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Public Meeting -- LA County Puppy Mill Ordinance
4 years ago

30 November · 13:00 - 15:00


Fire Station 129 (in the small classroom)

42110 6th St. West
Lancaster, CA


**If you live in LA County & love dogs, please attend this important meeting.**

Los Angeles County is considering a new dog breeding ordinance. The current draft, being pushed by Sup Mike Antonovich, is seriously problematic and fails to adequately address key needs like: veterinary care, housing, space, exercise, or rest between breeding cycles. What's more, the current draft proposes to allow a single operator to maintain more ...than 150 dogs on their property.

The ordinance will be discussed at this meeting and we need your help making clear that a far more progressive and appropriate approach is needed. It's unthinkable that LA County might put a law on the books that sanctions large-scale commercial dog breeding operations.

Please plan -- or use this page to arrange carpools -- to attend this meeting and speak up for the dogs. We will be there, along with our friends from Best Friends and other animal protection leaders. but it's important to show strong opposition to the direction that the County is headed.

The Facebook page for the meeting.

Do Good Bus
4 years ago

Love, love, love this idea!:

The Do Good Bus


"The Do Good Bus is an opportunity to get involved and help your community. Just get on the bus and we do the rest. Each trip is different and the locations are a secret. You never know where you’ll end up or whose life you might have an opportunity to change. On each trip, you will be wined and dined on the ride and learn about causes in your neighborhood."


"We host a public ride every other month in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Activities range from working with kids to building new homes to creating guerrilla gardens. Every ride includes dinner or lunch and lasts between 4 and 6 hours depending on location."

Tell MTA to stop poisoning birds
6 years ago

Los Angeles area commuters have reported to PETA that the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) has contracted a pest-control company to set out a bird poison (avicide) called Avitrol in their bus and train hubs. The use of poison to kill unwanted animals is so cruel that it's been banned in the City of Los Angeles! We immediately alerted MTA officials to the cruelty of poisoning and offered our help in devising a humane and effective bird-control plan for their properties. However, MTA officials have so far ignored our pleas!

Poisoning any animal is extremely cruel, and Avitrol is a very potent poison that attacks the nervous system. Birds who ingest Avitrol suffer immeasurably and die agonizing deaths. Dogs, cats, wildlife, and other birds—including federally protected varieties (of which there are many!)—often die after ingesting the carcasses of pigeons and other birds who were poisoned with Avitrol (even indirectly harming protected birds is a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and is punishable by fines of $15,000 per death!). And lethal methods simply do not control unwanted animal populations! As long as the area remains attractive and accessible to birds, more birds will move in from surrounding areas to consume available resources. Killing them may even cause their population to increase in response to the temporary spike in the food supply!

Please contact Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority officials and let them know that in addition to being cruel, poisons and other lethal methods simply do not control pigeon populations. Politely urge MTA officials to immediately remove any/all poisons from their properties and to instead work with PETA to implement humane, effective measures of bird control!

Please send polite comments to:

Arthur Leahy
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
213-922-5659 (fax)

Ara Najarian
Los Angeles County MTA Board of Directors
213-922-5659 (fax)

Richard Hunt
General Manager
MTA San Fernando Valley
818-701-2813 (fax)

Closure of state parks
6 years ago

June 1st, 2009
Update from Elizabeth Goldstein
Tomorrow the Legislature's Budget Conference Committee will hear public testimony on the proposal to eliminate state funding and close 220 of our parks.

Please take action TODAY and tell your legislator to reject the proposal and save our state parks!

With your help, CSPF will be leading the fight against this proposal to make sure that all state parks stay open and funded.    

Join Us on Facebook 

Get all of the information here

USA National Phenology Network
6 years ago
What is the USA-NPN?

The USA National Phenology Network brings together citizen scientists, government agencies, non-profit groups, educators and students of all ages to monitor the impacts of climate change on plants and animals in the United States. The network harnesses the power of people and the Internet to collect and share information, providing researchers with far more data than they could collect alone.


Ways to participate

Stop using clothes dryers!
6 years ago


Project Laundry List is making air-drying laundry acceptable and desirable as a simple and effective way to save energy.

Learn how to save around 15% on your monthly energy bill just by doing your laundry in the green way.

Green Jobs Now
7 years ago

On Saturday, September 27, we're launching a national mobilization to say, "I'm ready for the green economy." We are ready to tackle the climate crisis by building a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Green Jobs Now is a National Day of Action that will empower everyday people to stage hundreds of grassroots events throughout the country. We will have a special focus on low-income communities, communities of color and indigenous people. This will send a message to our leaders that, when it comes to creating green jobs for a more sustainable economy, PEOPLE ARE READY!

Events in California!

Westside Extension Transit Corridor - Meetings
7 years ago

The study corridor extends from the existing Metro Rail Hollywood/Highland and Wilshire/Western Stations to the Pacific Ocean. The northern boundary of the study area follows the base of the Santa Monica Mountains along Hollywood, Sunset and San Vicente Boulevards. The southern boundary follows Pico Boulevard. The overall study area is approximately 38 square miles. Study area map.


