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Welcome, Lydia! Hello, AIMI and online guests!

Happy Earth Day! "It's a wonderful world!" ~Louis Armstrong


Thanks for all you do for suffering humanity.  



Hey, everybody!


My name is Lydia and I am a new member. I am SO involved in the importance of Constitutional and Civil Rights in this country!


I fight the good fight for the protection of wards of the state, the disabled, the elderly, and the mentally ill.


I look forward to lively discussions and learning ways that I can help. Thank you for welcoming me .

Happy Holidays to AIMI and online guests. We endeavor to bridge the gap back to wholesome lives for imprisoned mental patients. Thanks for joining us in giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL. You are the lights! Blessings from Mary Neal!


Christmas Bridge



Hey, Carol and all AIMI members and online guests. What lovely fall weather we have in Atlanta!  I enjoy spending time with the young people at Occupy Atlanta in Troy Davis Park (formerly Woodruff Park, renamed by Occupy Atlanta protesters).  It is exciting that so many people across the nation and throughout the world unite for justice. I urge AIMI members to use every opportunity to inform people about America's 1.25 million mentally challenged inmates.  These are people who need hospitalization or outpatient treatment and subsistence assistance, depending on their offenses and functionality.  No one should be punished for having a common, treatable health condition.  We must bridge the gap back to wholesome living for our mentally challenged.  Carol, thanks for stopping by.  Please give us another update on your son's progress soon.

  • Hi to everyone and Mary,how are you? xxxx

    Hi, Connie.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are enjoying late summer 2011.


    Hello to everybody from Connie at!

    Hi dear Mary,

    Glad to see you are still out there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just became a member and drop by to say hi.



    heloo angel
    Hello graphics comment


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    Happy Valentine's Day 2011!


    Hello, AIMI members and online guests! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!  We commit to making "liberty and justice for ALL" a reality for mentally challenged people and their families.

    U.S.A. Flag Collage


    Happy HUMP Day again to everyone.

    Hope you have a great day and wonderful week.

    Take Care


    Hello to AIMI members and online guests!  Thanks for stopping by and showing support for the incarcerated mentally ill.  Visit my blog at and follow me at Twitter, where I am KoffieTime -





    Happy HUMP Day to everyone.

    Enjoy and take care also

    Hugs Deb


    Another week ahead for all of us, Hope your will be good and kind to you all.

    Hugs Deb


    Morning all,

    Just dropping by to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

    Great news Mary wit the magazine too. Condrads to you and sending you my blessings.

    Hugs Deb



    Morning All

    Dropping in to see if the pot of gold is here. lol

    Hope you have a great day and Happy Hump Day too.

    Mary you have done so well and thank you for having the courage to go to court. You are a wonderful person.

    Hugs Deb

    Hello AIMI members and online guests!  Just back from Georgia Superior Court where I stood for a couple of hours with the "WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL" sign that says "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD" on the reverse side.  Met lots of people.  Mostly, I wanted to show that the government and Cointelpro law firms accomplish nothing by sending viruses to my computers and deleting my online work.  The word is still going forward.  This way I reach many people who would not otherwise know that 1.25 million mental patients are imprisoned to enrich prison investors and that Cointelpro law firms are used to spy on certain citizens, protect prison interests, and save police departments from paying damages when handicapped people and minority citizens are murdered by police.  Visit my YouTube channel for videos showing Cointelpro-like interference to prohibit our message.  Just go to YouTube and put these letters in the browser there - jkempp703 or use this link -  - I will add some more videos of Cointelpro-like cybercensorship.  I have hundreds, unfortunately.  Freedom of press is withheld on prison profiteering issues, just as the right to life is sometimes withheld from mental patients.  Mentally challenged people have good friends at AIMI.  Please continue to tell people about H.R.619 - the congressional bill by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) to resume Medicaid for inpatient treatment. 




    Dropping in to say a Good Mrning to all.

    Have a great day and enjoy the week too.

    Hugs Deb

    Got me  and some nice warm raisen toast too. Its very early here in Aussie Land at the moment. 2.00am now.

    Hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend also.

