interests at heart. My prayers are with them. Prison is certainly no place for their son. As soon as you get that petition going, message me. I will ask my friends to sign it, too. Asking many blessings for Jeff and his family, Lydia.


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