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Starseed traits part 1
14 years ago
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Some of the traits of true Starseed who are in harmony with the Creator are such:

1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.

2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptillian seeds often are obsesively attracted to these however.]

3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.

4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.

5) A feeling of being very different from most others.

6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with "aliens," UFO's, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.

7) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.

8) Having an "imaginary" childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.

9) Attraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer colors such as sky-blue and lavender.

10) Accute hearing/above average hearing range.

11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamourous noise.

12) A driving need to get away from "normal" people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.

13) An inner desire and knowing to "do what is right" even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing ones self in ways that are troubling to others.

14) Hyperactivity as a child.

15) Extreme sensitivity or extreme tolerance to alcohol, medicines, drugs.

16) Creating within ones own mind "fantasy" worlds that often include alien life, journeys to other planets, and places beyond the stereotypical "fantasies" of earth.

17) Dreams involving flying in bodily form or astral projection.

18) Prophetic dreams, visions, or mental suggestions that later come to pass.

19) Being empathic.

20) Having a desire to heal.

Staseed traits part 2
14 years ago

21) Having a desire to try to "save the world" or straiten out problems in the world.

22) A solid beleif that there is an all-powerfull, all-knowing deity, even though you may not have been taught about "God."

23) Having a nagging feeling that most religions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are missing some key elements in their teachings.

24) An almost obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings not found in religion.

25) Missing time, extra slow time, or speeding time.

26) Having experienced being in one place, then in the blink of an eye being somewhere else. [teleportation/bilocation]

27) Knowing you have been in a certain place, but others who you saw in the same place claim you were not there. [invisibility/cloaking/phasing]

28) A connection to animals that is above average.

29) Telepathic communication with animals.

30) Attraction to birds of prey such as Hawks and Eagles.

31) A special attraction to cats - all cats seem to be your friend.

32) Attraction to "power animals" such as Bear, Wolf, or Buffalo

33) Aversion to city living - strong desire to live in a rural and natural environment.

34) Knowing something is gravely wrong with society without having this knowledge preached to you by doomsday prophets, or conspiracy theorists - you see it yourself and evaluate it within your own mind.

35) A very deep inner pull that seems to constantly make you aware that you are more than you are, and you need to be finding out what and why.

36) Extreme aversion to violence, fighting, and war.

37) Having a deep desire to form a union with one person of the opposite sex for life. Even having this urge as a child.

38) Having an awareness of romantic attraction and love prior to the age of 10.

39) Having blonde or red hair in your gene pool [even if your own hair is different]

40) Being attracted to either very pale complexions, or olive/reddish complexions.

Starseed traits part 3
14 years ago

41) Having an above average IQ.

42) Aversion to either extreme male dominant religion or extreme female dominant religion - knowing there is a balance.

43) Attraction to powerful things in nature, such as thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls, and surf.

44) Attraction to ancient symbols.

45) Being an avid reader who "drinks in" knowledge quicker than the "average" person.

46) Having an interest or attraction to such fields of science as archaeology, astronomy, or quantum physics.

47) Aversion to mundane employment, repetitive tasks, "dead-end" jobs. Not satisfied with working for others, but more than willing to work doing something [which you have yet to discover, but know is out there]

48) Aversion to sexual joking, racial joking, or foul language.

49) Expectation of great changes upon Earth in the near future.

50) A nagging suspicion that you are more than your parents offspring, that you have some unfulfilled mission, and that the implications of these matters have powerful and eternal consequeces for both yourself and the Earth.