    Hugs Deb


    Morning All

    Hope you have a wonderful day today.

    Hugs Deb



    Oh Mary Ill come over there and walk on the beach besides you. We are getting our winter in in Aussie land. So glad its a little warmer today, at least have toh sun out today anyway. Hope everyone is well and ood.

    Going back to bed now sort out my dizzy spells.

    Hugs Deb

    Hello friends and guests!  Hope you are enjoying spring and WALKING ON SUNSHINE!




    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

    Cold and cloudy here today and im freezing my butt off too. No sunshine yet. lol

    Take Care and have a wonderful week and day.

    Hugs Deb


    Just popping by to say enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs to all


    Dropping by to say Hello

    Have a great weekend

    Hugs Deb

    Hello, AIMI members and online guests!  What lovely spring weather!  Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter was in Atlanta today to celebrate the opening of a new mental health center on historic Auburn Avenue.  I missed her speech but enjoyed a tour of the new facility that will assist patients experiencing chronic mental health and substance abuse issues. 


    Ms. Carter has worked to improve conditions for the mentally ill for over 35 years.  FOX reports, "In her new book, Within Our Reach: Ending the Mental Health Crisis, with Susan K. Golant and Kathryn E. Cade, Mrs. Carter shares insights she gained during her 35 years of work in the field and issues a call to action for creating greater equity for mental illnesses in our health care system.  See Ms. Carter in a FOX interview:




    Hello, AIMI members and online guests!  Hope you are having a beautiful spring week.  I have limited computer time since my home PC was destroyed after announcing that True Voice magazine is carrying Wrongful Death of Larry Neal as a featured story in its Spring 2010 issue.  However, I tweet when I can at  Follow me there, and I will follow you back!  Thanks for your interest and help in decriminalizing mental illness!  Support congressional bill H.R. 619 to resume Medicaid for mental hospital insurance to save sick people from imprisonment.

    Happy Thursday to everyone.

    Have a great day, its sunny here today which is wonderful.

    Hugs to All



    Popping in to say Hello everyone.

    Mary i love that song its great.

    Have a great evening to you and all, take care and stay safe.

    Love and Best Wishes to All




    As the going down of the sun

    We Will Remember Them.

    Anzac Day wishing everyone a great week ahead.

    Hugs to All


    HELLO, AIMI and ONLINE GUESTS!   It's raining in Georgia - gloomy.  Here's a sunny pick-me-up for everyone who needs one.  Listen to "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

    For Christians who stop by this strand, here's more assurance:
    "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" Mahalia Jackson sings!

    NOTE:  Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is not a Christian group, although I am a Christian.  This is a human/civil rights organization that conducts a Human Rights for Prisoners March daily, asking that mental illness be decriminalized and that all prisoners, whether in domestic or offshore prisons, be treated fairly.  All members are free to post music, poems, or quotes that are religious (no matter what religion) or secular - as long as they convey a philosophy of inclusion, peace, and respect for all mankind!  We look forward to reading your viewpoints and other contributions to the quest for justice.

    Wishing AiMI members and online guests a pleasant morning.  I'm excited to work with you as we build a bridge together to facilitate safe passage for 1.25 million incarcerated mentally ill people to return to wholesome living by decrimilizing mental illness! 


    bridge photo

    Dropping by to say Hello and Good evening and morning to many also.

    Have a great day and stay safe.



    Afternoon from Aussie land

    Hope you have a great day today

    Hugs to All


    sping is just starting in irelandVisit
    Glitter Comments


    Evening Everybody

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    Winter is on the way for us in Aussie land, it sure is gettin cooler at nights and early in the mornings.

    Had rain all weekend & next week also, so will have to wait and see what happens.

    Hope all is dong the best as can.

    Love and Hugs


    A cheerful hello to all my online friends, AIMI members, and guests!  Hope your spring is filled with warm days and hearts, lots of laughter, and so many smiles you have to give them away!  Here 's one from me to YOU - 


    Holiday greetings to AIMI members and online guests.  Hello, C.C.!  Thanks for posting the lovely holiday graphic and for your update.  We wish you well regarding your quest for disability benefits and hope that you have a merry time with your family during your winter vacation. 

