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~ HeartFire Gateways 2012 Celebration Wave 11/20-12/31 ~
5 years ago
Greetings beloved,
Welcome to this exciting 42 day journey together into
the gateway of your HeartFire as we:
  • Complete the Grand Mayan Cycle
  • Illuminate the world with Love and Gratitude and
  • Close out 2012 as one HEART!
The messages will begin on Nov 20th and end Dec 31st.
No doubt, these are amazing times we live in.
And, more than ever, the time is NOW to live from
our hearts and join as One Heart for the benefit of All.
Thank you so much for joining your heart fire with
ours and thousands of others around the world. You
will certainly feel the tugs and magnetic pulling of
your heart towards that which will be of most benefit
to you personally during the next 42 days.
Additionally, we will all benefit from tapping into the
collective field of our combined heart fires blazing bright.
May you be blessed with bliss, fulfillment, peace, joy
and Love as you focus on tending to the sacred space
of your heart from which will emerge greater experiences
than you may currently imagine.
In Gratitude and Love,
Stacey and Ken
P.S. Feel free to invite your friends, associates and loved
ones to join us as they will benefit as well. The more the
merrier on this merry go round of the heart.
P.P.S. If you contributed to the HeartFire experience, a
big thank you! If you are not able to, we are grateful for
your participation.
If you would like to make a contribution to support
the HeartFire experience and get access to the
Telegatherings, you may visit the following link
at any time to do so:
Day 1 - Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude
5 years ago


Let's begin by sparking the HeartFire within:

Inhale Love ... Exhale Gratitude ...

Ahhhh ... yes.  Again and again.

We invite each of you to use this simple breathing mantra,
as a constant waking meditation, throughout our 42 day

Beyond words, let the feeling of Love and Gratitude
flow into and through the Heart.  This assists in remaining
present and centered, while sparking and feeding the
HeartFire ... thus keeping the Gateway of Love open within.

As the HeartFire Gateway within each of us remains open,
a continuous stream of Love flows into and through us ...
out into the World. Our inner fire Illuminates The Way, and
we go with Gratitude, celebrating all that comes and grows
each day.

Inhaling Love, Exhaling Gratitude is a simple moment to
moment, daily discipline for being present, peaceful and
centered as we grow forward.

Remember -- Our breath is the flow-er of Life, our constant
companion. As we choose to breathe consciously, we raise
our energetic vibration by flooding our body-mind-spirit
with Love's Illumination.

Just for today,
breath deeply, freely and know:
Together we are activating HeartFire Gateways
'We are Love always, In Gratitude we Go!'

5 years ago



Consciously Entering the Silence each day clears our minds,
opens our Hearts
and connects us to the pure flow of Love's
guidance ... and the Great-Full-Ness
of Life.

To facilitate life-affirming change, as we journey through our 42
Day HeartFire
Gateways experience, we offer this simple formula
for daily co-creation:


Enter the Silence


Access Inner Knowing


Receive guidance or vision


Take Life-affirming Action


In short: Come home to Love  ... and grow from here.


We invite you to consider beginning each day by creating
Sacred Space to connect
with the Infinite flow of Love's fiery
Light.  Peacefully settle into the vast-ness of All
that IS, receive
vision and guidance, then grow forward to take Action on
what is


Each time we follow and act on our Inner Knowing, we build
confidence in our unique
gifts, while accelerating our ability
to make life-affirming choices and birth our
Heart's dreams
into reality.


Remember:  This 4-step process can be as simple as taking a
few breaths to tune
in, get clear, receive guidance and grow
forward. Whether for the space of a few
breaths or for an
extended journey, this daily choice is the foundation for
living and empowered action.

5 years ago

Just for today, consider this:


What intention or dream do you want to manifest?


Go within, seek guidance, receive vision ... then act on it.


One Breath, One Vision, One Action, One Heartbeat at a time,
enter the HeartFire Gateway ... and let Love Illuminate the Way.

5 years ago

Well Sandra I will try anything and this sounds good! Thank you.

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra- you always have the greatest things to share - have a great Thanksgiving!

5 years ago

You are both very welcome! 


In our physical Heart, our central HeartFire is surrounded by
seven layers of muscle.

These seven layers wrap in a spiraling configuration, creating
a vortex of tissue ... a pulsing portal that contracts and expands with each beat of our Heart.


Stored within these seven layers of muscle is every memory,
every emotion, every felt experience of our life journey.  These
memories in the heart carry an energetic imprint.  If un-healed,
these imprints create what some might call veils, or barriers,
to the natural flow of Love in our lives.


