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#2 HeartFire Gateways Celebration Wave 11/20-12/31
5 years ago
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Day 26 - Listen ...


Listen ...


to the space between each breath
to the gap between each beat of the heart
to the chasm between each thought


and let the mysteries of Life
flow through the Gateway of the HeartFire
... and Illuminate you, the world, yes ...
all of creation, too.


What mysteries are calling to be unveiled today?


Listen, listen again, listen deeply ... openly,
fully, presently, wholly and completely.


Receive Love's wisdom with Gratitude, and
go forth knowing you are ...




The mystery unveiled.




5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Thanks for the new thread an continuing these  - have to get sheets out of the dryer. 

5 years ago

My pleasure, ladies!!


Day 28 - Vibrational Gateways


Each note, word, tone, thought and emotion
has a geometric, vibratory signature.


Just imagine ...  if these images (above)

reflect single notes from a piano string,

what do the geometries

of our beating heart look like?

What mysteries are revealed

in every beat of our Heart?

What geometries are we weaving,

what gateways are opening ...

right now?

5 years ago

Day 27 - Body of Divine Light


For today ...


Look into a mirror.


Gaze eye to eye, heart to heart
with the body of Divine Light before you.


Allowing the gaze soften,
releasing focusing on one thing,
allowing everything to be seen with the Heart ...
send a pulsing Light from your HeartFire
to the HeartFire of the being before You.


Feel the incoming energy ignite, excite and illuminate
the Divine Body of Light,
creating fractal waves informing the Unified Field
that the HeartFire Gateway is open,
and Love is coming thru ...


to You,


as You,


for You.


For One and All.


Now imagine pulsing a Light from your HeartFire
into the HeartFire of all you meet today.


How are our daily experiences and exchanges enhanced
when we open our Heart and honor the
Divine Body of Light in ourselves and others, too?

5 years ago

Beautiful colours and wise words. Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Beautiful as always - thanks Sandra!

5 years ago

My pleasure, ladies!


Day 29 - Just Breathe


Inhale Love ...
Exhale Gratitude ...


nourishing the Heart,
stoking the HeartFire,
opening HeartFire Gateways,
Love and Gratitude

flowing thru.


For today ...


sit for a few rounds of breathing ...

in Love, releasing Gratitude.


Beyond thoughts, simply BE.

No questions, no answers.


Be Love and Gratitude.
5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago


5 years ago

I'm so glad you both liked it! 


Day 30 - So what then is it


So what then is it?


What is Phillipe De Champaigne, in this portrait
of St. Augustine, revealing?

What does this spark for you?


(I have no idea - what do you think?  Sandra)

5 years ago

I have no idea too Sandra.

5 years ago

Day 31 - Silence


Through the lens of Gratitude, we see the miracles of Love.

As we enter the silence this day,

our HearFire shining Bright,
what wisdom is Gratitude gifting,
to open and illuminate the Way?
5 years ago

This is good. Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Beautiful as always !

5 years ago

Ladies, you are so welcome!


Day 32 - We are Love always


Love speaks thru us, as we are willing to:

HeartFire, Power Up
nter the Silence
Access Inner Knowing
Receive vision and guidance
Take action on what we receive


Now imagine what happens as multitudes
open our Sacred Hearts and choose to be
Gateways for Love to flow.


Beyond imagining, One by One,
we live it,
we give it,
we grow it,
we show it ...
We are Love always and all ways.


Loves' HeartFire Gateways are We.



On this sacred day, we rise in Gratitude and celebrate the arrival of a new cycle of time.  Through our hearts, we are birthing new codes of Light.  We are flow-ers of Love, igniting a luminous field of creation where all life is sacred, all beings Divine.

For a moment, let's breathe into our Heart, As One.
Feel this breath feeding our HeartFire, opening and
clearing the Way for Love to flow.  With each out-breath, feel the rippling energies interweaving and connecting all our Hearts...  igniting a new matrix of Love, initiating a new cycle of time, birthing a new Humanity ... luminous and Divine.

As we go about these next few days, where the energies are high and the fields of creation ripe for planting new seeds of consciousness and possibility, let this be our constant prayer:

We are Love always.
We are Love always.
We are Love always.

Remember, during times of mass transition it is vital to be gentle with ourselves.  Be patient and compassionate with the Self first, as this will naturally flow and extend to others, too.

Here are a few options for remaining present, centered and in the flow:

Drink copious amounts of pure water, rest, contemplate, dream awake. Enter the silence and listen to space between each breath. 

Engage in activities that lift the Spirit and inspire the Soul.
Laugh, Love, Hug a Tree. Hug your Self, your children, your Beloveds.
Gaze at the stars and feel the dance of the Heavens
mirror the dance of our HeartFire. 
With every breath ... receive and gift this truth:
We are Love always.
We are Love always.
We are Love always.

As you feel inspired, here is our HeartFire Meditation.  It is designed to connect our Hearts with our Mother Sun, the Central Sun, and open the Gateway for deliverance of new codes of Life, Light and reception of Divine gifts -- ours by b'earth rite.

Also, will be LiveStreaming global ceremonies and events through the 22nd of December.  This is a wonderful tool for tuning into the energies of sacred sites and joining with Hearts around the world.  Enjoy!

Thank you, Beloveds, for being our Heart.

