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8 years ago

Imagine my surprise when I went through my Care2 mail today and found all this activity going on here in this group that I'd abandoned. Shame on me! And kudos to you all! My husband and I have been busily building a simpler life...though simpler has NOT meant less busy! I read a book called Radical Homemakers about people who "gave it all up" and are doing some form of homesteading, either completely "living off the grid" or just growing more of their own food, and it really inspired me. We have cut WAY down on our eating out, which has meant a lot more cooking for me...luckily, I love it! We've grown a garden this year, and even though we're a little disappointed that more food was not yielded, it's not bad for a couple of beginners. We've cut lots of processed foods out of our diet and have embraced local eating. I'm working only part time which lends a lot of "free" time to spend with our four ear old daughter. We'll never be rich, but so what? Now, we're looking at our little town house and realizing that the clutter has built back up. So, a little at a time, we will be disposing of stuff with the following question in our heads: I fwe were moving tomorrow, what would NOT be worth taking with us? That's all from here. Thanks to Monica for inviting so many new members and for reminding me know...I started a GROUP and all so why not VISIT it once in a while? LOL.

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