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Mentally Ill and Homeless
9 years ago
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A National Shame: The Mentally Ill Homeless

by Mike Nichols on October 15, 2008

One of our nation’s greatest shames is the number of homeless people adrift in the streets and parks of our cities.  And of the estimated 744,000 people who are homeless on any given night, 40 to 45 percent of them have a serious mental illness.  Most of these mentally ill people go untreated, and unable to work, live a hand-to-mouth existence out on the streets. 

See the balance of the article at this link:

Iraq celebrated American troop withdrawal this week.  Many soldiers will transition home suffering from PTSD.  Most will adjust back to civilian life without problems, but some ex-military personnel have long-term mental health issues after combat.  Homelessness is a likely outcome eventually for Americans who suffer from untreated mental problems. 

Assisted Outpatient Treatment programs have  better than 85% success rate in eliminating homelessness, prison, and incarceration for acute mental patients who are placed under Larua's Law or Kendra's Law.  Ex-offenders and released mental hospital patients who become AOT program participants are given subsistence assistance and mandated treatment.  The documented success rate for AOT programs shows there is a need for them to be used acrossed the country to help acute mental patients be restored to wholesome living and promote community safety. 

It has never been more important to make community mental health services fully available than now when our troops are being withdrawn from combat zones.

Welcome home to all American soldiers!  Whether or not we believed in the war, we thank you for your willingness to serve. 

The military has help available for veterans who have problems adjusting after combat duty, and some are exclusively for those who were in the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Please avail yourselves of the services offered if you need them.  Do not let the stigma attached to mental health problems keep you from regaining your balance.  AIMI members and many others have worked hard to ensure that the stigma has lost much of its power. 

Have a very happy Independence Day!

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9 years ago

Independence Day is a time to think of our military personnel and their families.  Wishing safe passage to all the soldiers transitioning back from Iraq soon.  Remember, if you need help adjusting back to civilian life, reach out!  Don't let the stigma keep you from getting assistance if needed.  Welcome home.

9 years ago

Thanks, Janice, for adding these terrific graphics to welcome home our military personnel who are leaving Iraq and for all veterans and active duty servicepersons. 

I hope that Independence Day weekend was fun for AIMI members who celebrated the holiday and that you arrive to Monday morning safely and feeling refreshed.

8 years ago

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