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8 years ago

I have today written to six of the major Uk supermarkets asking them to stop selling Canadian fish and seafood products.

9 years ago

With all eyes on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, the country should end the seal slaughter now so that the Vancouver Olympics aren't tarnished. Write to the Olympic Committee and urge it to help end the seal slaughter now!


To take action on this issue, click on the link below:
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9 years ago

Claudia Peters

Claudia Peters
Greetings Ocean supporters,

There is an online petition available that you can now sign available here ------>

This stance of the Australian government is simply not acceptable after the promises that were made to defend whaling and we need to show our disdain and let our voices be heard.
Urge Prime Minister Rudd to grant visas to Paul Watson and Peter Hammarstedt of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
9 years ago


No Harpseal Products During 2010 Winter Olympics!- Please Sign Sea Shepherd Support PETITION

Animals  (tags: olympic committtee, canadian members, sea shepherd support group, no sealskins, no animal cruelty )

- 2 days ago -
Honorable members of the Olympic Committee; We the undersigned are concerned with announcements made by the Canadian Government that Canadian Olympic Athletes would be required to wear items made from harpseal pelts
9 years ago


Misleading Petition:DO NOT SIGN If You Want to Save Seals!

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- 1 hour ago -
This petition claims to"Protect Seals" - but if you click on the link,it takes you to a site which promotes the HARVESTING of seals.
Our Last Push For Seals
9 years ago

I will probably not sleep tonight, knowing what tomorrow could bring.

We are only a few hours away from learning the outcome of one of the greatest efforts the ProtectSeals team -- together with you -- has ever undertaken. And there is still time to help.

I need your help to ensure that every elected representative walks into tomorrow's meeting with one focus: passing a strong ban that will stop the cruelty and save the seals. Please, whether this is your first action on behalf of seals or your tenth, stand with us one more time and do the following right now:

1) Sign our petition, and ask everyone you know to sign, too. Remember, the winner of our contest to recruit petition-signers will join me in Canada next spring to visit the seal pups!

2) Write to your Members of the European Parliament. Make it clear that their constituents are counting on them!

3) Send a message to your Environment Minister. Preserving wildlife -- including seals -- is their responsibility!

Petition for EU members !!!
9 years ago

One week left: The seals' fate is in YOUR hands,sign again !!!


One week. In just one week, European Union decision-makers will vote on a proposal that could mark the greatest milestone yet in our campaign to end cruel commercial seal slaughter in Canada and around the world.


Next week, the European Parliament will decide whether or not to ban EU trade in seal products. Tell your government you support the ban.


After months of working toward this moment, after the heartbreak of witnessing this year's seal slaughter in Canada, we have reached the final stretch in our fight to close European markets to this traffic in animal cruelty. By reducing demand, we can drive down the price for seal skins even further and leave the sealers no reason to kill seals.


The lives of millions of innocent seal pups will be saved.




Now is the time for Europeans to act. You have the power to make this ban happen. Animal advocates across the globe are waiting and watching, each holding their breath, hoping against hope. It is up to you to help ensure that EU officials vote for a total ban when the time comes. We need you, as constituents of these decision-makers, to let your leaders know how the people feel on this issue.


There are three simple steps you can take today to help save the seals:


1) Keep spreading the word! More than 200,000 individuals have already signed our petition to pass a total ban on the trade in seal products. Thank you for asking your friends to join our campaign -- please tell everyone you know! Signatures will be forwarded to the European Parliament and European Commission. Remember, the EU citizen who recruits the most friends to sign by 5th May will win a trip to visit the Canadian harp seal nursery next spring.


2) Send a message to your Members of the European Parliament. Let your country's representatives know that its citizens care about animals and want thi

Stop the seal Hunt
9 years ago

Signed all that i know of and with fingers crossed. A few were closed.. I hope it gets the message through to some thick headed skulls(PEOPLE I MEAN)who have the ability to make the changes..and to have a change of heart!:(:(

Please sign new petition
9 years ago
9 years ago

Signed - Thank you!

9 years ago

Actions taken. This issue makes me incredibly sick to my stomach.

9 years ago

Please sign!


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9 years ago


Letter From Red Lobster
9 years ago
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Care2 Action Alert
9 years ago

Hi Marcy,

For the past two years, the market for seal fur has been saturated and pelt prices are now the lowest in recent memory. But the quota for Canada's seal hunt this year is 280,000 harp seal pups! This is outrageous and completely indefensible.

It's time to stop Canada's commercial seal hunt once and for all. »

If this is a market-based hunt, as the Canadian government claims, the quota for this year should be zero. Especially once you consider the potential European-wide ban on the horizon. No, the only reason the hunt continues is politics.