In ancient lore and wisdom traditions, tales abound of journeys
through these veils, or barriers ... or sorrows.  Have you ever
heard of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, or the Seven Dances of
the Veil of Salome?


These refer to the journey into the center of the Heart, through
the veils of sorrow (the seven layers of muscle) where, by the
Light of Love, each veil of lifted, each sorrow is transmuted
and released ... and we are Illuminated by the wisdom of the


In receiving the wisdom -- the gift -- of the experience, our
Hearts are softened and the Gateway opens wider for Love to
freely flow.

Today, Beloveds ...

Let's go on a journey into the center of the Heart, through the
seven veils, and seek out our barriers to Love ... any un-healed
experiences, sorrows, judgments or fears we carry in our


This is as simple as breathing into the Heart, allowing
un-healed memories and sorrows to rise and come to Light.
As they do, imagine collecting these in a magic healing sac,
and transporting these to the center of the heart.


As we make our way to the HeartFire at the center of our
being, through the seven veils, imagine placing the contents
of this sac into the HeartFire, watching each be transformed
into the Gems of Infinite worth they truly are.


Spend a few moments breathing deeply into the Heart, feeling
the clearing and dissolving of all barriers to love.  Give thanks
for this alchemical healing, and grow forward gratefully knowing
this inner healing brightens the path, lightens our load and opens the HeartFire Gateway for Love to flow!


Consider journaling the experience, or share here, as inspired ...
then do something today to celebrate this courageous act of

Remember - When one heals, All heal.  The gifts received
are a gift to One and ALL!

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5 years ago

This is hard to do but worth it I would think. Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Thanks for posting these Sandra -

5 years ago

My pleasure, ladies!


Just for today ...


Let's still the mind and settle into the spaciousness between each breath.
Surrender to the present and become One with the Beauty of All that IS.

Let each breath be a bridge between Spirit and Matter, a gateway between eternity and the ever present moment of Now.


Breathing peacefully, witness the HeartFire illuminating the Inner Space of our Being. Here, through the power of full presence, we are given vision.

On the calm waters of a clear mind, we see a loving reflection of our True Divine Nature.

So what then is it, Beloved?  What do you see?

What Beauty, Truth and Wisdom is Love revealing to thee?

5 years ago

Goddess Light, by Helena Nelson Reed


Day 5 - Power Up, HeartFire!


Use this mantra, this simple yet  heart-activating phrase,
any time you want to raise the energy and power
up the HeartFire within.


'Diyi Diyhu, Klobijii'  is a Quero Apache for 'Power Up, HeartFire'!


Here is the phonetic pronunciation:
Dye-Yee  Dee-Hue,  Kloh-bee-jee


Chant it out loud - the voice has power ... creating sound waves of change flowing in every direction, informing both our inner landscape, and the morphogenic field that extends beyond us.


Voicing intent to fire up, raise the energy and get growing
prepares the way for manifestation of intention, and aligns
Heart and Mind in co-creative action.

What are you ready to activate, fire-up, or add energy
to today?


Power Up, HeartFire ... and open the Gateways for intent to
manifest with fiery grace and ease!

5 years ago


Day 6 - Wordless Mysteries of the Heart


Just for today ...

Entering the Silence,
as all veils burn away,
to the wordless mysteries of the Heart.


Feel Love's fire




What wordless mysteries and inner visions are streaming through the HeartFire in Thee?

5 years ago

Wonderful - thanks!

5 years ago

Agree with Val. Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

both so much for reading & commenting!  

5 years ago


Day 7 - Rays of Beauty

To live the Beauty Way is to acknowledge the sacredness of all Life ...

to dance in the shadows
breathe in the Light
drink from the Infinite cup of Life
and praise the Beauty of All that comes our way.

Gazing in Gratitude, we feel our HeartFire's glow,
and grow ever onward, rooted in this truth:
the Beauty we see is a reflection of the Beauty within Thee.


How will you open to Beauty today?
What shift in perspective will illuminate the
Sacredness of today's path?

Where is Life reflecting the Beauty of YOU?

In Gratitude, accept what comes thru,
and grow forward this day, each step in grace,
as the HeartFire Illuminates the Beauty Way.


5 years ago

This is good! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

You are very welcome, Brenda!


 Day 8 - Breath of Life


Whether we find our way to meditate in far off caves, secluded
mountain hideaways or underneath a nearby tree, the sanctuary
of our Heart is always with us.


In a single breath, we are able to enter this sacred Heart space,
and be One with All that IS.


