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Lawsuits Following Warren Lee Hill Execution

Excerpt from FreeSpeakBlog (one link) - WESLEY SNIPES is currently incarcerated and serving a three-year sentence on allegations that he failed to file a tax return timely. If Snipes were made a cellmate for an untreated, mentally ill killer who beat Wesley to death while he slept, using a thick board of wood with nails driven through it, wouldn't Wesley's lawyers sue the state for GROSS NEGLIGENCE? If that sick killer was then EXECUTED, shouldn't the executed man's family sue for GROSS NEGLIGENCE and CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT? WHY wasn't the mentally challenged man sent to a mental hospital before or after his first murder instead of prison? Why wasn't his mental illness being treated behind bars? Why was security so slack at the prison that he had access to a weapon? Why was a homicidal mentally ill inmate not in a cell alone? Those circumstances transpired in the murder for which Warren Lee Hill faces execution on Monday, July 23, 2012. Thousands of people express outrage because it is illegal to execute the mentally ill according to state and federal law. Georgia executed another mentally ill man in 2010, Rhode. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled such killings unconstitutional, but Texas also kills mentally ill people regularly. Executioners have no regard for pleas for justice and compassion, but money can sometimes change things. Death penalty cases cost taxpayers millions more than when prosecutors seek life sentences. Several states where capital punishment was repealed cited the cost as one deciding factor. Abolitionists plan candlelight vigils for Warren Lee Hill and other death row inmates to protest capital punishment, but more must be done. Lawsuits after executions would make DP cost much more than it already does and deter capital punishment. Hill's cellmate's death clearly resulted from the prison's negligence. Inmates should not be locked in cells with armed homicidal mental patients to be killed in their sleep, and the state should not ignore its own culpability in such murders and execute the sick man. A similar incident occurred in Georgia a couple of years ago when a mentally ill inmate in DeKalb County Jail also killed his cellmate. A former jail guard at Memphis Shelby County Jail (where my disabled brother was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest) told the radio audience of a Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show about a murder that resulted when jail guards released acute mental patients from isolation to watch them have a "dog fight" to the finish . . . Read the entire article at FreeSpeakBlog. The link is

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