City of Santa Monica:
Wednesday, September 3, 6 – 8pm
Santa Monica Public Library, Auditorium, 1st Floor
601 Santa Monica Bl, Santa Monica
Served by Metro Lines 4, 20, 33, 333, 720 and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Lines 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10. Validated vehicle and bike parking is available.

City of West Hollywood:
Thursday, September 4, 6 – 8pm
Plummer Park
7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood
Served by Metro Line 4. Free vehicle and bike parking is available at the location.

City of Beverly Hills:
Saturday, September 6, 2 – 4 pm
Beverly Hills Public Library – Auditorium, 2nd Floor
444 N Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills
Served by Metro Lines 4, 14, 16, 704. Free 2-hour parking available in the adjacent structure.

Wilshire/Fairfax area:
Monday, September 8, 6 – 8pm
Los Angeles County Museum of Art West - Terrace Room, 5th Floor
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
Served by Metro lines 20, 720, 920, 217, 780. Validated vehicle parking is available in the Museum’s 6th Street underground garage. Enter from 6th and Ogden

Westwood area:
Wednesday, September 10, 6 – 8 pm
Westwood Presbyterian Church
10822 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
Served by Metro Lines 20, 720, 920. Free parking available at the location.

The Bus of the future
7 years ago
Guerrilla Gardening
7 years ago


The illicit cultivation of someone else's land.
--from On Guerrilla Gardening: A handbook for gardening without boundaries
by Richard Reynolds

Gardening public space with or without permission.
--from Guerrilla Gardening: A Manualfesto
by David Tracey

A fun way to be proactive in our community and make it a more livable place.
--Mr. Stamen, LA Guerrilla Gardening Troop

7 years ago

(Info from Ideal Bite)


Recycling numbers usually appear on the bottom of containers. Check with your facility to find out which plastics it accepts, and write the numbers on top of your recycle bin for easy reference.


Usually recyclable:

1. PET - 2-liter and mouthwash bottles, boil-in-bag pouches.
2. HDPE - milk jugs, trash bags, detergent bottles, some yogurt cups.


Sometimes recyclable:
4. LDPE - grocery bags, produce bags, food wrap.
5. PP - diapers, straws, yogurt containers.
6. PS - CD cases, egg cartons, Styrofoam.Not so much...
3. PVC - cooking-oil bottles, meat packaging, office binders.
7. Other - other types of plastic, plus things made from more than one type of plastic (see below).


Bioplastics (7, and marked as either compostable or biodegradable):
7. Compostable Plastic - is nontoxic and breaks down as fast as paper in compost.
7. Biodegradable Plastic - may contain toxins, so you have to send it to a special composting facility (enter compost and your zip at Earth911, see below).


Commonly questioned items:

  • Container Caps - typically different plastics than the container; take 'em off, check the # inside, and either recycle or throw them away.
  • Grocery Bags - reuse them first! You usually can't recycle them curbside, but some supermarkets have bins in-store.
  • Earth911 - find out if you can recycle specific items in your area.

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Environment California
7 years ago

Environment California is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for California's environment. Environment California draws on 30 years of success in tackling our state's top environmental problems.
California's Proposed High-Speed Train System
7 years ago

Find out the facts here:


And here's the advocacy site:

Public transport in LA
7 years ago

Have your say on future public transport developments around LA at the Metro website:

Save Billy the Elephant From the L.A. Zoo
7 years ago
Only you can prevent wildfires!
7 years ago

Lots of stuff about good & bad fire, & how to prevent them, plus lots of stuff for kids.

Save Rocky, the "Hollywood Bear"
7 years ago

Note the story here!:


Sign the petition here! :

No New Dams in California!
7 years ago

Tell the government you don't support new dam construction! 
Email today and learn more from Friends of the River.


California Water: 3 Easy Steps

Petition: Demand Real "Clean Truck" Standards for California
7 years ago

As the nation’s busiest port complex, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach anchor a profitable $300-billion-per-year business. These Ports must set a new direction for the entire goods movement industry in California and across the country -- which will save California lives and tax dollars.

International Bird Rescue Research Center
7 years ago

3601 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA 90731, Phone: (310) 514-2573

Since 1971, IBRRC has been one of the leading authorities in oil spill response.

How to volunteer

Protect California's Marine Life.
7 years ago

Protect California's Marine Life. Sign Petition!


California activists: Advocate for the creation of a strong package of marine protected areas off the north central coast of the state.

7 years ago

In a nation opposed to the occupation of Iraq, the opposition party is preparing to shell out another $102 billion of our grandchildren's money to continue it. Our nation has come so far in seven years that the president and vice president openly admit to authorizing torture in blatant violation of the Eighth Amendment, longstanding US laws and treaties, and new legislation signed into law by the same president. Yet our representatives in Congress refuse to hold impeachment hearings. The wealthiest nation on earth cannot provide health care to its citizens. Where are our priorities?

All over the country, citizens are holding public town hall meetings to discuss this question. You can find one near you or get involved in planning one at:

Ways to get involved! Plus action alerts!
7 years ago
| Food

Post ideas, action alerts, etc. here!