Inhaling Love, exhaling Gratitude
connecting Heaven and Earth
Heart and Mind
we are the Breath of Life.

For today ...

Where on Changing Mother Earth are you drawn to ... to enter
center, merge with All that IS and become the Breath of Life?


What excuse has been keeping you from stepping beyond
the boundaries of day-to-day habits and entering the
sanctuary of the Heart?  Acknowledge it and release it.


How might adventuring into Nature replenish your spirits and
to restore your connection to Life?

Whatever it is, give in to the call of Love and Go with Gratitude ...
Your Heartfire will lead the Way.

5 years ago

Day 9 - Presence, Passion, Possibilities


Imagine ...


As each of our HeartFires ignite, rise and Illuminate our inner being,  we are transmuting and clearing all that no longer serves.


With the chamber of the Heart purified, we become open Gateways for Love to flow into the world.


Now feel this Love
flowing through the gateway of your Heart,
into the world and across the face of all creation ...
a cosmic river of Divine presence,
passionately flooding our reality,
illuminating infinite possibilities,
with every beat of our Heart.


Now imagine multitudes of Beloveds, streaming Love through
the Gateways of their Hearts, too.


What happens when a Love like this Lights up the world?


How does our willingness to be this Gateway for Love
affect the process of the Great Shift of the Ages we're
all growing thru? 

5 years ago

Day 10 - Divine Love



Our Heartfire is the spark of Love, the 'Source of Light' that lives at the center of our being.


When we open our HeartFire Gateways ...


breathing into the Heart
centering attentions in this sacred space
entering the silence
accessing inner knowing
receiving vision
taking action on what we receive


... Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves.


One breath,
One choice,
One vision,
one action,
one Heart at a time.

What is Love expressing through you?
How will you honor the Divine Self, and BE LOVE today?

5 years ago

Thanks for posting Sandra -

Love is spiritual energy - great - right now I am laughing - I on sitting in the recliner with Bootsie (cat) on my left also on the recliner and Baby (dog) at my feet - they must feel my love -

5 years ago

Thanks for all the posts Sandra.

5 years ago

You are very welcome, ladies! 


Day 11 - By the Light of the Heart


'Cyclic Dreaming' Image and Quote by Stacey Sophia Robyn - 2012

Raising our arms to the skies,
letting go of all fears we might hold
we open our Hearts
and Light the Way.

For today ...

What fears are you willing to release?
What burdens are you ready to set down?

Breathe into the Heart, feel the Light of Love glow,
stand in your authentic power and know ...
the HeartFire illuminates the Way.

HeartFire Gateways 2012 Celebration Wave

♥  November 20, 2012 thru December 31, 2012

Completing a Grande Cycle, Opening the HeartFire Gateway
And Illuminating the World with LOVE and Gratitude!
5 years ago

Puts tears in my eyes - so beautiful these worlds!

5 years ago



Day 12 - Symbolic Meditation


Just for today ...

Meditate on these two images, and take note of what comes thru for you.

Pay attention to bodily sensations, visionary sparks, following conversations, synchronistic exchanges and intuitive nudges as you go about  the day.

Enjoy and Go with Gratitude!

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5 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Agree Brenda - beautiful!

5 years ago

I'm glad you both liked it! 


Day 13 - Master Key of Gratitude



Our energy fields flow in spiraling vortices,
in and out, up and around
- re-cycling, re-generating, re-capitulating -
repeating fractal patterns, facilitating the continuance of Life.
All through the Power of Love.

Each beat of the heart, sparked by the HeartFire,

creates an electromagnetic field around us.
Protecting, Informing, Guiding and Providing passage
.... a Gateway ... for Love to flow through us ... into the World.

The form of this field is a basic pattern of Life - the tube torus -

and is mirrored at every level of creation, from spiraling galaxies
to our individual cells.

This symbol of Gratitude, as seen above, is a 2D expression of

the tube torus.  We call this symbol the Mastery Key.


Gratitude is a Master Key for opening the HeartFire Gateway.

Gratitude opens our heart to love as we accept and celebrate

the beauty of All that Is.  We transcend sorrow, suffering,
judgment and fear as we see each experience as a 'peace' of the
Great-Full-Ness of Life.

For today,

Breathe into the HeartFire.  Place your full presence and

consciousness into this sacred space in the Heart.  Now with
every breath, in and out, feel the vortex of living light growing,
spinning and embracing you.

See yourself centered in this Unified Field ...

Love flowing,
Gratitude growing
as our Inner Knowing
is illuminating and showing the Way.

Now complete this affirmation:

When I AM centered in Love, aligned with the
Great-Full-Ness of Life, I feel ...