    AIMI members who pray are asked to remember the incarcerated mentally ill in your religious services, and ask your fellow worshipers to also be cognizant of 1.25 million sick people who are deprived of the opportunity to be with their loved ones either in their communities or in leisurely visits in hospitals where their family members could embrace them and share the warmth of love and acceptance. Most of us are blessed to be able to gather during the holidays with people we care about without glass separations and hearing their voices only through a phone. 

    Contact visits are rare in correctional facilities, and plans are underway in some prisons to offer only brief visits via videocam.  One AIMI member drives four hours each way to talk with her son who has mental health issues during a 15-minute visit.  Despite the drive, she feels blessed to see him.  People in solitary confinement like 60% of the incarcerated mentally ill are not usually allowed visitors at all - sometimes for years.  These are issues to pray about that remind us to count our blessings this season instead of dwelling on what will be a leaner Christmas for many people. 

    Sometimes social occasions give AIMI members an excellent opportunity to inform others about your advocacy.  When you are asked what you have been up to since your last visit, please mention that you have been giving ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.  Nothing that AIMI accomplishes could be possible without your participation, and it helps when others are made aware of the issues we address in this group.  Many families and I thank you for CARING so much!

    Please remember that my articles are posted mostly at and at my Care2 Sharebook - There are numerous positive things happening regarding prison reform, and you share credit for positive CHANGE!

    Holiday GreetingBe happy, safe, and blessed!

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    Dear Friends

    I hope you are all enjoying the blessings of the season. I wish Peace to all of you.

    After 6 1/2 years of waiting, I finally had my Disability Hearing this morning. I am so glad to have it out of the way. my attorney said we did well. Thank You to all of you for your friendship and support, especially through this time for me.

    I will now have a little more time here at Care2 until I go offline on the 29th. I will consider connecting my computer at my sisters if I can find the proper space.

    Wishing you all a peaceful evening...

    thankyou1.jpg Thank You picture by CCschenk09

    I hope all enjoy the 'spirit' of the season, no matter which religion you are


    Peace & Prayers, C.C.


    Hello AIMI visitors and online guests!  To those of you who celebrate the Holidays, I hope you enjoy shopping and getting together with your friends, co-workers, and family over the coming weeks.  Have fun, stay safe, and avoid stress.  This is a very special time of year for many people.  Enjoy!

    As you write to friends and relatives, please invite them to visit us at AIMI and help in our efforts to decriminalize mental illness in America.  Remember all the families who will not get to share the Holidays with their sick loved ones except for a 15-minute visit through glass.  Those who are in "the hole" (solitary confinement) may have no visitors at all.  Thanks for helping to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.

    I have limited opportunity to input data online presently, but I see your comments and thank you for your continued active involvement!




    Wishing you all a blessed day...


    Hi Mary & AIMI members...

    I hope each of you has a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Mary... I was wondering if after the holiday, it would be alright for me to call you? I have tried to handle the situation with my disabled son all by myself, but I am feeling exteremly dsicouraged at this point. I suppose I am too close to the situation/case to be as effective as I wish to be all on my own.

    ~love & light~


    Hi Everyone ~

    I am happy to say that I will be able to stay online for a while longer. I look forward to 'spending the Holidays' with yall'.


    We had a Community Thanksgiving in my old neighborhood yesterday and it was just lovely...I ate so much food I thought I'd *burst*. It was also my son's 16th Birthday and my godson's 20th Birthday. it was a fun day!


    I have lots to do today, but will stop back and try to catch up here as soon as I can


    Peace & Prayers, C.C.

    givethanksfriends.gif picture by katndave11

    Oh C.C. what sad news for you. Hope all goes well with you while you have a break.

    Love and Hugs


    Sorry havent been here for awhile Mary. Not been having good days and today is the worse. Im going back to bed as soon as i do this.

    Hope you are well Mary and everyone else.

    Hugs to All

    Dear Friends ~

    Due to financial reasons, I will be offline until December 4th.

    I am very saddened by this, but I will be back as soon as possible.

