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Praying for Angie
10 years ago

Many Christians believe that God assigns a guardian angel to each person on Earth. This angel is the voice that guides our conscience. It is the gentle spirit that guides us to be at the right places at the right times. It is the protector that keeps us safe from many dangers. We can ask our angel guardian for help with all challenges we face. And, we can send our angel to whisper messages to other angel guardians. Sometimes this is better than talking directly to a person we need to communicate with. For example, we may have a son or daughter who does not listen well to our advice. We can send our angel to whisper that advice to our child’s angel, who then directs the child. We can send healing messages and messages of love and comfort this way, too. With all this in mind, here is a prayer for Angie Dodge: God our Creator, please help me send my angel guardian to all the angel guardians involved in the tragic death of your child, Angie Dodge. Let the angels comfort Angie’s mother, Carol, and all family and friends. Direct them to find the answers and closure they seek. Send the angels to all those whose evil behavior caused Angie’s death and any cover ups of evidence or truth so that the case remains unsolved. God, we know that Angie’s angel was with her when she was raped and stabbed. So, too, were the angels of the evil people who killed her. Those angels waged a spiritual battle. Evil triumphed and you took Angie into your loving kingdom. Now we ask that you let justice triumph here on Earth. Please end the suffering this has caused so many people. We know you are a God of love, truth, and justice. Use this case to strengthen all people and lead them to do the right things. Most of all, God, do not let us lose our love for you and our faith in your mercy. Thank you for the angels, and thank you for our faith. In Jesus name, Amen

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