Canadians would be much better served by a government that stopped playing regional politics, stopped the unnecessary slaughter of seals and started investing in alternative, economically viable employment opportunities.

Please act today to support the historic bill that would finally stop the slaughter of harp seals. »

Take action link:

Thanks for taking action!


10 years ago

All signed!


10 years ago

All signed! TY for posting them!

10 years ago

NEW ONLINE PETITION : to E.U. Goverments' Ministers to ban Seal products import to E.U. countries :

10 years ago



Stop the Seal Hunt - 280,000 Signatures Needed


    The 2009 Canadian seal hunt is underway, and in the next few weeks 280,000 seals will be brutally slaughtered. We want to gather 280,000 signatures telling the Canadian government that we will not tolerate this inhumane practice.


    The European Union will consider banning its trade in seal products in a few weeks. But the fishing industry and the Canadian government are lobbying furiously to fight the ban. Just last week, Russia announced it would halt the killing of baby seals. It's clear the world community is condemning such killing -- increasingly Canada stands alone in defending the slaughter.
10 years ago

All actions have been taken, thank you

Please sign
10 years ago

The Canadian government has begun its annual war on seals. This year, sealers will beat and skin 338,200 of these gentle animals. Now more than ever before, it is vital to speak up and demand a permanent end to the cruel seal slaughter and to urge everyone you know to speak out as well."



Hello everyone!


Please sign this petition of PETA for seals in Canada:


Things you can do to help stop the sealhunt
10 years ago 


  • Call and email your MP. It's your MP's job to represent your views in Parliament. Ask him or her to take a stand for seals!
  • Tell Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day that the seal hunt damages Canada's international reputation, and remind him that it has resulted in ongoing global boycotts of Canadian seafood and tourism.
  • Email Prime Minister Harper.
  • Urge the Minister of International Trade to respect the Belgian and Netherlands bans on the seal product trade. Tell him to stop interfering!

    Sign the petition to ban seal product trade in the European Union.


  • Ask your friends to sign our EU seal product ban petition.
  • Email our seal campaign videos to friends or link to them from your website.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper protesting the seal hunt. Click here for suggested points you can make.

    Download cool stuff

  • Web badges and banners
  • Desktop wallpaper


    Ask the designers who use seal fur and skin to stop providing a financial incentive for the seal hunt. Click here to see a list of designers.


    Support HSI's efforts to stop the slaughter of seals. Click here to make a donation.


  • Harp seals are not the only ones being hunted in Canada. Read more and take action.
  • Live in Nova Scotia? More action you can take.
  • 10 years ago

    signed, thank you.

    Save our seals: Hawaiian Monk Seals Facing Extinction
    10 years ago
    13 hours ago


    Save Our Seals: Hawaiian Monk Seals Facing Extinction

    Target: Mary Glackin, Acting NOAA Administrator
    Sponsored by: Marine Conservation Biology Institute
    The Hawaiian monk seal is disappearing. And because they are found only in the U.S., it is our responsibility to save them. With fewer than 1,200 individuals remaining, it is more endangered than the giant panda or the Asian elephant. 

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has gotten off to a good start: they created the Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Team to coordinate the urgent response essential to the seal's recovery. But more must be done! The Recovery Team needs $7 million a year to save our seals, but NOAA has not adequately funded the plan. Meanwhile, the Hawaiian monk seal population continues to plummet. 

    We are facing an escalating crisis, and we need your help - today! Urge Mary Glackin, acting NOAA administrator, to show support for properly funding the Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Plan
    10 years ago

    Signed and Posted to FB. Thanks.

    10 years ago

    Signed and posted to FB. Thanks.

    10 years ago
    Grey Seal Slaughter 2009
    Grey Seal Slaughter 2009
    Minister David Morse and Premier Rodney MacDonald
    Sponsored by: 
    The Slaughter of the Grey Seals will begin soon.
    It will take place on Hay Island which is part of the Scaterie Island  Wilderness Area. The Nova Scotia (Canada) government has permitted this slaughter of innocent seals. Even though this area has been deemed protected by the Nova Scotia's Wilderness Area's Act. 
    This slaugher is one of the crueliest since the helpless seals are herded into groups by the hunters then clubbed or injuried til death. 

    Please sign this petition against  the Grey Seal Slaughter 2009.
    10 years ago
    Urge your local grocer - don't buy while seals die.Find out if your grocer has signed the pledgeGet the customer card

    Just before the holidays, The Fresh Market grocery store chain joined the campaign to stop the cruel Canadian seal hunt -- pledging to shift its seafood purchasing away from Canada until that country ends its seal hunt for good.