Are you a Starseed?
14 years ago

An easy-going personality.
Strong environmental beliefs.
An interest in technology.
Well-developed psychic and spiritual gifts.
Lack of stamina (feeling tired).
Poor organizational skills.
A dislike of meat, man-made fibers, processed foods.
A keen interest in the New Age movement.
A dislike of cruelty to animals and people.
A tendency to suffer from stress related illnesses.
Poor punctuality skills.
An interest in creative activities.
A dislike of structure and repetition in your life.
Accepting new technology.
A dislike of jobs with little variation.
A lack of interest in money.
A dislike of wars.
A natural respect for the opposite gender.
Often drift toward illegal forms of stimuli (i.e. drugs).
You treat your partner as an equal.
A tendency to develop bouts of depression.
Forget important calendar dates (i.e. birthdays).
Do not distinguish greatly between gender roles.
Have little interest in possessions.
Have powerful, active chakras throughout the body.
May have a high susceptibility to eating disorders.
Would rather barter for items than spend cash.
Under stress, you pass responsibilities to others.
Value personal freedom and nonconformity.
Give dress, etiquette, and social skills a low priority.
A belief in the paranormal.
Like to have your personal needs met quickly.
Have a highly sensitive nature and get hurt easily.
Easily move from one activity of interest to the next.
Feel a strong unity with living things.
May feel as though you have lived on other planets.
Change jobs when work becomes routine or boring.
Little connection with religious and political systems.
Prefer to work in esoteric fields (i.e. healing).
Ability to sense frequencies and find others like you.
Feel hampered by the limitations of the human form.
Males may have homosexual tendencies.
Experience a high level of frustration.
Intelligent with a strong sense of humor.
Hypersensitivity to stimuli.
Episodes of "deja vu" (knowing before it happens).
An equal distribution of right and left-handedness.
Generally healthy.
Treat babies like small people.
Children and animals trust and approach.
Vivid or unsettling dreams.
As children would "look at the stars and wonder".
Feeling there must be "something more".
Feeling of not belonging here on earth.

Brad Steiger: Star People
Starman & Starlady: Starfolk
The Abbotts: Starseeds and Star Terrans

14 years ago
Rose - I read Brad Steiger's "Starseeds" (the original edition) about 25 years ago when my sister turned me on to it. We went through the questionaire back then, and it was like - "Wow! So that's why we're weird!" I have most, but not all, of the characteristics you listed. A lot of times people just pass me off as weird. I hate synthetic fabrics next to my skin - they gross me out! My energy is easily drained, and I'm very sensitive to pain. In fact, my husband divorced me when he realized that my chronic fatigue syndrome wasn't going to go away right away. Here's an interesting story. My mother is an artistic and a psychic and she has the artistic temperament; she also has migraines, and children and animals love her. Anyway, before she met my dad, she had been married to another man and had given birth to my three half-brothers. They are very normal. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but they are totally average American males - average IQ's, red necks, etc. After Mom divorced their father and had started dating my father, she had an experience. Her mother was a midwife and Mom sometimes assisted her. Anyway, Mom had driven to the Los Angeles area one day, to visit a friend. Shortly after she arrived at the friend's house, Grandma phoned and said she would need Mom's help as more than one woman was in labor. Mom said okay, and she drove back to Arizona. Now this was in the 1950's, when those long desert roads were single-lane highways with no lights. She saw a bright light in her rear-view mirror, and thought a cop was pulling her over for speeding. The next thing she remembers, she was pulling into Grandma's driveway. When she got inside, Grandma said, "You're here so soon? How did you do that?" Mom looked at the clock - a trip that should have taken her about 8 hours had taken 4 or 5 hours. A few months later, Mom married my father. She was pregnant with me. After I was born, she gave birth to my sister and my brother in rapid succession - the three of us in three years' time. Now all three of us have always been different - very high IQ's, very creative and imaginative, and in love with science fiction (which Mom hated). the three of us have all seen UFO's, as has my mother. We also have a certain amount of psychic ability, and none of us has ever felt like we were truly from this planet (though we love it and we love animals). I went into a healing profession, my brother was a radio engineer for many years (he was the youngest person in the State of Arizona to get his engineering license! He was 14 at the time). He and I both have chronic ailments - I have CFS and FM, and he has AIDS. My sister was the most spiritually advanced of the three of us until we were in our 20's. At that time she succumbed to drugs and alcohol, and she has lost her way. She still remembers that she is a starseed, but she no longer knows what that means.
14 years ago
To my sister, being a starseed means that she's "too pure" for this life and she often thinks of suicide. So I think I come from a whole family of Starseeds. My 25-year old son is definitely a Starseed and an Indigo Child. btw-I do my best to remind my sister of what being a Starseed means. I send her articles and books and calendars - little things to trigger her memories, but the alcohol has interfered with her channels.
14 years ago

