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Starseed Suggestion Box
14 years ago
| Blue Label

Is there anything that you would like to see posted here that we haven't covered yet? Do you have any recommendations,ideas or suggestions that you would like to see implemented?

Many Ideas!
14 years ago
Yes Rose- a couple of things- OK maybe a dream thread- like I said I do dream work and I figured I had the dreams pretty well nailed down until I got here and ran into you all.... OK that gave everything a different take. And then how about where people like ME who forget where they put everything- OH I APOLOGIZE! I KNOW how irratating I can be with that! We can have a discussion thread on what we are learning on the links- see if we could edit- then it would make it a wee bit easier- but maybe we can have a thread like that- then I don't have to muck up the LINKS thread! OH.....and pictures- I have a whole bunch but I don't know how to put them up. AND... I have lots of ideas. LOL! How about a TYPES discriptions thread--- what am I looking for here- I KNOW what I want to say--- brain farts! SPECIES! >^:^< Wilderness
14 years ago

Wilderness for contributing so many great ideas to the Suggestions Box! We want to make this group an informative,interesting,fun and supportive place for Starseeds.

This is the thread for our members to post their suggestions and interests.We look forward to the feedback from our members!

14 years ago

Wilderness, you don't need to apoligize for anything. We love and accept you the wonderful way that you are!

14 years ago

I was wondering if any group members have any suggestions or recommendations for topics,or things that they would like to learn about?

Please post your suggestions in this thread.

Love,light and blessings


13 years ago

Any of our new or older members who would like to make any recommendations or suggestions for this group? Your input and feedback will help us all to learn,share,grow and make the most of this wonderful and inspiring group!

Love,light and blessings


facebook members
11 years ago

How about a new thread for people to connect on Facebook (if you're a member on there) --sharing names or emails in order to connect, I mean.
Or I guess even MySpace if people are signed up on there. (sharing our urls)

(I was going to start a thread but I just signed up and I noticed that the group hosts were the only ones starting threads.)

11 years ago

By all means you are allowed to start a
new thread. Great idea for posting links
to people's pages at Face Book,Myspace
or other online groups and sites.

We want members to post and particpate
and gladly welcome any posts!

Thank you,

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Recommend~Brilliant Links~*
7 years ago

These are my profiles on this site~The sites are Awsome~So much Knowledge~Just remember~Follow your Heart & True self~Inner peace~Blessed be~*


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