    With more than 80 stores across 18 states, The Fresh Market joins grocers such as Whole Foods Market, BI-LO Supermarkets, Trader Joe's, Lowe's Food Stores, Harris Teeter, and WinCo Foods in pledging to stop buying seafood produced in Canada.

    As we head into the New Year, it is crucial that we maintain this momentum and reach out to grocers -- please print and fill out this comment card for your local grocer -- and urge them to join the rapidly growing list of grocery stores and restaurants joining the ProtectSeals campaign.

    What's the connection between your grocery store and the seal hunt? Sealers are actually commercial fishermen who earn only a small fraction of their livelihood from killing baby seals for their fur. The vast majority of the sealers' incomes -- 95% actually -- comes from commercial fishing. About two thirds of Canada's seafood is exported to the United States each year, achieving more than $2.5 billion for the Canadian economy annually. This dwarfs the few million dollars contributed to the Canadian economy by the commercial seal hunt.

    By choosing to avoid Canadian seafood, you can give the fishermen who kill seals a clear economic incentive to stop the slaughter. So far, our boycott has resulted in millions of lost revenue for Canadian sealers. But we aren't there yet: As of today Canada still refuses to bow to international pressure, and is readying its sealing vessels for the 2009 slaughter.

    That's why we urgently need your help to ask your local grocery store to not buy or sell Canadian seafood until the senseless slaughter of seals comes to an end.
    More than 5,000 grocery stores and restaurants are participating in the ProtectSeals boycott of Canadian seafood. Each one has shifted some or all of its seafood purchasing away from Canada until the commercial seal hunt is ended for good. Across the country, dozens of grocery chains are in discussions with our ProtectSeals team about the tremendous good they can do by joining the campaign -- and they have indicated that they'd like to hear from their customers.

    So today, ask your local grocery store to step up for seals: Download this customer comment card and give it to your store manager the next time you go grocery shopping.
    To view a list of grocery stores in your area that have already joined the boycott, click here.

    If you can spare a few minutes after your visit, please provide us with feedback on the store you visited and any conversations you had by sending us an email, to help our ProtectSeals team build upon your efforts.

    Thanks to dedicated advocates like you, we are getting closer to the day when baby seals can live in peace without being hunted down and brutally clubbed or shot.

    Thank you for all you do for animals.

    Please Show Your Support for the Voice for Seals Petition
    10 years ago

    Help save the baby seals.  This is an everything counts campaign and we are doing everything possible to bring an end to this cruel slaughter.  Please sign our petition to stop the hunt and spread the word by posting the petition to other communities, groups and websites.


    Greed is one of the bigest things driving the hunt so we are hitting the Canadian Sealers/ Fisherman in the pocket.  We are going after the largest supporters of the year around industry and enlisting their support.



    Thank you for all you do.


    10 years ago

    Urgent Actions For Seals

    Animals  (tags: sealslaughter, seals, tradeban, EU, Slovakia, Irleand, AnimalCruelty, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalwelfare, cruelty, death, slaughter )


    - 4 hours ago -

    Urge Irish and Slovakian Ministries to stand up for the protection of seals and to support an unconditional ban on the trade of seal products at the European Parliament and European Council.
    To urge the ministry to stand up for the protection of seals and to support an unconditional ban on the trade of seal products at the European Parliament and European Council sent the e-letter.
    The boxes to fill in the signature are:
    *First name:*
    *Organization (optional):*
    *Post code:*
    *(TICK in the box = show your name in the list of signatures)*
    After filling in, click "*odoslat"* to enter your details.
    10 years ago
    Prevention of the Eradication of the Seal Population - Petition - Sign This Petition Here - Signature Page - GoPetition

    Animals  (tags: animals, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, animalrights, conservation, endangered, protection, killing, wildlife, cruelty, AnimalWelfare, rescued, suffering, wildanimals )

    - 7 hours ago -

    Our goal and mission are to collect as many signatures as possible urging the European Union (EU), through the European Parliament (EP) to enact specific legislation to protect seals against annual seal hunting, whereas the seals are treated with cruelty
    10 years ago

     Please show your opposition to killing seals!

    There is a form for signing the petition to the right of the screen.

    The Scandinavian Anti-Sealing Coalition

    10 years ago


    Center for Biological Diversity

    Dear Jacinthe,

    Bearded seal

    In response to the Center's petition, the National Marine Fisheries Service is conducting a status review to determine whether three ice-dependent seals that inhabit Alaskan waters warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act. This is the first important step toward protection for ringed, bearded, and spotted seals -- all of which are threatened with extinction by the rapid loss of their Arctic sea-ice habitat due to global warming.