Wow. Rose! Those traits really called out to me.  I am very much a star seed and have had these feelings since I was around 4. Glad that there are others out there. I feel so very much alone 99% of the time. A light in the darkness. I have no one physically around me to share my visions, dreams, experiences so it gets pretty lonely at times and yet I am a paradox I do not enjoy being around people whatsoever. I feel drained and out of sorts when I get around large groups. I have only met one or two starseeds in my life that I know of. We met, knew each other and for whatever reason circumstances separated us again. We knew each other instantly and talked like we had been friends forever. I miss them dearly, but it is great to have Care 2 star seeds. I value all of you.

14 years ago

Thanks for sharing so much about your family and life experiences. It's really interesting that your brothers from your mom's first marriage are so different from your other siblings. I do on a very instinctive level believe that starseed dna can occur on both or one side of the family and that in some people it is a recessive or inactivated gene.This might make your conservative brothers carriers,as opposed to activated starseeds and might account for the personality differences. It could be that when your mom met up with your dad that they both carried activated starseed DNA ,and thus you and your sister and brother from this union are the way you are. It was quite an amazing  life story that you have told us.

I feel for your sister and brother. I have read many starseeds develop illnesses and sometimes get suicidal because they long to go home and cannot cope very well here. I think all you can really do for them is to continue to offer your love,support,understanding and prayers.Remind them of who they are.Maybe you could even point them to the websites on our links page. I think one of my brothers is a starseed too,but has not woken up to it yet. He suffers from depression and is recovering painkiller addict. I know sometimes I feel so overwhelmingly helpless and it hurts to see him or any of my loved ones suffer.I would imagine you have similiar feelings about your beloved sister and brother.

The great thing is we can come in here and share and hopefully offer compassion,support and understanding to each other.

14 years ago
I think a number of us in here probably have a majority of those traits! You are not alone starseed sister! It's like coming home when you feel you are among your starkind. I am glad that you are here with us!
14 years ago
Bumping this thread up for our new members!
Thank you
14 years ago

Thank you for posting these traits..going through them I have not all of them but more then three quarters of them...very interesting. By the way thank you for inviting me....


14 years ago

Lei! Good to see you here!

Many of us will have some to all of the traits you see,and maybe even some not yet discovered or mentioned!

Love,light and blessings


New Member--
13 years ago


I had a Close Encounter at ages, 5, 9, 12, 15, and I'm now 19.

The person who visits has a large book...enormous...with beautiful photos that move..

When I see this place, I cry. I feel such an intense homesickness, longing....loss.

I always beg to go home.  Always, I've been told that the place, my 'homeworld', no longer exists.  This makes me feel even more lost.

The air of Earth, the smells of Earth, the FEEL of foreign to me.  And this BODY I have..such a burden! Even though I am quite tall for a woman (5'9 1/2") and my weight is light, 117 pounds.

I'm 19. I'm sad that I have to stay here. I'm also very excited at the same time.  There's something I have to do.  It's important. I just don't know what it is yet.

I have a strong sense of URGENCY..the obligation to EDUCATE/WARN the people of the Earth before it's too late.  Before 2012.   That's all I know.

I have a question::

The visitor told me that I am a hybrid.

I recently asked my mom about it and my aunt. They clammed up.  My mom was especially disturbed. 


Thank you for any answer to that question.

