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Writing and Poetry - #1 April 23, 2008 10:25 AM

Feel Free to Post ANY of Your OWN good Poetry  &/or Writings (and/or comments about them) on this Thread

Remember - if You want credit for them - please add your Name (ie. sign it)
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ODE TO FEET June 04, 2008 1:44 PM

Oh feet! Oh feet!

Why do you need care?

About the heat

You always make me feel rare.


Will you not get diseases?

Just like athlete’s foot

Because I have got some races

That means I need to use my foot.


Please you foot don’t make me put acid on the corns

And vaseline in between my toes

I don’t want my toes to look like horns

As I need to look good when standing in rows.


How can I help you?

So you stop annoying me

I have to pay attention to other body parts too

Such as my knee.

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anonymous AROHA November 25, 2008 4:36 PM

How can I do this?

I can't give what you expect

We have something say

What is it?

Something spiritual?

Are we kindred spirits?

You inspire me to write poems - not poetry

You awaken yearnings within me

I am alive

I am frustrated

I am being pulled into you

Falling into your depths

I ache...

...for YOU

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Wo-man(y) - Dedcated to All you lovely ladies November 26, 2008 3:05 AM

Complex Woman

A song said her name,
a tempo growing;
The sensation of the cycles,
Timing her journey.
Follow her fractal path,
The produce, Fruit.
Succulent and sweet to overcome thirsting.

See all of her that is Woman,
In dreams so dear,
In wakefulness a Friend,
so passionately Sincere.
Awakening all the beauty of Woman,
The splendour of her becoming,
Takes the breath away.

Daughter, Mother, Sister, Aunty, TrueWife, Teacher,
She the essence of joy,
This beautiful Woman.
Integrates her soul,
within our garden, Earth.
Lover of life,
Woman in many ways.

Whenever the  rhythm of her ways,
Breaks over the island of Man,
The Sky inside his head is filled.
The tempest calms.
xx xy xx yx xx xy xx xy xx yx ...
Then climbs again.
Resuming it's Natural quest for life.
She his healing.

Inside the mind of Humanity,
She, the essence of nurture,
Loyal. Tenderness, complete.
Myriad forms of pure loveliness,
Express themselves through her ways,
Defining a beauty to all who observe.
Harbour of Peace.

Lover she is; and much more,
Helper of children, aider to the oppressed,
Weaver of craft, Maker of feasts.
Her Art cannot be defined.
Language is incomplete to describe her,
Study her to make Science,
Her mind is Music.

The night sky reflects her,
In the pattern of a million suns.
Forests open paths for her to walk,
And the Earth gives her it's bosom.
Man, walk with this Woman of grace,
Share with her, your life,
To reach, Freedom.

She is real to all who know her,
Warm, cuddly; endearing and gentle.
Eyes that brighten life with smiles,
Caressing with her tender touch.
Voice of soothing Strength,
Happy, Sensual body.
Being, a Woman.

She flies high, on updraughts,
Releasing the vibrant energy of play,
The sheer joy of life runs through her being,
Giving much fun to the toil of life,
Hands with the key of better endeavour.
Many moments of a happy You, all life long,
Reason for peace in this blissful song.

A trillion times more, than any poem.
Although You doubt,
Know you're always the one,
God holds your hand,
His song is for You, Beautiful Woman!
The Song said Your name;
The tempo growing....

© Myke Salmon & Emerald (revised 27th November 2008)

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