5 years ago

When I AM centered in Love, aligned with the
Great-Full-Ness of Life, I feel ...

at ONE with All.


Beautiful heart heart-red.jpg

5 years ago

Like this! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Day 14 - YOU-nique


H - HeartFire, Power UP!
E - Enter the Silence
A - Access Inner Knowing
R - Receive vision and guidance
T - Take action


What YOU-nique essence is calling to be expressed through
you today?


What creative energy is quickening the Heart, to be translated into action?


Grow for it, and flow forward knowing each action is a full-spectrum expression of Love ... unique to YOU.

>> A big hug and deep Gratitude to Bonnie Tobey who pointed out the steps of our daily discipline make the acronym H.E.A.R.T. !  Ukehi, Shi'bijii ... Thank you for being our Heart, Bonnie! <<

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

This one is great - thanks.

5 years ago

My pleasure, ladies! 


 Day 15 - Loves Full-Spectrum Light



From the Heart of creation blooms an eternal Light,
a vital force connecting all Life.


In full-spectrum waves, streaming bright,
the HeartFire of Love Illuminates
the Great-Full-Ness of Life.


With an eye single to the glory of Love, we see ...
Our Radiant Hearts are gateways;
Together, we are Birthing New Reality.


For today ...

Inhale Love, exhale Gratitude.

As you do,
pay attention to the inner vision
and notice what colors spark thru.


What wisdom might these colors have to share with you?


When imagining the HeartFire within,
is there a color to the flame?
How does this hue represent the uniqueness of YOU?

5 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Wonderful - thanks

5 years ago

I'm glad you both liked it! 


Day 16 - Another Day of Loving


Rainbow Wings' by Toni Carmine Salerno 


Ahhhhh ... Awake, Aware, Alive
Another Great-Full Day of Loving is ours.
Blessed Be.


For today ...

How are we fulfilling Love's desire to Be?

In the silence, what is Love guiding our Heart to see?

5 years ago

Good one Sandra! Thanks.

5 years ago

Brenda, you are very welcome! 


Day 17 - Heart of the Universe


Flowing through each layer of the Heart,
journeying to center,
we are immersed in a cosmic sea ...
multi-verses of twinkling memories.

Illuminated by the HeartFire,
each memory reflects
the presence of Love,
dancing at the Heart of WE.

Gazing into the heavens,
our HeartFire is reflected in Ancient StarFire.

All that is seen
is a reflection
of Love's Light,
present within Thee.

as above so Below,
So within, so without,
as the Universe so the Soul.

For today ...
feel each beat of the Heart,
birthing the infinite song of Love;
in Harmony with All,
merging earth below and sky above.

Now feel the cosmic chorus
of ALL Hearts beating in harmony,
together as Beings of Love.

Hearts on Fire,
the Song of Love echoes through
all creation.

Blessed BE.


Here is a Cosmic HeartSong, called Being of Love,
by Beautiful Chorus.  Listen and let yourself be taken
on a journey .. into the Heart of YOU, in the Heart of Infinity.

What songs/music ignite your HeartFire?  What
cosmic tunes bring you into Harmony with Love?

Queue a few up today.  Let your Soul dance with
the Divine, and the Heart Song be heard.  Be immersed
in the verses of Infinity.

5 years ago

Good post! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Beautiful - thanks

5 years ago

My pleasure, ladies! 


Day 18 - Opening in Sweet Surrender



For today ...

feel the Gateway of the HeartFire
opening, opening, opening ...
sweetly surrendering to Love,
Birthing Light into the world.

Tune in. Feel into Divine Inner Truth to complete this

When opening and surrendering to Love, I AM ...

5 years ago

 Day 19 - Fire Within


"Sky above me
Earth below me
Fire within me"
~ unknown


Centered between
Heaven and Earth
Dark and Light ...
our HeartFire is a gateway
bridging Now with All that IS.

This Fire lights the Way,
while forging a New World.
Changing and re-arranging
matter from one form to another
in a fiery dance of creation.

Today ...

we are forging new pathways,
new structures,
new foundations
new imaginings coming to fruition.

The wisdom of our experience
is paving the Way ...  laying a solid foundation
on which to build our dreams.

What bricks of Love will you set into place today?

How healthy are your boundaries?  Is it time to
create new bridges and pathways ... or simply
tend and nurture the ones in place?


What intentions and visions in your life are ready to be fired,
forged and settled into new form?  Go for it, knowing every
action born of Love adds a 'peace' to the Great Coming Together!