Also, I've started a new photo album at my C2 site, it's not complete, but it contains photos of stars, nebulae and a galaxy...

the Pleiades mean so much to me.  I was taught about the stars by the same visitor, he gave me a map when I was 12. I still have it.  Mom's got it in her bank deposit box.

I just got it back from her because the other day, when I woke up, I've no idea what I'd dreamt about, but it was IMPORTANT, NECESSARY and, again, URGENT that I have it now. At this moment in time. I study it. I can make some sense of it.  I speak Irish Gael fluently (along with German, english is my 2nd language)  and some of the symbols ...

I reco them. But I don't know yet what they mean.

Someone, a close trusted friend told me it was 'angelic script'... i corrected him, even though he's my elder, and my professor at school.

Does anyone have any advice as to where I can locate 'angelic script' on the i-net?  I've visited a few sites, but they are just wrong.  And way too religious.

thanks for any answers the last 2 questions,


13 years ago

Gina! Nice to have you with us! You have posted some interesting questions. We might be able to help you with some of them.

"The visitor told me that I am a hybrid.

I recently asked my mom about it and my aunt. They clammed up.  My mom was especially disturbed. 


We can't really tell you why your mom and aunt clammed up when you asked them about your "hybrid" origin. I think it's something that you will have to patiently and calmly ask them about, and make it clear to them that it is important for you to know about it.Maybe they just don't know what to say,or maybe they are not ready at this time to talk about it.Give it some time before trying again.

Also,you may ask them if they experience any fear when the subject is brought up.Could be that your questions trigger some abduction or contact memories that are too painful for them.

Many people of Starseed origin feel out of place,or foreign to planet earth and find it hard to get comfortable here. The energy seems so much heavier,they feel slowed down on all levels and just find the negatvity,violence,cruelty,suffering and war too much to deal with.That is why it is important to cleanse yourself spiritually and to shield yourself with The Creator's love and light for protection.

Here are some links to help you with the Angelic Script,Star Nation and Light Languages,as well Alien Symbols and Language.You can compare these to the drawing you have .Please share your observations with us!

Love,Light and Blessings


This is Angelic script

Light Languages

Spiritual Interpretation
of Star Nation
by Standing Elk

Alien Symbols: Alien Symbols and Star Charts Shown to Abductees

13 years ago

Hi and welcome Gina,thanks for telling your interesting Et meetings.I have also had some encounters but mostly in the 4 dimension or in another plane of existence like the astral planes,and mostly at nights after sleep.I have some links for you to check out with loads of information about these things.

13 years ago

I have just logged on and am about to go to the above sites to see what's there, but I just had to stop by here.

I had a long talk with my Mom and Aunt last night. I explained to them the URGENCY I am feeling and the need to know (re "hybrid).  I also asked why Mom had kept the map given me in a bank deposit box, if, as she had always claimed, it was a thing "I" supposedly drew out of my own imagination; at age 9, therefore making it a child's fantasy.

Well, I have good news and a little sad news.

My mother started to cry and she told me about her childhood in Ireland, she lived in a very isolated, rural, industrial/farming area.  She said she does not recall when the visits began, but remembers one very vividly, she was exactly 3 days past her 12th birthday (mother's a Virgo), when SHE was contacted in a rather, as she remembers it, violent fashion which was very public and embarrassing to her entire family.

Something landed in a pasture, she remembers being lifted up and people who frightened her 'beyond belief" (quote & end).  She knows that tests were performed upon her body.

Euro scienece teams, and one American team from NASA came to her family farm to investigate the huge burnt hole/crater left in the ground. The garments they wore were early bio-hazmat suits so common today (at least among law enforcement and military). They took soil samples, photos, they invaded her room, where some writing had been left behind on her wall.  Turns out that the reason she kept my star map was that it was a near reproduction of what these investigators found.

Then the researchers left. Her family felt raped by the government(s) both local, euro and American.  They were treated differently after that by the locals.

