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12 years ago
Sounds good to me,Tommy!
12 years ago
* The other night this page called itself up- It got a bunch of really cool stuff- so I went to one of the links and found this: Every one of those pink words is a link and it takes you to a page that explains the whole deal. Oh Rose- I looked thru the page last night you left link for- Nebiruan.. A lot of points they made were pretty good on there. I think I went down the list- and found I pretty much was dealing with everything they said. I'm pretty sure I don't know this planet too well. I am always getting lost. On the mom and dad thing-- it could be either to be honest with you- and they don't seem to be the same breeds either. Mom has alot of knowledge-- books- she will watch transits- Dad has natural knowledge- not from books-- different type of energy and he watches the sky as well- and I have both- and look like both. SO I don't know- but then again- who knows considering where I was born. All 3 are bonded to animals- all 3 are loners. So yes-- I'm getting the picture you guys. Still trouble trying to figure the dreams- I know I have to write them out- but I have been working on them in my head- and they seem - well- after all of this- I'm getting a way different picture than i had the first time around. I will write them out soon. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH >^:^< W~
Mari and Wilderness
12 years ago
to you both for the great links! These will keep me busy for awhile!
Starseed link
12 years ago

This is another good link about Starseeds that I found.

12 years ago
The more you read and talk to other "starseeds",the more it will all make sense to you.Like the pieces of puzzle coming together. It's interesting to see who was drawn to this group and see who's posting.Maybe we are supposed to be here?
12 years ago
Rose - Yes, it is interesting to see who is here. And i agree that maybe we were meant to be here. it certainly feels comfortable here! I visited a couple of the ascension links, and the physical ascension syndrome described me perfectly. I thought all those symptoms were due to being a middle-aged, menopausal woman with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia! I'm glad to know I'm not falling apart simply because of old age!
12 years ago

A couple more interesting links! Lots of reading and learning.Enjoy!

12 years ago

I think were supposed to meet here and remind each other of who we are! live in very interesting area that has a lot of spiritual energy and close to some very powerful energy vortexes. I don't think it's pure chance that you live in Arizona!

I have created a thread dedicated to starseed symptoms.Please feel free to post any info you might have or find on that link!

12 years ago

just wanted to share this link

12 years ago

another cool link (the story of self)

12 years ago
Tommy! Great Links! I especially liked the second one. A great reminder of the oneness of all things.
12 years ago
Rose - I agree with you, that we were meant to meet here and to remind each other of who we are. I've taken so long to reply because I wanted to visit all the links everyone posted here. More and more pieces are coming together. According to the links I've followed, all the hell of the past several years is starting to make sense. It's not old age, poverty, post-divorce trauma, or chronic fatigue syndrome! And it's a relief to know that. Mari
12 years ago

Mari,there is no pressure on anyone to post or reply quickly. I think we are pretty understanding group and sometimes people just get busy or have other things going on!

Glad that you are finding the links informative and helpful!

12 years ago

heres a new interesting link

12 years ago

Tommy for the galatic diplomacy link! That was quite an interesting read.Sure gives one a lot to think about.

These links are great you guys-- really cool!
12 years ago
LOL! Rose~ I got lost on one of your links- now I can't find my way back- but it mentioned about 3 stages people go thru and what I wanted to tell you- Material Magical Universal I think I went thru material quick- then found myself liking the second- magical- and maybe just got pretty comfortable there- and I know a lot of people there -so I have went to the universal- but for some reason keep going back and forth between the 2 and usually it's to try to grab some one from the second level-- So I was reading some where astrologically speaking there IS a reason I'm visiting this past level-- what I'm wondering is WHEN do I just drop the line and go to 3rd level? Or maybe THAT is part of what I'm supposed to do? Remember the Hostess dream? LOL! Thanks for the links everyone-- I also REALLY liked a few that Mari posted on the other site- and I'm kicking myself that I don't speak Duetsch--- >^:^< Wilderness
12 years ago
Wilderness, do you remember which set of links it was in? I have been to so many sites I can't keep track of them all!
12 years ago

Links about the Hopi legend of the Star nation

Legends of the Star Ancestors

I think this is the link Wilderness liked:

12 years ago

Starseed Music Link:

Check out this artist's music.I have two of his "Elfin Spiral" cd's and love the music. I've also spoken with Nick and he is a very nice guy.