    I would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. though things are really tight right now, I have much to be thankful for, including my special Care2 friends!'I will miss you all and look forward to my return.

    Please hold all messaging beginning this coming Saturday...I will change my profile to 'GONE' before I go offline.

    BrendaG.gif peace picture by CCschenk09

    Hello, AIMI members and online guests!  Thank you, CC, for the warm birthday greeting.  I sincerely appreicate your lovely flower.  It is beautiful.  Many of my friends sent me cards, and some visited my new blog and articles at HubPages.  It is always good to be among friends. 

    Thanks for the birthday greeting, Phyllis!  It meant so much to me.  Bless you and all my Care2 friends.  I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.  You are my rocks.  Thanks for all you do to support the effort to decriminalize mental illness.  You have become rocks for many sick people behind bars and their families, also.  You will be richly blessed.

    As a birthday gift, I am asking that all my friends visit my new site for articles and my blog.  My latest HubPages has great news about progress that happened in justice quests:  whereas in my blog, I report troubling news that helps us focus our collective attention on the need for positive CHANGE:


    As you will recall, I was suspended from NowPublic in July after my series against enforced H1N1 vaccines, although that was not said to be the reason.  However, I believe God moved me from NowPublic because it was time to go, and the sites where I now write are monetized, meaning that my mom and I can possibly derive income by having a large readership.  This is important for us, since it is apparently dangerous for us to leave home after my being followed repeatedly and accosted several times last summer (see Cochran Firm Fraud videos 1 and 2 on YouTube).  Besides helping us by visiting my blog and articles at HubPages, you will access valuable information useful to you and others. 

    Thanks again, and many blessings!


    Comments by

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    Hello, Maggie!  Greetings AIMI and online guests!  Maggie, thanks for sharing the links to your writing.  I'll check it out.  Shout-out to everyone.  I hope you have a great Saturday!

    Hi, everybody! So sorry I hadn't checked in here in a while!

    I've been getting some writing done for my sites (Mayv's Musings and Mayv's Fanfic) as well as signing petitions, posting at twitter, and blogging.

    But I'm catching up on the groups now.

    Happy belated Mabon if you're in the northern hemisphere! Happy Ostara if you're in the southern hemisphere!

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    Sending a shout-out to all AIMI members and online guests!  Have a terrific day.  A couple of days ago was Peace Day.  We should seek to get along with others and also seek to maintain inner peace every day.  Remember this Serenity Prayer?  At some point an anonymous author added a section:

    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world As it is,
    not as I would have it;

    Trusting that He will make all things right
    If I surrender to His Will;
    So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
    And supremely happy with Him Forever and ever in the next.
    Read more about this prayer - it has a story all its own.


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    Thanks for Checking In! ~

    Hello, C.C.  Glad to know that you are getting settled into your new home.  How is school?  We hope all is well with William and that you are feeling better - over your cold.  The picture you posted is truly beautiful, and you are so right.  Nature is wonderous, and it is relaxing just to find a quiet spot and enjoy it.  You are blessed to live near water.  That is my favorite place to enjoy the beauty of nature - near the ocean.

    Dear Friends ~


    I am slowly returning online as I get settled from my move. I spent the summer on the beach and am now preparing to spend a beautiful Autumn Season here in the country. I look forward to the changing of the leaves and a crisp walk among the beauty of nature.


    No matter what is going on in your life right now, always take time to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature...


    Thinking of you all...


    oie_Georgia_O_Keeffe_Autumn_Leaves_.jpg Autumn picture by CCschenk09

    May you have a fantastic day wherein you feel healthy and enjoy much success.  And most of all, as Natalie Cole sings, let there be LOVE!

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    A CHEERFUL GOOD MORNING TO YOU!  May all your righteous efforts today be met with success.  TGIF!

    "Hi Everyone!" by meg price

    SIGN IN TO SAY HI (Second Strand)

    Music for YOU, AIMI members and visitors - You Are So Wonderful to Me!

    Thanks for everything you do to improve the lives of others who are less fortunate.  Make some happy memories as summer winds down.  Enjoy, relax, appreciate. 

                          HAVE FUN!  IT'S SUMMER!





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