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Thanks again Sandra - wish we could make a book of these  images- they are beautiful - well I am sure there is a book.

5 years ago

Day 33 - Flow-ers of Love


We are Flow-ers of Love,
opening our Hearts to the Light.
We are Gateways
for the continuance of Life.

What Beauty is blooming in your Heart?
Nurture it.  Adore it.  Water it.  Love it.  Let it flow.

In what ways will you open to the Light,
bask in the beauty of creation, and be a
flow-er of Love today?
5 years ago

Day 34 - Kindred Spirits


We all grow though it ...

Our inner flame gets low,
the creative spark sputters,
and our spirits feel buried in the darkness of doubt and fear.


We experience to the dark night of the Soul,
and arrive at a choice point;
a moment in time when we choose to walk through the fear
and re-ignite our passion, purpose and intent in Life.


As a Soul Collective, we are carriers of this Light of Love.
Our HeartFires -- embers of the Eternal, sparks of Divinity --
are 'peaces' of a Great Central Fire.


By opening up to others,
allowing ourselves to bask in the Light of the Collective HeartFire, we are re-kindled by Kindred.


Our HeartFires merge in a Great Coming Together,
and together we illuminate the Way.


Who in your life has been a spark illuminating the darkness?


What person, group or collective has been there for you,
to rekindle the Light and spark a renewed passion for Life?


Reach out to them today
and offer your Heartfelt appreciation and thanks.


Perhaps send a hand-written note, call them up, email ...
or simply send a fiery wave of Thanks through the ethers.


Play the Light forward, and know this is how Love grows.


Together we are better ...
Beloveds tending the HeartFires of Humanity,
opening Gateways for Love to flow.

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Wonderful Sandra - thanks.

5 years ago

My pleasure ladies! 


Day 35 - Experiencing the Silence



Tune in and record what comes thru for you:
When I experience the Silence, I remember ...
5 years ago

Day 36 - Love is our living prayer



By the Light of Divine Love
our HeartFire burns bright;
Faithfully opening Gateways of change,
Life is renewed ...
we are the continuance of Life.

Love is our living prayer.

Entering the Silence today,
feel the merging of past and future
opening a Gateway at the Heart of Now.

In this space of the Great Coming Together,
where we are One with All that IS,
settle into the experience of renewal
... Healing Complete ...
recapitulation of the Divine patterns of creation.

By the Light of the HeartFire, what do you see?
What Beauty is revealed to Thee?

5 years ago

Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

Day 37 - Sacred Spaces


ArtPeace - 'Vesica Pisces' by Daniel Holeman

As the Heart is a sacred space,

how does this bless the places we roam?

5 years ago

Day 38 - Nurturance


 ArtPeace ~  'Lucem Sanctam' by Joma Sipa

How do we sustain and nurture the HeartFire?

How does this serve the highest good of One and All?

5 years ago

Day 39 - Merging Worlds


One candle lights another, and Light is multiplied.
One HeartFire sparks another, and our Gateways open wide ... and wider.


As we connect our Hearts,
worlds within worlds merge into One ...
a Great Coming Together


What happens when we allow ourselves

to fully open to the Love of others?


How does reality shift when we gift our Light

to our Sisters and Brothers?

5 years ago

Like the pictures and the meanings. Thanks Sandra.

5 years ago

My pleasure, Brenda! 


Day 40 - Holy Light


Holy Light
Wholly Light
Whole Ye Light
shining within Thee.


HeartFires bright,
we flow through open Gateways
and remember ...
Love is our ever-present Reality.


Here and Now.


Ahhhhh ... Home.

5 years ago

Day 41 - Well-Come Home


artpeace - 'Three Fold Flame' by Diane Neubauer -

Breathing into the Heart
... silently centering,
accessing All that IS within ...
open the HeartFire Gateway
and feel the Light of Love
unveiling and illuminating the vast beauty
of the Great-Full-Ness
of YOU.

Witness all that rises through the eyes of Gratitude.

Now let this Light of Love, the HeartFire within,
guide you through the Gateway.

Breathe deeply, freely and know ...
You have arrived.

5 years ago

 Day 42 - HeartFire Gateways are WE!


'Sacred HeartGate' by Saleena Ki -

"You will discover that certain powerful truths are all
through that tiny little sacred space of your

It is through this gateway that you enter the kingdom
of heaven.
This is the way to enter with the companionship
of your body.
The body holds the door, the gate, and
the stargate inside it.

No more leaving it behind to find the secrets & mysteries.

It contains the way: the heart.

The heart is a powerful key. The key turns easiest with love." 
~ MaRi Magdalene through Saleena Kí (text surrounding image)

5 years ago


Here we are ...
HeartFires blazing,
Gateways activated;
Gracefully initiated,

we grow and go
into, and through, the Heart of Love.

We are Disciples ...
disciplined in t
he Art of Living through the Heart.

Inhaling Love
Exhaling Gratitude
we suffuse body, mind, spirit
Yes! All Creation
with Life affirming vibrations.

Worlds within worlds
flow-er through the Unified Field of our Being
and in the silence of All that IS, we remember ...

We are Love always.

5 years ago

Go here to read the rest that I cannot post for some reason...

5 years ago

Thanks for all the work you put into these posts Sandra.

5 years ago

Thanks for the link Sandra - missing my daughter and kids already!

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