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10 years ago

Here is a place for all you new members to come and introduce yourselves. What's your story? How have you simplified your life--or are you just starting out?

10 years ago

Thank you Eileen for inviting me to join this group. I will tell you about myself in time.I have simplified my life - I think. I am not really starting out - I'm not sure how simplified life can be but I think it is quite simplified at present.

10 years ago

Welcome Brendan! Thanks for joining. Of course this is just starting up, but I hope this will turn into a thriving community soon. Meanwhile, make yourself at home!

10 years ago

I'm trying to simplify my life - by focussing less on things and more on the people and community that are part of my life.
I'm going a whole year without buying anything new - except for food and other actual consumable items - things that I consume, but I'm trying to reduce those items too.
I'm from a small town, a teacher (this has led to some interesting talks in the classroom) and a sailor. For the sailing part, I do need some new items for safety (a harness and rope to make lines out of).
I am trying to prove that with what I have, I can go a whole year. Or that I can find it used. And that most of what I own is actually useless to me in what I want my life to be.
I hope that I can be a helpful part of this group and look forward to talking to everyone.

Welcome, Aarra!
10 years ago

Good to have you here. I think what you're doing is just great. Please keep us posted on your progress throughout the year. Maybe I'll consider undertaking that same challenge one of these days.

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help! my life is anything but simple
10 years ago

ok, breathe....i can do it. i know i can. i have too much. too much stuff, clutter, stress, too much to do. i want to simplify. can i just be here to learn?

i have started once a week bringing at least one box to goodwill. every week for the last 5 weeks. i have to start somewhere, right?

10 years ago


Hello everyone.


I have already simplified my life.  I changed provinces once (I live in Canada) and had to leave most of everything behind.  While in British Columbia I had next to nothing and got along very well. When I came back to Manitoba everything started piling up again. However, I cleaned things out.  I buy very little, only what can contribute to my peace of mind, like the little fountain I bought that sits beside a candle I light in the evening.


There are stresses in my life that have to do with family but I settled my mind that there is nothing I can do about them.  What I can do though is keep my personal surroundings as light and airy as possible. I can stand in my livingroom and see under all my furnishings, no heavy stuff or dark colors and very little that I would be upset about losing, ( I love my computer LOL). I have found that I actually need very little and the less I have the better I feel.


Also, I think to a great degree I stopped caring what people think.  I don't care what anyone thinks of my colors or furnishings.  It is what makes me happy in my own home that counts, not what other people think I should have or not have.  I look at it this way.  We all have stress that we can do little or nothing about.  If we can wear our hair the way we like, wear the clothing we like, why can't we have our homes/apartments the way we like?  My niece has one of those big grandfather/showcase clocks worth $900.00.  She walks into my apartment with my light wicker furniture and melon colored drapery and just looks around as if she doesn't know what to say.  I know what is going on in her mind but I think I feel sorrier for her than she does for me.  Why in heck would I want a great big clock that I would have a hard time moving to clean behind  and takes 2 men to move?


I think what happens is that society pushes us from the time we are young to 'achieve', and then to prove that achievement with possessions.  Well, I guess I just came to the point that I feel I don't have to prove anything.   In the other thread someone stated he/she wanted to live in a yurt, sounds good to me LOL.   


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Welcome Rachel and Alex!
10 years ago

Great to have you guys here. Rachel, you're so right. Things get easier when you stop worrying about what others think. And Alex, I think what you're doing is great! I've found that simplification is always an ongoing process. I don't think you ever really arrive at it. Especially when it comes to possessions, I find that whenever I get rid of a lot of stuff, I have to really be on my guard to prevent new stuff from creeping back in! The continuing process is very important.

Hi, friends!
10 years ago


What a great group - so glad to be here! I've always enjoyed living simply, but now I'd like to take it to the next level. One of my passions is trying to think up innovative uses (or reuses) for everyday items, tools, or appliances. In this way, I try to make one item do the work of at least five! 


