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Jesus Christ in Solitary

Hello, AIMI and visitors. Here's a belated Christmas greeting for you and all HR activists I posted at my HubPages: Jesus Christ's Christmas in Solitary. Please visit the link below for the full Christmas post.  Thanks.


At Christmastime it seems so cold
to lock sick people in the hole
Mental illness is their crime
Over a million doing hard time


We sing carols about Emanuel
and His blessed Mother Mary
But Jesus' left the manger now
He's locked in solitary


"Whatever you do to the least of these,
you do also to me"
Christ shivers in His lonely cell
Every sick prisoner is He


What will we do to rescue our Lord
and save Him from His plight?
God gave His Son to restore us all
Let's treat His brethren right


by Mary Neal - all rights reserved


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Cyberdogs made my "Advocacy to Decriminalize MI More Dangerous than Wikileaks" post twice to move this poem "JESUS CHRIST IN SOLITARY" down on AIMI's list of posts today.  They know that America is full of people who want to be like Jesus in their hearts. Whether or not one acknowledges Jesus as the Son of God, it is undoubtable that He was a humanitarian and great human rights advocate.  Atheists, agnostics, and people of all religions recognize the inhumanity of relegating acute mental patients to prison dungeons.  Many people decry the injustice of denying health care to prisoners with chronic diseases, also.  Kudos to Mississippi for releasing the Scott sisters, two African American women who were imprisoned for 16 years, accused of participating in an $11 robbery.  Mississippi taxpayers were released from the financial bondage intended by the injustice system which issued the Scott sisters life sentences - one of whom would have died due to kidney failure, denied a kidney transplant.  Thanks to all members and friends of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill who protested this injustice when I wrote about the Scott sisters' plight in my censored Sharebook and blog -

"Jamie Scott Dying in a Mississippi Prison - Inadequate Health Care for Kidney Failure"


American jails and prisons are filled with sick and dying inmates.  In fact, 1.25 million of the 2.3 million prisoners are mentally ill.  Most of them were arrested for offenses related to their mental disability, and some were arrested on lunacy warrants unconnected to any crime whatsoever.  Americans support this atrocity by buying prison stock (check your IRA and investment portfolios) and by remaining silent while our relatives, friends, and neighbors are thusly treated.  Mainstream media and prison investors are determined that the American people will not learn about the cost-effective alternatives to jailing millions of mentally challenged people.  H.R. 619 was a federal bill introduced in Congress in January 2009 to resume Medicaid for psychiatric hospitalization, an issue that affects millions of families.  Yet, the bill received ZERO mainstream media coverage, mainly because our representatives did not want to go on record as voting against it; many of them are prison profiteers.  Now the bill for mental hospital insurance for indigent and middle class people in crisis or in need of long-term care must be reintroduced before the 112th Congress.  Pray about that and contact your congressional reps today at  - Learn more about COMPASSIONATE RELEASE at this link:  "Prison Biz News: Compassionate Release v. Prison Hospitals" -

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