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Greetings everyone,

Michael White is a friend of mine who has been experiencing sorrow over the severe medical issues of his daughter and the medical malpractice by the hospital where she is a patient.

He has been denied access to her in an attempt to cover their medical mistakes. He is in need of legal representation and moral support.

Please show support for this man and his family by signing his petition.

Bless you,


I signed Michael White's petition, Lydia. Thanks for posting it. I responded to your post before, but it disappeared. That tells me Michael is likely innocent and the hospital is probably really responsible. I commented at the petition site that an investigation should be done to determine who should be held accountable, and that parties' culpability should not be determined by his/its wealth. Tell Michael that we have sympathy for his daughter and pray that she recouperates fully from whatever harm she suffered.

Mary Neal

Sweet Mary, thank you so much! Bless you.

I read about a case where four Indigenous People were imprisoned for long sentences because they reportedly refused to admit to sex crimes that never happened. The children were reportedly coached to lie on their uncles, and they said so on videos years later. See the videos about the Rouse children at the links below


One man describes the suicidal episode he experienced because of what happened. The YouTube description is below.

I would like to make you aware of the Rouse case 1994 that saw 4 innocent men convicted - in the process, a random group of 11 children from their families was practically abducted, kept at a secret location, in isolation, stripped of their identities, starved, made to work under slave labor conditions on the foster parents' farm, locked out in all weather and prepared to witness against 4 innocent family members.
The first appellate court vacated the convictions and remanded the case for a NEW TRIAL. 
100 F.3d 560, 65 USLW 2398, 45 Fed. R. Evid. Serv. 495.

The men never got that trial, owing to prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. The case demands attention immediately. I believe justice is mandatory. Political wiggling and avoidance should be unacceptable. I wish somebody would step forward and speak out clearly in favor of justice and fundamental fairness. The Indian Wars have allegedly been over for more than a century but we who study history are well aware that they are not... and particularly in South Dakota.

These families need help and all the help they can get as justice has long been overdue for them. It is a shocking story.

Lydia asks, "Please show support for Michael and his family by signing his petition."  

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - Criminal Negligence

Mary, I watched the videos and find it hard to believe that no one has stepped forward to help them. No President? No politician? No lawyer? No actor? How do people justify themselves in allowing something like this to take place? I post petitions about various know I love animals, but children are my passion. I get so many signatures for the animals, but very few for children. We must love BOTH! Human beings on the whole are so very disappointing. Their apathy and hardness of heart is just incredible. I don't know how to help you, or them, or even help myself and my family. But at least I'm trying. I pray to God every day for guidance and assistance in this. These videos just absolutely broke my heart. Without you, I never would have even known about this particular tragedy in these people's lives. I wish we had more people who cared here on Care2, but for having millions of members, there are very few who actually participate. I know that it seems hopeless, but I pray to God to somehow give us the ability to expose these injustices and help ourselves and others. There is power in numbers, but there is even more power in God. There is a favorite quote from the Scriptures that I hold onto when people in power think that they can abuse others and get away with it. It is: Wilt thou yet say before him that slayeth thee, I am God? but thou shalt be a man, and no God, in the hand of him that slayeth thee. Ezeliel 28:9. Thank you for sharing this, Mary. Please share all your ideas and petitions here. I will always help in any way that I can.

Denying family access to children
8 months ago

I signed that petition and am sorry for the long comment.

This is happening to me because my daughter suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury- - TBI is being swept under the rug and underfunded, probably because so many veterans are returning home with mild TBI and they are being seen as "cash cows" for the pharmaceutical industry.

Most experts who understand TBI WARN against overuse of drugs - and especially drugs like benzodiazpines which keep the brain from healing (ie valium, atavan, klonipin, xanax etc) and against antipsychotics that actually damage the brain more and cause more serious illnesses.

If people with TBI - even mild TBI -- concussions - are misdiagnosed with mental illness, then the systems doesn't have to adjust - the drug companies are happy - and if the drugs cause more problems and the victims end up in jail or psyche wards - well that's just another business -- after all - the private prison industry wants its facilities kept full.

So we have a serious societal problem that encompassed many issues ---and taking chldren away from parents who prefer NOT to drug or overdrug them - or start them on psychiatric medications -- are being labeled, challenged, retaliated against, and traumatized themselves so severely they are in need of trauma-informed care and vulnerable to misdiagnosis and mistreatment themselves ---- not to mention loss of job - loss of motivation -- loss of homes and security.

The medical system is a business -- it's goal to make money ahead of all other considerations is destroying children, families and society as a whole, and I can think of nothing more important than to expose all of these case for what they are - -medical malpractice and exploitation --- that egregiously violate the rights of adults, children and parents.

We must never shut up about these cases -- we must expose them whenever and whereever we see or hear about them.

Cindi Fisher at works hard almost every day to expose these atrocities and advocate for the victims. She will listen to your story, any time she is not overwhelmed advocating for her own son.