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6 years ago

URGENT: Tell Congress & President Obama: Don't raise the Medicare eligibility age as part of a last-minute budget deal!

URGENT: VAWA - like the inclusive, bipartisan Senate version (S. 1925)

Send Nutritious Food to Malnourished Children

Syria: Step Up and Protect Your Children

Tell Attorney General Holder to Protect the Right to Vote

Tell Senate Republicans: End the obstruction and confirm the president's judicial nominees in the current lame duck session!

Tell the CEOs of Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, KFC, Taco Bell, and Burger King that you stand with the fast food workers of New York City who walked out to ask for $15 and the right to form a union without interference.

Tell Walmart: Ensure basic safety and human rights of workers

The media must connect the dots on extreme weather and climate change

Ocean Acidification: The "Hidden Side" of Climate Change

Each year, an estimated 19,000 of our servicewomen are victims of sexual assault. And yet they are denied insurance coverage for abortions.

Tell President Obama: Appoint an S.E.C. chair who will hold Wall Street accountable

Tell Congress to Invest in the Future by protecting programs vital to children and young people in the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Join me in taking a stand against the legalized bribery by adding your name to the Represent.Us “Million-dollar Bill” banner

Urge Congress to Preserve the Charitable Deduction

Stop Rupert Murdoch from expanding his Media empire

Oppose H.R. 6247 -- It threatens our Rivers & our Safety

6 years ago

Tell Your Representative to Support Safe Seafood

Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill is back! Museveni promised to veto it but he's under pressure from Uganda's parliament who desperately want to pass it. We can hold him to his promise by taking action right now.

Do Your Cookies and Shampoo Contain "Deforestation?"


1) Three power plants in Arizona achieve modern clean air standards

2) Zara hears the global call for toxic-free fashion

3) Marriage Equality Victories a Watershed Moment for LGBT Americans
Washington, DC -- Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way, released the following statement in response to victories of marriage equality ballot measures in Maine and Maryland, the lead for a marriage equality measure in Washington, and the defeat of a discriminatory marriage amendment in Minnesota:

4) Farmers, community groups and concerned citizens stood together to protect precious watersheds and farm land from a proposed mega quarry in Southern Ontario. And last week, the company withdrew its plans. People-power won!


6 years ago

Sandra - I honestly don't have time right now -

6 years ago

Vallee, I understand completely! 

6 years ago

All signed. Thanks Sandra.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Sandra - one I don't have time - but due to the e-mail I forwarded to you and everyone - I am not signing petitions right now if they are Care2 - will try and get back to the others!

6 years ago

Stop the Heartbreaking Loss of Life in Gaza & End the Siege!

Tell Your Representative to Bring the Middle-class Tax Cut Bill to a Vote

Tell Congress: It's Time to End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest 2%!

Join the Fight: No Benefit Cuts! Hold Rogue Democrats Accountable!

Tell the President and Congress to expand Medicare and Social Security, to invest in green energy, to raise taxes on the rich and corporations, and to cut military spending back to the level of 12 years ago.

Don't you dare raise the Medicare eligibility age!

Stand with people, not polluters, during the fiscal cliff negotiations!

A Fiscal Showdown: Reshape Pentagon Spending

Tell Secretary Sebelius: Stop locking access to emergency contraception.

Congress: Protect Servicewomen!
Military women need your voice now more than ever. The Senate's version of the bill must still be combined with the House's version to produce the final bill the President will sign -- and the important Shaheen Amendment could get stripped out in the coming negotiations.

Support the Shaheen Amendment

Empower Parents to Turnaround Failing Schools

There's No Honor in Honor Killings

Save Blair Mountain from Dirty Coal Companies

Tell President Obama to affirm that Americans can Resell what they Own

6 years ago

Urgent: Tell Congress not to raise the Medicare eligibility age - A deal could be made at literally any moment!
Social Security should not be included in deficit reduction plans!


Don't drive our nation over the fiscal cliff or use Medicare and Medicaid benefits as bargaining chips!

6 years ago
Urge Congress to Protect Tax Credits for Low-Income Working Families in Budget Talks - Protect the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, Support a Fair Tax Code
Urge Congress to Protect Head Start and Child Care
Automatic cuts could mean 100,000 children would lose Head Start and 80,000 children would lose child care
6 years ago

Once again Sandra - sorry - no time - with other laptop with virus I have been working on that and appointments etc that I am way bejind in many things - maybe later - feel bad but know you understand!

6 years ago

All signed. Thank you Sandra.

5 years ago

Vallee, of course I understand!  *hug




Thanks to Care2 members, wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are safer from hunting and trapping!
5 years ago

Vallee, of course I understand! 




Don’t let Congress swindle the American people!

Stop the Silencing of Indigenous Voices in Russia               
Thanks to Care2 members, wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are safer from hunting and trapping!
5 years ago

All signed, good news about the wolves! Thanks Sandra.

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