5 years ago

Beautiful! Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Agree beautiful- thanks

5 years ago

Day 20 - Pulse


"It's time to Pulse

a hug
embracing YOU!

It's Time to Pulse

Flaming centre
nurturing You

It's Time to Pulse

Liquid flame
Knowing You

It's Time to Pulse

Completing You

It's time to Pulse

Inside You

It's Time to Pulse"

~ Rev. Kazzy Holbrook

5 years ago

Day 21 - Heart Aflame



Know Thyself as the Fiery Light of Love.
Feel the Fiery Light of Love illuminate Thee.
See the Fiery Light of Love ... in All.
Be the Fiery Light of Love ... for Now and all Eternity.

For today ...

Imagine the HeartFire within.  See the eternal glow,
feel the life-giving sparks, witness the beauty of its
ever changing, dancing form.

Now go about the day, being present to the glow
of the HeartFire in all you meet and greet: The two-leggeds,
four-leggeds, wingged-Ones, rock and mineral Beings,
standing tall Ones, finned Ones ...  yes, All our Relations.


 How do our lives shift when we witness and
honor the HeartFire in ALL? 

5 years ago

Day 22- Fanning the Flames


Who in your life fans the flames of the HeartFire?

Is it an artist whose brush strokes stoke passions within?
Perhaps a child whose pure gaze sets the heart ablaze?
A dear friend whose loving, wise council seems to have no end?

A pet, a partner, a living prophet, a compassionate pastor?
A stranger whose presence makes your heart beat
mysteriously faster?


Give yourself the gift of surrounding yourself with those
who inspire, edify and uplift ... and know this ...


You, too, have the gift of Light; of stoking HeartFire's and
making a bosom burn bright.  Love grows both ways ...
through the Gateways of the HeartFire.

5 years ago

And so Love flows ...



And so Love flows ... through our HeartFire Gateways.

On this day of 12-12-12 ...

Inhaling Love

Exhaling Gratitude

we remember

We are Love Always
We are Love All Ways
We are Love Always.

Thank you, Beloveds, for being a Peace of the Great
Coming Together.

Thank you for your courage to say YES to life, to Love,
to being Love.

Thank you for
joining our HeartFires and opening
new Gateways for Love's Light to illuminate our lives,
blessing all creation and All our Relations.

Where ever you are in this moment,
open your Heart fully
and feel the threads of Light
connecting each of our Hearts
and remember ...

We are Love Always
We are Love All Ways
We are Love Always.

And so it is.
And so we go and grow.

In Fiery Love and Deep Gratitude ...
5 years ago

Thank you, Beloveds,  Thank you for being our Hearts!

Stacey Robyn, Ken Herbert
and the ground crew

P.S.  For those open to additional tools for activation
and awakening, here is a wonderful HeartFir
ing meditation

Feel the synchronization and connection of our HeartFire
Gateways with those of countless others across the face
of Changing Mother. E
xperience the Beauty of communion
with Love, and know we are One.
5 years ago

Many thanks to the Beloveds who created this meditation!

p.p.s.  Each time I look at the 12-12-12 number series ... this is what comes thru:

We are One, too - One, too - One, too ...
Unified, One as Many, Many as One.
The many faces of Love ... We are One, too.

5 years ago

Day 24 - Streaming Gateways



We are all gateways for the One HeartFire ... flow-ers of Love

For today ...

Be Love,
            the Source,
                             the Flow,
                                          the Gateway
                                                            the Go ...
....  the outstreamings of the One HeartFire.

What cosmic truth,
                        infinite beauty,
                                         divine Light
                                                            is streaming forth today?

We are all gateways for the One HeartFire ... may Love flow.
5 years ago

Day 25 - Conspiracy of Love



Conspire:  vb ~  to breathe together.

With each breath, we conspire with Love
to open our HeartFire Gateways.


For this today ...

Breathe into the HeartFire, the Light of Love that lives
at the center of each breath.  Feel all the elements of the body
breathing together, conspiring to act in Harmony ...
pulsing Life force energy into and through the sacred temple
of the body.


Now be still in this center-point, between in-breath and out-breath,
Creating space ... openness ... room for Love to gather and flow.


Breathe in ... hold ... Breathe out.

Breathe in Love ... hold this Love,
feeling it flood in the inner space of your Being.
Release with Gratitude.



When present to this space between the Breath,
filled with Love,
what changes in the quality of experience?


What wisdom comes thru, when we allow ourselves
to settle into the stillness, into the silence, into the
Heart of the flow of Love?

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Always beautiful images and lovely words - thanks for posting Sandra!

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