In the near future, I'd like to start exploring energy alternatives and improvising simple machines in an effort to go "off-grid." My goal is to reduce (or eliminate) my reliance on traditional utilities and services and learn to do just about everything myself.


I look forward to getting to know everyone - warm wishes to all!

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10 years ago

Hello Eileen and everyone.  The one thing I really do feel free to buy are house plants.  The right plants can make a big difference to someone who is getting rid of, or has gotten rid off, a lot of heavy furniture and useless possessions.  They also give those of us who live in apartments in cities the 'touch' of nature that we all need to remain calm and balanced with a hectic life and the many stresses.  By indulging yourself with a plant or tree for your home a person then doesn't feel burdened down or deprived.  It's a psychological thing really.  Perhaps an individual sees a piece of furniture or a 'nick knack' that they want to purchase.  Instead of burdening yourself down with stuff that he/she may end up getting rid of anyway, go to the florest or where-ever and buy a nice plant.  They also can be given away but then it's more like giving someone a 'gift' instead of just getting rid of possessions that are keeping us down.



10 years ago

Hello everyone. Im another rachel from the UK. Im a pagan and into ecoliving and simple life. Ive always thought people and experiences are far more important than 'stuff'.

I like to do without unecessary items - dont have a microwave or gadgets like battery tin openers etc lol. I lived without a tv for ages - it was lovely. I have one now for my daughter to watch dvds on sometimes but still dont tend to watch it myself. I love colour and doing things with my hands - im an artist and author so have lots of projects to occupy my time, but also think living simply is about taking time to stop and look and breathe.

I dont have a car - cant afford one, so take buses and trains and walk. I like to make most of my meals from scratch - so satisfying (and healthy - no additives or preservatives i dont know about!) My favourite at the moment is home made broths and yeast free bread. very quick and tasty to make.
as a pagan, we celebrate the seasons and nature a lot which means getting my pagan friends together regularly with a pot luck meal and making music, singing, maybe a picnic or just a lovely walk somewhere.
im looking forward to being part of this group - its just my cup of tea!!
rachel x

Hi Rachel!
10 years ago

I've been away for the past week, but want to take time now to welcome you to our growing little group!

New and trying to simplify
10 years ago

I really thought that I was living simply. That was until I had to pack to move 800 plus miles away. I have sooo much stuff. I mean this is me, I usually don't wear shoes (if it's warm enough, and never in the house) I have probably 25 pairs of shoes? I don't wear a lot of dressy clothes except to a very simple family church and I work outside so I wear mostly jeans, t-shirts and sweat shirts. Where did all the clothes come from (okay, here I have to defend myself a little, everyone gives my kids and I hand-me-downs because we have no money). I have hundreds of books on, hello, living a simple, healthy, allergy free, organic life and the mystery books and psychology books - well I never throw anything out but it's time to send lot of stuff to goodwill and libraries and pass other type stuff on. Any ideas on how not to get caught up in my pack rat activities. Also, if anything is in any way meaningful (can't think of the correct word) I will not throw it away. Also, I have OCD so I attach to strange objects. So, besides that, any suggestions?
Lots of love, hugs and prayers to ya'll;
Dawn Andrea

10 years ago

My name is Maura and I'm looking forward to participating in this group.

Hi Maura;
10 years ago

Nice to meet someone else new.
I am still working on getting rid of all my stuff. I am on the count down, only 6 days until moving day.
Lots of love and light to all!!!!

10 years ago

My name is Stacy. I sort of stumbled onto this group, but I'm very glad I did. I hope to learn more ways of keeping life simple yet deeply meaningful.

One of the ways I try to live simply is to be in the moment. It's difficult sometimes; but I remind myself that fear, regret and worry take too much time and energy. I'd much rather use this time and energy to pursue my passions and be with those I love.

Til next time ... take care.

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