    Please let the Bush administration know that you support the protection of these seals, and that we must reduce greenhouse gas pollution immediately to slow global warming and save them from extinction.

    Please take action by November 3, 2008.

    Click here to find out more and take action.

    If you have trouble following the link, go to


    Sample letter:

    Subject: Please Protect Ice Seals Under the ESA

    Mr. James Wilder, Protected Resources Division, National Marine Fisheries Service:

    I strongly support the listing of ringed, spotted, and bearded seal under the Endangered Species Act due to threats from global warming. The scientific evidence that these ice seals are threatened with extinction from rapid sea-ice melt due to global warming is overwhelming. The Arctic sea-ice habitat that these seals depend on for giving birth and rearing their pups is rapidly disappearing. Arctic summer sea-ice could disappear completely by the year 2012.

    Our government's failure to curb greenhouse gas pollution is a primary cause of the ice seals' melting habitat. It is not too late to give ice seals back their future, but we must act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and slow global warming.

    For these reasons I request that you propose the listing of the ringed, bearded, and spotted seal, and identify greenhouse gas pollution as the primary threat to their continued existence.

    Thanks to Dusty for posting
    10 years ago

    Campaign to Ban Trade in Seal Products Reaches Critical Stage

    Dear Dusty,

    IFAW’s campaign to ban Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt has reached a critical stage. After tireless campaigning and help from supporters like you, we now have an EU proposal to ban the trade in seal products. However, the proposal is not as strong as we would like and we need your help again to make it stronger.


    Canada's cruel, commercial seal hunt is now the biggest marine mammal hunt in the world. A third of a million seals are clubbed or shot each year, primarily so their fur can be used to make luxury items for the fashion industry.

    IFAW footage of the annual hunt has documented this unacceptable cruelty - with many seals suffering slow and agonising deaths, even being skinned alive. Every veterinary report on this hunt concludes that it fails to meet humane killing standards. Scientists also predict that if the hunt continues at current high levels, the harp seal population could be reduced by 70% over the next 15 years.


    Only by closing down the markets can we send a clear message to the Canadian government that people in Europe want no part in this unnecessary cruelty.

    There is an important meeting of European Ministers on the 20th October to discuss the EU proposal and we need your help to ensure that no loopholes remain that would allow the trade in seal products to continue.

    UK Environment Minister Mr. Hilary Benn is attending the meeting on behalf of the UK government. Please send him an email telling him of your concerns about Canada's cruel seal hunt. Ask him to ensure the proposed EU regulation is amended to become a full and unconditional ban on the trade in seal products from commercial hunts.

    Thank you for taking action for seals

    10 years ago


    Correct link for Dutch petition
    10 years ago

    Sorry for that hope this one works

    Please Sign
    10 years ago

    I am a volunteer for the Dutch organisation Bont voor Dieren (=Fur for Animals) is a Dutch organisation against the use of fur,so this means also against the Canadian annual sealhunt
    Canadian Government will decide in October on the 3 proposed amendments to Canada's Marine Mammal Regulations.

    These proposals are a attempt to stop independent
    observation and documentation of the commercial
    seal hunt.
    These amendments will violate freedom
    of the press in your country.

    So please visit this dutch site
    only fill in your name and email and click on "Verstuur" = Send
    For the Seals,For the Oceans !!!

    http://www. bontvoordieren. nl/protest-mail-canada. php

    10 years ago

    International Fund for Animal Welfare | September 19, 2008 A Better World for Animals and People

    Let your local candidates know you oppose the seal hunt

    Dear Jacinthe,

    The October 14th federal election is fast approaching and IFAW is working hard to raise the issue of Canada's commercial seal hunt with candidates.

    We need you to help us get the seal hunt on the political agenda in your riding.

    Please contact your candidates, let them know you oppose Canada’s commercial seal hunt, and ask them where they stand on this important issue.

    Visit to find out how you can:

    Contact your local candidates and ask them their views on Canada’s commercial seal hunt;

    Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper;

    Volunteer to help in our election campaign;

    Receive additional information on Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

    The majority of Canadians oppose the commercial seal hunt*. Let your local candidates know you’re one of them!

    Make sure your voice is heard on election day October 14th!

    Together we can stop this cruel, needless and wasteful hunt. Please visit today and find out how you can help.

    Thank you so much for your continued support.

    Yours sincerely,

    Olivier Bonnet

    Director, IFAW Canada

    * Environics poll for IFAW, 2008.

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    SUPPORT OUR PETITION TO Stop the Seal Hunt
    10 years ago

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