Bringers of the Dawn
12 years ago

Read section: Bringers of the Dawn

Teachings from the Pleadians

12 years ago

great links Rose,

here is another one

12 years ago

Tommy..that last link is very good! Let's keep those links coming!

Anyone else in the group that has some great Starseed links? If so, please share them here!

I'm....a new member and I'm....
12 years ago

.......... very interested in *Starseeds*

           THE LINKS ARE GREAT ... well, I have seen some but some new to me ~~ Tack, Lady A


12 years ago

Lady A! This is a little group,but a very good one to meet with other Starseeds,and share knowledge & support!

We are very glad to have you join us!

12 years ago
Hello Lady A! Welcome- come in and look around- we have lots of good stuff here and good people too! >^:^< Wilderness
Wilderness's link
12 years ago

I thought I would post A link from wilderness here.This way we try and keep the links together and easier for people to find!

Big thank you to Wilderness!

From Wilderness:

FINALLY...... I have A LINK! I know I'm REALLY bad about that sort of thing- however THIS TIME.... I did it! I remembered for a reason...

We have on this site here a link that led to:

12 years ago

I'm not sure if this is the link Wilderness was alluding to in a previous post.So,I will post it for all to read!

12 years ago

hello everyone,

here is a link with channelled updates concerning the new year and the earthquake and tsunami.

12 years ago

This site is really worth checking out

12 years ago


THANK YOU BOTH ~ warm welcome.

I really luv the energies here and happy to be a part of *you *S* Kindered

friends, Love Lady Athena

12 years ago
12 years ago

here is a great links about the pleiadians

Innersight webzine
11 years ago

The Awakening Center, Inc - InnerSight
Sharing information for self-empowerment and growth through everything from channelings to recipes and laughter with numerology, astrology and inspiration thrown in to spice it up. Come share the experience!

11 years ago

A.D. 2012

Is Something Big Coming?

"A birthing planet vibrating at a lower tone than evolving Earth is preparing itself to receive beings who prefer to embrace greed and power, those who desire to control, possess and destroy that which is not rightfully theirs. The awaiting planet is far from Earth, but it is not altogether unlike Earth." 

Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light
Patricia L. Pereira

9 years ago

Thanks for all the links.  It will take me days to explore them all.

Here are some that I think are relevant:  products that are helpful and interesting

YouTube & Facebook Groups
8 years ago

Here's a new starseed group on YouTube I set up:


8 years ago

Thank you, Jahara and Kanako for the great links!

8 years ago

Hi everyone! How's it going?
Here's a new Google Group (discussion/mailing list type)

I'm thinking about asking some authors to join (Brad Steiger, Mariam Delicado, Richard Boylan, etc.) after we get some members and start some good discussions going. Hope everyone will join (since Google is so popular --I've got a few account!)

8 years ago

I meant to update a while back about my Google Group. Brad Steiger and Dr. Boylan are members! And Brad Steiger actually is participating in e-mail discussions. He's really good about that. So if you want to talk with him and others, it's always open to join.

6 years ago
UFO Sighted in Norway!!! Blue Lights UFO Aliens Are Visiting Earth.. Norway!
Offbeat  (tags: Aliens, UFO, Planets, Space, unusual, world, off-beat, odd, news, government, environment, bizarre )

J Reiki
- 9 minutes ago -
Experts in Norway have been left baffled by a mysterious spiral of light that has drawn excitement from UFO enthusiasts. The giant pattern appeared in the pre-dawn sky in the country's north, and could be seen from hundreds of kilometres away.
letting my light shine
4 years ago

im newly awakened and i want to share my story and talk with pople about the "gifts" and "plans" they have recieved i have recieved a great gift to share with the world and a plan i need more "energy" im told to actually use it although which i assume means more attunments. money is the factor in this but i will get there. i just started this page an hour ago please like

4 years ago

Hi..I landed here after searching dna activating symptoms ..thanks for you ,and thanks for links..


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