Then, most interesting, my mother went on to say that after she began her menses, (shortly after that birthday) she was regularly taken.  She won't explain in detail what happened, except to say that she felt "tricked" by her visitors. They made her feel calm, loved beyond belief, and then two would arrive, one female and one male.

Then they would "experiment on me!" (quote and unquote).  Over the next several years my Mother became preganant, without having had intercourse with a human male. She was hard put to explain this to the priests (the family being Catholic).  She lost 8 children, one day being pregnant, the next, well, just NOT.  Most pregnancies disappearing around the beginning of the 5th month. She told me she felt that these babies had been taken away from her. She has never forgotten  a one of them and is haunted by the need to know where they went. I asked if she felt these babies were dead. Her answer was a firm 'NO!". And, she said it with utter bitterness and the sound (not comfortable to my ears) of hate.

She then married my Da, (he was later killed in Derry whilst walking down the street to work by a british army 'non-lethal' bullet which struck him in the face, reason why we moved to America)..and I came about.  Since my Da died when I was young (i was born on 15.8.1985) (he died 15.10.1991) I don't have much memory of him. Except to say that he told me always that I did not belong to him. But, that he loved me anyway and felt an extreme urge to nurture and protect me. 

Mom is very very worried about me. She told me she has gone to great lengths to protect me. She cannot bear the thought that I "may have been contacted." (quote & endquote).  She has begged me to just forget about whatever mission I may feel obliged to perform whilst here. 

So, last night, I hugged my Mother. Held while she cried. I'd never heard about what had happened to her. Why she was so against my natural inclinations.  We talked til near 5:30 a.m. this morning.  I told her that there was really nothing to fear, and that I was so very sorry that she'd been frightened and felt used.  I also agreed with her that her babies are not dead.  Don't know why, but I just felt immediately that they were not. She asked me if she would ever get to see them. I told her no.

Because that's the truth of it.

She wonders why she had me.

I told her I've no idea. But to not worry.

She asked me if I've had any type experience such as hers, sudden pregnancies, unexplained and the disappearance of same.

I told her no. And, that I would not ever have to be concerned about that particular thing.  Although, she will be a grandmother someday (precisely 3 times in fact), they will be the result of human relationship with a male.  I just haven't found him yet. I do know him. He's around and getting closer.  I feel him.  Now she's upset about THAT.

About my matter of fact manner.  It has always disturbed her and my female relatives. I feel deep love for my family. However, I just express it differently.  The concern I have for this planet, the love for ALL, which includes them, being the  more urgent matter.

I will try to scan the star map onto the pc and post it here.

I have limited time on the pc due to an incident that left me with a dislocated shoulder, somewhat painful and in order for it to heal.

Oh, my mother also described injuries after her visits, deep holes (sounds like biopsies) that would become infected, very painful. Then would just close up. She showed me a scar right beneath her navel which seemed to be an embarrassment to her. She has others. But that one bothers her the most.

All in all it was a very positive communication, and quite an unexpected outburst from a normally very shy, keep to one's self individual.

I have summer paper due on "String Theory" (it's FASCINATING!!) and am off to work on my own contribution to it, as well as these LINKS! thank you so much all!

I am a starseed
13 years ago

I was born in '63 and have had encounters since the age of four. I have even been told by my mother that I am the most unusual of her children and that I was considered more advanced than my peers at school.

I am able to photograph our fellow starbrothers and sisters and their craft.

love, light and peace

11 years ago
Thanks for posting the lists.  I am curious about some of the items on the second list as they are things that are merely part of being human.
11 years ago

21) Having a desire to try to "save the world" or straiten out problems in the world.

36) Extreme aversion to violence, fighting, and war.

37) Having a deep desire to form a union with one person of the opposite sex for life. Even having this urge as a child.

39) Having blonde or red hair in your gene pool [even if your own hair is different


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